Bollywood: An Indian business woman in shirt and tie

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Bollywood: An Indian business woman in shirt and tie

Post by Necktie on Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:01 pm

Hey guys, 
some time ago, I saw a Bollywood movie in which the main actress decides to "resemble" like a man, and start dressing as a man for her job, sure you can guess, many different combinations of shirt and tie, well knotted and worn ;-) through out the movie. 
I saw this movie on a Youtube channel, unfortunatley I did not download once I saw and postpone it for another time, when I came back later, ... my  bad luck, the channel was closed for copyright issues Sad 

I neither know the title, nor the name of any of the actors/actresses Sad 
I was wondering that one of you guys might have seen the movie and might be able to help, I would sincerely appreciate any hint Smile


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