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Post by khzanzhun on Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:44 pm

Ok guys, this is my new scenario for you.. I am sorry about grammar mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.. Please tell me what you guys think.. I wish someone would be interested to film it Smile I have so many ideas..


Fade in
Camera shows clock by the bed.It is 09:35. Phone which is by the clock  rings. Kate answers the phone.
Kate: Yeah?.. Yes I woke up know, just lying in the bed thinking about my upcoming life in prison for next few months..
Kate: I know you will be there (smiles)
Kate: They gonna come to pick me up before noon i think.. Have you decided what are you going to wear?
Kate: You know that after the arrest they are going to take us to see the judge..So you better to drees up smart..
Kate: Me? I dont know, i have something in my mind..
Kate: I am thinking about wearing a suit with a tie. No it is not going to be a completely masculine dress.
Kate: I think i am going to wear my light blue stiff collar shirt with a red pattern or maybe a brown pattern tie.. and i am going to wear a skirt and my black high heel shoes..I want to impress judge you know..
Kate: Off course it is a good idea (smiles) You can do the same why not?
Kate: Instead of skirt you can try trousers maybe and i am sure your red high heels would perfectly go with a red tie.
Kate: Yea, you should try..
Kate: Ok listen i better get ready, i want to have a breakfast before they come..

She hangs up the phone and get out of the bed. She opens the wardrobe and pick her blue shirt and her black skirt (skirt is just slightly up above the kneels) She puts on black nylons and black high heel shoes.

She pick up her brown pattern tie and tie it up (shirt is buttoned up off course) She starts to do her make-up (with definetly red lipstick) She does her hair and leaves the room (I know it is not that simple

for a lady to get make up and hair do, that is not our point any way Smile)

She goes to kitchen put the kettle on. She opens the fridge and get an apple only. She starts to eat slowly while the water starts boiling. She picks up a mug and put instant coffee and hot water in it. She sits

on the chair with coffee and starts reading a magazine by the table. After few sips the door bell rings. She looks at the clock on her mobile phone, it is 10:15. She goes to open the door.

She opens the door. There is a male officer is waiting in front of the door.
Jason: Hello, My name is Jason Parker arresting officer for your arrest and transport to court house..
Kate: Oh yes, i have been waiting for you, please come in..
Jason gets into the flat
Jason: Thank you..
Kate: I thought that there was going to be two of you..
Jason: Oh yes, my partner will be joining shortly..
She close the door..
Kate: You look quite young, I thought that someone older would be coming for the process..(she smiles)
Jason: Actually you are my first mission (He smiles..)
Kate: I see..Do we have time? Maybe you'd like to have a cup of tea or coffee while waiting.
Jason: Actually yes we have time, the transport vehicle will be here about in an hour, so we have plenty of time..
Kate: Good! So tea or coffee?
Jason: Tea is fine without sugar please, thank you..
Kate: Ok, please have a seat, i'll go and get it..
Jason: Thank you..
Jason sits on a chair by the table..
Few minutes passes and Kate comes back in to the room with a cup of tea..She hands it to Jason and she sits on the chair as well..At the same time Jason's phone rings..He answers the phone.. It is his partner

Amanda and she is in her car sitting..
Jason: Yes, Amanda..
Camera shows Amanda in her car..
Amanda:Where are you?
Jason: I came to her flat right now.
Amanda: You should have been waiting for me..
Jason: I know but i got here too early and i decided to wait in the flat.
Amanda: You got so many things to learn boy!! Anyway, so what are you doing now in there?
Jason: Nothing we are having some tea..
Amanda: Tea? You got to be kidding me? Did you arrest her?
Jason: No not yet  why?
Amanda: Dont tell me that she ise not handcuffed?
Jason: Off course not why? We still have more than one hour..
Amanda: If you get there and get in to her flat it means that she is your prisoner now, and outside of the court house she has to be under custody, do you understand?
Jason: I do, but, come on she doesnt have to be handcuffed for an hour..
Amanda: Jason, dont argue with me, do what i say i am on my way and i am going to see her handcuffed when i get there.
She hangs up the phone. Jason looks at the screen of his phone, he looks annoyed by the conversation.
Kate: Sooo.. it looks like i am going to be handcuffed now..
Jason shows his face as he doesnt have a choice..
Jason: I am sorry.. She is the boss..
Kate: Its ok, no problem. So i could get use to it maybe meanwhile..
They get up slowly.. Kate puts her hands in front of her..Jason takes out of his handcuffs..
Jason: Maybe it is better if you put your hands behind you..
Kate: Oh! Off course..
Kate turns and put her hands behind her back..Jason handcuffs her..
Kate: It is done?
Jason: Yes it is done..
They sit back on their chairs.
Kate: So it looks like i wont be able to finish my coffee (She smiles)
Jason: I'll help you about that.
He grabs the mug and let her to get a sip.
Kate: Thank you
Jason: You are wellcome..
Jason: You look very smart.
Kate: Oh! Thank you.. I just wanted to impress judge thats all..
Jason: Thats clever.. (They smile at the same time)
Kate: So i am going to stay in handcuffs for an hour?
Jason: I am sorry about that, if it was up to me it is unnecessary, really..
Kate: Its ok maybe it is better, so i can get use to it because i will be transferred to another state afterwards which is going to take several hours in restraints..
Jason: Have you been arrested before?
Kate: No this is the first time.
Jason: I see..

Door bell rings.. Kate and Jason get up..They go to door and she opens the door..It is Amanda.. She is angry, she gets into the flat without waiting for an invitation..
Amanda: Jason if it wasnt your first mission you would be in big trouble. Just follow the rules next time ok? This is what they for..
She looks at Kate, grabs her by her arm and turns her to see handcuffs..
Amanda: At least you listened to me.. But wait you didn't frisk her did you?
Jason: Come on she has been nice to me since i came here, there is no need for that..
Amanda raise her voice
Amanda: Jason dont you listen what i am saying, rules and rules
She takes her to wall, put her head on the wall, spread her legs and search her. She checks the handcuffs..
Amanda: You handcuffed her too loose..
Amanda thightens the cuffs as it hurts Kate moans with pain.
Kate: Ouch!
Jason: Come on this is too tight..
Amanda: Because of you!! If you do your job properly next time somebody else wouldnt suffer because of you.
Jason: Amanda you cannot do that, this is also against the rules..
Kate: It is ok..Please dont argue because of me..
Amanda: Thank you miss..(She checks her watch) .. so we still have time shall we sit for a while?
They go to waiting lounge but there are only to chairs by the table..Jason takes the chair for Kate but Amanda stops him
Amanda: What are you doing?
Jason: There are only 2 chairs, so she can sit i dont need to sit.
Amanda: Jason, she is a prisoner now. She doesn't have any more priveleges anymore, she is going to stand get it?
Jason: But..
Amanda grabs Kate by her arm her again and takes her to wall..
Amanda: Face to wall and dont move, do you understand?
Kate: Yes maam..
Amanda: Good girl, head down..
Amanda sits on the table and points another chair to Jason to sit down..So after a short while Jason sits on it..

To be continued...


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Scenario - 2 Empty Re: Scenario - 2

Post by achilleselegant on Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:23 pm

Wonderful.. Hope you continue!


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