Women's dress shirts?

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Women's dress shirts?

Post by xxxzvp on Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:33 pm

I have always had good luck with Foxcroft brand shirts for the ladies in my life. Lately their selection has shrunk, and my fiancée wears a 2p, which they do not even carry anymore. I don't think she would go for wearing a men/boys shirt out in public. I love a shirt with a forward point collar and the chest pocket. What do you guys buy for the ladies in your life?


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Re: Women's dress shirts?

Post by testudoan on Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:47 pm

Favorites of my wife and I, in order:
Brooks Brothers
Charles Tyrwhitt (sadly ladies recently discontinued)
Dudalina (can't buy in USA as far as I know, have to travel)
TM Lewin
Banana Republic
New York & Company (you gotta be picky, quality can be an issue, and be sure to check it out in the store rather than buy online)
Ann Taylor


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Re: Women's dress shirts?

Post by khzanzhun on Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:42 am

Hi, i live in Turkey and there is a Turkish website that they make custom shirts for both Men and Women. You can give them your own measures (as i did) and you change the collar or pockets or anything you can imagine about shirts. I ordered for my wife 3 shirts in different times in blue, white and pink collours. The reason i used this website ise because you can not find ladies shirt with stiff collar which is suitable for neckties but this website company can make it very nice, it is a proper shirt with stiff collar. I could share a picture here but my wife would kill me Smile so the address is;


I think it is in Turkish only but maybe you can use google translate or you can ask me anything you like and i can try to help about it. Maybe you can find English origin same kind of website that could give service to your area. Anyway i strictly recommend stiff collared shirts for your ladies rather than crappy shirts that u can find in market..

Good luck..


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Re: Women's dress shirts?

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