Journey from tie hater to lover.

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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Journey from tie hater to lover.

Post by razz on Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:01 am

Hi everyone, this is my first attempt to write a story. I am not that well in English so sry about it but I will try my best to write properly.

First of all I want to introduce all of my story characters.

1-mom (businesses women)
2-dad. (Business men)
3-rebecca (older daughter)
4-gwen (younger daughter)
5-christine (Rebecca’s friend)
6-barbara (maid )
7-jessica (house maid)

List of Gwen friends.
Sarah,victoria,julian,aimee,ava(these girls love to be well dressed in shirts)

olivia,hopper,grace(these girls like to be in T-shirts and shirts but mostly T-shirts)

The story is of a rich family ( billionaires).
This family has 5 members Rebecca, Gwen
And their parents and a maid named Jessica. Gwen is 2 years younger than Rebecca and now her (Gwen) age is 18
their parents live a very busy life having business of clothes production and they are very famous and reputed and are known all around the country.Their mother and father always looks presentable and neatly dressed all the time because it's not only important for their business point of view but they also like to be dressed professional . Dad was dressed all the time in 3 piece suite, and mother used to wear a fit formal plain shirt with top button always done up and a plain matching tie, with skirts or trousers (as per her needs) and a jacket and sometimes she also wear a blazer but not always. Their mom and dad are usually out of the house for business purposes so their maid handel the house.
Older sister Rebecca like the way her mother dressed to be and hence she also follows her dressing sense but Gwen likes to be in T-shirts all the time she feels shy when she thinks of wearing a shirt,so she don't try at all.Gween have 8 friends among which three of them mostly wear T-shirts and other 5 usually wear shirt and trousers or skirts.Mom and Dad are afraid for their childrens mostly Gwen because in future they only will take over their business so they also need to look professional as they do, as Rebecca follow her mother way of dressing she ( mom ) feels relaxed but when she thinks of about Gwen dressing style so gets tensed and wants to make her look smart as she and her sister looks like.

So that's the nature and thinking of all those characters .



Narrator-Its 9am in the morning and mom and dad were out of house.gwen just wake up .

Gwen-good morning, Rebecca.
Rebecca - morning Gwen
Narrator- Rebecca is getting ready after taking bath, she wears her bra and then put her full blue shirt with a little tight fit, she fasten all her buttons starting from bottom and left her top button undone,then she put her trouser then she pick her tie up and make’s a big knot and of proper length so that her tie tip is just over her trouser and then she put her belt , after this she tries to fasten her top button but because of little tight fit shirt she was unable to do it .
Maid-may I help u Rebecca
Rebecca - yes please
Narrator- maid them successful fasten Rebecca's top button and ask her that weather it's comfortable or not.
Rebecca - yes it's little tight but I am used to it and love this fitting.
Narrator- she then thanks her maid while adjusting her collar , the she looks her self over mirror and lifts her tie up to the top and then adjust it and asks her maid does it looks fine
Maid - u r looking extremely smart as always.
Rebecca - thanks .
Narrator- The her maid gave Rebecca her jacket , Rebecca put it up and fasten all her jacket buttons,and then combs her hair and made a pony tail.
Narrator- Gwen watches all this , and from inside she had a desire to look like her sister but her lack of confidence don't allow her to do so.
Gwen - OK , now it's my turn to fresh up and take bath, and mean while Asks her maid to put our her clothes from wardrobe.
Narrator- after maid open wardrobe, Rebecca by mistake fall her coffee over wardrobe, when Gwen came after bath she was told all about it.
Gwen - now, what can I wear.
Rebecca - you can borrow my clothes, as out physical features are exactly same ( eg height , health)
Gwen - no, I don't like wearing shirt.
Rebecca - I know but u also not have any choices and one or the other day you have to wear it. so why not today.
Narrator- Gwen was now confused.and takes her time to think of it.
Gwen - ok then,i will borrow your clothes.
Narrator- Rebecca take out a white formal plain full shirt with black trousers, and ask her to wear it, cause she knows she won't wear a tie so she not asks her.
Then Gwen puts those clothes and leaving top two buttons undone and making rooled sleeves, but now she started feeling cold as it was cold on that day, so she asked for a jacket to Rebecca.
Rebecca - fine, I have many jacket.
Narrator- Gwen then put it up and fasten all buttons of her jacket , but then also she won't feel that warm, Gwen then told Rebecca about it.Then Rebecca came to Gwen and make her rooled sleeves open and fasten her cuffs buttons and asked her to lift her neck up so that she may put her top button. When Gwen feels that she was putting her top button, she told Rebecca not to do it.but Rebecca told her to have believe over finally Rebecca fasten her top button.
Rebecca - are you comfortable.
Gwen - it's warm, but it's collar is tight for me
Rebecca - once you are in a habit of wearing it , you won't feel that tighten
Maid- Gwen you are looking smarter in your sisters shirts.
Gwen - hmm, I don't think so.
Rebecca - No, really you look good in it.
Gwen - it's better that you are Not kidding me.
Rebecca - no,i m not . I m serious.
Narrator- Gwen then saw her self over mirror and finds that something is missing and not looking good.gwen then remember that it was a matching tie . Rebecca also thinks that her sister will look much smarter in a tie and Rebecca knew that Gwen won't ask for it so she herself asked her
Rebecca - I think you will look great in a red tie.
Gwen - I don't know.(actually she also knows about it but not accepting it )
Narrator- Rebecca then put out a tie for Gwen and made a big knot and then put over her collar and then adjusted it.
Gwen - ok I think it's fine
Rebecca - no, wait, let me made few more adjustments and made it little tighter.
Narrator- after 3 minutes Gwen feels that her look was complete (she feels from inside but from outside she shows her resistance over shirt and tie)
Maid- ohh amazing, it's the first time I seen Gwen in such a lovely dress …
Now may I serve food for you
Gwen - yes , I'm hungry
Rebecca - me too
Narrator- Gwen and Rebecca both sit on the chair and eat their food.while chewing food Gwen feels the tightness of collar and tie , so she thought of loosing it but she again thinks that if she loose it, it will look she let it remain tight.
Gwen - I find it little uncomfortable, while chewing food, how you (Rebecca) and mom wear those clothes every day
Rebecca - my little sweet sister it's because of your first time in these clothes you
Feel it uncomfortable but believe me once you are in a habit of such clothes you won't feel it that bad or uncomfortable.
Gwen -ok.
Narrator- After finishing their breakfast, Gwen feels cold and she wear socks and goes to bed for taking rest.During all those time she touches her collar and checks how tight it feels like,when she touches her collar she thinks as if her neck is not linked to her shoulder and she feels it little different . And the she get busy in studying .
Rebecca - ok , Gwen I go to market for shopping do you want to come with me
Gwen - no, I m feeling little tired today
Rebecca - ok then, I will come at 2pm
Narrator- before leaving house Rebecca again checks her tie and made it more tight and mummers why this tie get loose after a while,the she takes a tie pin and clip and put in on her tie and shirt collar.
Rebecca - now it's perfect.
Narrator- while studying Gwen finds it difficult to concentrate. So she decided to take rest and start chatting with her friends and then she forgets about rightness about her collar and later after, Rebecca came back and soon after her comeback mother also came home.
Mother was wearing a light pink full shirt and in a same way as Rebecca.
Mother - oh what a pleasant surprise.gwen in white shirt, red tie and black trousers.i never thought it would happen
Narrator- Rebecca then tells her mom about the entire story.
Gwen - (she was blushing)
Mother - my dear, I think you are looking smartest of all, and I m very proud of you cause in future you have to be dressed like this only.i think it's now time that you should make a new collection of clothes ,Jessica ( maid) you please donate her old clothes to poor children.
Maid- sure mam
Narrator- mother gave her credit card to Rebecca and asked her to take Gwen for shopping.
Rebecca - Mom, I just came from market, so I m tired but I will take her tomorrow for shopping .
Mom-ok dear,as you like, but make sure her clothes should be very fit and a little tighter as you clothes.
Rebecca - don't worry mom , my shirts size is exactly same as Gwen.see how well my shirt fits her
Mom-yeS, you are right.
Gwen - mom, while going for shopping can I wear one of my T-shirt please.
Mom - why dear you can still borrow clothes from Rebecca as you did today.
Gwen - No mom , I think I feel less confident in these clothes.
Mom- dear, unless and until you won't make habit of wearing these clothes you won't feel confident .
Gwen - ok,mom.


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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Journey from tie hater to lover.

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[size=32]I copies entire text so bimistake[/size]

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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Re: Journey from tie hater to lover.

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Sry it was repeated thrice

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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Journey from tie hater to lover, part 2

Post by razz on Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:09 am

Narrator- After few hours, mom receives a call and suddenly goes for a business meeting and tells her daughter that she Wii be back after 2-3 days, and before leaving hugs Gwen for her great decision.soon after mom , Rebecca also goes to her friends house for night stay .Now Gwen was alone with her maid.At night maid serves food to Gwen.after food was over
Maid- do you need anything else, that I can do for you .
Gwen - no ,but thanks for asking .
Maid- ok then , I also goes to sleep .
Gwen - ok .
Narrator- After food , Gwen started watching TV and then she was tired.
So now she decided to go for sleep.
She feels that now she should change her clothes before going to bed, so she pulls her tie off and try to unfasten her top button but she was unable to do it,she have no option rather to sleep in that dress only but without a tie.

Day 2
Narrator- it's 6am Gwen wakes up and freshes up and got a message from Rebecca that she came to Baker's street where Rebecca is with her friend.
Gwen - (call) sister I haven't changed my clothes and not even taken bath
Rebecca (call) no problem dear you just bring some of my clothes for us from wardrobe so u and me can have bath here only
Gwen - she then picks a full grey- shirt, a matching grey tie and a skirt with belt and for her sister she take a sky blue shirt a matching tie and trousers with belt.and left her house and told her maid before leaving.
Maid-miss (Gwen) I think you are forgetting something.
Narrator-Gwen forgets about her tie
Gwen - i don't think so
Maid-miss , it's your tie.
Gwen - do I really need to wear it.
Maid-no it's not compulsory but I think you look much better in your tie
Gwen -ok, bring it on
Narrator- maid then brings her tie with tie pin and clips and put it around her neck and made a knot as Rebecca did for Gwen and adjusted it and made it tighter and then put tie tin and clips so that it won't get loosed.
Gwen - why you are using those tie pins and clips.
Maid- just to make sure it won't get loose, by which you may look unprofessional.
Narrator- maid then call driver and then Gwen left the house.
Gwen reached the desired location.
Rebecca - wow what a surprise, how did you know to use those tie pins and clips
Gwen - Jessica (maid) just did it.
Rebecca - very nice .
Narrator- Rebecca was in the same dress as yesterday, she also not taken bath.
Rebecca - ok from here we are going for shopping to buy some new clothes for you.but first we should take bath.
Rebecca - she pulls her tie off and unfasten her top button and cuffs before taking bath.
Gwen - I think I need help in putting those clothes off.
Rebecca - sure
Narrator- Rebecca unfasten Gwen's top button also and also her cuffs.Then they both go for taking bath and when them came they started to dress up both wear their shirts and trousers and then christine (Rebecca's friend) came she was also dressed in a same way as Rebecca was dressed before taking bath.rebecca then gets dressed up properly as she used to and taken her friend help for fastening her top button and then she put her tie and asked her friend for tie pin and clips , after dressing up she remembers that she forgot to tell Gwen to also bring her jacket so she borrowed it from her friend (christine) and after all. Rebecca and christine helped Gwen in dressing up.when Gwen was dressed up , a lack of confidence was seen on her face by Rebecca and christine, so they both started cheering her up by telling how smart she looks in her dress and she should buy some clothes like these she wore .
Gwen- I m little confused, because I have never wore a shirt, and now I am wearing a shirt with a tie.So may be it took more time for me to get adjusted in these type of clothes.
Christine - No worry my dear, let's to come to have a visti in our shop and you can buy whatever you want.
Narrator- christine is owner of ladies formal wear shop , she has all types of shirts , skirts , trousers, necktie,bowtie,scarfs,shoes etc but everything is formal , and also christine was always in those formal dresses as it seems to be her uniform.
Gwen - you and Rebecca have same taste, in clothes cause she also in a habit of wearing those clothes only.
Christine - I know dear.
Christine - come on girls, come in my car and let's buy some new dresses for Gwen.
Rebecca - ok, but first can we have lunch.
Christine - I know a very good restaurant which will be on our way to the shop.
Gwen - I am also feeling hungry.
Narrator- When these girls goes to sit in car, Gwen's tie was pressed by cars door while locking cars door and by which a stain was made over her necktie, cause Gwen was not wearing a jacket as Christine and Rebecca does.when Rebecca saw it she says.
Rebecca - No, it's not looking right.we also have to go to restaurant. and this stain will look very bad.
Gwen- I can put my tie off.
Rebecca -No,you just wait. I go back to christine’s room and bring another one.
Christine - relax,you don't need to go that far,i have some boo ties in my car drawer, I keep them for emergency's.
Rebecca - thats good,can I have one.
Christine - yeah sure
Narrator- Rebecca then take a light coloured bow tie and removed tie pin and clips and then lifted her collar up and pulls her tie off, and then she places that bow tie and make tie it up and made certain adjustments.
Rebecca - now it won't create any problem.
Gwen - I think that tie was okay.
Christine - no dear , you are looking good in this bootie also.
Narrator- All these girls then reach the was first time for Gwen to come to a public place in such clothes.So it's obvious that she feels less Gwen move by nooding her head down.rebecca and christine both tells her that it's all fine you won't gain your confidence unless and until you face those people and always remember that we are with you and dressed as you listening this Gwen gains confidence and decided not to be so shy.In the restaurant Sarah was there,rebecca noticed Sarah, and she knew Sarah was Gwen's friend. Sarah was wearing, A full button up pink formal full shirt with three buttons at her collar.By seeing Sarah and her dress , Gwen feels coincidence in herself and Rebecca tells Gwen
Rebecca - see , it's not only us, who are wearing formal clothes in this restaurant, Sarah was there too.
Gwen - hmmm.
Christine - I think you should talk her.
Gwen -ok, I just come in a minute.
Christine - take your own time,and you can have lunch with her,and after lunch you may come back.
Narrator- it's going to be first time that Sarah will see Gwen in formal wear.
Gwen- hi Sarah.
Sarah- Gwen is it you.
Gwen - unfortunately yes.
Sarah - why unfortunately.
Gwen - cause I have to come here in these clothes.
Sarah- then I should say that you are the most fortunate one in this planet.Seeiously Gwen you looks super smart as never before.i have also suggested you before to wear shirt, cause I know you are fit in such dresses very well, and that tie thing is awesome.from where did you get this idea.
I doubt it's your mom and sister I right
Gwen - it's Rebecca's idea.
Sarah- I knew it.
Narrator- both Sarah and Gwen ordered for food and then just finish it.after finishing food.
Sarah--did you came alone.
Gwen - I came with Rebecca and her friend christine.
Sarah- then I should meet them
Narrator- Sarah meets Rebecca and christine and was impressed by their dressing sense.all these girls do a lot chatting and after on
Sarah- I wish , I had some more time to stay with you people , but I need to go to market.
Christine - for shopping what you are going to market.
Sarah- some daily needs items, but after looking you guys, I think I should also buy some new formal wear for myself.
Christine - that's great, we are also going to buy some new formal wear for Gwen.
Sarah- Gwen didn't told me about that.
Rebecca - oh yeah, she now also feels shy in formal wear.
Sarah- come on Gwen,you are growing up so please wear clothes like grown ups,how long you will wear those old fashioned T-shirts.
Okay after purchasing my grossary items I will join you people .
Sarah- Gwen I think your bowties will look better if it's little more tight.
Rebecca - my hands are little wet,so can you adjust her bow tie.
Sarah- my pleasure.
Narrator- Sarah then pulls ribbons of bow tie and made it a little much tighter for Gwen. This tightness made Gwen to cough a little , so Gwen asked her to loose it a little.
Gwen - can you loose it a little
Sarah- okay, but I wear ties this tight only and have never trouble with this much tightness.
Rebecca - wait , don't loose it let me see it first.
Narrator- Rebecca then put her finger over Gwen's starched shirts collar, and spread her finger and say now you may feel better.
Gwen - no it's still tight.
Rebecca - come on gwen , me and mom also used to this much tightness, so you should also be comfortable in it.
Christine - may be it's first time in such clothes made this tightness uncomfortable.But by regular wearing these clothes she will have a habit of it, so it's better to let this tightness remains.
Gwen - Fine.i will manage it.
Sarah- that's the spirit.
Narrator- when these ladies were making payment, restaurant owner tells them I have never seen such beautiful ladies , dressed in such a smart way, and I think everyone young girl should be having an habit of wearing clothes like you all.All four girls thanks restaurant owner.

Narrator- All 3. Girls (Rebecca,christine and Gwen) reached the mall,where christine had her shop.
Christine - you people just wait here,and I just check out if everything was well adjusted by my employees.
Rebecca - Fine,but don't take too long.
Rebecca to gwen- till then let's see something for you in the mall.
Gwen - Can't we just stay here.
Rebecca - come on gwen, I m doing this all for you, to make yourself free .
Gwen - ok.


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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Journey from tie hater to lover, part 3

Post by razz on Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:10 am

Narrator- while Gwen and Rebecca were roaming inside the mall, Gwen friends Olivia and grace saw them,they both called for Gwen.gwen thinks that if she meet them,they may probably make fun of them.cause those girls were mostly wearing T-shirts. Rebecca knew that Gwen was feeling afraid to meet them because of difference in Gwen and her friends clothes.But then also she forces her to meet her friends.
Rebecca - don't worry I will with you.
Narrator- by Rebecca works, Gwen started feeling confidence within herself.

Olivia and grace to gwen- Gwen where's your T-shirt and jeans.We have never seen in such a formal wear like this.

Rebecca - Gwen had decided to change her taste in clothing and she had came here to make make her own formal wear collection.

Olivia - is this true.Because a girl who have never wore anything except T-shirts and jeans is now standing in front of us in a grey formal shirt , formal pant and with an extremely cute bowtie.

Gwen- yes it is.i have decided to change my taste in clothing and now want to look more professional and from now I will always wear this type of clothes only as my mother and sister.

Grace- it's a hard decision for girls like us cause we have never tried such looks.

Olivia - But after seeing you we are thinking that may be we should try for once in such a formal wear.

Grace- yeah, and may be we too can carry up such formal dresses as you do.

Olivia - to be honest, I must say you really looking great.

Rebecca - why you people don't join us , we are going to buy some new formal attire for Gwen so you may also select some clothes, and I will pay for you.

Grace- we love to, but now our movie is going to start so , may be we xan come later.

Gwen- ok, fine.

Olivia and grace- bye Gwen,bye Rebecca. Have a happy shopping.

Rebecca - my dear, from where did you get some much confident.

Gwen - it's not my confidence, I just acted to show some confidence . But I think I am feeling my self a little more comfortable in these clothes as compared to yesterday.

Rebecca - told you.

Christine - (call to Gwen) where were you guys, come fast my shop is open now.

Rebecca - come on gwen , lets move to christine's shop, it's open now.


Narrator- when Gwen and Rebecca reached shop ,Gwen was surprised to see all her (christine) employees, that how well they carry up their formal looks and how confident they seem to be.

Christine - did you like my staffs uniform.

Rebecca - its very neat and tidy as always.

Christine - Gwen what do you think of all of it.

Gwen- it's great, I really loved it, but why there are no men in this shop.

Christine - I thought that men would not make the inside atmosphere that well, so I had only female employees.

Gwen - yeah , I agree with you.

Narrator- in Christine's shop all are ladies in well fitted shirt tie and skirts or trousers.
By seeing all this Gwen feels that she should not worry about anything that people may think of herself in formal wear and should enjoy her shopping.

Gwen - I am very much excited for my new formal wear collection.

Rebecca - I can't believe that it's you who are saying it.

Christine - that's the speciality of formal wear, that once someone wears it becomes fan of its smartness and good fitting.

Gwen - Yes , although still now these clothes are make me feel little tighter at my neck but still it now making me feels smart and creating a feeling of superiority in myself now.

Rebecca - it's great to hear these words from you.

Gwen - I also never thought that I eould say something like this.

Gwen - ok first of all let me try a full , white shirts which should very very much starched.

Christine - great choice Gwen.

Narrator- Christine knows Gwen's shirt size as it was as of Rebecca's. So she take out a white shirt for Gwen and asked her to try it in trial room.before moving to trial room gwen also asked for a black skirt which will be slightly above her knees.gwen on trial room first tried to open her bow tie but she cant made that happen , so she came out and asked others for help so christine came and open her bow tie and her top button too.

Gwen - thanks for help.
Christine - my pleasure.
Gwen - my open top button makes me feel very bad.let me see myself over mirror.

Narrator- by watching herself over mirror

Gwen - oh it's not looking that good by opening my top button and without any tie around my neck.I ts better that I should change my clothes as fast as I can, to again get that smart look.

Rebecca - I also feels very bad when I too open my top button or wear a tie loosely around my neck.

Gwen - I never saw you wearing a tie loose around your neck.

Rebecca - At home it was great but as time passes by, it gets loosed and I again have to make it tighter.thats why now I uses tie pin and clips.

Gwen -ohh.

Narrator- Gwen again goes to trial room and open all her buttons and by lot of try she open her cuffs buttons too.she now wears her white shirt and black skirt.She was wearing shirt by unfastening her top and cuffs buttons cause it was hard for her to do it.

Gwen - Rebecca please put my top buttond fast, cause I don't want to let it remain open.

Rebecca - sure dear.

Narrator- Rebecca put Gwen's top button first by holding sides of her collar and asked Gwen to put her chins up and then put her cuffs buttons.rebecca then hold the tips of her collar and stretched them up and bring it down to make her collar fit to her neck, she (Rebecca) then put the extra left out portion of her shirt inside her skirt and lifted her skirt up.

Gwen - now it feels much let me see myself over mirror.

Narrator- Gwen says it's looking fine but I think a black tie will make my dress complete.

Gwen - can I have a black tie.
Christine - sure, but do you know how to make a good knot.

Gwen - not even a single type of knot.

Christine - may be I should teach you.

Gwen-yes, please.

ChRistine- ok , then.

Narrator- Christine pulls her top button up and opens her own tie and put that black tie around her neck and adjusted it first and then teaches Gwen how to make a good perfect knot. When she made her knot she made her to check it up. Gwen came and touched that tie fabric and was excited to try it by her own.

Rebecca - it's not still over, you now have to pull it up and adjust it.

Gwen - can I do it for you christine

Christine - yeah sure.

Narrator- Gwen then lifted that black tie up and adjusted it around christine's neck and made it tight and centered it.

Gwen - don't you feel it tight.

Christine - no dear I daily wear ties and I wear it a little more tight than this and it's no harm to wear that tight.

Narrator- Christine then shows her that how tight she wears her tie by lifting tie up more

Gwen - now you looks more smarter.

Christine - yes I know.

Gwen - can I have my tie back please.

Christine - do you wanna know how to use tie pins and clips.

Gwen yes, teach me that also.

Christine - first you try to make that tie knot, I will teach you this in my own tie.

Gwen - ok.

Narrator- Christine then opens that black tie and lifter her collar and asks Rebecca that if her top button is at center only.
Rebecca - wait, let me check it.its nearly at center.
ChRistine- oh , let me adjust my shirt first.
Narrator- Christine adjust her shirt , with her collar lifted up and then puts her own tie and lifted it up and made it tight and then put her collar down and then made it at center

Then Gwen lifted her collar up an puts her tie around her neck and tries to make a perfect knot as Christine taught her. She failed four times but fifth time she succeeded and shown it to Rebecca and christine.

Rebecca - very well are a fast learner.

Gwen - thanks.let me put it up first.

Narrator- Gwen then lifted her tie up and tried to make it as tight as Christine and Rebecca were used to.

Gwen - does I look good and smart.

ChRistine- I believe it's your first time you wear your tie so properly byself.

Gwen- yes , you are right.

Gwen - ok then give me one more tie with dotted pattern, that will look pretty over me.

Rebecca - buy 7 more shirts and 10 ties more and also some skirts and trousers.

Gwen - thanks sis, I also like to buy some formal shoes and watches too.


Gwen- can I also buy some bow ties too.

Rebecca - you please proceed

Narrator- Gwen then looks for bow ties ,she tried a black one, but she don't know how to wear it, so she again asks christine for teaching her.

Christine - yes sure.

Narrator- Christine then lifted her collar up , replaced her tie and put that black boo tie and taught her too wear it and then Gwen learned it quickly.

Gwen - ok now what about tie pins and clips

Rebecca - for that you should wear your tie first in a manner as you want it to be for long.

Gwen - you mean keeping it tight.

Rebecca - yeah , cause we like tight ties only.

Narrator- Gwen then puts her black ties again , then christine calls her and first shows her but putting those pins and clips on her own ties.Then she gave it to Gwen.and soon Gwen wear it.

Gwen - ok i think, now I learned how to wear dressed properly and how to look professional.but can I have cardigans and sweaters too, cause I think it's too cold in this country.

Rebecca - oh yes , how I was forgetting about all of it.

Christine - I will give you best of the cardigans that I have .

Gwen - it's better if you give buttoned cardigans.cause now I love buttoned wear only.

Christine - my dear I have buttoned cardigans only, and from your talk it feels like you dressing taste is now like ours only.

Gwen - I do really think it's true now.

Rebecca - now tell me Gwen , by you experience. That at last what do you find better, dresses as you are wearing now or T-shirts as you used to wear earlier.

Gwen - you mean formal vs t- shirts

Rebecca - exactly.

Gwen - Now I realize that how foolish was am I who used to wear those T-shirts even in such cold, now I believe that no other dress can make a person as smart as a shirt and tie can make it.from now on I promise never to wear those ugly T-shirts and always wear like you guys, now I'm gonna wear shirts , ties and trousers and shirts.

Christine - but make sure you wear them properly.

Gwen - mean??

Rebecca - she means that you should always put your top button and wear tie tight enough to make you look smarter.
And wear skirts to little top so that it's bottom just touches your knees.

Gwen - yes , I mean that only.

Rebecca - mom will be very happy to listen about it.

Gwen - why don't we do a video call to mom.

Rebecca - that's a good idea.

Narrator- Gwen then do a video call to her mom.

Narrator- mom was in London in a grand hotel and was just changing her shirt for a meeting and she put and of her buttons excluding top button when Gwen call pops up on her phone, her mom received that call and got surprised to see Gwen in her own formal clothes and Gwen too was surprised by seeing her mom without tie and with open collar.

Mom- oh my dear I have never thought in my dreams that you will wear this type of smart clothes.

Gwen - mom I also never thought that I will see you like this.

Mom- like this means ?

Gwen - without a tie and top button open.
It looks veryun professional.

Mom- no my dear I was just changing my clothes to new one cause I have to attend my meeting.

Gwen - please fasten your top button fast and put your tie

Mom- ok honey, just wait.

Narrator- mother just supported her cellphone over wall and fasten her top button up and brought her tie and made a knot and made it tight.

Mom- is it ok or lose cause I wear it much tighter than this.

Gwen - yes mom you need to tighten it up and adjust, cause your top button is still visible.

Mom- then it's too lose.

Gwen - ok mom I handel call to Rebecca.

Mom- wait, wait I don't want to look that bad in front of Rebecca , first let me adjust my tie.

Gwen - ok mom

Narrator- mom then made her tie proper , them Gwen gives her phone to Rebecca.

Rebecca - hi mom.

Mom- I am very proud of you Rebecca, you don't know how much you made me relaxed and how good I feel by looking Gwen so much smart and confident in her own formal clothes.

Rebecca - yes mom, I know. I am also very happy that Gwen left the way she used to dress earlier.

Mom- what do you mean.

Rebecca - I mean that Gwen promise that she no longer wear those old t- shirts and from now on she will always wear those shirts and ties only.

Mom- it's a very good news , ok dear now I need to go for meeting, bye.

Rebecca - bye mom.

Gwen - I think we have purchased everything i wanted, so we should leave now.

Rebecca - ok christine we have take lot of your time, and thanks for helping us in shopping.

Christine - no problem.

Gwen - bye christine, and thank-you for all your help.

Christine - bye Gwen and bring some of your other friends too when you come next time .

Gwen - sure.


Narrator- Rebecca and Gwen reaches their home back but before reaching home they both take a round of city to just passout their time.

((( Conversation between Gwen and Rebecca when they were roaming the city in their car )))

Rebecca - I think it's first time that you and I have spent such a long time with each other.

Gwen -yes, earlier I thought that those people who wear a shirt and tie are boring, so I don't like to be with you.but now my thoughts are completely changed now.

Rebecca - okay, so what do you think of me Now.

Gwen - Now I think that those people who wear shirt and ties are smarter ones and not boring.

Rebecca - Thank god, that you have came to right track.

Gwen - yeah.

Narrator- now it's 8 pm in night and they reached home.

Maid- welcome back Gwen and Rebecca.i have made for you.So you may change your clothes and can come at dinning room for your dinner.

Rebecca - ok i change my clothes and wear night suits.

Narrator-rebecca then removed her tie pins and clips and started to loose her tie off till her Brest and then she thinks that may be we should change our clothes after dinner.

Rebecca - Barbara can we have dinner first cause we are very hungry right now.

Maid- but miss, food may spoil your good clothes.

Rebecca - by wearing apron over these clothes can prevent food from spoiling over our clothes .

Maid- As you wish Rebecca.

Gwen - I was also thinking the same, and got more time to stay in this formal shirt and tie.

Narrator- maid brings two aprons for Gwen and Rebecca and they both then lifted their collar up, but Rebecca first lifts her tie back and adjusted it well and tight and then wears her apron and tie it up, and that also too tight.

Maid- apron + shirt + tie + trousers, hmm
1st time I have ever seen such combination, I was impressed.

Rebecca - from now on me and will have my dinner like this only.

Narrator- food was now served and both eat it.

Gwen-(smiling and saying to Gwen) - while chewing food I still feel the tightness by collar button and tie.

Rebecca - i also do feel the same but at the same time reminds me that I am wearing a shirt and tie very properly and makes me feel proud.

Gwen - yeah, you are right.

Narrator- when they were having their food Gwen received a text from Ava that she and hopper are coming her home for night stay . Gwen cheers with joy and now she is not afraid with her new look.

Gwen - my tummy is full, just wait and later we will change our clothes.

Rebecca - very true.

Gwen - what am I gonna wear for my night suits.Cause I haven't purchased one.

Maid- I have one of your T-shirt left so you may use it as your night suite.

Gwen - hmmm, okay….(a little sad)

Rebecca - you may have my gown instead.

Gwen - no let it bee, both are nearly Same.

Rebecca - as you wish dear.

Narrator- Gwen changed her clothes and again came back to her T-shirt and free Lower wear.

Gwen - I am missing that tight starched collar feeling , right now.

Rebecca - me too, but at night it's good to wear loose clothes.

Narrator- soon after their conversation Ava and hopper came Gwen's home. They all (Gwen, Ava, Hooper ) say hi to each other and talked with each other a lot . Ava was wearing a full buttoned up black shirt with white buttons and her top button was fastened and a black skirt.and hopper was wearing a brown T-shirt and a half black jeans which comes till her thies only.

Ava - I am tired now and going to sleep.

Hopper - me too.

Gwen - ok you may go to sleep, I will sleep later.

Narrator- it's now 8@m in morning.Ava wake up first and taken bath.

Ava- Can you ask Rebecca for her clothes cause in hurry we forgot to bring our own clothes, and you know I like only formal dresses and you only have T-shirts. So can you please ask her (Rebecca)

Gwen - before I ask, you first check my wardrobe.

Ava-Gwe I said I need formal wear.

Gwen - you just do what I said right now.

Ava- gosh, this girl will make her wear stupid T-shirts.

Narrator-when ava opens wardrobe, she was shocked and thought may she had opened Rebeccas wardrobe.

Ava- Gwen, does this wardrobe belongs to Rebecca now.

Gwen - no stupid, now I also wear formal clothes.

Ava- I mean how ,what, when it all happened .

Gwen - relax dear I will till you all later.

Narrator- ava just take out a blue shirt and a blue skirt but fastening her top Button.and lifting her skirts a little up an wearing socks and formal black shoes .

Ava- I never thought I may get such beautiful clothes from your wardrobe.

Gwen - actually i also never thought of it .

Ava- you don't know how good I feel for you.

Gwen - do you wanna try a matching tie with your shirt.

Ava-please I beg you. I always wanted to have a tie but due to such a busy schedule I never got time to purchase it.and I hope you are not kidding me.

Gwen -. Check out the drawer in my wardrobe.

Ava-oh my mine.i think I should go for a little dark blue necktie.

Gwen - do you know how to tie it up.

Ava- no, and I believe you also don't know either, but we may take Rebecca's help.

Narrator- Rebecca had taken her bath and she too was wearing a full blue shirt with a white (not pure white, it's white grey type )tie , in the usual way as she used to. She listened what ava says to Gwen.

Rebecca - maybe you should give a chance to Gwen.

Ava- first of all I must say you are looking very beautiful as you always do, and secondly I don't believe that Gwen can tie a tie.

Rebecca - Gwen n I think you should show her.

Narrator- Gwen moves from her bed , and taken that darker blue tie from Ava and first lifted her collar up and asked her to chin up, then she started making knot and that of well proper size not too big and not too small so that it may look well over her and then finally lifted it up and make it tight and then made few adjustments and finally put her collar down and put her fingers under her collar and removed wrinkle from her collar and holded tip of her collar and stretched and pull it little down so that it may fixed rigidely over her neck and finally at last made her tie more tight by lifting it up.

Ava- wow, can I now see myself over mirror.

Gwen - you can but wait a little.

Ava- for what.

Rebecca - just wait and watch.

Narrator- Gwen brings tie pins and clips and then centered her tie and put tie pin over her collar and put tie clips.

Gwen- now you may look yourself up over mirror.

Ava- wow, I never thought I will look that much smart in tie.gwen can I borrow some of your ties, you can take money and purchase for yourself again.and now I also want to see you in shirt and tie.

Gwen - ok , I just fresh up and then you may.

Rebecca - from where did you learnt to make this tie knot, because christine taught you a different one.

Gwen - at night from YouTube.

Rebecca - good, keep it up.

Gwen to ava- ava don't you think hopper should start wearing formal clothes, like I do now.

Ava- I told her earlier but she said that she doesn't think that's a good idea,and even said to me that you can't force anyone to wear what you like.

Gwen - it means she won't listen to me too.

Ava- can't say.

Rebecca - I have an idea.

Gwen - what idea.

Rebecca - when hopper wakes up and goes for bath, hide all the T-shirts and so only option that will left for her is to wear formal clothes only.a and just don't tell hopper that it's Gwens tie tell her that I gave it to you cause otherwise she can guess that gwen also started wearing formal and so she won't even go to fresh up.

Ava- that's a good idea but in no case she will wear a tie.

Rebecca - she will just you need to make room little colder .

Gwen - no need . it's still very cold today.

Ava- yeah you are right.

Rebecca - ok then .

Narrator- soon after Gwen moved for taking bath hopper wakes up and she also decided to go for bath.but before leaving for bath she saw Rebecca and ava in tie, and comments that they look smart .

Ava- so do you wanna try it.

Hopper - I can't pull such looks over me.

Rebecca - it's just lack of your confidence.

Narrator- luckely hopper dosent asked that whose tie was hopper also goes for bath.after some time both (Gwen and hopper ) came to Gwen's room .

Hopper - I forgot to bring my T-shirt so can you give me one of yours.

Gwen - why not.

Narrator- at this instant Rebecca was helping ava for making a cute top knot.

Gwen then put out a light pink shirt with linked pink and black strip tie with black trousers for herself and a green shirt with black tie and black skirt for hopper.

Hopper - whose gonna wear em up.i and you both wear T-shirts. Am I right.

Gwen - Actually hopper, I left wearing those junk clothes so I told my maid to donate them.

Hopper - ok joke was all apart first give me something to wear.

Gwen - I am not joking, this is the green shirt,black tie and black skirt I gave you to wear it.

Narrator- Gwen started wearing her shirt fastening her buttons from bottom to top and then put her.cuffs button and then finally put her top button and then wear her black trouser.By looking all this hopper was stuck.

Hopper - I thought that you were joking, but now I believe you.As you have made no choices left for me I have to wear them .

Rebecca - it's all you can do right now.

Ava- do you have a cardigan cause I m still feeling cold.

Rebecca - wait I just bring it.

Narrator- Gwen then lifted her collar up and tighten her tie and wear those tie pins and clips and then started to comb her hair.after combing her hair she looked at hopper.

Gwen - hopper, what have you done.

Hopper- just wore your clothes.

Gwen - then wear them properly.

Ava (while buttoning her cardigan buttons ) - she means to button your sleeves and top button , wear tie with pins and clips and lift your skirt up, don't wear it low waist

Hopper - it seems to be difficult for me to do.

Ava (after buttoning her cardigan buttons) - I may help you.

Hopper - ok

Narrator- ava first buttoned cuffs buttons and then her top button and pull her collar and shirt down to make her shirt wrinkle free , and then lifted her skirt up.

Hopper - I feels really tight in such clothes.

Gwen - initially I also felt that but don't you think you are feeling little warm in these clothes.

Hopper - yes , I do.

Gwen - come on wear that tie too.

Hopper - I don't know how to wear it.

Rebecca - then I may help you

Narrator- Rebecca then did it as she did for Gwen for the first time.a and then put tie pins and clips .

Ava- I always know that you too will look smart in shirt and tie, go and watch out yourself over mirror .

Hopper - oh yeah, you people are not that wrong.even after all this I am still feeling cold.

Gwen - take this cardigan.

Narrator- hopper then wears that cardigan and Gwen wear one too.


Inspired by all the other stories in this forum.(especially the bloody hotty day )


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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Re: Journey from tie hater to lover.

Post by razz on Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:27 am

I want to show you how my characters look like but don't know how to add photos, so wait until I learned it


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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Re: Journey from tie hater to lover.

Post by razz on Tue Jul 05, 2016 12:49 pm

Viewers please do comment over my story.feel free to comment either good or bad, and if you think there is something more I should think before writing or any idea or suggestions or anything then please let me know.

Thanks for reading.


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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Re: Journey from tie hater to lover.

Post by tuxedo on Tue Jul 05, 2016 1:40 pm

Nice story. I enjoyed reading it Smile
I like the way you describe details like tie pins.
Cufflinks, a collar bar, a pocket square and gloves could come into the game...

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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Re: Journey from tie hater to lover.

Post by razz on Tue Jul 05, 2016 1:54 pm

Yeah,sure  I will surely introduce it in my next story or on its second part.Actually I was not knowing aboutCufflinks, a collar bar, a pocket square , so I didn't write on such things.
Thanks for your comment.
May I know from which country do you belong and how old are you.


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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Re: Journey from tie hater to lover.

Post by tuxedo on Wed Jul 06, 2016 3:21 pm

razz wrote:May I know from which country do you belong and how old are you.

46 and from Germany

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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Re: Journey from tie hater to lover.

Post by Nioxtie on Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:11 am

Congratulation, it's a wonderful story ! 
If i can give you an advice to make your story even better, is that the characters could be more relectuant to wear the shirt and the tie like in bloody hot day... Being forced could be nice and humiliating... 

Good luck


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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Re: Journey from tie hater to lover.

Post by razz on Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:44 am

Thanks nioxtie for appreciating my work .
I also thought that I should include all those things which u said, but I didn't get enough time since my vacation was a little short for me . So next time if I ever write a new story , I will take care of it .

Thanks for your comment , more comments will be appreciated no matter good or bad, just tell me what u people liked and disliked in my story


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Journey from tie hater to lover. Empty Re: Journey from tie hater to lover.

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