My Roommate's Dirty Suprise (Erotic)

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My Roommate's Dirty Suprise (Erotic)

Post by GirlWhoLovesTies on Fri May 12, 2017 5:28 am

I get home from my job in an unbuttoned white blouse and a black skirt.

Me: Hello Renee, I am here where are you?

Renee: I am changing Catherine I would advise you to change too.

Me:Change into what?
I say to myself.

I walk into a room and close the doors. I change my oxford blouse into a pocketless one. I cole out of my room.

Me: Are you ready Renee?

Renee: Almost

She comes out of the door wearing a white shirt, black skirt, and red tie.

Me: You look stunning.

Renee: Yes I do, and I would like you to look stunning to.

She heads back into her room. She comes out holding a black tie.

Me: Does she want me to wear a tie?
I say to myself

Renee: It is for you to wear.

Me: I won't wear it. Can I just wear a dress.

Renee: You will wear it, or you will be punished.

Me: I won't wear it.

She goes in her room and grabs a vibrator. She walks toward me. I back up into my room. She closes the door. And forces me onto the bed. She takes off my panties and turns on the vibrator.

Me: Please don't do it!

Renee: You are a bad girl and you must be punished!

She moves it around my vagina. This gives me an orgasm and this makes me cum. I moan a lot during this process. She puts the vibrator away. She pulls down my skirt and makes me bend over. She spanks me.

Me: Stop! Stop!

Renee: I will stop once be a good girl and put on your tie.

Me: I won't do it!

She spanks me 25 times and turns me over. She buttons up my blouse and ties the black tie around my neck. She selects new panties and skirt for me.

Renee: Put on those clothes I selected for you

I put on the clothes and come out of the room.

Renee: From now on you will address me as mam and you will wear a shirt and tie when you get home

Me: Yes mam

We watch a movie together and then my roommate goes to bed. I masturbate in satisfaction I stroke my tie as I do it. I go to sleep in the shirt and tie.

Do you like the story. If you do I will write more


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Re: My Roommate's Dirty Suprise (Erotic)

Post by Gomez1213 on Sat May 13, 2017 5:56 am

Love the story, ma'am


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Re: My Roommate's Dirty Suprise (Erotic)

Post by Boundtie on Sun May 14, 2017 5:01 pm

More please!

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Re: My Roommate's Dirty Suprise (Erotic)

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