Carabinieri (Italian TV Series)

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Carabinieri (Italian TV Series)

Post by ajl378492 on Mon May 15, 2017 7:50 pm

I posted some photos & videos of Francesca Chillemi as Laura Flestero on this series earlier, so I will try to avoid any reposts.   Also, feel free to add any photos or videos.$plit/C_46_articolo_96_upiImmaginebig.jpg$plit/C_46_articolo_96_upiImmaginebig.jpg$plit/C_46_articolo_132_upiImmaginebig.jpg,+F.Chillemi,+F.Girelli,+G.Soleri.jpg$plit/C_22_immagine_25939_fileimmagine.jpg$plit/C_22_immagine_25939_fileimmagine.jpg

[url= 7.jpg][/url]

[url= Manuela.jpg][/url]

[url= Arcuri.jpg][/url]$plit/C_2_infoProgramma_338_upiImageInfo.jpg$plit/C_2_infoProgramma_338_upiImageInfo.jpg$plit/C_46_articolo_409_upiImmagine.jpg$plit/640x360_C_2_video_400025_videoThumbnail.jpg$plit/C_46_articolo_409_upiImmaginebig.jpg$plit/C_2_infoProgramma_339_upiImageInfo.jpg$plit/C_2_infoProgramma_338_upiImageInfo.jpg$plit/C_116_articolo_1882_articolo.jpg$plit/C_2_infoProgramma_338_upiImageInfo.jpg

[url= sotto copertura 5.jpg][/url]

[url= 6 (6).JPG][/url]

[url= 23 e 24.JPG][/url]


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Re: Carabinieri (Italian TV Series)

Post by smartknot on Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:11 am

Great posts. Any idea how to see the actual shows.


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