She wore a tuxedo to the prom

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She wore a tuxedo to the prom Empty She wore a tuxedo to the prom

Post by ajl378492 on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:55 pm

She was your typical teenage girl.  An A-Student, popular, attractive (with long, flowing, dark hair and green eyes), athletic (she was even the kicker and punter on the football team), friendly, caring, and a bit of a tomboy.  So when the quarterback & pitcher for the baseball team asked her to the prom, she accepted.  But because of her tomboy nature, she wanted to wear a tuxedo instead of a dress. 

"You want to wear a tux to the prom?" her date asked.  "Are you a lesbian?"

"If I was a lesbian, I wouldn't be going to prom with you, silly" she replied.  Then she kissed him.

Her parents were reluctant to let her wear a tux to the prom, but they soon came around.  And there were no objections from the school administration, especially since the dress code only mandated decent formalwear for the prom, which in turn was not held on school grounds.

So after a search amidst the local clothing outlets and websites, she found the outfit she was looking for:  black tuxedo jacket, black pants, white tuxedo shirt, black suspenders, black socks, and black oxfords.  She did give a feminine touch to her tux by deciding on a pink bow tie and a pink cummerbund.  And her date got her a pink corsage.

Prior to heading to the prom, her boyfriend was taking her to a exquisite restaurant.  As she got dressed, she wondered how everyone would react to her wearing a tuxedo, even though everyone at school was aware of her choice in fashion.  But then she looked at herself in the mirror wearing a tux, and at that moment she knew her fellow students would be impressed. 

As she prepared to apply her lipstick, her parents called out to her that her date had arrived.  She acknowledged his arrival, and after putting on her lipstick, she said to herself "you look fabulous."

She met her date at the front door, and he was impressed at the sight of her in a tux.  He then pinned the corsage to her jacket, and off to dinner they went.

Prior to arriving at the restaurant, they both joked that people might mistake both of them for servers.  But although they managed to turn a few heads at the restaurant, they managed to have a wonderful dinner.

After dinner they went to the area where the prom took place.  As they entered the building, their fellow students stared at them with amazement.  After some dancing and socializing, she went to the bathroom, where the girls complemented her on her choice of clothing.  Some were slightly envious, while others wished they had wore tuxedos instead of dresses. 

It soon became time to announce the prom king and queen, which was to be followed by the last song (and henceforth dance) of the prom.  There were many candidates, so it was unclear who would win. 

As it turned out, it was her and her date who won, much to their surprise.  They hugged each other to the sounds of applause and jubilation. 

They then went out to the dance floor for their final dance of the night.  As they slow danced, they discussed their feelings for each other. 

"How come you never asked me out before?" she asked.

"I wasn't sure how you might feel about dating a teammate" he replied.

"Well, I have no objection to dating anyone on the team, as long as they respect me and not take advantage of me" she told him.

"You have my respect, especially since you have proven yourself on the field" he said.

Assured by what he said, she smiled and told him "now that we are prom king and queen, we need to take the team to the state championship in the fall."

"Definitely" he added.

They then kissed each other as they finished their dance.


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