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Post by khzanzhun on Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:50 pm

Hi guys I just found this which I wrote long time ago. I just want to share it. Sorry about English its not my mother tounge though. Just let me know what you guys think about it Wink

"The near future" (appears on the black screen)
Fade in.
  Julia wakes up in the bed as she is on her underwear. She looks at the clock and it shows 7.00 o'clock. She gets up and walks to a wardrobe. She opens the door of it and picks up a white stiff collared and well ironed shirt. She wears it and button them up but she leaves the top button open. She picks up a black skirt which is above the knee (but not too short) and wears it put the shirt inside of the skirt. She picks up a brown patterned tie and tie it up tightly and she close the last button at the top of her shirt. She neats the tie and its larger tip is a few cm below the line between the shirt and the skirt. She finds a black or a brown pantyhose and wears them. She puts the black high heel shoes on at last. She puts on red rouge on her lips and make up. She checks one more time the tie and she realise a stain on the tie.
Julia: Oh no there is a stain on it!!
She goes back to wardrobe and open the wardrobes door. She finds another tie. She untie the stained one and puts on another one.
(In the kitchen)
She prepares a coffee. She picks it up and go to table. She starts to read a newspaper and by mistake she spills a little bit coffee on her tie.
Julia: Not again!!
She goes back to bedroom and untie the tie. She opens the wardrobe again and picks up another brown patterned tie. She tie it up neatly and go back to the kitchen. She puts the coffee cup into the sink and cleans the table. She puts on a jacket (this part can be passed) and leaves home.
She opens the office door and comes into the office. She takes off the jacket and goes to her table and switch on the computer. While the computer is starting she goes to another desk and opens the door of it and starts searching a file at the bottom the shelf. She finds the file takes it and goes back to her table. She opens the file and starts reading it. The office door opens and two ladies with formal dresses (in nice shirts and ties off course)) enter the office. One of them shows her badge and says:
Officer Kelly:  You are under arrest ...
Julia stands up as she says:
Julia: What? What's going on?
Officer Kelly pushes her to the wall put her hands on the wall and takes a pair of handcuffs from her back. She cuffs her behind her back.
Julia:What are you doing? Hey!
Officer Melanie: Shut up! You very well know why we are here!
They start searching Julia's desks and Officer Kelly starts searching her computer. Julia watches them by the wall.
Julia: You can not just come here and arrest me like this. What are you looking for?
Officer Melanie gets angry and pull Julia's hair as she drags her to the file desk and when Officer Melanie opens the file desk's door she holds Julia's hair. Officer Melanie push and pull Julia by her hair couple of times and asks:
Officer Melanie:Tell me where is the file?
Julia:I have no idea what you are talking about.
Officer Melanie:Oh yea?
Officer Melanie free her hair and search the files by herself. Meantime Officer Kelly orders Julia.
Officer Kelly: Come here!
Julia goes to Officer Kelly and stands by her. Officer Kelly points something on the computer.
Officer Kelly:Where is the main files of your personal works?
Julia:Just move aside. Can't you take these cuffs off at least?
Officer Kelly:No I cannot. Now show them to me.
Julia tries to use the mouse while she is cuffed. She finds and open the file.
Julia: Here it is.
Officer Kelly push her  and starts looking at the files but she realise that these are not the ones which she was looking for. She grabs her tie and pull Julia to herself.
Officer Kelly: Are you fuckin kidding me? Do you think that I am so stupid?
  Officer Melanie sees that and comes and argue with Kelly.
Officer Melanie: Kelly What the hell are you doing? Why did you grab her from her tie? Now when we take her to the station they might think that we used violence on her.
Officer Kelly:Come on How can they realise that?
Officer Melanie:Look! You are new on this job but I have been doing this for 5 years.
Officer Kelly:So What we gonna do?
Officer Melanie turns to Julia.
Melanie: Do you have a wardrobe here?
Julia:Yes I have.
Melanie:Do you have another tie in it?
Julia:Yes I have.
Officer Melanie: Cuff her in front.
Officer Kelly:But..
Officer Melanie:Dont argue with me just do it!!
Kelly cuffs Julia in her front.
Julia:But I cannot tie my tie in these cuffs..
Officer Melanie:Dont push your chance darling. Do what I say!!
Julia opens the wardrobe and picks up another red patterned tie. She takes off the other one and ties the new one.
Officer Melanie:All right I found it!!
Julia comes back.
Officer Melanie:So you were saying that you were innocent. So tell me what are these?
Melanie throws the files on desk. Julia takes the files and looks at them.
Julia:But they are not mine.
Officer Melanie:Yea yea. Cuff her behind her back.
Kelly does what Melanie says. They leave the office.

You can find soft BDSM, domination, grabbing tie, necktie scenes. The movie addresses itself to variety of different pleasures at the same time, what do you think? Smile


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Great ! I could pay for that


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It got my interest


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