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Introduction: Get to Know Me

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Introduction: Get to Know Me Empty Introduction: Get to Know Me

Post by Luke Smith Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:14 am

From the UK 
Strictly into Cis-Gender Women/Ladies (Preferably Black Women/Ladies):
Women/Ladies in Shiny Lapel or Satin Lapel or Silk Lapel (Preferably on Tuxedo or Tailcoat or Suit or Blazer or Waistcoats)
Women/Ladies in Tuxedo ( Shiny/Silk/Satin Lapels) 
Women/Ladies in Tailcoats (preferably Shiny Silk or Satin shawl lapel) 
Women/Ladies in Waistcoats/Vests (preferably waistcoats with Shiny back or Satin back or Silk back) or (Waistcoats with Shiny or Satin or Silk Lapels). 

NOT into: 
Women/Ladies in Shirts or Collars or Ties or Gloves or Bowties

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Luke Smith

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