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Post by johnsmithapril031988 Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:03 pm

Hello everyone,

First post here and I'm enjoying checking out your forum. Hopefully I can contribute, I've already found a few shows/movies I wasnt aware of as well as some I knew of just didnt know the exact episode that I plan on editing. But on to the real reason I'm posting!

I dont have a specific clip to share, but rather a group I've been creating that helps promote the same thing you guys have going on here. I have quite a few of the clips already edited of many of your links here and many more. Please check it out, I think you might find some things you like there. Please feel free to message me through this forum or Flickr for any personal requests or suggestions. I'm always open to feedback =) Anything with women in collared shirts, ties, suits, uniforms, etc I have been editing in this Flickr group. I have my own personal tastes but I don't mind adding to that pool of tastes.

Please if you decide to check out my group, read the discussions I've posted, they can arm you with valuable knowledge and I'm always looking for people to work with to expand.

Thanks for the read and all the great resources!


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