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wonderful anniversary weekend

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wonderful anniversary weekend Empty wonderful anniversary weekend

Post by arokh Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:25 pm

hey everyone

some of you may have noticed in other threads that I'd been asking how to raise the topic of talking about my fetish for smart formal outfits, with buttoned shirt collars, bowties and ties, to my girlfriend. it's a very nervous experience making yourself vulnerable to someone else by revealing things that nobody else knows so it took a while of building myself up.

a couple of weeks ago, I finally had built myself up to talking to her about it fully, rather than hiding behind any kind of vagueness and misdirection, and she was wonderful - was supportive, and told me how excited she was to try dressing up for me - and that we could start next weekend (ie the first weekend of November, just gone), which was going to be our 3rd anniversary together!

we'd spoken through the week about what sorts of things i'd like to see her in, and she was getting really into the idea of interjecting roleplaying and sub/dom dynamics into dressing up. she said she had some skirts and blouses and a bowtie already, and I brought up a couple of ties for her to choose from - as well as buying her a pair of crotchless fishnets during the week for her to combine with, and a cock ring + male thong for me (she'd always wanted to see me in the latter)

I took Friday off work, so I was up at hers from Thursday evening to Sunday evening. the first night didn't involve any dressing up (neither of us had much patience for prep after the week apart), and Sunday both of us were pretty tired out.

Friday night, I went down late to the kitchen for a drink, and when I came back up to her room she'd dimmed the lights and was wearing a loose black skirt (no undies underneath!), pink white-striped shirt done up to the top and a purple tie with white dots on that I'd brought up. She assumed the role of an impatient boss who was annoyed with my tardiness and immediately ordered me to strip and get on the bed. I noticed her collar and tie were loose so asked her permission (in-roleplay) to tighten them for her, which she obliged, and I made sure the knot was neat and tight (although the shirt itself was a loose-fit, and the collar not too tight on the neck-far from optimal but I was hardly complaining in the moment). Then she had me straight down on the bed...

Saturday we'd known was going to be the big day for dressing up. We went out in the evening for dinner and to the cinema, and I wore the men's thong the whole time out under my jeans as I knew it would turn her on. When we got back we relaxed for a bit then went upstairs. She got her outfit out while I was in the bathroom:

  • a frilly black skirt (high-waisted would have been ideal but again hardly complaining for a first exploration)
  • a white shirt (not a great material, and much looser-fitting than ideal, but it was just what she had to hand-she still looked fantastic)
  • a good-sized pre-tied black bow tie
  • the aforementioned crotchless back-seamed bow-patterned fishnets
  • 3-inch heels with leopard-print trimĀ 

I helped her get completely dressed into the outfit, and made sure her collar and bow tie were just so; tight and proper the way I like them. I'd been worried about how they would look as the collar wasn't stiff and the tips slightly longer than a usual shirt, but in fact it ended up creating the perfect shape where the collar tips protuded slightly down below the bow tie itself. She was admiring herself in the mirror as I watched adoringly - after she'd already made me strip to just the thong, mind. She looked absolutely statuesque even in a crinkled shirt and low-waisted skirt, I tremble imagining how she would look in a fitted dress shirt or tight satin shirt with a pencil skirt - those will have to go on the shopping list - and the heels only compounded that, turning our 3-inch height disparity into a 6-inch one (which is a big thing for me!)

I'll leave the details up to the imagination (always better that way Very Happy) but needless to say even with the cock ring I didn't manage a long-haul session... lasted longer than I'd feared I might though!

I'm up at hers again in a week and a half, I'm not sure if I'll ask her to dress for me again so soon (being long distance, more often than not we don't need any extra provocation to get in the mood on the occasions when we are together), but we're going on holiday for my birthday in January and I definitely have a lot of ideas planned for when we go away (plus it's Christmas before then, and what better present to ask for...)

Sharing your fetish with your partner is a wonderful experience, if your partner is willing to accept you with open arms. I recommend it to everyone here, it's one of the greatest joys I've found in life - not only sexually but emotionally too.

hope you enjoyed the retelling half as much as I enjoyed living it! Smile

let me know if you did, and if you want me to keep posting stuff like this as it happens


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wonderful anniversary weekend Empty Re: wonderful anniversary weekend

Post by Doush Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:15 am

Well done on taking the plunge, and how awesome that she was receptive!


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wonderful anniversary weekend Empty Re: wonderful anniversary weekend

Post by Three hundred bees! Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:23 am

Congratulations, glad telling her went well.

Three hundred bees!

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wonderful anniversary weekend Empty Re: wonderful anniversary weekend

Post by tanadata Fri Nov 15, 2019 8:27 pm

So happy for you!


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wonderful anniversary weekend Empty Re: wonderful anniversary weekend

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