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Shopping with my mum

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Shopping with my mum Empty Shopping with my mum

Post by Manthis55 Wed Jun 24, 2020 2:36 pm

My mom doesn't have a driving licence. So she's always asking me to go with her on errands and stuff. And of course I always refuse.But it's the sale and I thought I could get some presents. 

Off to the big mall. I hope I don't meet any friends there, it's a shame to hang out with my mum. 

We're passing near a Ralph Lauren shop. Personally, I'm not a fan of those preppy kind of clothes.  But my mother does and would love to see me dress like her. 
While my mom tries clothes on, I'm condescendingly looking at the customers. One of them seems to be my age.  I recognize her as : it's Justine, a girl from high school who gets teased once in a while. She's always dressed like she's going to church. Today, it's a big deal. She's wearing Ralph Lauren from head to toe: white shirt, pearl necklace, navy blue pencil skirt and little moccasin. I'm looking at her and laughing in her face. "Hey, Juju, you're going to church ?"
She's taking it, but I can tell she's up to no good. 
As I look away, I see her start talking to my mother. First she complimented her on her look, then she innocently asks her why I don't dress as neatly as she does. Dressing well is behaving well. Perhaps this could raise my grade point average... She also insidiously mentions my repeated hours of detention.I make big eyes at her, my mother doesn't know. 
Justine has a big smile. I feel she's getting her revenge. 
Now she insists that I try on the same look as her. It doesn't cost anything...

I'm a bit stuck and I finally accept. Okay, bring your white shirt, I'll make you happy. 
Unfortunately there's none left. But there's some other very nice ones. Justine shows up with a blue and white striped shirt.  And this one is very weird.
First this shirt ties at the back. Which means I need someone to help me wearing it. And the collar doesn't have a button. So it's impossible to unbutton it. So strict. 

I'll do it. Of course, Justine thinks it doesn't go with my pantyhose and insists that I try it on with a skirt, otherwise it won't fit... 

Here I am bundled up in my turn with the blue skirt that goes down to the ankle, a striped shirt that Justine is delighted to tie on my back. With a closed collar that compresses my throat. And surprise  : of course the sleeves are musketeer cuffs. Needing cufflinks. What the hell... 

My mother look at me... she's over the moon. She loves this closed collar. I don't love it at all. It looks very weird.To my surprise, Justine agrees with me. It does look weird. But  the salesgirl has an idea  to make it look more "normal." 
Miss, do you know what would go great with that shirt ? 
No, I really don't. 
She takes her time, stares at me and say : A nice ribbon !

Is it? I slit my throat when I hear that. Are you sick?

Justine comes to my rescue.No, no, no, a bow is maybe a little too old-fashioned. Ahhhh thank you Justine... 
No, what would be much better is a necktie ! 

A what? 
A necktie. It's completely the trend. I'm sure a nice blue tie would go great with the stripes on your shirt... She's asking the saleswoman to bring her one. 
In the meantime, I take Justine aside and tell her to stop all this. I don't care if she tells my mom I'm grounded for the rest of the year. I'm getting undressed and basta. 
But Justine slips in my ear, that I'm going to have a hard time undressing since my shirt is coming off at the back. And she starts laughing. 
Shit, I try and I see that I'm completely trapped. 

Ah... looks like your tie's coming!
The salesgirl's coming back. She apologizes, but she had to go to the men's department to get it. She's not used to selling it to the girl. 
Justine walks up to me, pulls up the collar of my shirt. I can feel the collar all the way up to my ears.
She puts the tie around my neck. Very strange feeling. 
She looks at me with a defiant, almost vicious look. She is gloating. 
She takes a malicious pleasure in tightening the tie very tight. I can barely breathe. 
She adjusts it well. And shows to my mother who thinks I'm very cute. I don't feel comfortable. A lot of people in the store are looking at us.  At that moment, two girls I know from high school come in. They make fun of me like I could make fun of Justine. 

Well, the nightmare is going to end.  Justine got her revenge, we'll soon be gone. 
I'm going to change my things. But I find my cabin is empty. My mother put my things in a bag and decided, under Berengere's advice, that I would stay dressed like this all day with the skirt, tie and striped shirt. Between the office secretary look and the schoolgirl. Fuck fuck fuck
I have to stay dressed like this all day?!! 
Ok lets get home quickly so I can change . But Justine insist to offer us a cup of tea suggests on mall the terrace instead... She knows there'll be people, that I'll be seen dressed like this...


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Shopping with my mum Empty Re: Shopping with my mum

Post by Xerxes Wed Jun 24, 2020 3:00 pm

I love it!


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Shopping with my mum Empty Re: Shopping with my mum

Post by Texttile Wed Jun 24, 2020 9:49 pm

Please continue this in some fashion


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Shopping with my mum Empty Re: Shopping with my mum

Post by Suitgirl Fri Jun 26, 2020 6:21 pm

I want to see a part 2!!

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Shopping with my mum Empty Re: Shopping with my mum

Post by Jimlandover Tue Oct 19, 2021 6:59 pm

Would love for this to be continued’


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Shopping with my mum Empty Re: Shopping with my mum

Post by linda Mon Feb 07, 2022 6:44 am


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Shopping with my mum Empty Re: Shopping with my mum

Post by Manthis55 Wed Nov 22, 2023 10:26 am

As we head towards the exit, I desperately hope the nightmare is over, but Justine, reveling in her revenge, insists on treating us to a cup of tea on the terrace of the mall. I reluctantly agree, feeling the stares and whispers of passersby intensify as we make our way to the café.
Seated on the terrace, I try to ignore the curious glances from other customers, but the sensation of the tightly knotted tie around my neck is a constant reminder of my predicament. Justine, with a mischievous glint in her eyes, orders the tea and engages in casual conversation as if everything is perfectly normal.
The discomfort I feel is palpable, both physically and emotionally. The tight tie restricts my breathing, and the sensation of the musketeer cuffs on the sleeves adds to the overall absurdity of my appearance. Justine seems to take delight in my unease, subtly emphasizing my compromised situation to the onlookers.
As the tea arrives, I try to sip it delicately, all the while conscious of the curious gazes and stifled laughter around me. The contrasting reactions of my mother, who sees the humor in the situation, and the onlookers who find it peculiar, heighten the surreal nature of the moment.
Justine, still relishing her victory, suggests taking a photo to immortalize my unexpected fashion statement. I reluctantly agree, realizing that this embarrassing image may haunt me for a long time. The photo captures me sitting there, an unwitting victim of Justine's revenge, trapped in a peculiar ensemble that clashes with every fiber of my being.
Finally, the tea is finished, and we make our way home. The journey back feels like an eternity as I yearn to rid myself of this preppy nightmare. Justine, however, insists on accompanying us, relishing the lingering discomfort she's inflicted upon me.
Arriving home, I rush to change out of the awkward attire, hoping to put this embarrassing chapter behind me. Yet, to my dismay, my mother and Justine convince me to keep the ensemble for the rest of the day, citing some convoluted fashion logic.
The echoes of laughter and whispers continue to reverberate in my mind as I navigate the remainder of the day, clad in a striped shirt, tie, and ankle-length skirt. Justine's revenge has left an indelible mark, a sartorial mishmash that stands as a testament to the unpredictability of a simple shopping trip turned disastrous.
I could now go to bed. But just realized that she post the picture on the highschool's blog


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Shopping with my mum Empty Excellent !

Post by peter.k Thu Nov 23, 2023 1:22 am

Very nice story - please continue.

BR : Peter


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Shopping with my mum Empty Re: Shopping with my mum

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