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One Wish

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One Wish Empty One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Tue Dec 22, 2020 4:41 pm

Hey, so, first time writing here. 
Hopefully some people like it. If not, that's fine too, hah. I've posted this story in another forum as well, but I thought maybe some will appreciate it here too.
I've decided to do a bit of a slow burn story. I'm sorry if that's not to your taste, but after reading many stories here and other forums, I've come to like these type of stories.
I have a few chapters done so far, so hopefully that gives you a small taste of what's to come.
Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1 One Wish

“It’s fine!” I yelled as I took off my sneakers by the front door.

“Fine? Failing is fine?” My mom screamed back, moving closer with her laptop in hand showing some of my recent grades.

I glanced towards the screen, and yeah, they’re a bit low, but it’s fine. I stormed past her towards the stairs and asked angrily, “Why are you even looking at my grades? I’m 19, I can handle things by myself!”

She looks at some of the grades as she puts the laptop down, “Clearly not! You are taking six classes and failing four of them! Barely passing the other two! That’s fine to you?” 

She tries to follow me up the stairs as I walk past the mirror and towards my room, “I get it! I’ll pull them back up! I’m an adult, I can and will manage. I don’t need you constantly nagging about all my life choices.”

I reach my room, slam, and lock it shut as I enter. I can hear her footsteps approach my door and the door knob rattling to open the door soon follows. 

“Are you kidding me, Jessica?! Open the door and start talking like an adult!” My mom shouted behind the door, still trying to open the door. As if rattling the knob will magically unlock it. 

“Yeah? Well I don’t think adults scream at each other either! So just leave me alone!” I scream as I throw my bag to the floor. I take a quick glance at my closet and instantly notice the white long sleeved button down shirt, ugh. I told her I hated it, but she keeps insisting I try a new style to get me on the right path. Don’t know why I still keep it there. I shake my head, walk towards my bed, and drop onto it. The rattling knob finally stops. 

“Unbelievable. You act like such a child lately.” She says, trailing off down the hall, stopping, and then back down the stairs.

Finally, I thought to myself. I grab my phone, open one of the social media apps and just scroll. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I guess I just needed to do something? Maybe attempt to distract myself. But I quickly turned it off and tossed it across the bed I laid. I stared at my ceiling for a bit, just being a bit mindless for a few seconds. I took a deep breath in and I put both my hands towards my face, rubbed my eyes, and let out a big sigh. 

My name is Jessica, but I prefer Jess. I’m 5’4, have long brown hair down to my back with matching brown eyes, though I’d argue they’re more hazel instead. I wear mostly band clothes, it just feels like it expresses me the most; it’s what I’m wearing right now, jeans and a band shirt. I’m nineteen years old, soon to turn twenty in four months and currently in college. I don’t dorm there, I’d like to, but I live so close there wasn’t really a point. Well, my mom didn’t see a point; extra money saved even though she's rich. I mainly want to dorm for the freedom aspect. My other friends dorm there, but not lonesome old me. Sucks since they can hang out more frequently and probably get closer as a result. I feel left out sometimes. They might have some new inside joke that I don’t really get until they fill me in on what happened. Hate it. Makes me feel like my friends aren’t really my friends, or I guess, best friends. Even though I call them best friends all the time. Just, inside I feel like the odd one out.

Doesn’t help that my grades aren’t doing that hot either. I’ve kinda been slacking and the grades started dipping. I feel like I’ve been losing interest in studying. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to do well. I want to become a lawyer, but I just haven’t felt myself since the first year at college. I went in with high goals and a lot of motivation for myself, but it slowly kinda died off. I haven’t been feeling happy for a while. Being upset, depressed, or just nothing has been the norm for me for a while now. Makes me feel worse since I bet my dad would be disappointed to see me like this. He was a lawyer himself, but died in a car crash when I was in highschool. I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer like him, but after that incident, I’ve felt like it would be the best way to honor him. But right now... well, right now I’m glad he can’t see me like this.

I’ve been stuck in this rut for awhile now and I feel like I’m only digging myself deeper every passing day. I decided to get up from my bed and try to do something productive. But before I could get up, I felt a weird sensation within me. Like, frozen? It was only for a second or less at best. I barely noticed it. Had I actually been doing anything else, I might not have noticed it. Weird. As I lay up from my bed, my eyes quickly made contact with another set of eyes across from me, on my chair by my desk.

“What the f-” I began to shout from surprise.

“Hello, dear” The old lady cut me off.

I was scared, yes. But she was also some old lady in some red gown-like attire. So initially scary, yes, but she had some sort of calming aura around her. I began to calm down as fast as I was startled. 

“Who? What? How did you get in here??” I asked.

“I’m sorry for the fright, dear. But for how I got in here; a bit of magic really.” She replied with a warm smile.

Magic? What? Did some old lady sneak into my house? Is she crazy?  I began to ponder. 

She rose from my seat and glided towards the center of the room, “Allow me to explain. I’m like a guardian angel, fairy godmother, that sort of thing. But I’m not really tied to one person, more so a family; your family.”

“My family? Like, my mom and I?” I questioned.

She gazed around the room, “Yes, dear. I’m here to help you. At least, if you want it.”

I sat on my bed, slouched back with my arms behind me, “If I want? What do you mean?”

“Simply put, I can grant you one wish. And only one wish. The wish, for the most part can be anything, but there are rules and such of course. You of course, don’t have to wish for anything too.” She glided towards my closest, looking at the posters along the wall as she moved, “I won’t get too in depth on the rules, but a few important ones I’ll tell you. First, You can’t wish for more wishes. Second, you can’t wish the dead back to life. I’m sorry about your father.”

“My father? How do you know about him? Have you seen him… up there?” I asked, leaping up from my bed.

Her eyes didn’t turn away from the closet, she didn’t want to meet my gaze.

“Up there? Ah, I assume you mean, what you consider heaven. No, I do not know. It’s a bit more complicated than that to explain.” She turned towards my door, “Let’s just leave it at that.” She then turns to face me, “Third, I will not give you any sort of magical powers. Fourth, I will not alter time or whatnot. What you have now is what it shall be. Lastly, I will not solve the world's problems, just try to help solve yours. I can discuss other rules as they arise, but for now, these should help narrow down an idea of what you want.”

All these rules sound all official and such. It’s so weird. Does she actually have powers? I mean, she is just randomly in my room. Some old lady. One wish..?

“Ok, so let’s say I buy all this nonsense. You can actually give me one thing I want?” I asked.

“As long as it doesn’t go against the rules, sweetie.” She smiled once again. 

Anything I want? For the most part… Anything. She could pay for my college tuition, that would be awesome. Though, my mom has plenty of money already. I could maybe just ask for a lot of my own money, who wouldn’t want that? Or better yet, she could make me a lawyer right now! Does that work? That alter time? 

She looked towards the window, peering into the outside world, “Whatever you think makes you happy.”

What makes me happy? What would make me happy?

“Can you, just, make me happy? Is that a thing?” I asked as I scratched my head.

She turned her head back towards me, “Technically, I can. Yes”, she replied.

“Technically?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, technically. I wouldn’t just change your entire emotions with a snap. I can’t just instantly make you happy. I can however, help you learn to be happy.”

“What? Learn to be happy? What does that even mean?” I asked.

“I can grant you a mind alter, in a way. Slowly, you can learn to appreciate more things, maybe change your outlook on some things. Make them more positive. Something like, studying could be seen more positively. It isn’t instant, you will slowly just discover what it is that makes you happy more easily. Without even knowing or searching for it.” She replies. 

“You alter my mind? That sounds a bit scary.” I said, considering what she told me.

“It’s not as bad as I’m making it sound, truly. In short, it will eventually make you happy. I cannot tell you what makes you happy, but I can give you a more open mind to easily discover it.” She said, eyes locked to mine.

You know, honestly, that doesn’t sound too bad right now. I don’t know what would make me happy. I thought maybe if she made me into a lawyer, I would. But I’m already not motivated enough anymore, what’s to say that will change… Instead, I could just wish to be happy and eventually find that. It could just solve all my problems…

“Fine, I want to be happy.” I told her.

She had a serious look on her, “Are you sure? I only grant one wish.”

“Yes, I want to learn to be happy.” I said, fully confirmed on what I wanted.

“All right then…”, she moved her hands upwards, over my head. “I can work with this. This works out perfectly with your mother’s wish.”

My mother’s wish? 

Before I could even say or do anything, I blacked out.

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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Tue Dec 22, 2020 4:42 pm

Chapter 2 Previously - Mother

“Unbelievable. You act like such a child lately.” I said, walking away from the door. I stopped by the mirror and looked at myself. 

I was wearing a nice blue long sleeve button down shirt, buttoned up except the top button, with a mocha brown cardigan, fully buttoned. My shirt was tucked neatly into my nice, just over knee length, navy blue pencil skirt. Underneath, I was also wearing slightly caramel colored pantyhose. 

Fit for a proper woman. I thought to myself as I adjusted my collar and turned to go back down the stairs. 

I walk back towards the laptop in the living room and sit on the couch. I stared at her grades, thinking of what I could do to change her around. She has been nothing but rude, unattentive, and just plain getting on my nerves. 

What am I gonna do with her?

I looked away from the laptop and immediately noticed someone sitting across from me. Some old lady in a red gown. 

“Oh my- What are you doing in my house?!” I yelled as I shot up from the couch.

“Now, now”, she said, gesturing her hand for me to sit back down, “there’s no need to worry, ma’am. I’m not here to hurt you or anything, just talk.” 

“Talk?! How did you even get in here? Who are you?” I said, rather than yelling, strangely, feeling more calm and sat back down.

“I’ll make this simple for you. Consider me your fairy family godmother, more or less. And I’m here to grant you one wish.” She said with a soothing warm smile.

“Fairy what now? What are you mumbling on about?” I asked.

“You heard exactly what I said. Let it sink in.” She said calmly.

I don’t know why, but I believe her. It for some reason makes sense in my head that she can. Why is that?

She said, “I just want you to be calm and understanding”, as if she read my mind.

Why am I not questioning any of this? I just, for some reason,  believe her…

A cup of tea had magically appeared into her hand, took a quick sip, and said, “There are rules though, let me go over the basic ones. One, You can’t wish for more wishes. Second, you can’t wish the dead back to life. Third, I will not give you any sort of magical powers. Fourth, I will not alter time or whatnot. And lastly, I will not solve the world's problems, just try to help solve yours.”

“Those aren’t all the rules?” I asked.

“Yes, there are more, but I’ll get into them if your wish happens to break one.” She replied before taking another sip. 

“And you said you’re a family godmother? What does that mean?” I questioned.

She puts the tea on the coffee table between us, “I’m here to hopefully help out you and your daughter. I’ll be giving you each one wish. Of course, I’ll grant them both to the best of my ability. I will hear both your wishes first and then grant them. This is just in case they override each other though, I’ll have to make it meet in the middle.”

One wish, and Jessica gets one too? What could I wish for that wouldn’t override with hers? What would she wish for…? Probably something silly and useless. I should make use of this opportunity, since Jessica has been wasting all of hers. 

“I know what I want.” I said confidently.

“Oh? Already? What is your wish?” She asked curiously. 

“I wish for my daughter to be a proper young woman. Dresses and acts the part. A perfect daughter I always wanted.” 

“Just letting you know, it won’t be an instant process. It’ll take time. I can’t just change her emotions or thoughts. I can help influence it a bit, but you’d have to help push in that direction.”

“I see, but that’s fine. I can help her on the way.”

She stood up, “And you think that will make you happy? Fix your family? This is what you want?”

“Yes, I know this will be the best for her. She will come to love and appreciate this. In turn, it’ll make both of us happy.”

“Alright then,” She raised her arms over mine, “let’s see what I have to work with.”

Before I knew it, the world went black. 


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Tue Dec 22, 2020 4:43 pm

Chapter 3 The First Step - Jessica

I woke up laying in bed under a blanket. Weird. Did I just take a nap? I tossed the blanket off of me, got up, and walked to the mirror. I looked at myself, I was still in the same clothes from before; black jeans and a band shirt. My hair was a mess now, nice. I walked over to my desk and stared out the window.

Was the whole fairy, old lady, thing a dream? It sounds like a dream. 

It was still daytime, even after the nap. I looked over to my clock on my desk; 5:05. Just then, I could hear steps approaching my door, and a knock on the door. I walked over, unlocked it and opened it.

“Hey, uh, just wanted to check up on you. Everything, ok?” My mom asked from the hallway.

She was still dressed pretty conservatively, collared shirt, cardigan, and skirt. Not really sure why I even bothered staring at her outfit. Not really my thing, but it does look kinda nice.

“Yeah,” I scratched the back of my head, “yeah, everything is ok.” I replied.

“Um, ok. That’s good, that’s good. If you ever want to hang out downstairs with me sometime, you can. Promise I won’t yell at you.” She said jokingly. 

I let out a chuckle, “Maybe, I dunno. Think I’d like to chill in my room.”

“That’s fine, I wasn’t forcing or implying you should. But the offer is still on the table if you ever want too.”

Her eyes gazed past me and into my room. Her eyes quickly darted to different parts of my room.

“You know, “ She started, “you should really consider cleaning up the room yourself from time to time.”

Yeah, maybe I should. I am an adult after all.  

She looked towards my closet, “You still have that shirt I gave you? You should try wearing it sometime, I think you might like it. Might make you happy to have a new style.”

That shirt? Happy? As if. It’s just clothing.

I sighed, “No, I’m good, thanks. Now that you mention it, I might just throw it away.”
“You’re an adult, Jessica. Shouldn’t you try to at least try and dress like one?” She questioned.

“I am an adult. And as an adult, I choose my style. Not you. If that’s all, maybe you should start dinner or something.” I said, walking away from the door. 

My mom didn’t really say anything after that. She just walked back downstairs. A bit unusual since I usually get some sort of snap back from her. This time, she was being kinda nice. I felt a bit bad. But whatever. I looked around my room, and it was a bit of a mess. 

Guess I might as well.

I sent the next hour or so cleaning up my room. I wouldn’t call it sparkling clean, but it was definitely noticeably more spacious and tidy. It did feel kind of good to do it myself. Plus, I wouldn’t have to wait for her to clean it, or hear her nag about cleaning it. Basically a win-win for me, and I guess for her too. After I was finished cleaning, she called me down for dinner.

I grabbed my dinner and brought it up to my room. I could see she was visually upset, but it’s not like she wasn’t used to me eating in my room. I heard a sigh from her as I walked back up the stairs. After I ate, I attempted to do homework. Hoping to feel some kind of motivation pop up, but nothing really did. I ended up stopping after thirty minutes and tossed myself on my bed. I went on my phone and browsed social media for a few hours. Before I knew it, I had already passed out. 

In my sleep, I could hear voices around me. I don’t know if I was dreaming or not. It felt like I was awake, but I couldn’t move; just listen. 

You want to be a proper young lady.
You don’t mind button down shirts. 
You think it looks pretty good.
You like how the shirt feels on your skin.
You like it tight around your body.
You want to be a proper young lady.

I woke up and slowly opened my eyes. The light of the sun was peeking through your window, telling you it’s morning already. You look for your phone, grab it, and check the time.

7:00? On the dot, huh. I even forgot to set an alarm; lucky me I guess. Dammit though, forgot to charge my phone. 

I get out of bed, change out of my old clothes and go take a shower. As I showered, I felt like I was forgetting something. I felt like I had a dream, but I can’t recall any of it. That’s how some dreams are I suppose. I paid it no mind, finished my shower, and dried my hair. Went back into my room to put on some clothes. I looked into my closet, saw the white long sleeve button down shirt and put it on. I’m not really sure why I never bothered to use it. It’s a nice look. I put my arms through the sleeves and slowly buttoned up the shirt. It was a bit tighter than I expected, but still a good fit. I felt kinda good as she closed more buttons. I felt a nice tingle on my skin. I buttoned it and left the top undone. I did the cuffs of the shirt and even that felt like a hand wrapped around my wrist. Not much space to even put a finger in. I grabbed a pair of jeans and looked at myself in the mirror. You could tell the shirt was a nice fit, showed her curves pretty well, and popped her breasts a bit more. I left the shirt untucked since it looked better this way and is weird to tuck in anyway. 

I grabbed my back and went downstairs to make something quick for breakfast. As I got off the stairs and made my way to the kitchen, I saw my mom making breakfast. 

She was wearing a blue long sleeve blouse buttoned to the top, leaving not much room between the shirt and her neck. Layered on top was a black v-neck pullover sweater. She kept the sweater and shirt tucked into her khaki pants with a black belt that seemed tight to make her waist a bit smaller. Outfit seemed a bit strict.

She looked towards me, her eyes widened a bit as she eyed me up and down, “Wow, sweetie, you look really pretty! I knew it would be a good look.”

“Thanks?” I said, not really sure why she would even compliment my outfit. She never does. “I’m not really sure what’s different, but thanks.”

She looked a bit surprised, “Oh? Oh, yes, of course, of course. I just, uh, decided I should try complimenting you more. If you look and dress good, why not?”

I guess it doesn’t really matter. I won’t complain about a compliment. Not often I get some from her. As she prepared breakfast, I couldn’t help but look at her outfit. Despite the layers she has on, it still complimented her body pretty well. It all seemed pretty slim on her. Surprised she could move as well as she was. Despite all that, it looked good. Looked, proper?

She finished cooking, brought over some eggs and bacon onto the table, setted plates for her and I, and sat down. We began to eat. Maybe a minute or two later, my mom decided to say something.

“You know, I like when you’re eating with me. Or just with me in general. It’s nice. Like a family.”

I swallowed some egg and bacon, “Uh, yeah. It’s cool. I guess.”

We both continued eating, and when we were almost done, she said, “It’s kind of nice that I’m on vacation for another month. I get to spend more time with you and relax. It’s also nice to dress casually everyday.

I looked up towards her, “Uh, that’s casual?”

“Of course! What’s not casual about it?” She asked, almost a bit too happy.

“Well, your collar is buttoned, that’s not very casual. You also have a sweater on that's tucked in. Seems awfully strict.”

She caressed her collar, adjusting to make sure it's proper, “Actually, I think the opposite. The collar buttoned is still pretty casual. I mean, it’s on the shirt so why not button it.  I actually like it more than unbuttoned since it keeps my neck cozy.”

I guess that kinda makes sense. Didn’t really think of it that way.

She continued, “The sweater is just a nice addition. It compliments the shirt. Makes it look more proper, but still casual. And why wouldn’t I tuck in my shirt or sweater, it feels wrong not too. Makes me happier”

Feels wrong? Mine is untucked and I feel fine… But I don’t know, I’m not really a fan of the look. I prefer untucked. That’s casual to me. 

“I got up from the table and picked up my dishes, “I mean, you do you. Seems a bit much to me.”

I brought the dishes to sink and began washing them, trying not to get my shirt wet. My mom continued to sit at the table and sip at her coffee. 

“Maybe try the look one day. No harm in trying a style. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to.” She said before taking another sip.

“Whatever you say, mom. I’m heading out.” I said as I grabbed my bad and went towards the door. 

I put on low top black converse shoes and left.


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Tue Dec 22, 2020 4:44 pm

Chapter 4 Set up - Mother

I watched her walk out the door and close it behind her. One closed, I got up from the table in excitement. 

I can’t believe it. She’s wearing the shirt! Just yesterday she said she’d throw it away, but now she’s wearing it like it’s normal! That proves it couldn’t have been a dream. My daughter would never wear something like that. 

I could feel my heart racing. Hands shaking with excitement. I went into the living room and looked out the window. I couldn’t see her anymore, unfortunate. Would’ve liked to keep looking at her. 

It was so shocking to see her come down those stairs and eat with that shirt on. Never in my life would I have expected this. But that doesn’t mean I should get complacent. I was right to dress a bit better today. I decided earlier, before she woke up for school, to dress up a bit more. I was hoping that if she saw me a bit more preppy, she would want to do the same. But she clearly has already started taking the first steps. I don’t mind this way of dressing of course, I love it, which is why it actually is my casual outfit. 

 If what the fairy said was right, I just need to push her along. Suggesting the shirt yesterday seemed to work today. Maybe my suggestions need a bit of time to sink in. She didn’t seem to question the shirt she had. So clearly I need to keep this up. I walked up to her room and opened the door. 

Good, not locked.

I looked around her room. Band posters on the walls, a bit boyish. But surprisingly, she did actually clean her room. Maybe the effect is pretty big. If so, I need to help with the illusion and change parts of her room without her noticing too much. I’ll start small. But first, I’ll need some more shirts and some accessories.

I called one of my friends, Sarah, who owned the store where I bought all my clothes. I trust her quality.

“Hello? Elizabeth?” Sarah asked over the phone.

“Yes, hello, Sarah. How are you?” I responded back.

“Hello! Oh my gosh, good, good. Better now that you called! Business is a bit slow right now and besides, I didn’t get to see you last week! Were you busy?”

“I’m sorry, I got caught up in my daughters school problems last week.”

“Oh no! What happened with Jessica?”

“She’s slacking in school and her grades are dropping; has me worried.”

I could hear a small gasp on the other end, “Oh gosh, no! Jessica? Really? Is she okay?”

“Yes, she’s fine. Even better now since I think she wants to take the step forward to changing her bad habits.” I said, smiling with excitement.

“That’s great to hear! I’m glad. She’s a lovely girl. It would be a shame for her to slack off too much.”

I coughed to clear my throat, “Anyway, this is actually why I’m calling you. I think to help her back on the right path, I’ll need to get her some new clothes.”

“Such a good idea, Elizabeth! I totally agree! So she’s finally coming around with your clothng” She asked.

“Yeah, I think she’s starting to. Do you still have her measurements from before when I asked for that white shirt a few months ago?”

“Let me check,” I could hear her voice a bit more distant from the phone with some noise that sounded like typing, “yes, yes we still do.” 

I smiled, “Perfect, do you think I could come pick up some shirts in those measurements?”

“Sure, we should still have some in those exact sizes. Will you be coming by today?”

I checked my watch, “Yes, today will be perfect.”

After I hung up, I prepared myself to head outside. Before leaving, I checked my outfit. I noticed my cuffs weren’t poking out of my sweater, so I pulled both out a bit to show. I patted down my sweater, still tucked in, belt still tight. I preferred it tighter as to when I move around during the day, it doesn't get untucked or loose. Checked my collar, still tight around my neck, perfect. I smiled.

Perfect and proper. As it should be. 

I went to the door, grabbed my blazer, buttoned it up, and put on some heeled boots; 4 inches. Tucked my pants into the boots and headed towards the store. I had a long day to set up for Jessica.


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Tue Dec 22, 2020 4:45 pm

Chapter 5 Strange Day - Jessica

During class, I was feeling a bit more attentive than usual. It was much easier to pay attention and not fall asleep or do something else to pass the time. That didn’t feel normal. Though I did get a lot of sleep last night so maybe that’s what it is. Maybe I should go to bed earlier if it helps this much. That made me pretty happy.


I suddenly felt a bit dazed by that thought. 

That’s weird. Kinda feels familiar. Reminds me of that dream with the old lady who was a fairy. What was that all about anyway? I could barely remember that yesterday, but today, I can remember it a bit with being happy. Was it actually a dream?

I regained my focus once the professor had called on me to answer one of the questions. And surprisingly, I was still paying attention and could answer it without too much hassle. Weird. I spent the rest of my class writing down notes and feeling a bit nice with the shirt. It still gave tingles across her skin. Especially since it was a bit tight. 

After that class and the next, she had some time to get some lunch. Today I wouldn’t be able to spend much time with my friends, but at least I had lunch with one of them today. Felt a bit weird though. As I walked down some halls and across campus, I felt like I got some weird looks. Well, I’m not sure about weird, but I did get a lot of people looking at me. Eyeing me up and all. Why were they?

 Is there something on my face? Did I not brush my teeth?

After entering the cafeteria, I went straight to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Face seemed fine. I opened my mouth and looked at my teeth. There was a bit of bacon in it on the left side. 

Oh my gosh, that is so embarrassing. I walked around, half the day, like that? Well, now I get the stares. 

I picked the bacon out quickly and rinsed my mouth. I checked my outfit before I left. Tight white long sleeve shirt, untucked, with black jeans. 

Not gonna lie, but I’m lookin good today. Maybe that’s why my mom complimented me in the morning. I’m starting to see why!

I looked at my shirt and considered for a moment what my mom said for breakfast. I button my collar and began tucking my shirt in, but once I looked at myself, I retreated from that idea.

No, definitely not. Ew.

I quickly unbuttoned my collar, kept my shirt untucked, and was much more satisfied. 

What am I even thinking? That doesn’t look casual at all. My mom is just more strict in her clothing choice. She likes her outfit and I like mine. 

I felt my shirt to be more casual this way and I was planning to stick with it. I left the bathroom and went to grab some lunch. I ended up getting some lame burger they have with some fries. Cafeteria quality, but I need something in my stomach. I gazed at the salad bar and felt that maybe I should get that instead or at least include it. Not sure why. Just felt more proper than a burger and fries. But who cares. I found an empty table and sat there. Began my lunch. My friend, Beth, should be here soon, she doesn’t have class right now either. Just as I had that thought, so did she.

“Hey, Jess,” Beth said.

I looked up at her with her tray in hand, “Hey, what’s up, Beth?” 

Beth was a small girl. Smaller than me. Made her look cute. But we tease her for it, even though I’m not that far off from that height. She was always a bit of a cute library looking girl. She had round glasses and usually wore pretty dresses and the occasional blouse. She liked studying, she did it a lot actually. Confusing as to how a band girl and a library girl could be friends. But despite her appearance, she actually likes my music which made it pretty easy to bond over. We even went to a concert last year. Now that I think about it, I wonder if she could help me get back into studying. Wonder why I never asked before.

She sat down and plopped the tray on the table, “Nice outfit today”.

Her too? Damn, my outfit really is banging today.

After finishing a bite of my burger, “Thanks, I think so too.”

I noticed her tray just had a salad and an apple. 

Great, now I feel worse about not getting the salad.

As she began preparing her salad, she asked, “So, why the new outfit? Seems unusual for you.”

New? Unusual? Why? 

“Um, is it that unusual to try and look good?” I then took another bite of my burger.

She seemed a bit flustered from my question, “No! No! I didn’t mean it like that! You’re right! It does look good on you! I like the look!”

I’m not really sure what she meant for it to mean. But, I guess it doesn’t matter too much. A compliment is a compliment.

I grab some fries and stuff it down, “All good, Beth, haha.” I laughed. 

We talked and ate our lunch, but before we ended our meal and parted ways I just realized I forgot to ask.

“Hey, by the way, I forgot to ask, but could you help me out with studying?” I asked, finishing up the rest of my food.

She smiled, “Of course I could! I’d love to!” She seems pretty excited about that. Wish I could be that excited about studying. 

I got up from my seat and grabbed my tray, “Thank you, that would be a big help. I’m not doing too hot in my classes so the extra help would be, well, helpful.”

She got up as well, tray in hand, “Yeah, we could meet up this weekend! I’m free this Sunday if you want.”

Sunday? That should be fine. Only four days from now.

“Yeah, sunday should work for me.”

We parted ways as we both went back to our respective classes. On my way to my other classes, I still got a few stares again. I covered my mouth thinking I must’ve gotten some more food stuck in my teeth. What a strange day.

After all my classes were done, I headed back home. I’d hang out with my friends if I could, but they’re pretty busy on Tuesday’s. If I could dorm there, I could hang with them since they’re more free later in the day. Sucks for me. 

I opened the front door and saw my mom sitting on the couch, drinking some tea and reading. As I took off my shoes she looked to me, smiled and said, “Hi, sweetie! How was your day?”

“Uh, good, fine.” I replied, a bit weirded out. She doesn’t usually wonder or care. Well, she does, but she’s usually screaming at me about how poor I’m doing. But not today. 

“Great, great, make sure to do your homework! It’s important to do homework first and foremost.” She said before taking another sip.

I raised an eyebrow, “Ok… I know, it’s not new to me. I can handle myself.” I said as I walked towards and up the stairs.

I got to my room, tossed my bag towards my desk and sat on the chair. I know to do homework. I’m not a kid. I was gonna do my homework anyway. I didn’t finish the homework last night so I was going to anyway, I don’t need her telling me to do it. I was considering not doing the homework to make her mad, but I wanted to prove a point that I am an adult so I decided to just finish my work. I put my phone on a charger and got to work. Took about an hour-ish to finish it all up. 

See, I knew I could manage. 

I was a bit surprised actually. I managed to do all the work from yesterday without getting distracted or bored. It was kind of fun. I smiled after finishing. I chuckled at myself when I noticed myself smiling.

Hah, me smiling after finishing homework? Is it really that much of an accomplishment? It’s just homework, but it did feel good to finish it. Made me happy. Happy?

I left my thoughts, swung my chair around to face my room. I stared at my room for a bit. Gazing on the band posters I had sprawled across the walls. Th black band posters, a black bed with a skull blanket on, black drawers, just a lot of black. Feels a bit boy-ish. 

Huh? Boy-ish? Since when? It’s just my band stuff.

I thought of what to do next. I could do more homework I didn’t do, but I think I am actually a bit burnt from what I did already. 

So much for feeling accomplished. Only managed to do one piece of homework, half finished since yesterday. But… It does feel good to have done it. 

I told myself I’d do more homework tomorrow, maybe even more than just one piece. Got a bit excited about doing homework. How strange of me. Soon afterwards, my mom called me down for dinner. I just grabbed the plate and brought it back to my room. Before I could leave the kitchen my mom called out to me.

“You could eat down here with me from time to time, if you want.”

I turned my head back towards her, “I’m good.”

I walked back upstairs to my room, turned on my laptop, and started to watch videos and eat dinner. I watched videos for about two hours and decided to do something else. I didn’t know what though. I could study for my test on Friday. I have one next week too, but Beth can help with that I’m sure. I attempted to study, but it didn’t last much longer than half an hour. Couldn’t concentrate; bored. Least I managed half an hour, I guess. It got me a bit sleepy, so I laid in bed and browsed social media on my phone until I fell asleep.  

Again, in my sleep I could hear voices swirling around my head. I couldn’t tell if my eyes were closed or opened because whatever I tried, I could only see black. I couldn’t move or do anything except listen.

You want to be a proper young lady.
You like button down shirts.
You prefer to tuck them in.
You feel weird if it wasn’t tucked in.
You really like how the shirt feels on your skin.
You like it tight around your body.
You find these outfits to be somewhat casual.
You wear them often.
You want to be a proper young lady.

I woke up to the morning sun, checked my phone and it was 7:00.

On the dot again. Without an alarm. It’s gotta be my internal clock or something.

I got up, undressed and went for a shower. Once again I remembered I had that weird dream. Felt motionless in it. Weird voices around, but I can’t really remember anything they said.

 Same dream two days in a row isn’t weird, is it?

I got out and dried my hair before returning to my room. I looked into my closet to get dressed for the day. I saw a few band shirts and different colors of long sleeve button down shirts to choose from. 

Did I have those clothes before? I’m pretty sure I’ve had those for a while. Just felt like I didn’t own them for a second.

I decided on a blue striped long sleeve button down shirt for today. I swung it over myself and put my arms through the holes. I slowly buttoned up, each button tightening the shirt around me. The tingles came as well as the shirt hugged me tighter and tighter. I buttoned everything except the top collar button. The shirt hugged me all over, but complemented curves and breasts well. I grabbed a nice pair of tight black jeans and put them on. I looked at myself with the shirt and jeans. 

Looks a bit weird untucked…

I tucked my shirt into my jeans and looked for a belt. I found a nice black pair and put them on. Not too tight, but a snug fit to prevent my shirt from getting too loose. I looked back at the mirror. A tight blue striped long sleeve button down tucked neatly into black jeans with a black belt to complete the look. It was going to be a bit warm today compared to the rest of the week, but that was fine. It was a perfect outfit for a perfect day.

I went downstairs for breakfast, adjusting my collar as I did. My mom was in the kitchen making breakfast again. She was wearing a crisp white button down shirt buttoned to the top, once again, seemed a bit tight on her neck. Layered on top was a dark red cardigan fully closed; you could see the cuffs of her shirt pop out of the sleeves of the cardigan. This was all tucked into her red pleated, calf length, skirt. A nice brown belt along her skirt to keep her top neat and tucked in. Once again, it seemed a bit tight as it pulled her waist inward. 

She noticed me as walked towards the dining table, “Oh, Jessica, good morning!” She eyed me up and down.

“Morning mom.” I said as I sat down.

She smiled, “You look wonderfully preppy today. Very pretty young lady you are.”


“Uh-huh…” I said, sounding like I didn’t care. But it made me kind of happy to hear another compliment.

She brought breakfast onto the table, “Your outfit today looks much better than yesterday. Love the preppy look.”

She passed me my plate and I grabbed a fork, “Preppy look? I’m not sure how today's outfit looks any different from my other outfits. It’s literally my style. Why are you being so weird about it?”

She tried hiding her smile, but it was very obvious, “Of course, sweetie. You’re right, it IS your style. I just thought I should compliment you on your style. Very mature. Should I not compliment you?”

Mature? What about it is mature? It’s just a normal casual outfit. 

I took a few bites of my scrambled egg, “No, no, it’s fine. I don’t mind.” 
It makes me kind of happy when you compliment my outfit.

As I was eating, I couldn’t help but stare at her outfit. It looked so proper. So right. But with the extra layers on a warm day?

“Isn’t it a little uncomfortable to wear a cardigan when it’ll be a little warm today?” I asked finishing up my food.

“Not at all! It’s all quite comfortable really. Besides, we have air conditioning, do we not? I think it’s a bit chilly in here.” She responded.

“Yeah, here, but outside it’s warm.”

She stood from her chair and grabbed her plate, “Well, that’s no reason not to look proper. Besides, if it gets too hot, I can just hand the cardigan over my shoulder.”

Look proper? That seems a bit silly. Just seems uncomfortable. Her casual just seems so strict. I prefer my outfit more. It feels more casual and preppy. Wait, did I just say preppy?

I finished my food and handed her the dishes since she offered to wash them today. I grabbed my bag and walked to the front door. I put on my low top converse shoes, but it seemed off. Like it didn’t really go with my outfit. Not like I had much of a choice anyway. I walked out the front and shut the door behind me.


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

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Chapter 6 Helping the Illusion - Mother

I peered over to Jessica as she put on her shoes and left for school. I could feel the excitement pour through my body, barely being able to control it. Ever since she came downstairs in an even more preppier outfit compared to yesterday, it’s been getting harder and harder to not just smile while looking at her and her outfit. 

She wore another button down shirt, and even tucked it in! Not to mention, she didn’t even say anything about the small changes in her room or wardrobe.

Yesterday, after I had bought some new shirts and accessories for Jessica, I had to wait for her to go to sleep to change her room. While she was sleeping, I took some of her posters down; only two or three. I then put two belts into her drawer. Afterwards, I had put a few new button down shirts in her closet. I didn’t remove any of her clothing, just added a few new, I would argue, better pieces. She didn’t even mention that she had new pairs of button down shirts. She only had one, but now she has at least five. And that didn’t seem to spark her as weird. At least, she never brought it up. The fairy thing seems to be working its magic. I just have to keep pushing her along the right path.

If that’s the case, I can’t stop now. If she didn’t notice small changes before, then she won’t notice a few more changes. I walked up the stairs and stopped at the mirror at the top. I looked at my outfit to make sure it was in perfect order. I adjusted my collar and attempted to squeeze my finger in between it and my neck. But there wasn’t any kind of room for my finger, the collar was tight around my neck. It would normally be hard to breathe with it this tight, but I’ve gotten used to it since I wear it all the time. I made sure the top was neatly tucked in, no loose ends. The belt helped keep that secure, I kept it quite tight around my waist to prevent the shirt or cardigan from coming even a little loose. I smiled at my outfit.

Soon, Jessica. You will enjoy all of this too. My soon to be perfect daughter.

I turned away from the mirror and entered Jessica’s room. I had to decide what else I wanted to change in her room and wardrobe. I looked towards her bed. 

That stuff really needs to go, but I don’t think she’s far enough to not notice that. Needs to be more discrete. 

I wandered around the room, surveying her room. Besides mostly band posters Jessica owned, she doesn’t really have much materialistic things. I suppose that’s a good thing though. Just need to keep her room simple. A proper young woman doesn’t need a room filled with much nonsense. But one thing that definitely stood out was that her room was very dark. Moody. A lot of black. Too much for what I have in mind for a perfect daughter. That needs to change.

I looked inside her drawers to see what else she had. One drawer was filled with mostly her bra and panties. Another just had socks. She strangely had quite a lot of socks, though they were all ankle socks.

That won’t do.

I checked another drawer which had all her pants; jeans and sweatpants. She doesn’t really wear any other kinds of pants, disappointing. We can change that. A fine lady like her won’t need pants as often as she wears them. I grabbed a one pair. The next one had a bunch of different kinds of shorts. Way too short. 

Gross. My daughter will not dress in such a distasteful way.

I stood back up and walked to the closet. I shifted through all her shirts. Mostly band shirts with the new inclusion of some button down shirts. I stepped away from the closet and looked at the room one more time. 

I think I have a few ideas.

I left her room as is and left, closing the door behind me. With a few ideas in my head, I went back downstairs. There were other things to consider as well. For one, I wished for a proper young lady, a perfect daughter in my eyes. And while her style is changing slowly, her attitude is not. I’ll have to work on that as well it seems. Second, while I may have been helping her down the right path, what’s to say I’m the only one able to do so. Is it possible that her friends could influence her away from the path I want her on? It’s definitely something to worry about, but if that’s the case then I’ll need to deal with that problem sooner rather than later. I can’t influence them like I can Jessica. 

If so, maybe I need to influence her away from them. Maybe different friends? But wouldn’t that be quite noticeable? I’ll have to think it over. Don’t wanna ruin what I have going right now. Maybe I should try bringing her home sooner to avoid having her friends influence her wrongly. 

While lost in thought, the doorbell rang. I quickly walked and opened the door. There, Sarah was standing outside with her purse in over her shoulder. She had blonde hair, tied back into a ponytail, and beautiful ocean blue eyes. She was wearing a typical office look. She was wearing a white long sleeve button down shirt buttoned to the top. A big red tie in a windsor knot was sitting neatly at the top of her collar. It was pulled pretty close to her neck. She wore a black blazer over her shirt which was opened, showing a black suit vest underneath; the necktie was tucked under the vest. You could tell her shirt was tucked into her black dress pants as well. She also had some heels on; seemed about three inches.

“Hey, Elizabeth, you called yesterday for me to come over?” She said moving some of her hair behind her ear.

“Yes, I wanted to talk with you for a bit. Plus, I need some measurements done.” I said handing over a pair of black skinny jeans.

She grabbed onto them, “Oh, are these Jessica’s?”

“Yes, they are.”

“Couldn’t you just bring her to the store? I could get a bunch of measurements done for her there. She could even pick some clothes out.”

I giggled to myself, “Oh, no. I, uh, want it to surprise her with some new clothes. I appreciate the shirts you gave me, but I need to get some more to complete her outfits.”

She smiled, “How sweet. Sure, I’ll stay on the hush hush. Let’s talk on the way to the store.”

I grabbed my purse, put on some black pump four inch heels, and walked out the door. Closing it behind me, I thought to myself, 

I’ll have to get Jessica to come home again today, without too much exposure with her friends. Right now, I can’t let her have too much freedom. Least not so early in the process.

I smiled at Sarah, “Shall we?”


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

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Chapter 7 Left Out - Jessica

Today was definitely a warmer day than usual. During the walk to school, I could really feel the sun beating down on me. While the walk isn’t that long, it felt a bit longer due to the annoyance of the heat. It’s not like it was crazy hot or anything, it was just a bit warmer than I would like. It wouldn’t be as bad if there was some shade, but it was a clear sunny day with no clouds in the sky at all. Despite the slight heat, it actually made some of the tingles I was feeling on my skin a bit better. Not sure if it was the sunlight or small sweat building up that enhanced the feeling. Regardless, the heat was slightly uncomfortable but since the shirt was pretty tight, I could really feel the nice tingles. I decided to tie my hair into a ponytail to allow some air to breeze by my neck. Instantly, I felt much more comfortable. The heat was still there, but it was easily more bearable. 

When I arrived at school, I quickly made my way to the bathroom to check myself in the mirror. I was a bit surprised. Looking at my outfit while in a ponytail, I think it looked even better. The ponytail allowed the collar to be more visible than when I had my hair down. I thought it made the look even better.

Maybe I should do this more often? 

I tucked my shirt in a bit more and pivoted side to side to get a good look. I became slightly mesmerized by my look. I loved the shirt, it was so snug on my body. Almost like a constant hug. It made me quite happy. I liked the look. 

Afterwards, during class, I mostly just paid attention and took notes. I never really got bored or sidetracked. It felt a bit easier to listen and understand the professor; even a little enjoyable. I could grasp onto a lot of what was being said, more than usual. Throughout class, while jotting down notes, I would occasionally stroke my collar involuntarily. I liked how it felt.

I wonder if it is the sleep. I’m feeling way more attentive than usual. Is that all it took to enjoy school?

It wasn’t until the third class, that I was starting to feel that boredom kick in. Didn’t really feel like being as attentive as before. I wasn’t really sleepy or anything, I guess that laziness in me was coming back. I almost forgot I even was normally lazy during my other classes. Time passed a bit slower now being bored.

Kinda wish I could just get up and leave. If my friends were here, and I told them we should all walk out of class just to piss the professor off, they totally would. 

That thought made my laugh a little. 

Maybe I’ll tell ‘em about it during lunch. We could all time our next classes and walk out, maybe ditch classes all together today to go somewhere else. That would be fun.

As time passed slowly, eventually it was time for lunch. I went to the cafeteria and grabbed some cafeteria junk food. I walked by the salad bar again and thought about it for a second.

Ah, what the hell.

I put some random greens together and a few cherry tomatoes on top. I didn’t really know how to make a salad. Looked healthy to me so it was probably fine. I walked to a table, slowly sliding my finger across and around my waist, just above the belt, making sure my shirt was still properly tucked in. I found and sat at an empty table and dug in. I was enjoying the burger and would occasionally take a bite from the salad. I didn’t like it. I don’t get what there is to like about it. I was halfway through my meal, but none of my friends came over. I whipped out my phone and shot a text to the group chat.

“Guys, where are you? I’ll have to go back to class soon. Do you guys just not eat anymore?” I texted somewhat jokingly. 

I got a quick reply from Alex, “Hey, sorry Jess. We decided to call in ‘sick’ today, if you feel me.”

They skipped without telling me? 

I typed back quickly, “Are you kidding me guys? Zack too? You didn’t wanna tell me? I totally would’ve  skipped too. Now I gotta sit through classes before we can hang.”

Alex started typing a few seconds later, “That’s also a no can do, Jess. We’re on our way, out of town, to see Burning Roses perform. We won’t be back till next week. The show is tomorrow, but we decided to stay in town with another friend afterwards.”

I wanted to respond, but I was a bit shocked. I just stared at the screen for a minute. Another response came through.

“That’s not really nice of you guys, Jess would’ve loved to go with.” Beth typed.

“Blame, Zack. He just found out they were going to perform this morning. He’s driving right now, but I’ll make sure to let him know what ass he is, haha.” Alex typed.

I still couldn’t really text back. Even now, it didn’t seem to bother them that I was upset. I began feeling... left out. 

Another response came through from Alex, “You don’t really dig this band anyway, so it’s-”

I stopped reading the sentence. Didn’t really wanna bother with them right now. Pissed me off. I know we’re friends, I call them best friends, but I don’t really feel that way. At least, definitely not right now. They definitely don’t make me feel happy. 

Feeling happy…? That kind of reminds me of that dream a while back. The one with the old lady. What was it about again? It’s hard to remember. 

I know dreams are normally hard to remember, but this one felt a bit different. It felt more familiar than a dream normally would. It just feels all hazy to me. I ate lunch alone, all the while trying to remember that stupid dream. It felt like it was right on the tip of my tongue. Even as lunch ended and I went to my other classes, the thought was still fresh in my mind. I played with the buttons on my shirt as I pondered about it throughout my last few classes.My thoughts were eventually interrupted by a text from my phone. I knew it wasn’t the group chat since I muted it after lunch. I checked my phone and it was my mom.

“Jessica, do you mind coming home right after class? I want to do a bit of shopping and I need an extra pair of hands.”

You know, normally, I’d probably decline and accept whatever yelling I would normally get. But right now, honestly, I don’t mind. 

My ‘friends’ ditched me, I was pretty upset, this was at the very least something else to do. Maybe get my mind off things.

I texted back, “Sure, I’ll come back as soon as class ends.”

Hanging out with my mom was something I’d never really see myself doing. I wouldn’t really call it hanging out though, more like, doing labor with my mom. Or labor for my mom. 

Once classes were done, I went back home. It was warm during classes, but walking outside reminded how warm of day it was today. The breeze brushing past my neck helped though. I texted my mom I was on my way home, hoping that would mean I don’t have to wait around for her to get ready when I get home. 

Eventually, I made it home and saw my mom waiting outside. She noticed me coming down the block, smiled, and waved. She was still wearing her same outfit from this morning. Not really sure how she’s managing in that cardigan with this warmth.

“I’m glad you could come, sweetie. Means a lot to me.” She said, looking at me, open the front door and place my bag on the floor.

I closed the door, “Ok, sure, so where are we going?”, putting my hands on my hips.

“I just need some groceries and pick up some orders I made.”

“What’d you order?”

“Just some clothing, now let’s get going.”

We started walking, “Is it that weird store you go to?”

“What is so weird about it?”

I scratched my nose, “I dunno, it’s a lot of, like, old lady clothes or work outfits, I guess.”

She let out a chuckle, “Old lady clothes? Do you take me for some old lady?”

“No, no, just the clothes, not you.”

“I’ll have to ignore that, young lady. But you never know, you might find something you like there.”

Why would I? The clothes there are lame.

“I doubt that. The only redeeming part of that store are their shirts. Actually have some pretty nice shirts.”

I noticed a small grin form on my mom, “Oh, is that so? Well, maybe I can buy you a shirt as a thank you for helping me today. Or something else you want.”

How nice. She’s bribing me to help her now. But I wouldn’t mind getting another shirt.

“Sure, whatever.”

“Whatever? You know, a little respect towards me wouldn’t hurt.”

I turned my head towards her, “Really now?”

She met my gaze, “Yes. Showing respect for your mother would go a long way. Even acting a bit more proper.”

Her gaze left mine, and I turned to face where I was going, “Ugh, sure, ‘thanks’ mom for letting me carry your stuff.”

“It’s a start, but you can thank me after we buy something for you.”

Yeah, ok. It’s hard to deal with her sometimes. She’s annoying, but whatever.

We did some grocery shopping. Got some ingredients of different kinds; fruits, vegetables, and other meats. It took a bit longer than I would expect, but maybe she was just taking her time shopping. We did run into one of her friends who complimented my outfit, so that was kind of nice. After buying all the groceries, we made our way to her old lady store. I was carrying all the groceries of course; it was a bit heavy. Walking with the warmth of the sun on my back, while carrying some kinda heavy groceries, put a little sweat on me. I considered untucking my shirt to let some more air flow through, but part of me really didn’t want that. It would definitely ruin my outfit. These shirts definitely can’t be left untucked, it would look so weird. At least the heat improved some of the tingles on my skin. Don’t wanna ruin a perfect outfit just because of a little heat. 

We arrived at the clothing store, it was bigger than I last remember. We entered the store and was immediately hit with a gust of some mix of perfume. It was very feminine smelling. The floor was made up of polished light brown wood. It matched well with the pearly white walls and ceiling. It had a bit of a homey feel to it, maybe it was the flooring. To my right, a few feet forward, was the checkout desk with some blonde lady in a suit there. To my left were some mannequins dressed in a variety of different clothing, but all in a similar style. One was wearing a colorful white and green flowered dress. Another was dressed in a full three piece suit and tie. The suit was a soft maroon and the tie was navy blue. Ahead of me were aisles of different kinds of clothing; shirts, pants, skirts, suits, sweaters, shoes, pantyhoses, etc. 

“Elizabeth! Welcome. And I assume this is, Jessica?” The blonde lady said with a smile.

“Yes, Sarah. I’d like you to meet my lovely, preppy, daughter.”

Of course my mom is friends with this lady. But did she have to call me preppy?

“Uh, hey. That’s me, I guess.” I said, faking a smile.

“Don’t you look just lovely.” 

I didn’t really know what to say.


My mom interjected, “Anyway, sweetie, go walk around the store for a bit. I’ll need to talk to Sarah for a little bit. Maybe pick something you like, if you want. You can leave the bags by me.”

I placed the bags by her and the desk, and walked away. I browsed each aisle, not really looking for anything in particular. The first aisle I walked through was filled with different kinds of sweaters and the like. The hangers were lined with plenty of sweaters, another was lined with lots of sweater vests.

Who would wear this stuff?

As I gazed at the variety of sweater vests, I traced my finger around my waist to check if my shirt was still tucked in. One part was slightly loose in the bad, but I tucked in back in. Gave me a bit of a smile. The other side of the aisle was filled with plenty of cardigans of varying colors and styles. 

Ugh, these sweaters and cardigans were too preppy. Wouldn’t wear something like that.

I walked through the entire aisle and went to another. I wasn’t really sure why I was even bothering to look at the different stuff in the store. I wouldn’t wear most of this anyway. Yet I was still somewhat drawn to it. This aisle was filled with just suits, blazers, tweed jackets, and the like. The sweaters were one thing, but these were a definite no. These were old fashioned people's clothing or just working clothes. I can’t see normal people wearing this stuff besides for just work, and even then I felt this was a bit much. I quickly walked through and out that aisle without looking too much at the clothing. 

After passing through that aisle, I looked towards the check out desk, neither my mom nor Sarah were there. 

Maybe they went into the back?

Speaking of which, as I strolled to another aisle, I noticed there wasn’t really anyone else in the shop. Considering how fancy this place looks, it’s weird to not really see anyone here. 

Maybe old people shop in the morning, hah.

I laughed at my own joke and noticed this aisle was filled with skirts and dress pants. These caught my interest more than I thought it would. I stared at some of the different dress pants. Some were normal sized, others skinny. I looked down at my jeans, then back at the dress pants. I wouldn’t look too bad in these. Looks comfortable.

What was I thinking? Dress pants? Nothing about that is casual or something I’d wear.

I escaped my thoughts and turned to the skirts. Plenty of different types, but my eyes were drawn to the pencil skirts. 

I’m not a skirt kind of girl.

I walked away to another aisle, by a door. Seemed like the back door to storage. I could hear some voices behind the door, but I couldn’t make out any of it. If it’s my mom, it’s probably nothing that interesting. Though, lately, she has been much nicer to me. Weird. I feel like before she screamed a lot at me. I could’ve swore she did a few days ago. Maybe I imagined that? I walked away from the door and into the shoe aisle. There weren’t any sneakers in sight, just lots of heels, heeled boots, loafers, and such. I don’t think I’ve worn heels since highschool prom. I hated heels. But some of these shoes looked quite nice. Made me feel awkward wearing my converse sneakers. I stared at some of the loafers, I kind of liked the look of them. I wonder…
Just then, my mom and Sarah came out the back door.

“Yes, I think I’ll buy them now.” My mom said before she noticed me staring at some shoes. “Oh, sweetie, have you decided what you wanted?”

I instinctively picked some black loafers off the shelf and said, “These would be nice.”

What did I just do? Did I really say I wanted these shoes? 

It was almost like my body spoke for me at that moment. I don’t really understand what just happened. 

My mom gave a wide smile, “Oh, those are perfect, Jessica. I love them. Did you try them on yet?”

“N-no, I didn’t, bu-” 

She interrupted me by taking the shoes from my hands and set them on the floor, “Try them on! See if they fit.”

“But mom, I don’t know…”

“Nonsense, dear. You clearly like them. Give them a go. Might make you happy later knowing you didn’t miss the opportunity.”

Make me happy…

I took off my sneakers and slowly put the loafers on. I put my left foot in first. Once on, I could feel strange tingles just like I felt with my shirt. I instinctively smiled. I caught myself smiling and immediately tried hiding it. I put my other foot in the other shoe. The tingling rang through both my feet. It was a really nice feeling. I wanted to smile from the feeling, but I tried not too. 

“Those look perfect on you! I love it!” My mom said with such enthusiasm. She led me to a mirror to look at myself.

I stared at myself. My blue striped long sleeve shirt tucked into my black jeans. A belt around my waist, feeling quite snug and secure. I had black loafers matching my pants and honestly, they did look good. I looked good.

“No need to say anything, I can tell you love them.” My mom said, picking up my converse shoes. “I’ll take these off you so you try out your new shoes on the way home.”

I was somewhat lost in my outfit in the mirror. I just uttered, “S-sure.”, without really fully acknowledging what she said. She then tapped my shoulder and I suddenly felt awake.

“Listen, sweetie, grab the groceries and wait outside for me, please? I just need to grab a few extra things and I’ll meet you.”

I nodded, picked up the groceries, instantly remembering and feeling that they were somewhat heavy. I walked out the door and stood outside, staring at the sun going down. I walked in a small circle, feeling out my new shoes. The tingles were just as good as that of my shirt. A minute later, my mom came out with a lot of bags.

“Woah, what’s with all the bags?” I asked, surprised by the amount.

“I told you I’d need a helping hand with these.” She replied as she readjusted the bags in her hand and over her shoulder. 

“Don’t you have enough clothes?”

She gave a quick grin, “You can never have too many clothes. Besides, I needed to make some more purchases that I thought suddenly.”

“Suddenly?” I asked as we started walking back home. 

“Don’t worry, sweetie. But the store wasn’t so bad, right?”

I chuckled, “Ok, honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered. But it’s still not for me. It’s still an old lady store.”

"I'm glad you had fun today, sweetie."

Fun? I kinda did, didn't I?

"Yeah, guess I did. Definitely made a bad day, not so bad."

She looked at me, worriedly, "Bad day? What happened?"

"It's just my friends, I don't really wanna talk about it."

"Jessica, you don't have too. But I'm here for you. If your friends make your day bad, then maybe they're not your friends."

Not my friends...

She continued, "You'd do better spending that time with homework or studying."

"Ok, you stopped being helpful, hah."

We got back home, I took off my shoes, and I put all the grocery bags in the kitchen. My arms were a bit numb from all that. Kind of a workout that was. My mom took the bags she was carrying and brought them upstairs, to where I assume is her room. It had gotten pretty late, we were outside for a few hours. Not something I expected to do with my mom. I grabbed my bag I left on the floor before we left earlier, and went upstairs to my room. I let out a big sigh once I was in my room. I sat on my chair, by my desk. I still had homework to do. 

I should probably get on that.

My mom peered from the hallway, “Thank you for helping me out today, Jessica.”

“Yeah, just let me know next time we would be working out and I would’ve been more prepared.”

“It’s good to listen to your mother from time to time. Also, sit up straight, it’s good for your back as a proper young lady.”

I slouched further into my chair. 


She went downstairs to start dinner. I turned back in my chair, grabbed my laptop, and started on my homework. I got most of it done by the time my mom called me down for dinner. I considered sitting with her today, but I think I was all mom-ed out. I ate dinner in my room as I watched some videos. Not for too long though, because afterwards I went back to doing my homework. Once I finished my homework, I undressed and went to bed. It was late after all. If the early sleeping was helping me do better in school, then why stop. I plugged my phone in and set up an alarm for seven. I browsed social media until I got tired, put the phone away, and fell asleep. 

I could begin hearing the voices again swirling around my head. I was pretty prepared for them again, just felt like a habit at this point. I didn’t think I could move my body parts, but I tried anyway. I tried moving my fingers and arms, but they wouldn’t budge. Just what I thought. The voices around me then started to get louder. There wasn’t much I could do besides listen, so I just listened.

You want to be a proper young lady.
You really like button down shirts.
You like to tuck them in.
You feel weird if it wasn’t tucked in.
You really like how the shirt feels on your skin.
You really like it tight around your body.
You find these outfits to be pretty casual.
You wear them often.
You feel a little preppy.
You don’t mind wearing a layer over your shirt.
Your pants preference are dress pants.
You don’t like sneakers.
You want to be a proper young lady.

My eyes slowly opened. I yawned and checked my phone. It was right before seven; 6:55 exactly. I stretched and got out of bed. I gazed at the few posters I had as I walked over to take a shower. There weren't too many posters, but I preferred a more simple room anyway. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. After showering and drying my hair, I went back to my room to get dressed. I went through my closet, shifting through some old band shirts and my button down shirts. There were about ten to choose from, but I ended up going with a rose pink button down. I slid my arms through the sleeves, buttoning the cuffs. Felt a bit tighter than usual, but that was fine, I liked the feeling. I buttoned up my shirt, excluding the collar. One again, the feeling of my shirt pressing up against my skin felt amazing. It wasn’t tight enough to restrict my movement, but it was just right to show all the right assets. I opened my drawer with my pants in them. There were some dress pants, jeans, and sweatpants inside. I looked at the sweatpants a bit weirdly.

Ew, why do I still have these. I thought I got rid of these at some point. I wouldn’t wanna be caught wearing these. I’d look like a hobo. They’re also just not comfortable. Dress pants are way more comfortable and actually feel casual, compared to these ugly sweatpants. I’ll ask my mom to throw them out or just donate them.

I pulled the black dress pants from the drawer, closed it, and put the pants on. As I slid the pants on, I could feel my skin connect with them. It was a strange, but nice feeling putting them on. It was similar to the tingles of the shirt, but not as amazing. They were slightly tight, especially around my butt. They were skinny dress pants after all. Despite the tightness, the feeling of the pants were extremely nice and soft on my skin. They felt so comfortable. Besides, I’m just going to class, no need to dress up. I’d rather just dress comfortably. 

I then, happily, tucked in my shirt into my pants. I grabbed a black belt from one of my drawers and wrapped it around my waist. I kept the belt somewhat snug around my waist, but looking in the mirror, I got a bit worried it wasn’t enough to stop my shirt from getting loose. I moved the belt one extra hole. It felt a bit tighter around my waist, but I felt better knowing my shirt wouldn’t get untucked.

Today wouldn’t be as warm as yesterday, it would be back to pretty cool and nice weather. So I thought I should probably wear a sweater of some sort. I checked one of my drawers and found a nice white cardigan.


I threw it on, arms through the sleeves and tugged on it a bit. I kept the cardigan open, and I pulled my shirt sleeves a bit to poke out of the cardigans sleeves. I took another look at myself.
A beautiful long sleeve pink button down, layered perfectly under a white cardigan. The shirt was neatly tucked into my black dress pants. With the belt wrapped around a little tight to finish the look. I liked the preppy look I gave off. I tied my hair into a ponytail to show off the collar more. 

There, done. Looking good. 

I was satisfied with my outfit for today. Preppy and casual, just the way I like it. I walked downstairs for breakfast with my mom. She was wearing another, lovely, preppy outfit. She had on a white long sleeve button down shirt, buttoned to the top. On top, was a grey sweater vest laid neatly just above her belt, clearly in view. She had a long grey pencil skirt that went past her knees. Layered on top of her sweater vest, was a tweed grey jacket that matched the rest of her look. For some reason, she was wearing some heels indoors. They looked nice, but why indoors.

She faced me, “Good morning, sweetie! You look fabulous today!” She said in an excited tone.

It made me happy to hear that. 

“Thanks, mom. I thought so too.” I said, pulling the chair from the table to sit on.

“Gosh, I wish more young ladies dressed nearly as well as you did. You look wonderfully preppy.” 

Ugh, she’s always trying to force things on people. Especially how they dress. I’m glad I’ve avoided her influences and have a style of my own.

I sat in the chair, straightened my back out to sit properly, and pulled my chair in, “Well, everyone has their own style. I have mine. Besides, why are you wearing heels indoors?”

She looked down towards her feet, looking a bit puzzled; like she didn’t even know she was wearing them. She put hers and my plate on the table, then sat down. “Well, why not? They’re nice shoes, it would be a shame not to wear them.”

Ok, but heels are uncomfortable, especially at the height she wears them.

I decided to ignore it and eat. I made sure my back was straight as I ate. Felt proper. While eating, I stared at her collar button. It looked so tight around her neck. But it really complimented her look. I instinctively touched the collar button on my shirt as I ate.

“Hey, mom. Could you donate my sweatpants? I’m not really sure where I even got them, but I don’t need them.” I asked as I was finishing up.

“Oh, of course, we could! If there is anything else you want me to donate, let me know. I’ll wait for you when you come back home to do so.”

“Cool, cool.”

 After we finished breakfast, I offered and washed the dishes. After washing, I checked if my shirt was still tucked in and walked to the front door. I looked for my shoes and saw my loafers and a pair of converse sneakers. Once again, I was weirded out because I don’t remember ever buying those. They must have been some old pair when I was younger. 

“Hey mom?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Uh, did you put these sneakers here?”

She stood up and looked at what I was talking about. “Oh, those, what do you mean?”

“I don’t wear sneakers so I’m just confused why they’re here. You don’t wear these, do you?”

He chuckled, “No, I just, uh, found some old stuff of yours and thought maybe you’d like to try them.”

“No, you can donate it. I don’t really like them.” I said putting on my loafers and walking out the door, bag in hand. 


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

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Chapter 8 A Little Push - Mother

I couldn’t believe the progress she was making. She was looking more and more preppy by the day. She even started wearing a cardigan. Jessica would never have worn anything close to this a few days ago, but now she sees it as normal. As her own style. A style that she’s always had. While not true, I’ll have to keep up the illusion that it always was her style. Not to mention that she’s starting to dislike some of her older clothes. She wants me to donate her sweatpants and her favorite, or was favorite, sneakers! She’s slowly becoming the daughter I had always hoped for. 

At this point, I think I can make some more drastic changes to her room without breaking her illusion. She didn’t seem to mind that I removed most of the posters in her room, so I feel pretty confident to go further with it. Yesterday’s influences seem to be working really well on her. Especially the trip to the store; she even picked out her own shoes. While I may be slowly swapping her wardrobe, I do want her to do it herself. Like what she did with the loafers. But I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. 

Some things I noticed with her slow change is that a lot of it happens after she sleeps. I wasn’t too sure before so I was playing it safe when swapping things at night. But clearly a big chunk of her change happens at that point. It also seems that a lot of what I suggest not only changes her style, but how she acts. I noticed her back was much straighter than normal. She wasn’t slouching as much. If so, I could maybe change a few other parts of her behavior. She slowly changes to what I think a perfect daughter is; according to my wish. 

But that raises another question. I know what my wish is, and I’m clearly seeing the effects of it. Thing is, I don’t know what she wished for. I hadn’t even thought about what her wish could possibly be until she pointed out, I looked down at my heels, these. It was weird I was wearing heels indoors. Wearing heels is normal, but we don’t wear shoes indoors. Don’t want to track any dirt outside into the house. 

Why am I wearing these?

As a matter of fact, these looked like new heels. I don’t think I’ve worn these before. I wouldn’t have even noticed had she not pointed that out. 

When did I even buy these? Was it yesterday at the shop?

I tried remembering as much as I could from yesterday…


 “Anyway, sweetie, go walk around the store for a bit. I’ll need to talk to Sarah for a little bit. Maybe pick something you like, if you want. You can leave the bags by me.”

I watched as she put the grocery bags down on the floor and walked away towards one of the aisles. One she was gone, I turned back towards Sarah. 

I whispered to her, “Is everything set up?” 

She nodded her head and gestured to me to follow her. We tried to sneak to the back, but the clicking of heels made it hard. We tried our best. Once we got to the back door, closing it behind us, she led me down a small hallway with one door on the right and one at the end of the hall. As we passed by the door on the right, I asked, “What’s behind those doors?”

She didn’t look back, “Just a storage area where we keep and receive shipments of new clothing. You can see it if you like, it’s nothing really special.” 

“No, I was just wondering. Besides, we need to hurry anyway.”

We reached the back door, she opened, and we both walked in. She closed the door. It wasn’t a small room, but having two people in the room made it feel smaller than it was. She walked over to the end of the room where a bunch of screens were being displayed, showing different parts of the store. It was a security room. You could see all the aisles and other parts of the store. I spotted Jessica in one of the aisles, it looked like the sweater aisle. I watched her tentatively. 

“You know, this is pretty sweet of you to go this far for her.” Sarah said, also watching the screens. 

“Do you think so?”

“Yes, I think this’ll make her very happy.”

There were two main reasons why I brought Jessica here. One, I wanted her to come back to this store, explore it, and window shop. Two, while she window shops, I would be watching from cameras to see what pieces of clothing she takes interest in. She wasn’t at a point in her conversion where she would outright make choices for her wardrobe, but if I watched her from afar, I could see what clothing she might like. It was one thing for me to slowly change her wardrobe to what I want, but a perfect daughter of mine should be able to pick out what she wants. It was also a good test to see how far she’s come in her transformations. 

I watched her take peeks at sweaters and cardigans, none seemed to interest her too much. I still took mental notes of ones she paused to look at. The next aisle were jackets and blazers, but she seemed to walk through that one quickly. I guess she wasn’t ready for those yet. After, she looked at the dress pants and skirts. She stopped and stared at some of pants. She seemed to take a bit of interest in those. That’s a good sign. I watched her a bit longer as she looked at different clothing. I was listing off to Sarah the pieces she gazed at for me to buy. 

“Ok, she’s almost done, time to head back.” I said turning away from the screens.

I opened the door and began walking down the hall.

“Is that everything? Do you want to buy them now?” Sarah said, following behind me.

“Yes, I think I’ll buy them now.”  I said opening the door. I was surprised to see Jessica staring at some loafers. “Oh, sweetie, have you decided what you wanted?”


After that, I remember having her try on the shoes, issuing her to wait outside, and buying most of the clothes she looked at. But that still doesn’t answer how I got these heels. If it is something to do with her wish, I need to find out what it is. Similarly, she hasn’t asked me either. 

If my wish is changing her, but she doesn’t know, does that mean she wished for something about me and I don’t notice either?

She did seem to hide her happiness from seeing the heels, but the old her would never wear heels. It was all too confusing to wrap my head around it. What I did know was that I needed to  focus on her until she was perfect, but needed to keep in mind my changes as well. 

I walked upstairs towards the mirror and took a good look at myself. Long sleeve button down with the collar buttoned, a grey sweater vest atop the shirt, a grey tweed blazer layered above that. My shirt tucked into my grey skirt. My legs were covered in a skin colored, nylon pantyhose. I was wearing these new four inch heels. I smiled.

A prefect, preppy, casual outfit.

Was it though? Do I normally dress up this much?

Of course I do. It’s my daily wear. A preppy mother for a preppy daughter.

The words coming through my thoughts felt weird. It felt like another voice. 

Nonsense. There’s only my voice in here. Now, shouldn’t I fix my outfit? I can’t see the cuff outside my jacket.

I complied with my voice and looked at my jacket sleeves and pulled my cuffs to poke out of the jacket.


I smile and turn, walking into Jessica’s room to grab the clothes she wanted to donate. 


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

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Chapter 9 Remember - Jessica

I walked to school, happily. Almost with a skip. I was feeling good in my outfit. Feeling preppy. I got to class early, so I started studying. It was just the professor and I sitting in the classroom. He usually gets in early. While studying, I could feel his gaze on me. 

“Miss, Jessica. You’re looking, uh, different.” He said from his desk.

I lifted my head, “Do you think so? Is it the hair?”

He lifted an eyebrow, “You could say that, I guess.”

I smiled as I said, “Yeah, I just prefer my hair up. I think it looks nicer this way.”

“Riiight… Is there a reason for the change in your style?” 

I stroked the top of my head, “Nothing really, just feels more proper to have my hair up like this.”

He let a small laugh, “I’m talking about your clothes Miss, Jessica.”

“Oh? What about them? They look nice, right?”

“Yes, they do. But it’s quite different from your usual look.”

My usual look? 

“I’m not really sure what you mean. This is my usual look. Though I might’ve been wearing something different yesterday since it was warmer.” 

His eyes went up and down my body, “Dress pants are your, ‘usual look’?”

I giggled, “Of course, they’re comfortable.”

“Mmhmm. Well, if you think it’ll help with your studies. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you about the test tomorrow.”

“Of course not, sir! I’ve been studying a lot!”

He went back to his papers, “Good to hear. I hope to see the results of your efforts.”

That was… interesting? Why was he confused with my outfit? I dress this way pretty often.

That was a bit weird, but I’m kind of glad he noticed my outfit. Makes me happy. I hope he likes it. I straightened out my back to sit properly and continued studying. Occasionally, I’d play with the buttons on my shirt as I read.

Class eventually started and I stayed attentive throughout. I listened, took notes, answered questions, and really understood the concepts my professor was explaining. Surprisingly, it was quite fun. This applied to the rest of the classes I took today. There really wasn’t a moment where I got bored or got lost in my own thoughts. School, for once, was kinda fun. I was pretty happy with myself. 

The school day went by quickly since I was fully invested in each lecture. When lunch came by, I grabbed a nice salad and sat by myself. I didn’t really mind, I needed to study for my test tomorrow anyway. Less distractions the better. I brought my food to an empty table in the corner of the cafeteria. I took my book out of my bag, sat up straight, began studying and eating. My neck felt a bit strange though, well, it felt a bit cold. I didn’t really know why. It wasn’t anything unbearable, it just was slightly chilly. As I studied, I would close my collar with my hands without actually closing the button. Since it was a bit chilly, I decided to button up my cardigan. Each button being closed made the cardigan tighter and tighter on me. If it wasn’t for my breasts, this might not feel as tight as it did. But I still continued to fully button the cardigan. The cardigan was slightly stretched, but nowhere near enough to tear or rip. It was basically perfect for my body. It made the shirt underneath feel even tighter and closer to my skin. It felt so nice.

Maybe I’ll keep it closed. Feels better.

Just then, a voice called out to me to break me out of my thoughts.

“Hey, Jess?” The voice called to me.

I looked up and saw Beth, “Oh, hello, Beth.”

She didn’t have any food tray in her hands and she seemed a bit in a rush, “Uh, listen, I’m sorry about the other day.”

The other day?

“What happened the other day?”

“You know, with Alex and stuff.” She said, still standing.

“Oh, I’m not really bothered by it anymore.”

She let out a sigh of relief, ”Oh, hah, ok, that’s good to hear. What they did wasn’t cool. That’s not how friends should treat each other.”

“It isn’t, so they’re not my friends.” I said, taking a bit of my salad.

She put her hands on the table, “W-what? Are you joking?”

‘No, you’re right. Friends who make you have a bad day aren’t your real friends.”


I smiled, “Don’t worry, you’re still my friend. My best friend.”

She blushed, “Am I really? I mean, you’re my best friend too. I just…”

“You’ve been really nice to me and it just took me some time to see who my real friends are. I’m thankful for you.” I took another mouthful.

“I guess, you’re right. But um, “ She looked at her watch, “look, I need to get to class, but text me. We can talk more later.” She said waving goodbye as she walked away.

I looked back at my book and continued studying.

I’m happy having real friends.

The rest of my classes went by just as quick as the morning classes did. I felt a bit more attentive as well. It might’ve been the cardigan hugging my shirt, allowing the tingles to be felt at an even greater level. I felt so smart and preppy. It made me happy.

Once all my lectures were over, I walked back home. I noticed some stares towards me. Must be my outfit; they like it too. I couldn’t help but smile as others stared at me. I pushed my chest forward and kept my hands behind me to show off my outfit more. It made my already nice breasts look even bigger. 

I eventually got back home, opened the front door, and saw my mom reading a book. She was sitting upright, one leg crossed over the other. Wearing her same outfit, even still wearing the heels. I took my shoes off and greeted her.

“Hi, mom.”

She turned and smiled, “Hello, dear! Had a good day at school?”

I walked closer to her, “Yes, it was wonderful.”

She put her book down and gestured to me to sit down, “Really? Why is that?”

Accepting the invitation, I saw across from her, “Well, the classes were really interesting and I got a lot of studying done.”

“I’m glad you are enjoying school. It’s a wonderful place for lovely women like yourself to learn. I do hope you conducted yourself as one.”

Curious, I asked, “Should I? Is it important too?”

She smiled, “Why, of course dear. It’s important for a lovely, preppy, woman like you to behave like one. You’re a woman, not a little girl.”

She did have a point. I’m turning twenty soon, I really should act more like my age.

I sat up a bit more, “Well, I suppose that’s true. Do you have any pointers?”

“For one, it’s important to address those older than you by Miss or Missus, and Mister or Sir.”

“Should I refer to you as, Missus?” I questioned.

“No, dear. You can call me your mother.”

“Ok, mom. I mean mother.”

“You’ll get the hang of it. Another thing is how you display yourself.”

“Display myself?”

She stood up from the couch, “Yes, your clothes are an important way to show how proper of a woman you are. Not only that, but simple things like sitting properly.”

I suddenly became self conscious of how I was sitting.

Do I sit wrong?

My mom pointed out, “Make sure your back is up straight, cross your leg over the other, and keep both your hands on top of that leg.”

I tried following her instructions, crossing my left leg over my right, and placing both my hands on top of my left leg. It was a bit uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure I could get used to sitting like that for long periods of time. 

“You must also speak properly. This goes along with referring people properly. It’s important to use proper words and not use unlady-like words. Something simple would be, instead of a ‘hey’ you would use ‘hello’ or ‘good evening’. Makeup is important to looking your best too, of course”

This was all starting to feel like a bit much. It felt like there was way too much you needed to do to achieve this. It seemed slightly old fashioned as well. I wasn’t sure if that was really me. 

Makeup, speaking, sitting, and dressing all properly seems like a lot.

But I’m already dressing the part.

That voice inside me came out to counter my previous thought. Kind of weird.

I do dress nicely.

Might as well do the rest.

It felt weird having a conversation with myself. But I suppose I answered my own doubts. I did like how I dressed. I love feeling preppy with my outfits. Others in school were noticing how well I dressed and that made me happy. To my mom, the way I dress is very lady-like and proper, so sitting and speaking more lady-like might feel just as good. Maybe even others might notice. I felt a slight blush in my cheeks. 

Can I though? It might be nice.

Dressing was easy. My style of clothing just happens to align with being proper, but I don’t really speak or sit that way. Maybe I’m fine with just being me. 

“Jessica!” My mom’s voice rang out to break me out of my thoughts.

“O-oh, uh, sorry mom.”

“It’s not very proper to space out during a conversation with someone.”


She let out a small sigh, “It’s fine sweetie. Go on upstairs and get some work done. I don’t want to take up all your time.”

I got up, grabbed my bag, and went to my room, feeling a little bad that maybe my mom was disappointed in me just now. I entered my room and went to my desk to start my homework and study. I ended up spending the next few hours finishing all my homework I had left and studied for the test tomorrow. 

I’m glad I finished all my homework, it gives me more time to study.

My mom called me down for dinner soon after. I went downstairs and sat down at the dinner table; back straight. She put my plate of food in front of me and put hers down where she sat. 

My mom smiled, “I’m glad you decided to join me for dinner.”

I let out a small laugh, “Of course, why wouldn’t I?”

“You’re right, why wouldn’t you…”

We ate dinner together, making small talk here and there throughout. I brought up the topic about my, were, friends. 

“I think that’s very mature of you, Jessica.” She said cleaning her mouth with a napkin.

“You think?”

“Yes, learning to choose who you’re real friends are is an important adult skill in life. Besides, I think this Beth girl sounds lovely.”

That made me happy to hear. An adult skill. I made the right choice.

“Oh, I almost forgot, but I didn’t donate your clothes yet. I was thinking that maybe you wanted to be sure of it and if you wanted to add more to the pile. Maybe think about it overnight.”

“Ok, that sounds fine. I’ll think it over in bed.”

We finished dinner and I helped wash the dishes before going back up the stairs. At the top, I looked at myself in the mirror, making sure my outfit was still proper. I adjusted my collar a bit and tugged at my cardigan from the bottom to remove the creases. I wasn’t feeling as cold as I did back at school, but I didn’t really want to open the cardigan since I liked the look of it closed. My neck was still slightly chilly, but I only really noticed it if I tried to see if I felt chilly. I walked into my room and sat back at my desk. I tried watching some videos to pass the time, but after a few minutes I got bored and decided I’d rather study instead. 

While I was studying, I got a text from Beth. She was asking how I was doing. We texted back and forth for a while. We ended up talking about some new book that she wanted to buy when it came out. I don’t really read too many books besides ones for studying.

Maybe I should get into it.

It was getting late so we said our goodbyes over text. I undressed and got ready for bed. I looked at my bed, just noticing that it was quite pink. 

Wasn’t it black before? Or was that just my imagination?

My bed was a rosey pink with a matching blanket. It felt normal, but something in the back of my mind was saying how it was all wrong. It was a weird sensation. 

Not really sure why I’d have a black bed, that’s way too boy-ish.

I got into bed, set an alarm, and tried falling asleep. Sleep didn’t come that quickly either. I tossed and turned in my bed, breaking a bit of sweat. It felt hot in my room. Even after taking the blanket off of me. My skin felt weird, I felt cold and hot at the same time. 

Did I catch a cold?

Part of me felt like I should put on a shirt, but another told me to stay away. These conflicting feelings and thoughts made sleep come slower than I would’ve liked. But sleep did come.

I could feel myself floating in darkness, I couldn’t move. My hair was sprawled in the air, like I was underwater. I tried looking around, but it was just black all around. A voice came out from the darkness.

You need to remember.

“Remember? Remember what?” I called out.


The darkness closed in and engulfed me. It felt like I couldn’t breathe. What was happening to me? Frozen in darkness, I could hear familiar voices speaking out to me. 

You want to be a proper young lady.
You really like button down shirts.
You always tuck them in.
You feel gross if it wasn’t tucked in.
You prefer the collar buttoned.
You would like to try neckties.
You love how the shirt feels on your skin.
You really like it tight around your body.
You think these outfits are casual and proper.
You wear them regularly.
You like being preppy.
You like wearing a layer over your shirt.
You like wearing dress pants.
You like wearing skirts
You like nylon stocking/pantyhose
You don’t like sneakers.
You prefer heeled shoes
You like light makeup on.
You want to be a proper young lady.

My eyes shot open and I sat up from my bed. I was heavily breathing, like I had just gone out for a run. I put my hand to my heart, I could feel my heart beating fast. After some deep breaths, I slowly became more calm. My heart rate slowed and my breath evened out. 

What kind of dream was that?

I could remember floating in a void of darkness where someone spoke out to me. 

What did they say? Remember?

I had no idea what I was supposed to remember. 

What a nightmare.

I checked the time; just before seven. I turned the alarm off before it went off and got up. I stretched and yawned at the same time before walking to the shower. I gazed at the walls of my room, it was pretty blank since nothing was hanging on the wall besides a picture or two of my mom and I. I felt a bit heavier as I walked to the shower. Or, at least the front of me felt heavier? Maybe even the back too? Heavier than I remember. I looked down at my C cup breasts. 

Were they always this heavy? You’d think I’d be used to walking around with these.

I took a long, warm shower. I stared at the ground for most of the shower, just blankly staring. After my shower, I dried my hair and went to get dressed. I tried finding a bra for me, but weirdly, there were only A cup bras.

How strange. These do not fit me at all.

I opened my door and called out to my mother. 

“Mother! None of these bras fit me! Where are mine?”

I could hear her walk up the steps with each step sounding like the click of a heel. She reached my door and asked, “What do you mean, darling?”

She was wearing one of her casual outfits since she was off from work. She was wearing a blue long sleeve button down shirt which was buttoned to the top. She had a black, red striped tie snug against her collar. It looked to be tied tightly and pulled close to her neck. Layered on top was a light grey dress that ran to her knees. The middle of her dress had little belt loops where she had a similar grey belt wrapped around her. Under her dress were dark colored nylon stockings. Her feet had black, four inch, stilettos with a small ankle belt. I felt a bit mesmerized staring at her necktie; it looked so tight and wonderful. I broke out of my trance and pointed in my drawer and showed her a pair of the A cup sized bras. 

“I’m not an A cup. Why do I even have these? I am C cup.”

She looked a bit puzzled, “Hmm. Maybe those are Beth’s? Did you ladies swap bras during your last sleepover?” She laughed a bit to herself.

“Mother, please. I don’t know what to do.”

She smiled, assuringly, “Don’t worry, you can borrow one of mine. We’re the same size.”

“Oh! Thank you, mother!” 

She nodded her head and went back downstairs, “Get dressed soon! Breakfast is almost ready.”

I went off to her room and checked her drawers for a pair. I noticed two pairs of heels by her bed. They didn’t look like her size, but I didn’t pay too much mind. Once I found a nice pink pair, I put it on and went back to my room. I found matching panties and put them on. I looked into my closet for a shirt, but was surprised at what I found. I looked at some shirts that looked like some kind of band shirt? 

Whose are these?

I pulled one out, it had a metal flaming skull on it reading, ‘Mind Breakers’. 


These didn’t look familiar to me, but I do remember my mother talking about donating other clothes I didn’t want yesterday. 

Maybe I left these in here to remind myself to donate them.

I grabbed all the band shirts I could find and placed them into a pile. Looking back into the closet I noticed I didn’t have as many button down shirts as I thought I did. I only saw about fifteen different shirts.

Might need to do some shopping over the weekend.

I decided on a normal white long sleeve button down shirt. I passed my arms through the sleeves and closed the cuffs. Tight and secure. I buttoned up my shirt to the collar. It was a little hard to close the top button. With some effort, I managed to button it. It felt tight, really tight around my neck. It made breathing a little harder. It would just be something I’d have to deal with since I preferred my shirt like this. Looked more proper and preppy. I grabbed a pearl necklace on my desk, lifted my collar up, and placed the necklace around. I flipped the collar back down.

 I pulled from my sock drawer a nylon black pantyhose. I let out a small moan when I slid my legs through. It felt lovely. That and the shirt rubbed my skin in all the right ways. After catching my breath, I took out a black, knee length skirt. I put my legs through the hole and pulled it up to my waist. I tucked my shirt into the skirt. Afterwards, I put on an argyle patterned sweater vest over my shirt. Like my shirt, it was small and tight. I tucked it into my skirt as well.  I zipped the side of the skirt closed, tightening it around my waist. The skirt was a little tight around my butt. I took a black belt and slid it through the belt loops of the skirt. I made sure to make the belt tight around my waist to not let my shirt get untucked. It pulled into my waist uncomfortably, but it’s just something I get used to. I stared at my hair in the mirror as I began styling it. After a few seconds, I finished styling my hair into a perfect bun. This allowed my collar to be more visible and the hair style was just proper for a woman of my age. I finished my look with some light makeup on my eyes and lips. It wasn’t too apparent as it was natural looking. 

I put my arms to my side and looked at my outfit for the day. It was preppy and proper. I loved it. It made me quite happy. I looked towards the small pile of donation clothes and decided to look for anything else to throw in before breakfast. I ended up grabbing a bunch of jeans and ankle socks, tossing them to the pile. I was surprised at how much clothing I had that I would never bother to wear. At least donating them means someone can wear them. After organizing the clothes into a neat pile, I went downstairs to eat. 

I arrived at the dining table, pulled the chair out, and sat on it. “Good morning, mother.” 

“Good morning, dear. Breakfast is just about ready.”

She looked at me, gazing at my outfit.

“Deary, I just love your outfit. It’s so proper for a young lady like yourself.”

I smiled, “Thank you mother. It’s important to dress properly.”

I sat up straight, left leg crossed over the right, and my hands on top as I waited for breakfast. I watched her cook and realized something after looking at her indoor heels.

I completely forgot to put on my indoor shoes! 

We had two separate shoes. Ones for outside and the other for indoors. We didn’t wear outdoor shoes so we wouldn’t track any dirt indoors.I looked towards the front door but didn’t see any of my indoor shoes. 

“Excuse me, mother. But where are my indoor shoes? I forgot to put them on, but realizing now, I don’t seem to see them anywhere.”

She turned to look at me and then the front door, “Are they not by the door?”

“No, mother.” I replied.

“Aahh, right, they should be upstairs. I may have moved them to your room.”

I stared at her heels, “Um, mother? Do you think I could get some heels too?”

She had a large smile on her face, “Well, dear, I might have a surprise for you then.”

“You do?” I asked, very excited.

She set a plate on her side of the table, “Yes, when you helped me shop a few days ago. I bought some heels for you, I hadn’t even asked, so I’m sorry about that. I was hoping to surprise you.”

I slowly sat up from my seat, “Oh, mother! Really?”

“Yes, I bought you two pairs. One indoor and one outdoors. I thought maybe you’d want to have an indoor pair, just in case.”

I had the biggest smile on my face, like a child waking up on christmas morning to see presents under the tree, “You’re the most wonderful mother anyone could ask for!” 

“Now, now, dear. You haven’t even seen them yet. Go check in my room, by my bed.”

I rushed up the stairs towards her room. I checked by the bed and I saw the heels from earlier. They were a pair of, four inch, black mary jane heels. I was so excited and put them on quickly. I buckled the small belt under my ankle and stood up. Standing on them, I felt a bit wobbly. It has been awhile since I last wore heels; a shame really. I held the outdoor pair of heels in my hand and slowly walked back downstairs. It was hard at first, but my feet naturally adjusted and I managed the best I could. It felt familiar, yet unfamiliar to walk in them.

I walked down the steps, each step followed by a click of the heels. My mother gasped when she saw me come down the stairs. 

“Oh, Jessica! You look so wonderful!”

I’m so happy she thinks that.

“Thank you, mother. I love them!” I said going back to my seat. She had already put my food on the table. I sat down, back upright and leg crossed. We started eating.

“Mother, I finished picking the clothes I wanted to donate.”

“Perfect, darling. I’ll donate them once you leave for school.”

We continued eating and chatting about random things; my new heels, school, and outfits. That reminded me, “Mother, can we go shopping this weekend? I would like to get some new clothes.”

She cleaned her mouth with a napkin, “Why, of course! That sounds lovely. But why wait, let’s go after your classes. It’ll be a reward after taking your test.”

Today! Aaahh! I can’t wait!

“Thank you, mother! I can’t wait!” I said, before finishing the rest of my breakfast. 

“Besides, we’ll need to get you some new bras anyway.” She said, finishing hers.

I took both dishes and washed them before going to the front door. I took off my indoor heels and put on my outdoor ones. I buckled the belt below the ankle, stood up, and picked up my bag. 

“See you, mother.”

“Have a great day at school, Jessica.”

I opened the door, walked out, and closed the door behind me.


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by Suitgirl Fri Dec 25, 2020 9:26 pm

This is great! I’d love to see Jessica have an experience with a tie or bow tie!

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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Fri Dec 25, 2020 11:02 pm

Don't worry, that's coming soon. Her wearing a necktie/bow is part of the final transformations for her.


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by Doush Sat Dec 26, 2020 9:49 am

Very well written and seems to be building well. Great work.


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Sun Dec 27, 2020 4:18 pm

Chapter 10 The Final Few Steps - Mother

I watched Jessica leave for school, smiling. I took the last sip of my morning coffee and washed it in the sink. 

My sweet, Jessica. You’re growing up so beautifully. 

She’s changed so much over the last few days, you could hardly tell she was the same girl a week ago. Nearly a week ago, she was but a girl. But now, she is becoming a woman. She dresses nearly perfectly everyday. She acts and behaves like a proper woman; could use a bit more work. She even started wearing heels. I never thought I’d see the day where she wanted to wear heels. She seemed so excited. Her outfits have become so preppy and proper, and she even enjoys wearing them. 

There’s a few additions I think she needs to her outfit.

I thought to myself as I stroked my necktie. I stopped myself after noticing I was.

Since when do I wear neckties?

I walked over to the mirror on top of the stairs; a click with each step. I gazed at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes are mostly drawn to the necktie. I slowly place my fingers on it, feeling the silk at the touch. 

I don’t remember owning these. 

I’ve always owned these.

There was that voice again. It was always some conflicting voice. It was my voice though. I tried thinking deeper into it, but the more I thought about it the more I couldn’t remember. 

It might be something to do with her wish…

Just as that thought came, it vanished. I couldn’t even remember what I had just thought of. 

Something about a… wash? Did I forget to wash the clothes?

Each thought led me to a different topic each time. A winding maze where the deeper I delved, the more lost I got. My thoughts spiraled and I could only focus on my outfit.

How perfect.

My thoughts aligned with the conflicting voice. I felt at ease. Happier. While most of my thoughts sang the same tune, there was an even smaller, out of tune, voice calling out. But I couldn’t really hear it anymore.

 I looked up and met my gaze in the reflection. I half expected it to start acting on it’s own. It followed my every movement; it was a mirror afterall. I’m not sure what I was thinking. I noticed the heels on my feet. Part of me felt that it was wrong, but I ignored the feeling. I happily stared at my heels, making sure they were polished properly. I looked back at my necktie and pulled it tighter to my neck. It was slightly hard to breath before, but it was even harder now. Despite the difficulty, I smiled. It felt perfect this way. 

I went into Jessica’s room to find her donation pile. They were laid neatly in the middle of the room. I bent down to see what clothes she had decided to donate. It was all sweatpants, jeans, ankle socks, and many band shirts. In fact, when looking into her closet, it was in fact all her band shirts. The only thing left in her closet was button down shirts. I looked in her drawers which were only filled with dress pants, skirts, pantyhoses and stockings. It was all a proper young lady really needed anyway. There weren't too many of these types of clothing, but after some shopping today, we should hopefully fill her wardrobe up. I had put everything I had bought at the store into her room, but this time she can choose the rest. When we go shopping later, I can see how much further along she is. Hopefully, I can help her take the final few steps. 

I put her donation pile into a bunch of bags, each bag with one type of clothing. I took one more look before bringing the bags. Her room was simple, but pink. The only thing that stood out was her black dresser. Odd. She isn’t really a fan of black.

 I brought the bags downstairs and put them by the front door. I called one of the donation locations if they could bring someone down to pick these up. Luckily they offered that service at this location. They would send someone over in the next hour. I spent some of the time waiting, cleaning parts of the house. I could feel my neck being tightly pressed against my collar and tie. But it felt right. The sleeves of the shirt were small, perfectly wrapping around my arms. It would stretch a bit whenever I moved them outward. I enjoyed the feeling my clothes gave me.

Before I knew it, an hour had passed and the doorbell rang. I opened the door and was greeted by a young girl, about the same age as Jessica. She had black long hair and dark black eyes. Her outfit was quite appalling. She wore black jean shorts, a white tank top with some words and pictures drawn in black, and layered on top was an open red flannel shirt. She had her phone out, staring at the screen.

“Hey, you Elizabeth?” The girl asked.

“Why yes, dear.” 

She looked up from her screen, “You look a bit young to be a grandma.”

A grandma?!

“Excuse me, young lady. Do watch what you say. You don’t want to sound rude.”

“Cool, can I get the clothes now? Or do you need help?” She said ignoring my comment.

I stepped back to grab the bags, but she stepped inside, “These it?”, and grabbed two. One in each hand. 

I could see some stains from her shoes on the floor from where she entered. She brought the two bags to the back of her car and tossed them in. She came back to grab the rest, tossing them to the car as well. She waved and drove off. 

Such a rude girl! I wouldn’t want to even see what her parents looked like.

Everything about her was so imperfect, not proper. Despite that, she felt familiar. Or, looked familiar. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. She reminded me of someone I knew. 

Whoever it was, I’m glad I don’t remember them. Wouldn’t want to remember such slobs.

I cleaned the stain the girl left on the floor quickly. Afterwards, I went to the kitchen to make some tea. While heating up, I went to the bookshelf in the living room and grabbed a book. It was a book I’d been reading for the last week. I then grabbed a cup of tea for myself and walked to the living room. I placed the tea cup on the coffee table and opened the book to where I left off the other day. I tightened the belt around my waist, sat down, and began reading. I caressed my tie as I read. My outfit felt proper for a mother.


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Wed Dec 30, 2020 6:29 pm

Chapter 11 You’re Not You - Jessica

I walked to school with my textbook in hand, reading a few sentences at a time before looking around at my surroundings, making sure I don’t bump into anything or anyone. I felt confident about the test. I could remember nearly everything needed on the study sheet, but I still wanted to study. You can never be too prepared. 

I arrived at my lecture early again, sat down, and continued studying. My back straightened out naturally, as it’s how I always sit. I could feel the gaze of my professor, but I was too into the words on the page to pay him too much mind. I would involuntarily check my collar and vest as I studied. My fingers were drawn to touching parts of my clothes. It felt so nice. So soothing. It calmed my nerves for the test. I didn’t even realize a part of me was nervous. Something in the back of my mind made me feel nervous that I wouldn’t do well. It’s strange since I’ve felt pretty confident up until I sat down. I don’t really know why. I eased my nerves by continuing to stroke my collar.

Class eventually started, and the professor began handing out the tests to each of us. When he got to my seat, he gave me a slight nod, and handed me the test. I placed it on my desk, wrote my name, and began. 

The questions seemed pretty easy so far. I had gone through the first page in only a few minutes, answering each question with confidence. The test was four pages long, not front and back. But after finishing the first page with ease, I was feeling better about the remaining questions. The first half of the test was multiple choice, but the second half was fill-in-the-blanks. After a few more minutes, I reached the second part of the test. There were no word banks, so I really needed to remember these parts if I wanted to do well. This part was worth more points than the multiple choice questions. I slowly rubbed my sweater vest, checking if my shirt was properly tucked in as I filled in the blank. 

Just like the multiple choice, these felt just as easy. I was breezing through the test at a really fast pace. It only took a few extra minutes, but I was basically done with the test. I felt doubt that I could do this well that fast, but that doubt was met with confidence that it was easy. I decided to double check all my answers to quell the doubt in me. After I was finished, I stood up, and walked to the professor's desk to hand it in. Besides the clicking of my heels, some of the other students looked up from their paper, surprised to see me handing in my test so soon. I could hear some whispers, 

“She’s done already?”

 “No way, she’s done.”

 “There’s no way.”

The professor gave me a confused look as I placed the paper on his desk.

“Jessica, are you sure you’re done? It’s only been twenty minutes, there’s still thirty minutes left.”

I smiled, “Don’t worry, sir, I double checked. I’m feeling good with this.”

He let out a small sigh, “I hope so, for your sake.” 

He began grading my paper as I left the room. I had time to spare before my next lecture, so I decided to spend some time outside on campus. There were a few benches that I wouldn’t mind sitting and relaxing on. I exited the building and walked around campus looking for a bench. There was one behind one of the buildings. It was a beautiful area surrounded by nature. The place was covered in trees and littered with leaves. Cobblestone stairs etched a path towards the bench in the middle. It was a little hard to walk with my heels on, but I managed. When I sat down I took a deep breath in and out. I looked around at my surroundings, taking it all in. 

What a wonderful place this is. Would be lovely to study here.

I opened my bag and took out one of my textbooks. I opened to the pages I used to study on and went to the next chapter. I began reading. We weren’t up to this chapter yet since we just had a test on the previous ones, but I decided to get a headstart. It was enjoyable reading and studying anyway. 

Minutes flew by as I read. I had finished two chapters by the time it was time for my next class. I almost didn’t realize how much time had passed while reading. I packed my book and started walking to my next class. 

My classes went by just as quick as it did reading. I was fully engaged in each lecture. Taking notes, answering questions, and taking in everything each professor had to say. It was really fun learning about all different kinds of things. I wanted to listen more, but classes always ended earlier than I would’ve liked. 

Maybe I can read more when I get home. 

The thought of continuing the lessons on my own excited me. I wanted to keep reading. It made me consider that maybe I should get into books. 

Beth is really into books and I think I get why now!

Speaking of Beth, lunch came and she should have some free time today with me. In the cafeteria I grabbed a nice bowl of salad with plenty of greens and veggies. As I was picking out some of my food, I could see some people staring at me. It wasn’t just one or two people, it was a few people taking peeks when they thought I wasn’t looking. They must’ve been staring at my outfit. 

I hope they like it.

I placed my food at an empty table and put my bag on the chair. I stepped away to the bathroom. I used the bathroom quickly and checked my attire before leaving. Seeing the collar tightly around my neck in the mirror reminded me of how tight it was. It suddenly made it slightly harder to breathe after noticing it. But it looked so lovely. I adjusted my pearl necklace a little. I lifted the sweater vest up a bit, tucking in any slightly loose parts of my shirt into my skirt. Nothing really came loose since the belt was wrapped so tightly around my waist, but I liked tucking in my shirt. It made the shirt have less creases and it tightened around my body and neck more when I did. It was a constant reminder of how tight my shirt was. I even pulled the belt one hole tighter than I had it. Now my belt was very tight around my waist. It was a struggle to put the buckle through the next hole, but I managed. I could maybe get it one tighter, but this was fine. It squeezed my body enough to leave a mark if I were to look. I preferred it this way though. It made sure my shirt wouldn’t get untucked, which would be gross if it did. Besides, I’m somewhat used to the belt being tight anyway. 

I stroked my collar as I stared into the mirror. I tried putting a finger in between the collar and my neck, there was barely any space. But there was enough space to make it tighter, though I don’t know how I would do that. 

I walked out the bathroom and ran into Beth, carrying her tray. 

“Oh, hey, Jess!” She said surprised, then looking me up and down.

“Hello, Beth. Lovely seeing you here.” 

“I love your outfit, by the way!”

That made me really happy.

“Thank you! I love it too!” I said with my hands on my hips.

Beth was wearing a lovely cornflower blue short sleeve button down shirt, buttoned to the top. Layered over it was a rose pink pinafore dress. She had black flats with white stockings on. She seemed even shorter with my heels on. She looked down at my heels as I thought that.

“You wear heels now? Who is this new Jess?” She said laughing.

“Nothing has changed, Beth. I’m just being me. Also, I would prefer if you just called me, Jessica.”

“Uh, ok! Whatever you want, Jessica.” 

I led her to the table I saved and we both sat down. We ate food and talked the entire time. We chatted about random topics, each branching into a new one. Some were about school, others about our plans for the weekend.

“Are you still able to come this Sunday?” She asked, taking a bite of her food.

I swallowed mine, “Yes, that should still be fine.” 

“Great! I can’t wait. It’ll be fun.” 

“I suppose studying can be pretty fun.”

She giggled, “Well, yeah, studying is fun. But I thought we could do other stuff too. I don’t think you’d want to study all day.”

I took a fork-full of salad, chewed, and swallowed, “I mean, I wouldn’t mind. I’ve actually come to enjoy it.”

She almost choked on her water, “You? You enjoy studying? Ok, for real, what happened?”

I looked at her confused, “I really don’t understand what you mean.” I crossed one leg over the other, “Why, nothing happened. It’s just something I’ve come to enjoy more, I suppose.”

She shrugged her shoulders, “Hey, I mean, if you say so. I like this Jessica better anyway.”

This Jessica? I’ve always been like this though. But I suppose my sudden interest in reading is somewhat new. I thought I always liked studying. Maybe I never really talk about it that much with others.

“Maybe after realizing that some people aren’t really my friends, I’ve just been more open to who I really am too.”

“Are you saying you faked your personality with Alex and the others? To just fit in?”

Did I? I must’ve if I was ever ‘friends’ with them. Why would I ever try to fit in with a group like that? I love myself better this way.

“I suppose…” I said finishing my food.

She put her hand on mine, “It’s ok, Jessica. You can be yourself around me. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else.”

What a lovely friend she is.

Her words hit harder than I expected them too. She was right though, she’s my real friend. My best friend. I don’t have to hide who I am around her or anyone for that matter. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I am a preppy woman. I’m a proper preppy woman, as my mother puts it. I like that.

Once we finished our lunch, we said our farewells, and went to our respective classes. My lectures were no different from the ones before, I was just as attentive and eager to learn. I even added extra notes that weren’t on the board that I thought might be useful. 

After I was done with all my lectures, I went straight home. I hadn’t realized it until now, but I was getting better at walking in heels. I was far from a pro. My movements were still slightly shaky and I didn’t feel too balanced most of the time, but I was getting used to it for sure. My mother was probably waiting for me to go shopping. I was very excited to go get some new clothes, my wardrobe has been feeling empty recently. 

I got home and opened the front door to see my mother sitting on the couch, reading some of her books. I was about to change out of my heels, but my mother stopped me.

“Oh, sweetie, no need to change. I was thinking we could go shopping right now?” She said putting her book down.

“I would love to, mother. I have some homework to do, but it isn’t too much.”

“Of course, I expect you to finish it when we get back home though.”

“Yes, mother. That is what I intended to do.”

“Perfect,” She said, getting up from the couch and over to me, “Normally I would say to finish it first, but you had a hard test today. So I want to reward you for your efforts!”

“You’re always so kind to me, mother.” 

She replaced her indoor heels with outdoor ones and grabbed her purse. 

“Leave your bag here, dear. And let’s get going!” 

I placed my bag inside, by the door and closed it. We walked over to the clothing store my mother always goes to. I was a little excited; my mother did too. The store always had such nice clothing. It fit perfectly into my style that I’m surprised I never went sooner. 

We reached the store after a few minutes of walking, which was a little hard for me in these heels. Walking from class to class wasn’t too hard since they never were more than a five minute walk over. But the store was at least twenty five minutes of walking. 

When I opened the door inside, I was immediately hit with a gust of perfume. It was a very feminine smell. I really liked how it smelled. 

Maybe I should get perfume?

Looking around at the store, I was amazed. It seemed so different from when we last went. I mean, nothing had changed, but it all just looked so amazing to me. All the different types of clothing looked so appealing and I wanted to try them all on. I felt like a little girl at the candy store.

“Go on, sweetie. Pick out what you want.” My mother said, gesturing to all the clothing aisles.

“But mother-” I was interrupted.

“Don’t worry about any prices, dearie. Pick out whatever and however much you want.”

I had the biggest smile on my face, “Oh! Thank you, mother!”

I walked quickly over to the leftmost aisle. It was filled with plenty of wonderful looking sweaters and cardigans. They all looked so beautiful. I caressed each one as I wandered. They all ranged in different styles and colors, I felt so overwhelmed. I couldn’t help but imagine myself in all these sweaters. 

I picked out a few different sweaters, vests, and cardigans that I liked. While I liked them all, I chose a few from the bunch. Some were different shades of pink, others a navy blue, or a pearly white. 

The next aisle was lined with plenty of different suits, blazers, and tweed jackets. I had never really worn these before. I felt a bit anxious at the thought of trying them, but I did want to try them. And so I did. I put on one of the black blazers. I slid my arms through the sleeves, it was so soft; so comfortable. It made my shirt feel way better. The tingles that I had felt before were even better now. I checked myself out in the mirror. I looked like such a preppy young lady. I tried some of the other suits and jackets, picking out a few that I liked. I was still a bit unsure if it’s somewhat I would really wear, but I did like how they looked, so why not.  

My hands were getting a little full of clothing I was trying to carry. I went to the front desk where my mother was chatting with her friend. 

“Mother? Where should I leave these? My hands are getting a little full.” I asked, showing all the clothing I chose.

“Just leave them with me, sweetie.” She grabbed the clothes I was holding and placed them on the desk.

I went back to look for more clothes. This aisle had skirts and dress pants. I fell in love with some of the skirts I found. All the skirts there were all past the knee, but that was fine. I wouldn’t want skirts shorter than that. That just seems so gross and too revealing. I picked out plenty of different skirts, mostly pencil and a-line skirts, and some dress pants. I left them with my mom before venturing for more.  

I came across the shoe aisle which had many different types of shoes. My eyes were drawn to all the heels. Pumps, stilettos, mary janes, they were all lovely. I tried on the heels I wanted and they all fit wonderfully. After that, I found the shirt section. I couldn’t help but smile like a little girl. I loved these shirts. I picked out a bunch of these shirts, I don’t even know how many. When I brought them to my mother, I noticed she was putting some of the clothing I gave her away.

“Jessica, sweetie, you don’t need to worry about these.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m not buying these exact pieces of clothing. We need to get all these tailor made for you!”

“Tailor made..?

“Yes, they’ll be made to fit you perfectly.”

She would go these lengths to get me such perfect clothing? She’ll get them tailor made to fit me perfectly? That sounded like a dream.

“That sounds wonderful, mother! You really are the best!”

“Come now, dearie. You really think I wouldn’t want my daughter to look her best?”

I’m so happy right now. So, so happy. 

“I think you’re missing something though.”

I looked around, confused, “What am I missing…?”

She led to another part of the store I hadn’t explored yet. It wasn’t a huge section, but it was still a decent area. The small area was filled with many different neckties and bows. I had never worn these before. But when I see my mother wearing them, it makes me really want to try. 

“I think these would fit your style perfectly.” My mother said showing off all the items. 

“You really think so, mother? I don’t even know how to tie these.”

“Nonsense, Jessica. You will learn as you do with your heels.”

She placed a plain red tie in my hand. It was so silky, so soft. I loved how it felt. 

“Shall we tie that on now?” My mother asked.

“Yes, please.”

She walked in front of me and lifted my collar up. She placed the tie around my neck and started tying it. She would loop it over and under, I didn’t really understand what she was doing. It was like learning to tie my shoes again. Once she was done, she lowered my collar back down, over the tie. She pulled the small end of the necktie which pulled it closer to my neck. The tie began choking me, it was a little too tight. 

“Um, mother, this is a little tight.”

“Of course, dear. It’s just something you’ll have to get used too.”

I didn’t know if I could. It was really tight. She pulled on it a bit more. With this and my collar, I could barely breathe. It felt like I was being strangled. 

“Please, mother.”

She let out a disappointed sigh and very slightly loosened my tie. It wasn’t by much, but I could at least breathe easier. I had no idea neckties could be so tight. Despite that, even I was a little sad it was loosened. I didn’t really know why. But I left it as is, I didn’t really know how to use it. Mother tucked it under my sweater vest and into my skirt. She struggled a little to put it into my skirt since it was wrapped tight around me. 

Afterwards, she and I picked out some neckties and bows for myself. I was still a little worried about them being so tight and not really knowing how they work, but I still liked the look of them. We brought them to the desk to pay for them. I also grabbed a bottle of perfume since it smelt really nice; just like the store. My mother’s friend took some extra measurements of me before we left. We left the store only with neckties and bows since most of the other clothes I chose were to be adjusted to fit me so we wouldn’t be receiving them until late tomorrow, or early Sunday. 

As we walked home, I could constantly feel the tightness of my tie. Every second I was reminded of its presence. The tie, while tight, wasn’t nearly as tight as my mother had initially made it, so it was manageable. Just something I should try to get used to. I stroked my collar and tie, out of habit. I loved how they both felt. 

We got home and changed into our indoor heels.

“Remember to do your homework, Jessica.”

“Yes, mother.” I said before grabbing my bag and walking up the stairs. 

I stopped at the top to admire my outfit. I was still wearing my white long sleeve button down shirt, buttoned to the top. A pretty red silk tie sat at my collar. It was pulled tightly close to my neck. My shirt was already quite tight, especially the collar, but the tight closed any kind of room I had in between my neck. Layered on top of my shirt, was a beautiful argyle sweater vest; my tie hid underneath it. My large breasts helped my outfit pop a bit more, making my figure look more womanly. My hips looked a little bigger now that I was looking. My shirt was tucked into my knee length skirt which was finished by a belt. The belt was wrapped very tightly around my waist, as I liked it. I was wearing nylon panythoses underneath; it was hugging my skin. I had my mary jane heeled indoor shoes, four inches. 

I slowly caressed parts of my outfit. I loved how it all felt and looked on me. I looked so preppy and proper. It made me feel so happy!

 Maybe I could get used to the tie.

I went to my room to do my homework. By the time I was done, my mother called me down for dinner. I came downstairs where dinner was already fully prepared. She was sitting at the table by the time I got into my seat. We enjoyed a nice dinner together, talking about school and my new outfits. She was proud of me. I liked hearing that, that made me happy. We finished dinner soon after, and I went back to my room. I was done with homework so I didn’t really know what else to do. I didn’t really want to watch any videos, kinda boring. I decided to take my textbook out and study. I did have a test next week that I asked Beth with. So I might as well start studying now. I studied for a few hours, occasionally rubbing my necktie. I was kind of getting used to the tightness. Still a little uncomfortable. 

Once it was getting late, I decided to get ready for bed. Though, I didn’t know how to remove my necktie. I went to my mother for help. She was in her room, also getting ready for bed.

“Excuse me, mother? I don’t know how to remove my tie.” 

She laughed, “Of course, darling.” 

She untied it from my neck and I could instantly breathe easier. Felt like I had a new set of lungs. My tight collar alone felt loose compared to me wearing a tie. She handed me the necktie.

“Here you go, sweetie. If you need help tomorrow, just let me know.” She said, going back to bed.

I went back to my room and undressed. I touched my naked neck, it felt like there was a mark there. I looked to my reflection in the mirror and there was. A red mark went around my neck where the tie was. 

Maybe that’s normal for a proper woman to deal with.

I went back to my bed, set an alarm, and went to sleep. Sleep didn’t come easy that night either. Just like last night, I felt a cold sweat. I tossed and turned, trying to find comfort in some position. I wanted to get up, maybe drink some water or something to help me. But I thought that if I just kept my eyes closed long enough, I would eventually fall asleep. After some time of keeping my eyes closed, I got up since it wasn’t working. I felt cold. I went to my closet and put on a shirt. I couldn’t tell the color, it was too dark. Still cold, so I buttoned it up. Without even thinking, I had buttoned it to the top. I went back to bed and felt surprisingly well. The cold sweat was gone. I fell asleep soon after.

I opened my eyes to the bright sun. I was standing outside on the sidewalk.

Where am I? I don’t remember getting out of bed…

Looking around, I noticed I stood outside my house. I was a few feet away from the door. A voice called out from behind me.

You’re not you.

I turned around and saw a girl wearing some punk rock band clothes in front of me. She looked oddly like me. Same hair color, eyes, facial features. Her breasts and hips seemed smaller though.

I’m not me? What’s that supposed to mean?

Don’t you feel different?

N-no? Who are you?

I’m you!

That doesn’t make sense, I’m me.

The me look-alike took a few steps forward. We were about the same distance apart as I was from my front door.

Are you sure? You don’t look or act like it! 

What are you talking about? I am me. I’m not anyone else.

Have you not taken a good look at yourself? You look like some preppy school girl, it’s so gross.

I looked down at my clothes. It was the same outfit I was wearing before. Necktie, sweater vest, skirt, pantyhoses, and even the heels. I lift my head to her and gauge her outfit. It was all, boy-ish. The clothes were ugly. But it felt oddly familiar.

Hey! That’s funny from a girl wearing band clothes, you look like a highschool drop out.

Ouch, despite how you look, you still got some rebel in you. Not much of it though.

What is this all about? Where am I?

I already told you. You’re not you. I don’t have much more time left in here. I’m worried the next time you wake up, I won’t be here.

What is that supposed to mean?

Just then, my front door opened and I heard a familiar voice call out to me. 

Jessica, deary. Who are you talking to? Please come home.

I turned towards her.

Mom? What’s going on?

Sweetie, just come inside.

Don’t listen to her!

The voices suddenly stopped. I looked in both directions and they were both gone. Suddenly, the world around me started to collapse. The sky and floor all began to vanish like grains of sand falling from the hand. I fell with the rest of the world.

The next time my eyes opened, I was floating in darkness. My body wouldn’t move. Part of this felt familiar. I didn’t know what was going on. Voices from the darkness started calling to me. They were telling me things.

You want to be a proper young lady.
You love button down shirts.
You always tuck them in.
You feel gross if it wasn’t tucked in.
You always button your collar.
You prefer to wear a necktie or bow.
You like it tight around your neck.
You love how the shirt feels on your skin.
You love it tight around your body.
You think these outfits are perfect and proper.
You only wear these outfits.
You are preppy.
You love wearing a layer over your shirt.
Your pants preference are dress pants.
You always wear skirts past the knee.
You always wear nylon stocking/pantyhose
You hate sneakers.
You only wear heeled shoes.
You love putting makeup on.
You love putting on jewelry.
You want to be a proper young lady.

My eyes shot open to the sound of my alarm and quickly turned it off. I like to have my alarms set like I’m going to school. Plus, it was important to wake up early. I let out a big yawn and stretched my arms before getting out of bed. I rubbed the collar of my shirt.

Feels nice to sleep comfortably.

I took off my shirt and went to take a shower. Afterwards, I dried my hair and went to my closet to decide on my outfit for today. It was the weekend, so I wanted something casual, but proper.  I grabbed a light blue long sleeve shirt from my closet and put it on. Sliding my arms through the sleeves felt so good. It rubbed my skin in all the right ways. I button the shirt slowly, each button tightening the shirt around my body. I could feel the shirt stretch around me. I struggled a bit to button the top, but I got it after some time. It closed around my neck leaving little to no room to put a finger in between. I then grabbed a navy blue necktie, popped my collar, and placed the necktie around my neck. I slowly tied it into a perfect windsor knot. I lowered my collar over the tie, and pulled on it. I tightened the tie enough to where it was basically choking me. It was harder to breathe and swallow, but I much preferred how this felt over not having it. It was correct for a proper woman anyway. My necktie was slightly curved forward to my womanly sized breasts. I stroked my necktie, smiling. 

I then put on a tan colored nylon pantyhose, pulling it up on my leg. The material rubbed on my skin, giving me goosebumps. I pulled it up slowly to savor the feeling. Afterwards, I grabbed a navy blue sweater and pulled it over myself. Slipping each arm through and pulling my head out. It was a little tight, like my shirt, but fit well. I pulled my cuffs to pop out of the sleeves. I pulled the sweater down slightly to straighten it out. I took a camel colored skirt and put my legs inside. I pulled it up to my waist, tucking in my shirt and sweater inside it. I put a brown belt through the belt loops, tightening it. I put it to nearly the last hole where it was squeezing at my waist which felt so good. I slightly tugged at my sweater to try and see how easy it would untuck, but it didn’t budge. The skirt was tight around my butt and hips, as if it was just my size.

I then grabbed my beautiful navy blue blazer. I threw it on and pulled it forward to fit better. It was a good fit. I left it open to show off my sweater and belt. But I’d close it if it got cold or I went outside. I made sure my sweater and cuffs were showing outside the sleeves on my blazer. Had to look proper as a young lady. I put on some pearl earrings that were on my desk. Finally, I went next to my door, and put on my Mary Jane heels; four inches. I strapped the top buckle and stood up. I had nearly perfect balance standing in them. Which was obvious since it’s all I would ever wear. I couldn’t imagine not wearing heels. I put my hair into a classy bun and put some light makeup on. I looked at myself in the mirror. 

I look so preppy and proper! I love it! Perfect for a casual day at home.

I walked downstairs for my mother’s breakfast. 

“Good morning, mother. May I help you cook breakfast?” I asked as I entered the kitchen.

She looked at me, “Of course, dear. Put some eggs in the pan there, would you?”

I did as I was told, and afterwards looked at her outfit. She looked so beautiful. She was wearing a lovely crisp white long sleeve button down, buttoned to the top. At her collar was a big black bow. It covered most of the collar. It looked quite tight around her neck, but she wouldn’t wear it any other way. Layered over her shirt was a thin grey sweater. You could see the cuffs of her shit poke out at the ends of the sweater’s sleeves. The shirt and sweater were tucked into her big black skirt. It reached down to her ankles where her nylon brown stockings and similar colored heels. 

I helped her finish breakfast and set the table. We both sat down, properly. I crossed one leg over the other, and rested my hands on my knee. 

“You look as lovely and preppy as always, Jessica.” My mother said with a smile.

It always makes me happy when she compliments my outfit.

“Thank you, mother. You look so beautiful as well.” 

We ate breakfast together, making idle chat about my studies, fun outfits, etc. 

“Mother, may I spend the day with you?” 

She laughed, “Oh, sweetie, you don’t have to ask to spend time with me. You just can.” 

“Thank you, mother. You are right. I just don’t have anything to do today. I could study and read more, but I thought we could spend time together instead.”

“That would be lovely dear. But don’t skip out on your studying.”

“I would never dare, mother!”

She finished her meal, “Very good, dear. Now, will you help me clean the table as I wash the dishes?”

“Yes, mother!”


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by stiffcollar03 Sun Jan 03, 2021 10:01 am

I like how obedient Jessica has become towards her mother!


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:32 pm

Chapter 12 The Perfect Daughter - Mother

Once I had finished cleaning the dishes, and Jessica finished with the table, we sat down in the living room. Jessica sat first, sitting up right, one leg over the other, and her hands on top. 

“Mother, what is it that you do for fun?” She asked.

“Well, simple things. Like reading, knitting, cleaning the house.” 

“Cleaning the house? Is that fun?” 

“Why, of course dear! Proper women need to keep the house proper and clean. It’s our duty!”

I went over to my bookshelf and grabbed one of the books. I grabbed a book for myself and a specific book from the shelf and handed it to Jessica.

“Here, this can help you understand more. It’s a good read for some who are confused or don’t quite get it.”

She took the book and looked at the cover, “‘Being A Proper Woman’?”

“It’s actually quite a good read besides being very informative.” I said sitting back down.

She opened the book, flipped through some of the pages, and then went back to the first page. She didn’t really say much as she began reading, seemingly excited. I opened my book to the page where I left my bookmark and continued where I left off. As we read, I would occasionally hear a small gasp or a “wow” from under her breath. She would also ask some questions pertaining to what she was reading. 

“Mother, are my outfits fit for a proper woman? I was reading how important it was to keep up standards and such.” She asked, looking up from her page. 

“Of course, dear. It’s important to dress properly as a woman. But don’t worry, you dress like a perfectly proper woman already.”

She had a big smile on her face and little blush on her cheeks.

“Oh, thank goodness. I love the way I dress and thought it was preppy and proper, but I didn’t really know if it was.”

“You have the perfect style of a proper, preppy woman. I can’t imagine you dressing in any other way.”

“Well of course, mother. It’s the only way I ever dress.” She said.

I leaned over to her, “Let me check your outfit for today. I want to see it fully.” 

She stood up, acting excited to show off her outfit; she even did a little spin. 

“Now, now, dear, stand still and let me observe.” I said looking at her clothes.

Her necktie looked to be sitting really close to her neck. I tried putting my finger in between her neck and collar, but I couldn’t even fit a fingernail in between.

“I can see you made your necktie quite tight around your neck.”

“Of course, mother. It would be improper otherwise.”

“Is it uncomfortable?”

“It’s pretty tight and makes breathing a little harder, but I’ve gotten used to it a bit. So it’s not super uncomfortable. It’s definitely more comfortable than not having it.”

I smiled, and pulled on her necktie, making it tighter than it was before. She made a slight choking sound.

“There’s still some room between your collar, so I had to fix that for you.”

“O-of course, thank you mother.” She said with a slight blush.

I touched her collar, it was soft.

“We will need to starch your collars as well it seems.”

“Starch them?” She asked, confused.

“Yes, it will perfect your outfit more and you’ll come to enjoy it.”

“I can’t wait then, mother!”

I moved to her sweater, it was tucked into her skirt. Her large breasts made it seem much tighter on her. I placed my hands on her breasts and squeezed them. She let out a small moan.

“You have some very womanly breasts, they grew well.”

“T-thank you, mother.”

I tugged on her sweater a little to see if it would untuck, but it didn’t even budge. 

“Excellent job with the belt.”

I looked at her blazer, it was a good fit. But it wasn’t that tight on her. It’s fine for now, we would be getting shipments of the clothing she chose today or tomorrow. I pulled on her cuffs a bit to show more of it out the sleeves of her jacket. I could see the red on her face glow brighter. She seemed to be enjoying this; me checking her outfit.

Her skirt was correct as well, it was knee length. And she wore pantyhoses, very proper to not show too much skin. 

“Your heels are good too. Proper height. Maybe we could add an inch”

“Thank you. I was hoping to add to as well.”


“Well, your outfit seems to be in perfect order. Fit for a proper young lady such as yourself.”

“I’m glad to hear that, mother!”

“Remember to check on your outfit often. It’s important to make sure everything is still perfect.”

“I agree, mother.”

 We sat back down and we went back to our readings. She stroked her necktie and collar as she read. Her face was still a bit flushed. 

I’m glad my daughter dresses perfectly. She takes after me and my image perfectly. She really is the perfect daughter.

After a few hours of reading, I placed the bookmark on the page I was on, and closed the book. Jessica looked up to me, “Are we done..?”

“As much as I love reading, there are other things we can do for fun. Like I mentioned before.”

“Like cleaning?” 

“Yes, but before that.” I grabbed a box from the drawers and an incomplete wool scarf. I brought it over and sat down. 

“Knitting?” She asked.

“Yes, let me show you how. You might really enjoy it.” 

For a few minutes, I showed her how to knit a scarf. Showing how to thread the needle and be creative with your creations. I gave her the scarf I was making and let her try to add to it.

“But what if I ruin it, mother?”

“Nonsense, you could never ruin anything. Just do you best.” I said, trying to reassure her.

She struggled at first, her hands were a little shaky, but she slowly got the hang of it. She started to knit and add to the scarf. She could be better, but she was getting the hang of it quickly. 

“You’re doing really well, sweetie. But let’s give you something brand new to work on.”

I took the scarf back and let her get started on a new thing to knit. 

“It can be whatever you want it to be, sweetie” I said. “While you were doing really well with this scarf, I want you to make something on your own and really call it yours.”

“I’ll try…”

I gave her some pointers to start out and afterwards she managed to find her own rhythm. She was knitting at a decent pace. I got back to the scarf and knitted as well. We did this for another few hours. 

“Shall we have some lunch?” I asked, putting the scarf and tools down.

“That would be lovely, I’m quite hungry.”

I went to the kitchen to make some sandwiches for us. Jessica helped me set the table and pass some ingredients to me. We finished preparing lunch and setting it on the table. While I went to sit down, I noticed Jessica checking the kitchen mirror above the sink. She was checking her necktie, touching and stroking it. 

We both sat down and ate. It wasn’t a long lunch, we finished in a few minutes and cleaned up. I went back into the kitchen to clean and looked into the mirror. I adjusted my bow to be a little tighter. It felt right for it to choke me a little.

Afterwards, I told Jessica we would clean the house before she should go upstairs to study. 

“What exactly are we cleaning, mother?” She asked.

“We’ll be doing some simple cleaning of the house for today. So just some simple dusting for now.”

I handed her a feather duster.

“For now, just dust some areas of the living room. Like the desk and the bookshelf.”

“And what about you, mother?”

I grabbed a broom, “I’ll get the floor.”

At first, when she started cleaning, her technique was quite poor. But she seemed to improve immediately after a few minutes. She even seemed to be enjoying herself as she cleaned.

“Oh, mother! I do quite enjoy this. There’s something satisfying about cleaning the house. Keeping everything proper.”

“That’s the spirit, Jessica. Let’s get the other rooms now.”

We ended up cleaning for the rest of the time together. It only took about an hour or so. We were careful to really clean the house. Once I finished clearing upstairs, I came back down to see how Jessica was doing. I stopped at the mirror atop the staircase. I gazed into the mirror at my outfit. It was still proper as ever. Cuffs poking out the sweater, bow neatly against my collar, sweater and shirt tucked neatly into my skirt. I rubbed parts of my outfit, it felt so good on me. I moved my neck around to really feel the collar rub on my skin. I liked how tight it was around me. I enjoyed the hold on my neck it had.

I went downstairs, past the living room, and saw her in the bathroom. She was staring into the mirror, gazing at her outfit. She stroked her necktie and collar constantly. She used another hand to rub her sweater and skirt. She was bright red and breathing a little differently.


She jumped a little and turned, “Oh! Mother, hello, uh…”

“What were you doing?”

“I, um..”

“Be honest, dear. Proper women wouldn’t lie.”

She nodded, “Well, I was just looking at my outfit and I got lost in it. I just love how it all looks on me. How it all feels on me. I love that you tighten my tie even more. It chokes me, but I love how that feels.”

She pinched her shirt collar that poked out from her blazer.

“And all these layers on me. Sure, it’s a little hot. Slightly uncomfortable, but I love how that feels too. I would never take these off just from a little sweat. I couldn’t help but touch my outfit a bunch because it feels so good. I’m sorry mother, I don’t know why…”

I placed my hand on her shoulder, “Oh, Jessica, deary. Listen, the way you feel about that is only natural.”


“Yes. You’re a proper young woman. You look and act like one. It’s not unnatural to really appreciate how you look and the clothes you wear. I encourage it.”

“Really? It’s not weird?”

“Not at all. It’s who you are.”

“Who I am…” She said quietly to herself.

“Of course, dear. There’s no shame in loving who you are. No need to hide that.”

She smiled and let out a small sigh of relief.

“You’re right, mother. I am a proper woman. I’m happy I am and couldn’t imagine myself any other way.”

“I’m happy to hear that dear. You know I love you, sweetie?” 

“I love you too, mother. Thank you.”

We hugged. It was a long hug. 

“Now don’t forget to go study, sweetie.”

We let go of each other, “I know, mother. I’ll be going right now!”

She said that as she left and went upstairs.


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:34 pm

stiffcollar03 wrote:I like how obedient Jessica has become towards her mother!
Thank you! With the chapter I just posted, it should nearly finalize their relationship together.


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by fotw2012 Mon Jan 04, 2021 4:12 pm

Just finished reading the latest chapter. It’s exactly the same ‘casual’ outfit style as that in my mind! I really enjoy reading the slow words as well as the elegant and delicate thoughts and senses of both ladies. Looking forward to seeing how you will finally define a ‘formal’ outfit for them.Smile


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Fri Jan 15, 2021 3:29 pm

Chapter 13 One Wish - Jessica

I went upstairs and into my room. I passed by the mirror in my room and stopped to stare. I looked at my necktie, slightly adjusting it; making it a little tighter around my neck. 


I went over to my desk and started studying. I studied for my test next week that Beth would help me with tomorrow. As I studied, I couldn’t help but caress parts of my outfit. I felt the fabric of my skirt and rubbed my blazer. I made sure my cuffs were poking out of the sleeves. I moved my fingers around my sweater, near the belt, making sure it was properly tucked in. I would constantly check my collar and tie. I didn’t want it to be improper. I wanted it to be perfect. 

My entire outfit felt perfect. It was tight and hugged my skin, giving tingles to my skin. It was all slightly uncomfortable, but that’s what made it more comfortable. I loved that my shirt felt like a second skin. My sweater is tight to press down on my shirt more. All tucked into my skirt to keep a proper look. The fact that the top button was difficult to manage and tight. The necktie for the finishing touch to sit tightly around my neck, nearly choking me. 

Touching my outfit and studying felt really good. It made my breathing heavier and I felt more flushed. My body felt a little hotter, but that wouldn’t ever convince me to take my perfect outfit off. I felt a small sweat drop on the back of my neck. I wiped it off and continued studying.

After a few hours, dinner was ready. Before leaving my room, I would check my outfit. I had to make sure it was presentable. And it was. It always has to be. 

I walked downstairs, with a click to each of my steps, and went over to the dining table. I helped my mother prepare the table as she cooked. Once it was all ready, we sat and ate. 

“I’m surprised you started getting the hang of knitting so quickly. Very proud of you.” My mother said to me.

“Thank you, mother. It was quite fun once I got into the rhythm of it.” I said taking a bite of my food. 

“We should also go to a bookstore one day to get you some books. You seemed to enjoy the one I let you read.”

“Yes, I do also love reading. I’m not sure why I never bothered before.”

“Well, you are a grown woman now. So you must’ve grown out of such childish things.”

I’m a grown woman. Yes, she must be right. I am an adult now. I dress and act like one. I should enjoy the activities of an adult as well.

“I think you’re right, mother.”

She let out a small laugh, “Of course I am, sweetie. You’re my perfect daughter, of course you would mature faster than other children your age.”

That makes sense. Not too many other people my age dress or act this way. 

“Is that what it means to be an adult? Wearing this and acting this way?” I questioned.

“Well, it is part of being an adult. But it’s more being a proper woman. Not everyone can understand such finer things.”

“I suppose so, mother. I’m happier this way, anyway.”

She smiled, “I’m glad to hear it, Jessica.”

We finished dinner and cleaned afterwards. She washed the dishes as I cleared off the table. I went back to my room afterwards. Before leaving, though, mother called me.

“Oh, before you head upstairs deary. Here.” She said grabbing a book from her bookshelf.

She handed me the same book as before, ‘Being A Proper Woman’. 

“For me?” I asked.

“Yes, dear. You seemed to enjoy it and you never finished it. So I thought you could borrow it to finish.”

“Thank you, mother!” I said excitedly.

“Hopefully it holds you off before we get you some books you’d like next week.”

I nodded and went upstairs. Passing by the mirror, I checked my necktie and collar. It looked proper and perfect as it should. It was still tight around my neck. Each breath was still difficult to do, but I loved the feeling it had on my neck. It was just something a proper woman had to deal with, after all. 

I sat back at my desk, back upright, one leg crossed over the other. I continued reading the book where I left off. I had read parts about how important one’s etiquette and mannerisms were. They were small subtle things, but they really showed off how proper a young woman could be. Luckily, for me, a lot of these things came natural to me. Like how to properly sit, talk, or act. I couldn’t really see myself doing things any other way. It’s just how I am normally. But there were a few things that I could do differently or better according to the readings. I made mental notes for each of them.

Other parts of the book explained the importance of clothing. While I already dressed exactly how the book tells women to dress, it was informative to learn as to why it was important. It made me feel more proud of what I was wearing. It made me a little excited to wear more. I rubbed my necktie as I read. 

After reading for a few hours, it was almost time to go to bed. But I decided to open my laptop and do some online searches. I went on some websites that hosted many different pictures people post online. I mainly searched for more outfits online. Different styles and other women wearing neckties. I stared at men and women wearing proper outfits. Button up shirts, skirts, sweaters, stockings, heels, neckties, etc. I got so lost in all the different clothing. I loved staring at all these outfits. I wanted to wear so many that I saw. I was feeling more attracted to the men wearing proper outfits as well. Something about them just made me feel a little flushed. 

I want a man to dress nicely too.

Other pictures of women wearing lovely outfits had me picture myself in them. My face felt a little red and my breathing was heavier than usual. I stroked parts of my outfit as I searched more online. 

An hour or so had passed without me realizing. 

Oh, shoot! I need to go to bed!

I quickly turned off my laptop and placed it away. I took off my blazer, placed it back in my closet. I took off my belt and unwrapped it from my waist, placing it back in my drawer. I removed my skirt and unraveled my pantyhoses. It felt great rubbing on my skin, but made me a little sad to take off. I placed my sweater back as well. I was left in my button up shirt and necktie.

Finally, now I can get some sleep.

I climbed into bed and under my blanket. I usually left my necktie and button up shirt on for bedtime since it helped me sleep. I couldn’t really sleep without wearing these. I remember tossing and turning a lot in my sleep before and this helped me. So it just became routine to wear a necktie and shirt to sleep. I didn’t loosen the tie at all since I still enjoyed the feeling of it around my neck. 

I drifted to sleep pretty easily once I tried.

My eyes fluttered open. I was standing, yet again, I was in the middle. A few feet from my own home and that of the strange punk girl. 

Oh, it’s you again.

‘Oh’? I’m surprised you can still remember me. 

How could I not? Your outfit is so...daft.

Look at you learning new words and all that. I’m guessing you still don’t remember much.

I scratched my head.

I’m not really sure what you want me to remember.

Who you really are. 

I still don’t know what that means. I’m me.

Yeah, you’re you. But don’t you feel any different? Like, maybe you’re not all you?

I thought about it for a bit in my head, but I couldn’t really come up with anything.

As far as I know, I’m all me. Whatever that means.

You need to remember. I don’t have much time here left. In fact, this might be my last time.

And how exactly does that concern me? You’re some punk rock girl that looks strangely like me in, what I assume is, my dream. If I dream of you again, you’ll just be right back here.

No, you don’t understand. I’m more than just a dream. I’m you.

Yes, you’ve mentioned that last time here too. Weird to have the same dream twice.

Because it’s not really a dream! Well, it kind of is, but not really.

I’m dreaming, but not really? Dreams don’t usually make sense so I guess that’s why you’re not making sense.

Ugh, no! You have to understand! Does any part of me seem familiar?

Besides you looking exactly like me, minus the hideous punk outfit, not really.

Don’t you think that’s a little strange?

I suppose? But what dreams aren’t?

It’s not a d-

She was cut off by the door to my house opened, behind me. Where my mother called out to me. 

Darling! There you are! What are you doing outside?

Uh, I’m not really sure.

Well come inside already. I’m almost done with dinner.

Don’t go with her!

Why wouldn’t I?

Who is that, dear? A friend of yours?

If you go with her then I’ll vanish!


Yes! Poof! Gone. 

Why does that matter?

Because a part of you will vanish too!

Sweetie, what are you two talking about?

Ignore her! You need to come with me!

Jessica, please come inside and help me with dinner.

Both voices collided with each other, both trying to pull me in either direction. It was all so confusing. I thought I was dreaming, but this copy of me is saying otherwise. Plus, she keeps talking about remembering something and losing a part of myself.

You have to remember your w-

She paused before finishing her sentence.

What the..? I can’t say it anymore…?

Say what anymore? What are you trying to tell me?

Jessica, please come in. Leave the distasteful girl alone. She’s just trying to lead you astray.

I’m not! I’m trying to save us!

Now you’re trying to save us? First you want me to remember, then you can finish your own sentences, and now you’re trying to save me? Us? There is no us.

NO! You need to listen to me, I’m you! Who you really are, or were! I can feel the remains of who we are fading away.

Good, I don’t want you here. I’m definitely not you and you are definitely not me. Even if you are me. My personality or who I was or whatever. I love who I am. I don’t want to be anything else. I am me.

I see…

The punk girl slowly faded away, leaving behind the clothes she wore. I stared at them, wondering what had just happened. I felt a little weird. Maybe feeling lighter? I couldn’t tell since I didn’t feel too different. But a small part of me was no longer there.

Can you please come inside dear?

Of course, mother!

I walked to my mother and through the door. The world around me faded into black. I started floating in the abyss of darkness. This felt familiar. This emptiness. I could hear voices around me, I embraced them.

You are a proper young lady.
You love button down shirts.
You always tuck them in.
You feel gross if it wasn’t tucked in.
You always button your collar.
You always wear a necktie/bow.
You love how the shirt feels on your skin.
You love it tight around your body.
You think these outfits are perfect and proper.
You only wear these outfits.
You are preppy.
You love wearing a layer over your shirt.
Your pants preference are dress pants.
You always wear skirts past the knee
You always wear nylon stocking/pantyhose
You hate sneakers.
You only wear heeled shoes
You love putting makeup on.
You are a proper young lady.

A voice called out to me to wake up.

“Jessica! Wake up!”

I woke up to see my mother in front of my bed. She seemed excited and she doesn’t usually come to wake me up. She was wearing a pink long sleeve button down shirt underneath a light green cardigan. Her shirt and cardigan were both buttoned fully, while the cuffs of her shirt poked out the sleeves. Her collar button was covered with a pretty pink necktie. It was tied tightly around her neck, clearly showing some strain on her neck. Her cardigan wasn’t tucked into her light brown skirt, but you could tell her shirt was. She was also wearing dark blue nylon pantyhoses with heeled boots matching the color of her skirt. She’s been dressing more casually since she’s been on vacation from her work.

I rubbed my eyes, “What is the matter, mother?”

“They finally came in this morning!”

“What came in?”

“The clothes you ordered!”

I jumped out of my bed, my necktie jumping into the air with me. It reminded me of the pajamas I was wearing. My shirt and tie from yesterday’s outfit. I don’t think I could sleep without some sort of necktie or bow around my neck. Especially with the shirt. They make me feel so comfy and happy that I couldn’t sleep without them.

“They finally came?! Are they downstairs?” I asked, very excited, like a little kid going to open their presents on christmas morning.

“Yes, dear. Why don’t you go get undressed and take a shower. I’ll bring them up to your room so you can try them on.”


I quickly took off my necktie and shirt. While I was unhappy to remove the tie and could no longer feel the tightness around my neck, I was excited for the new clothes to try. I went over to the bathroom and showered. 

In the shower, I felt like I dreamt of something last night. I couldn’t quite recall though. Might’ve been something about helping my mother.

I should really make a dream journal for this kind of stuff.

I finished showering and dried my hair before coming back to my room. Just as I entered,  I saw my mother putting some clothes on my bed.

“Ah, just in time. I just finished unpacking all the bags. Check them out!” My mother said, stepping aside.

I went over to my bed and stared at all the clothes. There were so many different pieces of clothing. Shirts, pants, skirts, blazers, stockings, panythoses, shoes, you name it. It was all there. I probably had the biggest smile on my face looking at it all, thinking of what I wanted to wear. 

“I’ll let you enjoy all of this and go start breakfast. I can’t wait to see what you pick!” My mother said, leaving the room. 

I looked at all the different options, thinking of all the different kinds of outfits I could make. I wanted something casual to wear for studying with Beth. So I first grabbed a crisp white long sleeve button down shirt. I threw my arms into the sleeves and they fit perfectly. The moment I put my arms through the sleeves, I got a huge tingling feeling on my skin. It was so wonderful. The shirt felt strangely different. A little sturdier? The difference was much more noticeable with my collar. It was tough. Why was the collar like that? I read online yesterday about starching when my mother talked about it, but was this how it felt? Were these collars starched? If so, these feel amazing. 

I quickly buttoned up the shirt to the top. Each button tightening the shirt around me, encasing me. It felt tighter than usual, my large chest didn’t help at all. If it wasn’t for my chest, maybe the shirt wouldn’t be as tight as it was. I tried to do the collar button, but it was much harder to do than usual. Mostly due to the collar being so tough. I finally managed to button it and it felt extremely tight. It felt like pieces of wood trapped around my neck. I loved it. I kept touching the collar and enjoying the feeling it gave me. 

I put on some black nylon panythose from my bed. Sliding them on also felt slightly different. They also felt tighter which is weird because it’s just socks. But they felt like a perfect fit. Like legs any bigger couldn’t wear these. After sliding them on, I grabbed some black dress pants and put those on. They were tight, a little hard to get on, but once again, they fit perfectly once on. It hugged all parts of my legs and it felt so good. They were so comfortable. I tucked my shirt into the pants and put a black belt through the loops.

I wrapped it around my waist and tightened it. I ended up putting it on the last hole, as tight as it could go. I didn’t want my shirt to get untucked and I enjoyed the tightness of it. It squished my waist, but that’s fine. Just part of being a proper woman. 

I looked through some of the new sweater vests on my bed, considering which one I wanted. I ended up with a dark grey one. I put my arms and head through the holes in the vest and then pulled it down. It was also tight, like the rest of the pieces I was wearing. It took a little extra effort to pull the vest all the way down onto my belt. 

This must be because of the measurements. Everything was measured to be exactly my size. That’s why everything fits so tight and snug!

With that revelation in my head, it got me all the more excited for the clothing I didn’t get to try on today. I will try more tomorrow. Finally, I grabbed a beautiful big black bow, lifted my collar that felt like wood, and tied it around my neck. I put the collar down. I tied it tight around my already snug neck. It became much harder to breathe and I had to keep my head up straight just to be able to breathe properly. It was perfect. 

I placed all of my remaining clothes on the bed into their proper places. Some in the closet and others in their respective drawers. Once I was finally done, I stared at myself in the mirror. I slid my fingers up and down my outfit; feeling the materials of my vest and skirt. I caressed my collar and bow, basking in the tightness. I gave it an extra tug, to make it just a bit tighter.

I then tied my hair into a perfect bun, put on pearl earrings, and some makeup. I took my indoor mary jane heels at the side of my door and put them on. I immediately felt more comfortable on my feet. Walking and standing felt much easier to do with heels on. Just moving in general felt better. Much prefer to always wear heels.

My outfit hugged me all over, very tightly. Felt like a second skin. My body felt somewhat restricted in its movements, but it felt so comfortable at the same time. I wouldn’t wear these any other way.

And done. Perfect outfit for the day.

After finishing up with my perfect outfit, I went downstairs for breakfast. I stared at my outfit briefly atop the stairs; I couldn’t help but admire my outfit. I helped my mother prepare the table and cook. 

“Goodness, Jessica! You look so beautiful and preppy!” My mother said in a happy tone.

I smiled, “Thank you, mother. I’m glad you think so. I thought so too.”

“And how do the clothes fit? Well?”

“Very well! They’re perfectly tight!”

“That’s lovely to hear. I’m so glad you like them. I love them and love how they look on you.”

I blushed, “Mother, please.”

“I’m sorry dear. I can’t help but compliment and admire my perfect daughter.”

“Well, you’re a really perfect mother yourself.”

She stopped cooking for a second to give me a hug, “Aw, sweetie. You’re so precious.”

We continued cooking and prepared the table with the dishes. We sat down, back upright, and began eating.  

“Mother, is it ok if I go study with Beth today? I asked for her help a few days ago.” 

“Of course, sweetie. But why did you wait to ask till today?”

“I seem to have forgotten. I’m dreadfully sorry, mother.”

“Well, I forgive you, but please let me know earlier next time. Ok?”

“Yes, mother. Thank you.”

We ate a little before continuing the conversation.

“Beth is a nice girl, yes?”

“Yes, she’s my best friend.”

“Maybe you should invite her over someday. I’d love to meet her.”


“Of course, you could even show her a thing or two about knitting that you’ve learned yesterday. Maybe she likes knitting too.”

Does she? For a best friend, I’m surprised I don’t know too much about her besides her liking to read.

“Yes, maybe she might…”

We finished breakfast and I helped my mother clean the table and wash the dishes. I went to the bathroom mirror to make sure my outfit was still perfect before leaving. Collar and bow were perfectly snug. Moving my neck around, I could feel it constantly. I checked my shirt which was tucked in and wouldn’t budge due to the belt. 

Still perfect!

I went to my room to grab my bag which had the books I needed to study with. I walked back downstairs and changed to my outdoor heels. 

“Have fun, Jessica. But make sure to get your studying in!” My mother called me from the kitchen.

“Thank you, mother! I will!” I said, waving my hand out the door. 

It was a beautiful day out. Not too warm, not too chilly. It was just right. Some people walking by stared at me and my outfit, here and there. I couldn’t help but blush when they looked. I kept my arms behind my back so they could admire my full outfit. I even had a little skip to my step as I walked. 

As I walked to Beth’s house, I didn’t really see anyone else dressed like me.

Hmm, I wonder why…

I assumed it to be, like my mother said, that it’s not for everyone. I’m a perfectly preppy and proper woman, I can’t expect everyone to be the same as me. Though I do hope that after they admire my outfit, they might consider being proper themselves. I don’t know how I could dress or act any other way. 

I texted Beth to let her know I was on the way there and that I should arrive in a few minutes. Thankfully, like college, she also lives close by. Speaking of which, I wonder why we never walk to school together. I know our schedules are a little different, but I think we could make something work. 

I suppose I could ask her today. Maybe we could even plan classes together for next semester.

After some minutes pass, I finally reach her house. 

“I just got to your place. I’m outside.” I texted her. 

I looked at her house. It was quite big, like mine. It felt just as fancy as mine on the outside. Just then, the front door opened and Beth appeared. She was wearing a long sleeve button down Ralph Lauren shirt; the top button was left unbuttoned. The shirt was tucked into a green and blue plaid skirt. She had a navy blue sweater tied over her shoulders. Her hair was tied back into a cute ponytail. On her feet, she wore light brown loafers.

“Jessica! Hi, welcome!” Beth greeted me.

I smiled, “Hello, Beth.”

She eyed me up and down, “Still rocking the real you look?”

“Of course. This is who I am.” I said, gesturing towards my outfit. 

“Well, it looks really good on you.”

“Thank you, you look lovely yourself.” 

She looked down at her outfit, “Yeah, just something quick I threw on, haha. But anyway, come in, come in.”

She led me inside and closed the door behind me. The inside was smaller than what I thought, but it had a cozy feeling to it. We were in the living room, to the left were some couches, chairs, tables, bookshelves, and a fireplace.

That’s quite nice actually.

There was a small archway that led, to what I assume is, the kitchen. She led me up the stairs on the right. I didn’t see her parents anywhere here. 

Maybe they’re upstairs?

As we walked up the stairs, “My parents are out of town for a while right now. They left last week-ish.”

Oh, that answers that.

“So you’re just living alone right now?”

“Yeah, for at least a month it seems.”

“A month?! What do they do for a living?” I asked as we reached the top of the steps.

“They run a business. Some marketing one, I’m not really sure. They don’t talk about it that much despite working a lot.”

She led me left, down a hallway.

“I see… Does it get lonely?”

“Uh, not too much. At least not right now, it’s only been a week. Maybe I’ll feel differently as more days go by.”

We reached her room finally, near the end of the hallway. Her room was simply colored, mostly just white and pink. She had a pretty large bookcase in her room, it was fully filled with books. A few paintings hung along her wall.

“Those are quite pretty.”

“You think? I painted them myself.” She said with a small smile.

“Really? You have some talent. Have you always painted?”

“Um, not always, but I started in the beginning of highschool. So a few years at best.”

I stared at some of them, some of simple life replications of flower pots, fruits in a basket and some of different landscapes, like valleys or plains. While they weren’t breathtaking, they were still really well done and quite beautiful. 

“Still, these are really good. I would love it if you could teach me sometime.”

“Y-yeah, sure, sure, that’d be cool.”

She showed me around the rest of her room. It was roughly the same size as mine, maybe a little smaller. Much of it mimicked my own, besides some additions which I came to like.

I wouldn’t mind a bookcase in my room. She has so many books, I’d love to start a collection of my own.

I noticed a small mirror on her desk where I saw the reflection of my upper body. I could see my vest, shirt, and bow. I stared at them for a bit. Fiddling with my collar and checking if my shirt was tucked. Without even thinking, I had done all of that. It was just natural to uphold my appearance. It did remind me of how tight the collar was around my neck. While I was mostly used to breathing with the tight collar and bow around me, being reminded of it made it suddenly harder again. Seeing my outfit made me blush slightly. I felt so attracted to it. 

“Uh, Jessica?”

I snapped out of my trance, “Oh, uh, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, but you were just staring at yourself for a bit there.”

“Was I? I’m sorry, I was just checking my outfit, making sure it was still proper.”

“Your wardrobe has seen some massive shift, hasn’t it? Did you really hide all of that just to fit in?”

“Yes, I just tried fitting in with the wrong crowd. I prefer who I really am instead. So I can dress and act myself.”

She giggled. “Well, you were really good at acting like that was your crowd. Never would have thought the real you would be so… dignified? Proper?”

“I suppose, but you’ve seen the real me finally, during the week. I hope that hasn’t changed what you thought of me.”

“Oh, no, not at all. If anything, I like the real Jessica much more. I prefer the honest and real Jessica over the fake band one. And besides, this one has much better taste, haha.”

I sighed in relief and smiled, “I’m glad. That’s why I consider you my best friend.”

I walked to her and gave her a hug.

“Aw, Jessica… You’re my best friend too.” She wrapped her arms around me.

After our little best friend hug, I pulled my textbooks from my bag and asked about studying tips. Her studying tips were useful, since the way I studied was enjoying reading it over and over again. But she made good points on how to focus on certain points and easier ways to remember important parts. We studied for the next few hours together, occasionally talking and making jokes. I would constantly touch my collar as we did. It was a lot of fun. 

She ended up showing me some of the books she would read, besides just studying. She had so many books which all seemed so interesting and colorful. I wanted lots and lots of books like Beth and my mother. 

Afterwards, Beth made us some lunch. We ate and chatted about whatever. We talked about our interests and wants. It was like meeting a new friend. It was so strange. We’ve known each other for at least a year, but there was so much we didn’t know about each other. I was really happy to have her as a friend. 

Once we finished lunch, I excused myself to the bathroom. I had an urge to check my outfit again. I needed to make sure it was perfect. I got into the bathroom and looked at myself in the reflection. I adjusted my collar a bit, it was still tight with the bow. I tugged my sweater vest down since it was getting a little bunched up. I patted off some hair stuck on my dress pants. Everything seemed perfect. 

That’s a relief.

I continued to stare at myself and my outfit. I loved how proper I looked. I felt so attractive. I made a few different poses for myself to stare at. I couldn’t get over my outfit. I love it. It was all perfectly tight on my skin. Uncomfortably comfortable, is how I would put it. I left the bathroom to join Beth again. She had set some canvases and stools. 

“What is this?” I asked.

“Well, you wanted me to teach you painting. I thought that maybe we did a lot of studying, so why not take a little break?”

While I did still want to study, I also wanted to learn to paint. So I caved. I sat down on one of the stools and she stood behind me. She instructed me on the different colors and brushes. She went to her canvas to teach me to paint simple things. Like a tree or a mountain. Even though I was trying to copy how she would paint, it never ended up looking as good as how she did it.

“Don’t worry, Jessica. It takes practice, you’ll get there.” She said.

“I suppose most things do take practice. I wish I was as good as you though.”

“Haha, that’s a pretty poor wish since I’m not that great either.”

I don’t know how she could think that. I think her painting skills are really good.

“But,” She continued, “for real, if you could have one wish, what would it be?”

“What? What’s this about?” I asked.

“I don’t know. You mentioned wishing, I’m just asking if you could have one. Like a genie or something.”

“If I could have one wish…?”

I pondered the thought for a few seconds.

“Honestly, I don’t think I’d wish for anything. I’m really happy where I am in life. I have a lovely mother, an amazing best friend, I love and can be myself. I’m not really sure what more I could ask for. I feel like maybe at one point I wasn’t very happy with my life, but recently, I haven’t felt that way anymore.”

“That’s really sweet of you to say, Jessica.”

I caressed my collar, “I’m just being honest with myself. If I could have one wish, I wouldn’t wish for anything. I’m happy with who and where I am.” 

“Wow, I mean, that’s fantastic. Not exactly what I was expecting, but that’s great that you’re happy where you are. That’s what most people want these days. Just to be happy, haha.”

“Are you not happy, Beth?”

“No, no, I am. More so now with you. You opening up to yourself and us hanging out; it all makes me happy. I do wish my parents spent more time with me, but you’ve kind of filled that hold for me.”

“I have?”

“Yeah, yeah you did. I’m grateful for you.” She said with her eyes a little watery. 

“You have for me as well, Beth.”

After our heartwarming conversation, some hugs, and laughs, we continued painting through the day until it was time for me to get home. Classes were tomorrow and I didn’t want to be late. 

“Hey, Jessica, before you go.” She handed me an envelope.

“What is this?”

“It’s an invitation.”

“To what?”

“A country club I go to often. At least, with my parents away often, I go there. I thought maybe we could go together sometime.”

I smiled and put the envelope in my bag, “Of course, I would love too. I can’t wait. Maybe next weekend?”

“I’d like that.” She said waving her hand farewell.

We said our goodbyes and I went home. As I walked home, I thought about our previous conversation. About wishing and being happy. I was reflecting on it. I really was happy. My mother, Beth, my outfits and such all made me happy. And they were all happy with me.

By the time I got home, my mother had already finished preparing dinner and the table. I switched to my indoor heels and put my bag down. 

“Welcome home! Did you have fun?”

“Yes, mother. We did a lot of studying, but she also showed me how to paint and her vast book collection.”

“Tell me all about it at the table, sweetie.”

I talked about all the things we did during the day as we ate. I would go on and on, without even realizing it. I was just really happy. I did mention the invitation I got from her and showed it to my mother.

“Oh? This place? This is where I go as well.”

“Really? I didn’t know you went to these.”

“Why of course I do, what proper woman wouldn’t?”

“I suppose so. Can I go with Beth next week?”

“Sure, dear. I may go as well.” 

“That would be lovely.” I said, finishing dinner.

I helped clean up and went back to my room. I placed my bag by my desk and sat on my bed.

What a day…

I replayed the events today in my head over and over.  I eventually got up and sat at my desk. I continued reading the book my mother gave me. I read it until it was time for bed. Before going to bed, I went to the mirror and stared at myself. I couldn’t help but smile. 

This is who I am. The real me.

I took off my heels, sweater vests, belt, and dress pants. I was left in my pantyhose, shirt and bow, perfect for bed. I usually slept in my shirt and some sort of necktie/bow. And I mean, why wouldn’t I? It was so perfect and comfortable. 

The End


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

Post by CoolPenguin Fri Jan 15, 2021 3:29 pm

Epilogue - Four months later

I woke up at 7am sharp, as always. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I got up from my bed and went over to the mirror. I was wearing a pink button down long sleeve shirt and a blue bowtie for pajamas. I took them both off and went to shower. After I finished, I dried my hair and went back to my room to decide what to wear. It was my birthday after all, so I wanted to dress a little formally today.

I grabbed a crisp white button down long sleeve shirt. I put my arms through the small sleeves and buttoned it to the top. It was a perfect fit for my body. The collar was starched, as all my shirts were. I didn’t like them any other way. The collar was hugging very tightly against my neck, just the way I liked it.  I flipped my rock hard collar up and tied a perfect Windsor knot with my red necktie. I put the collar back down, over the tie. I pulled the tie extremely tightly against my neck, somewhat choking me.


I slid on my black nylon pantyhose up my leg. My legs felt amazing with the material covering them. I then put on a pretty long sleeve black dress. It was a tight and slim fitted dress. My collar and tie were perfectly visible with the dress on. I popped my cuffs out the sleeves of the dress. The dress length was just below my knees. 

After that, I put on a tight black blazer and buttoned the two buttons. My dress sleeves and shirt cuffs poked out of the blazer sleeves. I finished off with my five inch, black mary jane heels. I put on some makeup and pearl earrings. I had shoulder length hair now, since I got it cut to not be so long as the way I used to have it. I styled my hair into a small French twist with a pretty headband on top. I was ready for the day.

I went downstairs and saw my mother just finishing up preparing breakfast. 

“There is my beautiful birthday girl! All dressed up for the part!”

“Oh, thank you mother. You’re so kind.”

She was wearing her usual business attire since she’s been back to work for some time now. So she usually just always wears what she goes to work in. She was wearing a beautiful grey three piece suit with a red and black striped tie. She wore four inch, black stilettos. Her hair was styled into a braided bun that was quite stunning on her.  

We ate breakfast as my mother discussed the plants for my birthday. We would be going to our usual country club with some of our friends there. I had made a lot of friends ever since going to the club a lot with Beth. 

“Once you finish up breakfast, get ready because we will go there in an hour or so. Most of it should be ready for you by then.” 

Once I finished eating and helping my mother clean the table, I went to the mirror to make sure my outfit was still proper. Everything looked in order, I pulled my tie a little to make it tighter. I went back to my room to wait. I decided to read one of the many books I had. I was reading one about young women learning to be a proper wife for her husband. It was so interesting. 

Soon, it was time to go as my mother called for me from downstairs.

“Honey, it’s time! Let’s not be late for your party!”

I came downstairs, switched to my outdoor five inch heels and went to her car. The drive was almost an hour-ish long. We arrived finally at the place and stepped out of the car in parking. 

“Wait, before you go.” She said, stepping in front of me. She grabbed my tie and tightened it even more. It was extremely tight and difficult to breath, but it wasn’t something I wasn’t used to. That was, more or less, how I wore my outfits. I had gotten used to breathing like that so it wasn’t a problem. 

“There. The perfect birthday girl is now ready!” She said walking away. 

I followed her along the path and through the building. I had a lot of fond memories here in just the few months I’ve been here. So I knew exactly where she was taking me. We reached the back of the building with two double doors in front of us.

“Ready, sweetie?”

I nodded, “Yes, mother.”

She opened the doors and shouting could be heard as they opened.


Confetti and balloons were everywhere, my friends were all cheering ‘Happy birthday, Jessica!’ as I stepped through the door. I could see Beth close by, we made eye contact and smiled at each other. 

I was truly happy and grateful. 


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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

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I love this story. I love the way Jessica gradually embraces the wearing of smart clothes as though it is the most natural thing in the world and feels complete and contented as a result.

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One Wish Empty Re: One Wish

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