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The Banquet Server Gig

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The Banquet Server Gig Empty The Banquet Server Gig

Post by SnTMG Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:32 am

This is my first attempt at anything like this. I have a couple parts written l, but I want to gauge interest before I get too deep.

Pt 1.

Hannah sat in the dull grey classroom as her professor droned on about the importance of studying hard over winter break. Her mind had already began to wander at the endless boredom she would soon face. This was the first year she was staying on campus over break. Her parents decided last minute to take a holiday vacation to the other side of the planet. This left Hannah with no holiday plans to look forward too and no one to celebrate with.

With a slam of a book the professor wrapped up his droning and began to dismiss the final class of the day. As the students were filtering out he mentioned that any students remaining on campus for break could check out the job postings board for some seasonal jobs. Hannah didn't need to work for the money, but the idea of doing something productive during her isolated holiday made her at least somewhat inquisitive.

Most everyone had already left for the year when their late class let out so the common area was nearly abandoned. Hannah made her way over to the job board along with two other classmates. The girl she recognized as Mandy, a quieter girl who seemed to really take school serious. The other classmate was a guy named Eric, he always seemed to joke around and not pay attention. The three of them looked over the available jobs with much disdain.

Eric spoke first "These all seem like scams or slave labor."
Mandy replied "Out of all of them this one looks the best." As she pointed to the Banquet Server job flier.
"Ew" said Hannah "You have to wear a uniform for that one. White tuxedo shirt, black pants/skirt, black hosiery, black shoes and a black vest."
"It's not so bad, I wore something similar when I was in my High School band" said Mandy. "When everyone is all wearing the same thing you kind of forget about it".
Eric replied "So it's settled, we're all going to be penguins".
Hannah snapped back "No way am I going to be caught wearing a penguin suit. I don't have any of the required uniform either".
"I know a place we can go tomorrow to get them very cheap" Mandy was begging Hannah at this point "please, please, please, don't let me do this alone."

Hannah had only just met Mandy and Eric but she felt like they had known each other for years. After all, maybe making some new friends and some extra spending money was worth putting on a stuffy uniform for a few hours.

"Ok, I'll do it" said Hannah begrudgingly.
"Yes!" exclaimed Mandy.
"I'm in, I've always enjoyed dressing up" quipped Eric.

So they decided to meet at the uniform outlet store the next day for a lunch date and shopping. Hannah was glad that she made some new friends but also nervous to be starting a new job.


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The Banquet Server Gig Empty Re: The Banquet Server Gig

Post by SnTMG Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:33 am

Pt 2.

Hannah stood in the dressing room staring at the clothes hanging up in the corner. Why was she nervous to try on some clothes she thought. She had picked out everything that the job flier said was required. A white tuxedo shirt was the first thing she tried on. Sliding each arm into the shirt she pulled the collar up around her neck and began to button starting from the bottom. With every button she felt a nervous bolt run through her spine. One by one until the top button was the last one to remain. Her next piece of required uniform was a black knee length skirt. Hannah stepped into the opening and pulled it up to her waist, fastening it and adjusting until everything was smooth and aligned.

She stood for a moment and began to wonder if she was making a mistake. With a heavy sigh she finally buttoned her top button and slid the black bowtie around her neck. It was a pre-tied bow with a hook. She fastened the bowtie and was suddenly put off by how sloppy it looked. It was barely on and made her top button visible. She decided to tighten it a little bit to make it more presentable. After fidgiting with the bowtie for a while she was finally satisfied. The next piece of unform was basic non slip dress shoes. Nothing too tall but still feminine enough. The flier also called for black hosiery but Hannah forgot to stuff her pantyhose into her bag before she left.

The final piece of unform was a black vest. Hannah had never wore a vest before and was quite apprehensive. She slipped it on and buttoned it up. It was little snug but not restrictive at all. She stood in front of the mirror for a moment and the regrets really started to flare up. "What am I doing?" She thought "is this really worth some company and money"

"Are you almost done in there" Mandy yelled from outside the changing room.
"Yes, I'm coming out now" said Hannah.

Hannah exited the changing room fully dressed for her new job.
"Everything looks like it fits" said Mandy. "Wow it's like you were meant to wear a uniform"
Hannah blushed and said "Shut up, I feel like an idiot"
"Don't worry" said Mandy "I'm about to try my uniform on. Why don't you sit down and wait for me that way we can both be wearing it together".
"Ok" said Hannah "hurry up".

After what felt like an eternity Mandy exits the dressing room fully clothed in her banquet uniform.
"Holy shit" said Hannah " you really know how to pull that look off".
"I told you I had some experience" laughed Mandy.
"Looks like you didn't forget your pantyhose like I did" said Hannah
"No, I always seem to have a pair in my purse" said Mandy

Just then Eric walks into the store. He's already wearing his uniform as he find the ladies by the dressing room.

"Why are you wearing that already?" asks Hannah
"I already had everything in my closet" said Eric "I told you I kind of like dressing up".
"That's not weird at all" laughs Mandy.
Hannah notices that Eric's bowtie looks a little different than theirs.
"Why does your tie look so different?"
"Oh, that's because mine is a self tie" Eric says as he pulls one end of his tie and unravels it.
"I can tie this with my eyes closed" he says as he re-ties his bowtie into a perfectly imperfect bow.
"You're going to have to teach me how to do that" says Mandy as she marvel's at his tie.
"No problem, maybe I'll teach you both" he says to both ladies. "Here, I'll buy you two your own self tie bowties and tie them for you right now"

Eric procedes to help the two ladies remove their pre-tied ties and ties almost perfect bows for them on the first try.

"There, the secret is to make them look just sloppy enough to prove they're real" he beams with pride at his knots.
"Why does that matter at all?" asks Hannah.
"It matters more than you'd think" smiles Eric.
"Hey, maybe they'll let you keep your uniforms on to purchase them" said Eric "we better get used to wearing them for hours at a time"
"Uhh, no thanks" said Hannah as she walkes into the dressing room to change. "I'm too hungry to worry about getting it dirty"
"Yeah, I'd rather not" said Mandy
"Ok, no problem. I can pretend to be your personal butler" joked Eric.

The three of them paid for their uniforms and went to grab lunch. Their first shift as banquet servers was only a few hours away.


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The Banquet Server Gig Empty Re: The Banquet Server Gig

Post by Carla Mon Feb 01, 2021 2:38 am

Nice story.Please continue it Very Happy

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The Banquet Server Gig Empty Re: The Banquet Server Gig

Post by SnTMG Mon Feb 01, 2021 11:49 am

Pt 3

Hannah went home to grab a shower before her first shift. She had laid her uniform out on the bed before hopping in. She stood in front of her dresser wrapped in a towel trying to decide which set of underwear to put on. For some reason she felt like wearing her "sexy" black bra and panties. Sitting at the edge of her bed for what seemed like hours she stared at her uniform with fearful anticipation. With time ticking away before Eric and Mandy picked her up she decided it was time to get dressed.

The first piece to go on was her black pantyhose, she rolled up the hose and slid them over her legs. Taking time to make sure there were no runs she stood up and pulled them over her butt and up to her waist. The next piece of uniform was her crisp white tuxedo shirt, she only now noticed the pleats on the front and the wings around her neck. With the top button done up and her bowtie draped around her neck she was ready for her skirt. Just like earlier in the day she stepped into the opening and slowly pulled the skirt up. Only this time she could feel the silky lining rubbing against her nylon clad legs as she pulled the skirt up to her waist and fastened it. A back tingling jolt of excitement ran through her as she bent over to put on her shoes. Her nylon soles slid effortlessly into her shoes. Finally she buttoned up the snug black vest and sat down to breathe before a knock at her door startled her.

Mandy yelled through the door "It's me, are you ready?"
Hannah opened the door and standing there was Mandy fully dressed in her tuxedo uniform, black bow tie perfectly tied.
Mandy could tell that Hannah was staring at her tie.
"Eric showed me how to tie it in 5 minutes" Mandy excitedly said. "Here let me tie yours for you"

Mandy grabbed both ends of Hannah's bowtie and began to repeat Eric's steps.
"Eric said that the first important step to tying a bowtie is to make sure its tight".
Hannah almost gasped as Mandy cinched the tie into a perfectly tight knot.
"There, now we both look penguins" giggled Mandy.
Hannah stood in front of the mirror for a moment and admired how she looked. She noticed how tight the bowtie was around her neck, how sexy her legs looked in pantyhose to match, how the vest squeezed the right curves and how sharp the tuxedo shirt was. She had never thought in a million years that she would be wearing a tuxedo uniform, but having Mandy there dressed the same way helped ease her mind.

Walking side by side they passed a couple other girls from the dorm in the hallway. Hannah could feel them staring at her and her uniform. For a few seconds Hannah wanted to turn around and hide in her room from embarrassment, but she walked past them with her head held high. She felt like a million bucks and so did Mandy.

Eric was honking the horn and yelling out the window "We're going to be late". As the two ladies stepped out of the doorway and into the daylight they knew that the world was theirs to conquer, or at least the banquet hall.


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The Banquet Server Gig Empty Re: The Banquet Server Gig

Post by SnTMG Mon May 02, 2022 10:27 am

Pt 4

Hannah, Eric and Mandy arrived at the banquet hall with only minutes to spare. They hurried inside and were told to quickly line up with the other servers. There were four other people in line with them, three middle aged gentlemen and a grey haired woman. All dressed in their tuxedo uniforms. A stern looking lady stood in front of them. She was wearing a navy blue pinstripe skirt suit, light blue dress shirt that was heavily starched, tied in a full windsor knot she wore a solid red necktie, red heels to match and dark blue hosiery. Suddenly her voice cracked like a whip.
"Silence! My name is Ms. Killian, and you will address me as such" she shrieked.

She continued "Tonight you will be providing services for a wedding party. I expect the utmost professionalism and respect. Anything less and you will be terminated on the spot."
Hannah began to panic at the thought of being humiliated on her first day so she decided to follow every order given.
Eric bumped into Hannah and quietly joked "Get a load of this hardass"
Ms. Killian turned and faced Eric with a bright red face. "Excuse me, do you have something to say young man!"
"No Mam" Eric whimpered out.
Ms. Killian eyed Eric up and down "Well it seems you at least know how to tie a bowtie correctly, that's more than I can say for these other men here".

Hannah looked down the line at the other three men, all looking at each other's bowties in bewilderment.
Ms. Killian continued "It seems that our only returning server Wendy has graced us with her presence. Thank you for showing the proper respect to our uniform standards. For the others, a self tie black bowtie is the only acceptable neckwear allowed, all women are required to wear a skirt and black hosiery, your white tuxedo shirt must be starched, shoes must be polished and vests are to remain on.

Hannah then looked at the grey haired woman standing at the end of the line, standing with pride in her immaculate uniform. Hannah could tell that her bowtie was self tied. She was secretly thanking Mandy and Eric for helping her tie her own bowtie, as Mandy was too.

Ms. Killian cut the tension "Wendy, would you please show the new servers what is expected of them and where each will be stationed.
Wendy replied "Yes Mam, come and follow me and we will begin".

The six other servers followed Wendy to the back room where she began to assign duties to the servers. Mandy and one gentlemen got assigned to bartending, Eric and another gentlemen assigned to valet and Hannah, Wendy and the last gentlemen were to work the floor. After a brief training session they were ready to begin. Before the first guests arrived Wendy pulled Hannah to the side and spoke with her.
"We really have to work together tonight" said Wendy, "You already scored bonus points with the boss lady for wearing a real tie"
"I won't let you down Wendy. By the way what's Ms. Killians obsession with a perfect uniform?" said Hannah.
"She's just really focused on providing professional service, your reputation is everything in this business." Wendy shared. "If you can make it through your first night I'll share some secrets on how to make good tips"
"Thank you, you seem like a nice lady, I want to make tonight smooth" said Hannah.

The night went off without a hitch. Hannah was no longer embarrassed to be seen in her tuxedo uniform, in fact she almost forgot she was wearing it. It was those little moments where she felt the skirt lining rub her silky legs or when she bent over and could feel her collar pull a little tighter that reminded her she was in uniform. Throughout the night she would watch Wendy take a quick look in the mirror to make sure her uniform was still perfect. If it had been yesterday she might of thought it was weird, but tonight is was something to admire.

At the end of the night after all the guests had left, when the cleaning was done Eric, Hannah and Mandy collected their pay and went to leave. Wendy called out to Hannah "Wait for a minute, I want to talk to you in private".
Hannah walked over the Wendy and said "what's up?"
Wendy said "You did really good tonight, I think you have what it takes to make some good money"
Hannah said "Thanks"
"If you're interested in working by a different set of rules I can show you how to make $200 a night" exclaimed Wendy
Hannah laughed "$200 a night yeah right".
Wendy was serious "The first step is to get a good pair of seamed stockings" Wendy turned around and Hannah noticed for the first time the tell tale sign of stockings, the black seam running up the back of Wendy's leg.
"What, you're kidding" said Hannah
"Look, I know it might feel weird but a lot of people at weddings tend to be a little...frisky, so just give them a little something to look at and they'll appreciate it. It's not just men too, I've had plenty of women tip me based on my uniform."
"Ok" said Hannah, "I guess that makes sense."
"The second tip, I guess that one can wait. We'll see if you show up tomorrow" shared Wendy.
"Ok, thanks for the advice, see you tomorrow". Hannah said walking towards her friends.

The whole ride home Hannah was so focused on Wendy's advice that she forgot to loosen her tie and unbutton her vest. When she finally reached her dorm room she was so tired that she collapsed on her bed still fully uniformed. The memories of her first shift as a banquet server, her first lunch date with her new friends, the first time she ever wore a bowtie faded into the past as a new day was beginning.


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The Banquet Server Gig Empty Re: The Banquet Server Gig

Post by SnTMG Sun Jun 12, 2022 6:25 pm

Pt 5.

The alarm blared in Hannah's ear. After she rubbed her blurry eyes she finally realized she was awake. The first thing she noticed was the bowtie still around her neck.
"I can't believe I slept with my uniform on." She thought.
She got up and stumbled into the bathroom, noticing in her reflection that the bowtie was still tied perfectly. For a brief moment she thought about just leaving it all on for the whole day before her next shift. How could she go from being embarrassed in her uniform to being excited to wear it she thought. "All in one day" she said out loud to no one.

She began to take each perfectly assembled layer off one by one until she was wearing just her bra, panties and pantyhose. She then noticed the huge run down her left leg. "Ohh Ms. Killian won't approve of this at all" she thought. Then Wendy's words came back to her and she said in her head "looks like I'm buying stockings today".

Hannah walked to the department store and found herself surrounded by hosiery of all kinds and colors. She knew she needed to stay focused and only buy black seamed nylons, but then she realized that she would need to buy a garter belt too.
"So maybe only one pair today, I'll come back later and get some more"
She walked up to the sales lady and asked her where the seamed stockings were.
"We only have one type and they're silk fully fashioned, so a little on the pricier side" the sales lady said.
Hannah replied "That's no problem, I need them for an event later today".
"How long are you planning on wearing them?" the sales lady inquired "If you anticipate on wearing them for more than an hour I highly recommend our long leg girdle instead of the flimsy garter belt we carry."
Hannah stood there puzzled as to why she would wear a girdle.
The sales lady must of noticed her look and assured her that her stockings would not fall down and that the girdle would help increase her natural curves.
Hannah nodded her head at the sales lady's advice.
"I'll go grab one from the back" the lady said as she walked away.

Hannah again was standing in a dressing room looking at her clothes with apprehension. She thought about the previous day and how she was nervous to try on a tuxedo uniform.
She thought to herself "at least no one will see this".
Hannah slipped her legs into the girdle and pulled it up above her waist. It was a little tighter than she anticipated, but everything felt in place. She rolled up one stocking and slowly slid it up her leg, taking caution as to not put a run in it. She had to fold the fabric of the girdle back in order to access the garter tab underneath. With a little struggle she managed to fasten both front and back garters. She repeated the process with the other leg. She stood in awe at her figure in the mirror. She looked like a pinup model from the 50's. She turned her hips to look at how straight she managed to get her seams.

The sales lady knocked on the door and asked if everything fit ok.
The only words Hannah could mutter was "absolutely perfect".
"Wonderful" said the sales lady.
Hannah didn't expect to spend as much money as she did, but she knew it was an investment in herself and the potential money she could make tonight.

For some reason she wanted to rush home and get ready for her next night of work, even though it was barely past noon.

She stood in her room staring at her mirror. She slowly slipped the stockings over her legs and attached them to the girdle. Buttoned up her tuxedo shirt and tied her bowtie the best she could, pulled the skirt up and it was pure erotic power as the lining again rubbed against her nylon covered legs. The shoes were effortlessly put on and the final touch, the black vest. There she was a goddess, feeling more powerful than she had ever felt in her life. She could understand why Ms. Killian wore her suits.

Hannah couldn't wait for her next shift to start, eagerly anticipating the heads her seamed stockings were sure to turn. With only a couple hours before she met up with Eric and Mandy she decided to rest a bit on the couch and get lost in the sensations her outfit provided her.

As she sat down she could feel her collar tighten around her neck as the crisp tuxedo shirt stretched to remain in place. Her next feeling was the girdle around her hips and waist, the garter tabs giving a little stretch to allow the stockings to remain in place. Before she realized what was happening to her she began to fall asleep in her tuxedo uniform for the second time in her life. Her final thought before her slumber was the possibilities of what Wendy's second piece of advice could be.


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The Banquet Server Gig Empty Re: The Banquet Server Gig

Post by spankophile1957 Mon Jul 25, 2022 3:37 am

Very erotic.

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The Banquet Server Gig Empty Re: The Banquet Server Gig

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