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Salma Hayek

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Salma Hayek Empty Salma Hayek

Post by ajl378492 Sun Mar 07, 2021 1:55 pm

I just posted a few photos of Salma Hayek wearing a suit & necktie.  They are from a segment of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno from January 22, 1996.  

It seems like Salma Hayek liked wearing neckties a lot back in 1996, since most of the photos of her wearing one are from that year.  

If anyone can find pics or videos of the following, please feel free to post them under that topic (in the celebs & ties forum):

- any additional pics (or better yet, the entire video) of Salma Hayek on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno- January 22, 1996 (season four)

- a pic of her during an interview on her role in From Dusk Til Dawn (I think she was wearing a green necktie)

- a pic of her wearing a blue necktie (headshot, she was looking directly at the camera)

- a couple of videos of her from an Entertainment Tonight segment, both of which show her smoking cigars; one segment she is with Lisa Canning in a cigar shop, during which later in the video there is a two-second clip of her wearing a suit & necktie;  the second video shows her wearing the same suit & tie while on the set of Fled and smoking cigars with Stephen Baldwin

- the video of her appearance on Conan O'Brien from October 31, 2002, in which she is promoting her film Frida (and celebrating Halloween) by wearing a suit & necktie


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