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Experiences with your girlfriends

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Experiences with your girlfriends Empty Experiences with your girlfriends

Post by agatn1 Wed Mar 10, 2021 7:29 am


Ive noticed that a few of you have written about when your girlfriends have dressed up for you. It would be nice to hear more from you who have/had relations with girls who are into/ okay with dressing up and whats your "thing". I find it intresseting what other attributes than just the clothing that you like. 

Ive been in a relationship with my girlfriend for about 8 years and I "came out" to her about my thing after about 2 years. For me its not necessary that she wears a tie, but its the collared shirts (preferred done up) and blazers thats the thing. I never ask her to wear ties in public (Both me and mostly her would feel quite uncomfortable if she would), but she is fine with wearing shirts (sometimes even buttoned all the way) and wearing blazers, witch I love when she does. Shirts have been easier for her to wear than blazers, and she sometimes feel too "boxy" wearing them. We have been working on how to incorporate shirts and blazers into her ordinary wardrobe, because she hasnt being used to do that before. For me its important that she at least a couple of times a month is dressing up a little more classy than she normally would. 

During the years I have starting to buy clothes I like for her to wear, witch is both shirts/blazers/ skirts/ vests and Ive even bought a russian customs academy uniform (cause they are amazing!). Some of them she wears out and some is for private only.

For me my fetish is related to dominance/ submission and I like to dominate my girlfriend while she is wearing shirts/ suits. My ideal outfit on her is a skirt suit, vest, a fitted shirt and heels (all buttons buttoned). Suit pants or even tight jeans would be ok but skirts are a bit more friendly for you know what... =) When she dresses up I tell her to stand "at attention", straight with her hands behind her back, legs together and her head looking slightly up. Then I inspect her so that her clothes are correct fitted, and give her a spank if shes been sloppy or not serious. Its nice to grab her neck, feeling the collar against her throat, feel the shoulderpads of the blazer and the fabric against her breast and waist that makes a beautiful silhouette on her body. She is not allowed to move until I say so. For the most part we start to kiss while she is still standing at attention, and I start to touch her breasts and under her skirt. The only problem during sex is that all these clothes get quite warm and most of the time she has to at least take of her jacket =). Ideal she would also have to call me "sir" but havent gone to that point, cause it would be hard to do that with a straight face and there is not a good word for that in my language =) 

Its not always like this when we´re making love but once or twice a month maybe. Because she has incorporated shirts to her wardrobe she often is wearing a shirt at least once during the weekend, and she usually keeps it on during sex. 

Im very thankful for my girlfriend who is okay with all this, and I would love to hear about your stories!

When it comes to movies and videos with girls in suits or adult content I love it when the girls are submissive and ideally address people in hierarchical manners. I would love to hear from others who share the same preferences.


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Experiences with your girlfriends Empty Re: Experiences with your girlfriends

Post by Xerxes Wed Mar 10, 2021 8:36 am

I think it makes it easier if you’re dominant and your girlfriend or wife is submissive- non-vanilla sexual stuff is already an assumed part of the relationship and something like this is less of a big deal. And I’m with you on being called Sir:)

My wife used to wear shirt, tie and skirt for me during BDSM sessions most Sundays before the pregnancy. Parenthood and, alas, her health have since made that side of things less possible, but it’s not through lack of will on either side.


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Experiences with your girlfriends Empty Re: Experiences with your girlfriends

Post by Trimaran Sun Mar 14, 2021 4:18 am

I find it is easiest to be open and honest about my preferences. I would not want to be in a relationship with a woman who would not dress up. It helps to “be the change you want to see in the world”, so I always wear a strict suit and tie, especially on a first date. I’ve always loved dressing up myself and would shy despite my desire to. Until I committed to imposing the sort of dress code I want to impose on a partner on myself. It really helps. It sets expectations and starts to help weed out women who would not be into formal clothes. It is a lot easier to ask your partner to wear a shirt and tie if you do so. Our fetish lends itself to dressing well and helping your partner dress respectably, don’t be shy about it!

In my experience most women will dress up if you tell them you like it. Xerxes is absolutely right about BDSM making the whole situation easier. Submissive women love rules and direction. I had a first date where I told the sub about how she would dress before we met. She did not even own a button down, so when we met I provided her with a white shirt and tie. She blushed, went into the bathroom, and came out dressed properly. I adjusted her tie and told her that this was how she would dress around me. She did.

My tastes are pretty standard for this community. I don’t have an ideal outfit necessarily, but it involves an immaculate white shirt and tie, under a dress, suit, skirt, sweater, or really whatever works. There’s nothing like having a partner incorporate a shirt and tie into their style. I dated another woman who, when I first told her I wanted her to wear a button down she laughed and told me “I don’t dress like that”. We went to Brooks Brothers and I bought her some. To my surprise, from then on, she would always wear a button down and skirt, or under a nice plaid dress.  I would tell her not to for certain occasions and she would anyway. Her friends noticed and would comment on her new style. They must have known I was behind it because I would always be wearing a shirt, tie, and cufflinks- with either a suit or a sweater depending on the situation.

Subject yourself to what you expect out of your partner. Life is better when dressed properly!


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Experiences with your girlfriends Empty Re: Experiences with your girlfriends

Post by agatn1 Tue Mar 16, 2021 2:19 am

I agree with you there Trimaran, if one dresses up its more naturally that the other one does. And yes I think thats something special when you dont have to ask her to dress in a certain way, that it comes naturally.


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Experiences with your girlfriends Empty Re: Experiences with your girlfriends

Post by Doush Wed Mar 17, 2021 9:44 am

I've told almost every serious girlfriend of my fetish for women dressed in a shirt and tie. None of them have reacted badly - the worst has only been one or two stating it was a bit strange to begin with - but all have dressed that way for me if we were together long enough for kinks and fetishes to start being experimented with. I'm also into BDSM, and oddly enough enjoy women dressed that way both because they are required to as the sub, and because they choose to dress powerfully when being dominant. I've had one ex who would happily wear shirts, ties, and skirt suits when we went out, but I was pretty young (she was a bit older than me) so I didn't appreciate it for how amazing it was - in fact, I was even a bit embarrassed by it on occasion. She was a burlesque dancer though, so nothing phased her!

With my current partner, she'll dress up whenever we have time for more than a "quickie". She says it gets her in the mood now when she starts choosing what to wear, so it's become a kind of foreplay for us. She has a wide array of shirts and ties that I've bought her over the years. Unfortunately, she doesn't wear a shirt or tie out in public (other than for very occasional role plays), but I still count myself very fortunate.

Long story short, I concur that there's no point hiding this side of yourself if it's important enough to you. If all you like is seeing a woman strictly dressed, it's pretty innocuous when compared to some of the sexual fetishes/interests out there.


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Experiences with your girlfriends Empty Re: Experiences with your girlfriends

Post by darko7 Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:24 am

After many years i decided to tell to my wife my fetish. She understant me but sometimes she get ungry because i push her to do it.. So i decide not to push her but once o month i bought her a new tie. So she knows that must do it. Its a deal.
Always she wear white shirt and tie , louboutin heels, pencil skirt or trouser..
Its important to talk with your partner!


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Experiences with your girlfriends Empty Re: Experiences with your girlfriends

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