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The Remote Empty The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Wed Sep 01, 2021 8:26 pm

The entire story is written from Amelia’s point of view besides the prologue, which is from a third person point of view.
Prologue: Amelia lives with her mother and currently goes to a public high school. Her hair goes down only to her shoulders. Amelia always dresses casually in tee shirts and sweatpants, but her mother always dresses formally with blouses and skirts. After numerous incidents in school involving behavior and grades, Amelia’s mother has become fed up with her daughter’s behavior. On a Friday morning, Amelia’s mother receives a call from the school saying that Amelia is failing one of her classes, and Amelia’s mother decides that it is time to change her daughter’s behavior and turn her into a prim and proper young woman.

Chapter 1:
I was in my second to last class of the school day when I got a text from my mom, saying “The school called me saying you are failing one of your classes. We’ll talk about this later at home”. Oh no, she found out! My mom usually doesn’t punish me, but I haven’t been on my best behavior for the last few years, and failing a class is something I’ve never done before. After receiving my mom’s message, I was unable to focus in class and started to become anxious about what was waiting for me at home. The school day eventually ended, and I got on my school bus and went home. When I walked inside my house, my mom was sitting on a chair in our living room, reading a book, in a white pencil skirt with a blue button up shirt with white pin stripes, buttoned all the way to the top. Ugh, I hated her style. How do find something like that comfortable to sit in? I’d much rather be in my clothes instead. I stood in the living room, waiting for her to finish reading.

Mom: “Oh hi sweetie! I’ve been waiting for you to come home to go out to dinner, so go upstairs and get changed and we can head out as soon as you’re done.”

Me: “Sounds good, I’ll go put on a pair of jeans and I’ll be ready.”
Little did I know, that wasn’t going to be possible. I went up into my room and put down my school bag. I opened the closet, and it was like it wasn’t even mine. The entire closet was filled with polo shirts, button up shirts, skirts, dress pants, v-neck sweaters, sweater vests, cardigans, flats, heels, and other items. I immediately was confused and called my mom.

Me: “Mom!! Whose clothes are in my closet?!”
I was surprised that when I turned around to face my door, my mom was already standing there.

Mom: “All of that, dear, is all of your new clothes. After the phone call I received from your school today, I decided that you need to become a well-behaved woman, and one of the steps to that is having a preppy wardrobe.”

Me: “I’m not doing that! I’m old enough where I know how I want to dress”

My mom then grabbed my chin and forced my head to look up at her and said “I don’t think you have much of a choice in the matter, dear. Now, I’m going to set out some clothes for you for dinner and you’ll get dressed in what I give you, the way I want you to wear it. Do you understand?”

Me: “Yes”
Mom: “The correct answer should be “yes ma’am”. Do you understand?”

Me: “Yes ma’am”

She then turned to my new wardrobe and picked out my clothes for dinner. A green polo shirt with white buttons, a black skirt, white socks and black flats. 

Mom: “First, put on the polo shirt, and make sure all three buttons are fastened. Then tuck it into your skirt and afterwards pull your white socks up to your knees and put on your flats. Understood?”

Me: “Yes ma’am”

I couldn’t believe that I had to wear this outfit. Since when do I wear clothes with buttons or collars on them? Or skirts? Or shoes other than sneakers? Also, who refers to their mom as “ma’am”? I found it ridiculous, but I knew that I had no other choice but to be obedient. I can’t even wear any other clothes, and the things that my mom picked out for me are one of the least formal things in my new wardrobe!
I first put on the polo shirt, and slowly fastened each button. Can I seriously not unbutton one of them? This top button is not comfortable at all. I then neatly tucked in my shirt into my skirt, and zipped up the skirt. Mom said it can’t be above my kneecaps, so I made sure of that. After pulling my white socks all the way to my knees and putting on my flats, my mom from the other side of the door said,

Mom: “Are you done yet, dear?”

Me: “Yes ma’am, I’m all dressed now.”

Once she walked in, she immediately started praising me, saying that I look wonderful. She then reached over, and I felt a tingle in my neck, as if she stuck something on me.

Me: “What was that?”

Mom: “Oh, just a little device that’ll help me if you dare to misbehave. Here, I’ll show you what it can do.”

I saw my mom press a button on a remote that she had in her hand, and in not even a second, my body moved on it’s own. My feet clasped together, my hands went behind me, my fingers interlocked, and my chin raised slightly. I couldn’t move out of the position, I could only move my eyes around.

Mom: “Do you now see what I can do with this?”

I then felt as if my mouth moved on it’s own, with words coming out that I didn’t choose.

Me: “Yes ma’am, I understand that you have all the power in this situation, Mother.”

Mom: “Oh that sounded splendid. Please refer to me as Mother or ma’am now, dear.”

Me: “Yes ma’am, anything for you, Mother”

Mother: “Perfect.”

I then felt my body move yet again. My hands stayed behind my back, but now my legs were going down into a kneeling position. My head then turned up to face my mother, and then a smile started to form on its own on my face! 

Mother: “Aw, what a sweet little prim and proper girl.”

Me: “Thank you, Mother”

My body then made me stand up, and My hands grabbed my skirt, forcing me to curtsy in front of Mother! And during all of this, a smile was still forced on my face. After curtsying, I felt that I regained control of my own body.

Mother: “Do you now understand how much control I can have over you if you decide to misbehave?”

Me: “Y-Yes ma’am, I promise I will behave, Mother”

Mother: “Glad to hear that. Now, let’s get to the restaurant.”

We later arrived at the restaurant where we had our reservation, and I could tell I was getting several looks in regards to my outfit. When we got to our table, I sat down, but immediately felt something change. Mother pressed a button on the remote, making me sit up straight by pulling back my shoulders, as well as folding my hands in front of me and interlocking my fingers. 

Mother: “I know you don’t have control over your body right now, but I want you to sit like that everyday, anywhere, at all times. Understood, dear?”

Me: “Yes ma’am, and I agree, I need to greatly improve my posture.”

She then gave control back to me, but I maintained my posture as I was told to. While we waited for our food, our conversation mostly consisted of the way I’m going to dress now, as well as the rules Mother wants me to follow, including buttoning the top button always, tightening my belt as much as possible if I have one, skirts can’t be above the knee, and many more. Each of these rules I followed with a response of “Yes ma’am”, because I had no other choice but to obey!

When the waiter came back with our food, Mother pressed a button again on her remote. When the waiter placed our food on the table, my mouth yet again moved on its own and I said “Thank you, sir!” Mother informed me that I should call everyone Sir or Ma’am at all times. After I took a few bites out of my dinner, Mother suddenly took the hair band out of my hair, and I became confused. She then came up behind me, grabbed the collar of my shirt, and took the hair band and tied it on the back of the collar on my polo shirt, effectively making the collar feel tighter on me. Because my hair laid down now, it was not possible to see the hair band in the back.

Mother: “I saw your collar was a bit loose, so hopefully I made it tighter. Don’t worry though, you most likely won’t be wearing polo shirts again after this dinner, instead, you’ll be wearing your more formal shirts we have back home, and you will like it. Understood?”

Me: “Yes ma’am, I am delighted to hear that I will be dressing even more formally.”

By the time we returned to our home, it was already around my bedtime. I went into my room to put on my pajamas and go to sleep, but I couldn’t find any of them! 

Me:”Mother! Where did my pajamas go?”

Mother walked into my room to assist me.

Mother: “Your new pajamas are in this drawer. They may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but I bought these specifically so it trained you.”

I pulled out a set of pajamas, and they all looked the same. A skirt and a button up shirt, both cream colored and presumably made of silk. Are you kidding me? I had to dress formally in my sleep now too?

Mother: “Each of the shirts have collar buttons on them, but the deeper you go into the drawer, the shirt will have a higher collar as well as more buttons. The first one only has 2 buttons as you can see, which is something you should be able handle. Button up the shirt all th way and tuck it into the skirt. Do I make myself clear?”

Me: “Yes ma’am, thank you for the new pajamas.”

As soon as Mother left the room, I began dressing for the night. I first started with the shirt from the bottom button. I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I eventually buttoned every single button to the top. Why does the collar feel like it’s too small on me? Is this how it’s supposed to be? I decided to not question it, I didn’t want to aggravate Mother. I tucked in my fully buttoned shirt into my skirt and got in bed.

End of Chapter 1

Should I continue? If people enjoy it, I will continue writing the story, and as the story goes along, Amelia will be put in different situations as well as dressed more formally.

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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Nioxtie Fri Sep 03, 2021 7:15 am

Looks good ! go for it


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Texttile Sun Sep 05, 2021 1:55 am

Yes! I would love to see more!


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Sun Sep 19, 2021 8:57 pm

Chapter 2

When I woke up the next day, I was immediately reminded of my new pajamas, and the unrelentingly tight collar. I still couldn’t believe that these were the only pajamas I was allowed to wear. I got out of bed, and noticed some clothes on my desk, as well as a small note on top of them.

The note said: “I’ll be running a few errands this morning, I should be home around 11:00, so please be ready by then - hair, makeup, and the clothes I prepared for you should all be completed before I get home.”

I put the note to the side and saw what Mother prepared for me today. A black skirt, a navy blue argyle sweater vest, a long sleeved white button up shirt, white knee high socks, and black Mary Janes. At least this outfit looked somewhat cute. I took of my pajamas and started off with putting on the white shirt. It was a bit of a challenge because it was only my 2nd time ever buttoning a shirt all the way up, but I managed to do it. Also, not to mention that the collar was very tight, but that seemed like an ongoing trend. I then put on my skirt and adjusted it to the height that Mother approves, and then neatly tucked in my white shirt into my skirt. After that, I put on my sweater vest, which was a bit tight for some reason. so it made my breasts come out more. I then put on my white socks and pulled them up all the way to my knees, and then put on my new shoes. After getting dressed in what Mother prepared for me, I put on some light makeup and did my hair in the way that I knew Mother always likes. Mother always said that my hair looks best when it’s curled and let down - it doesn’t go down too far anyways since my hair only goes down to my shoulders. After getting everything done, I checked the time. 10:55. Perfect. I headed downstairs, and double checked my attire at the mirror at the bottom of the stairs. I then went into the living room and sat on the edge of the armchair, sat up straight, pulled my shoulders back, raised my chin slightly, folded my hands, and put a smile on my face. 10:59. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, but I knew that I had no other choice because if I didn’t, I would get an unimaginable punishment.
Mother walked in and I immediately looked at the outfit she was wearing. Mother was wearing a black skirt and a navy blue crewneck cardigan, buttoned all the way up. Under the cardigan, she had a white shirt, buttoned all the way up, and something attached to her collar, but I couldn’t tell what it was. She also had on black high heels, and they seemed to be very high.

Me: “Good morning Mother. You look wonderful today.”

Mother: “Thank you Amelia. I see that you followed the instructions I gave you, and even went a step further! Whenever I leave you instructions when I’m not home, please sit her just like how you are right now after you finish. For your good behavior, I have a present for you. Do you see how our attire matches?”

Me: “Yes ma’am, I did notice that. I also noticed something on your collar, what is that Mother?”

Mother came closer to me, and I was able to see what it is. It looked like some sort of pin. It had a circular shape with a silver border, and the center had a blue color, similar to both of our sweaters.

Mother: “That, dear, is called a brooch. I have several, all in different colors, and I bought some for you too. I’d like you to wear one today.”

Me: “Yes ma’am of course, anything you wish is my command.”

Mother took out an identical brooch out and told me to stand up. I stood up, folded my hands behind back, and raised my chin. Mother grabbed my collar and pulled it out a bit towards herself, but it was a challenge because of how close it was to my neck. She then clipped the brooch on. The back of the brooch that made it stay in place was not flat, instead it had an arch. Once Mother let go of my collar, I immediately felt the brooch dig into my throat, as if someone was holding up a dull knife to my throat. How does she wear this!?

Mother: “How does it feel, Amelia?”

Me: “It feels a bit uncomfortable, but I feel more proper. Thank you for the gift, ma’am”

Mother: “Of course. And I’ll have more gifts for you later this weekend.”

Me: “Thank you Mother. I can’t wait for them!”

Mother: “I have other activities planned for us today, but before we do anything, I need you to clean up the whole house. Normally I’d ask you to do this when I’m not home, but I want to show you how this will work. I will press a button on the remote, which has a preset ready for you to clean the house. You will not be able to control your body or speak for yourself, but you will be able to see everything. Understood?”

Me: “Yes ma’am, I’m ready.”

Once she pressed the button, I felt my posture slightly change, and even the position of my head slightly change, as if it perfected itself. I walked upstairs to my bedroom with my hands behind my back. I entered my room, and my body took me to my closet, and reached for a hanger all the way, and I couldn’t believe it. Is this, some sort of uniform!? My body layed the items on my bed, and I immediately started undressing myself. The only thing I was left in was my white shirt, and then I noticed what was on my bed. A pencil skirt, a vest that men use for suits, and a bowtie. A BOWTIE!? There’s no way that I’m wearing that! My body put on the skirt first, and tucked in my shirt into it. I then put on the vest, buttoned it up all the way, and then tightened the strap on the back. By doing so, it clinched my back and made me look much more tightened at the front. My body then flipped collar up, and put the bow tie around my collar. I then tied it as tight as possible, and flipped the collar down. My body then went back to my closet and reached down for shoes. But ones I have not worn yet. High heels. HIGH HEELS? How was I supposed to clean in these? I never learned how to walk in high heels, but apparently the preset that Mother applied knew. I put them on, folded my hands behind my back again, and walked downstairs to present myself to Mother.

Mother: “You look great, Amelia. Just so you know, this is your servant uniform. You will be wearing this every time you clean, and you’ll have no other choice because every time you clean. The remote is going to take control of your body. I left a list on the kitchen counter-top. Please complete everything on the list.”

Me: “Yes Ma’am.”

I went into the kitchen and found the list, and my body immediately took me to start working on the chores listed. Although it took me a while, I finished everything on the list Mother gave me. After I finished, I went back into the living room and spoke to Mother.

Me: “I have finished everything, Mother.”

Mother: “That’s great to hear Amelia, now go get changed back into what you wore earlier.”

Me: “Yes Ma’am”

As soon as I responded, I felt I regained control of my body again, and I headed upstairs to go get changed. I took off the uniform, put it back on the hanger, and put it back in the same spot in my closet. Once again, I put on my normal black skirt, my navy blue argyle sweater vest, and the navy blue brooch that Mother gave me, as well as the shoes and socks I was wearing earlier. I still couldn’t believe I was dressed like this and that this is all I have available for me to dress in.

I headed downstairs again and presented myself to Mother, with my feet together and my hands behind my back again. Once Mother saw that I was in the room, she put her book down and pressed a button again on the remote. It froze me in place! Mother came up to me, with something in her hands that she was hiding behind her back. I then felt Mother put something in my hair, and then Mother turned me around to face the mirror. It was a navy blue headband with a smaller sized navy blue bowtie on the side. At that point, I realized that my entire image and personality has changed. In just a few days, I’ve become the preppy girl. The posh girl. Prim and proper all around. Mother then turned me back around to face her and pressed the remote again, giving me control of my body once more.

Mother: “Now that you’re all ready to go, let’s go do what I’ve planned for us today.”

Me: “Yes ma’am, after you.”

We went outside, got into Mother’s car, and started driving.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by N00144119 Mon Sep 20, 2021 4:32 am

I hope you introduce some neckties and maybe some punishments for her.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Mon Sep 20, 2021 4:36 am

N00144119 wrote:I hope you introduce some neckties and maybe some punishments for her.
Yes, in fact, both of those things will be in the next chapter


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:15 pm

We finally arrived at a clothing store that I didn’t recognize. We were still in the car when Mother said,

Mother: “This is the only store where you will be permitted to buy clothes from. Everything you possibly need for your new preppy style is in this store. Do you understand Amelia?”

Me: “Yes ma’am, I understand.”

We got out of the car and started walking towards the doors of the store, and I felt my body move on its own once again. My body walked up and grabbed the door, and instead of walking inside the store, I held the door open for Mother. My body moved my feet together, put my left arm behind my back, my right arm held the door, and a smile was formed on my face once again. Mother walked into the store and I felt my body regain control so I walked in right after her.

When we walked in, I was told to sit down, and was given a piece of paper. On the paper, it had a list of colors on the left side, with a picture of the color on the right. I was told to choose the colors that I like and then the store will get me all kinds of clothing articles in those colors. For example, if I choose red, I’d get several different skirts, blazers, vests, sweaters, cardigans, shoes, socks, headbands, neckties, bow ties, cross ties, and brooches all in red. After learning this, I started to pick some colors I like: navy blue, olive green, sage green, pink of course, brown, dark red, gray, and some other ones. All of the clothes will later be delivered to our house. After I ordered the clothes I wanted, Mother came to me and said,

Mother: “Before we leave, I want you to try something on.”

Me: “Of course Mother, I do anything you say.”

Mother then led me to a small section of the store and stood me in front of 3 mirrors, the two on the sides being angled inwards. Mother then turned me towards her and had something in her hand that I didn’t recognize at first, but I quickly realized what it was: a necktie. I’ve never worn one before, but I was excited to try it on. Mother slowly unclipped my brooch and then popped the collar of my shirt. I was told to raise my chin, so I did as I was told. Mother then put the necktie around me, and started tying it. Soon enough, Mother finished the knot, and caught me off guard. She started tightening the tie, and I could feel my chin raise naturally, and my back straighten out. The tie was practically choking me once Mother was done with it, but it felt good, and I felt turned on. I looked in the mirror in total disbelief. The color was a perfect match too, a beautiful navy blue that matched my navy blue argyle sweater vest and my navy blue headband. I started tightening my tie even more, until I heard myself gag a little. It was perfect. Mother stepped in front of me and said,

Mother: “See Amelia, now you’re dressed like a proper woman.”

Me: “Yes ma’am I agree. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, Mother.”

Mother then proceeded to lead me out of the store, telling me that we’re going back home because she needs to get me prepared for school and how I will attend school from now on.We got into the car and started heading back home.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Tue Oct 19, 2021 6:57 pm

I love this story. The preppification is a huge element I enjoy. Beyond just simple ties and suits, I love the elements of introducing prissy, proper, feminine and preppiness. Would love to see more preppy outfits. Like Old money aesthetic, taking cue from Gossip Girl or from classic Ivy League prep looks. Tweed sets, sweaters over shoulders, cardigans , pussybow blouses, heels. Etc. Perhaps even a Salon chapter? I really love this story so far.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Fri Oct 29, 2021 10:07 pm

Chapter 4

We arrived at our home and got out of the car. I went up to our front door and held the door open for Mother, and then walked inside after Mother walked in. Mother instructed me to sit in the living room, so I sat on the edge of one of the arm chairs, sat up straight, and folded my hands in front of me. Mother then asked me a question:

Mother: “Did you have a good time at the store today, dear?”

Me: “Yes, I did.”

Before Mother could even say anything, I realized my mistake, but it was too late.

Mother: “YES WHAT?”

Me: “Y-Yes m-m-ma’am.”

Mother quickly got up from her chair and firmly grabbed my necktie and pulled me up by my necktie, forcing me to stand up. Mother then led me back to the chair she was sitting in, and sat down again. Mother pulled me down by my necktie, forcing my body to rest on her lap. Mother then lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties, exposing my bare bottom. Mother took out a studded wooden paddle and said:

Mother: “You do understand why I’m doing this, correct?”

Me: “Yes ma’am, I understand. I have been a naughty girl and I need to be punished severely for it.”

Mother: “Good, I’m grateful that you understand.”

After Mother spoke, she began spanking me. At every hit, my head and legs flung up a little bit. I yelped at every hit, but as I received more spanks, the less I yelped. It seemed like forever, but it only lasted for 5 minutes. Mother then told me to get up. I stood in front of her armchair with my hands behind my back. My face was smeared with tears, my headband had fallen off and was on the ground, my tie was pulled out from under my sweater vest, and my hair was a mess. I was not allowed to fix my appearance, and I was told to kneel in front of Mother, with my hands straight out towards Mother, palms facing upward. Mother suddenly had a leather belt in her hands, and started smacking my palms with the belt. I started yelping again at every hit, and by the time Mother was done, my palms were red and swollen. I was then told roger up again, and Mother got up from her armchair. Mother picked up my headband from the ground, fixed my hair, and put the headband in my hair. Mother then straightened out my skirt and tightened the belt I had on, clinching my waist. Finally. Mother tucked my necktie back into my sweater vest and tightened my necktie until my face started turning red. Mother then said:

Mother: “It’s almost your bedtime. Please go upstairs and change into your sleeping uniform and get to bed. Tomorrow we’ll discuss what you’ll be wearing to school on daily basis.”

Me: “Yes ma’am, understood. I am eager to have our discussion tomorrow, Mother.”

I then went upstairs and entered my room, and changed out my clothes. I nearly put my clothes in the laundry basket and returned my brooch, necktie, and headband into their appropriate spots. I then started to put on my sleeping uniform. The shirt for tonight has 3 buttons on the collar, oh boy. It took me even longer this time to button the shirt all the way up. I could feel the higher collar stiffening my neck when I fastened all of them, and figured that it’s going to be a feeling that I need to get used to. I then tucked my shirt into my skirt, and got into bed and went to sleep.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by N00144119 Sat Oct 30, 2021 5:40 am

Ooh I love it. I love the details and adding in of tightening the waist and tie and domination style from the mother.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Sat Oct 30, 2021 11:28 am

Love it. Can’t wait what comes next


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Sun Oct 31, 2021 8:39 am

Chapter 5

Mother walked into my room, waking me up forcefully. Sunday, 8:00. Tomorrow will be my first day of wearing my preppy attire in school, and Mother said that today was going to be all about getting prepared for that, in terms of my clothes, manners, and behavior. Before I could get out of bed, Mother pressed a button on the remote. My body got up immediately, went towards the closet, and took out my servant uniform. Again!? I already cleaned yesterday! Mother stood in my room and watched me get dressed. I undressed from my sleeping uniform and put on the white shirt first with 2 buttons on the collar. I buttoned the shirt all the way up, popped the collar, and put on my black bowtie. My body made sure that my bowtie was as tight as possible. I then tucked in my shirt into my black pencil skirt and then put on and buttoned my vest, as well as tightening the back strap. My body put on my high heels, walked over to Mother, and said:

Me: “Good morning ma’am, how may I serve you?”

Mother then proceeded to tell me what to do, which was basically cleaning the entire house. Again.

A few hours later after cleaning, my body took me to the living room, where I sat in an armchair. Mother pressed the remote, finally giving me back control of my body. Mother explained that now she’s going to tell me about how I should act at school tomorrow. For wardrobe, obviously only my new preppy style was allowed by Mother. Mother also told me that she talked with my teachers and apparently they have the same remotes that can control me! I couldn’t even begin to think of the embarrassing situations that could happen. Before I knew it, it was already my bedtime. Just as I was told, I went upstairs, got undressed, and changed into my sleeping uniform, this time with 4 buttons on the collar of the shirt. I got in bed, eager to see what would happen in school tomorrow.

Monday. I woke up sharply at 6:00 am. Mother said that I am able to pick my own outfits, as long as they are appropriate. I went to my closet and picked out what I want to wear. I decided on a white button up shirt with 2 buttons on the collar, a chocolate brown skirt, a sage green cardigan with brown buttons, a sage green cross tie, a sage green headband with a little bow tie, brown suspenders, and brown Mary Janes with white knee high socks. I couldn’t wait!! I first buttoned up my shirt all the way up and popped the collar. I put on my sage green cross tie, tightened it, smoothed it down so it’s not sticking forward, and flipped my collar back down. I then tucked my shirt into my skirt and tightened my belt as much as possible,and then clipped on my suspenders on the back, brought them in front of me, and clipped in the front too. My suspenders helped my posture by pulling my shoulders back, which I really liked. I then put on my white socks and pulled them up to my knees, and then put on my shoes. I then put my cardigan on, buttoned it up, and put my headband in my hair. I was ready to go! I headed downstairs and Mother began praising my outfit, saying that I finally know how to dress as a proper young woman - prim and proper. I grabbed my bookbag and went on my way to my bus stop.

I got on the bus and I noticed all of the stares I was getting. I simply just ignored them because I knew that I dress better than the rest of these kids. I sat in a seat, with good posture (of course) and patiently waited to arrive at school. I got off the bus, said “Thank you sir” to the driver, and headed to my first class: Math. I walked into my Math class and saw Ms. Wise’s outfit, she was always dressed in a preppy style. Today she was wearing a white blouse with a pink pussy bow and black dress pants, with an open high neckline pink cardigan over her blouse. I walked up to the front desk and said to Ms. Wise:

Me: “Good morning ma’am, I was wondering if would be able to switch my seat to the very front, ma’am.”

Ms.Wise: “Yes of course Amelia, and very nice manners too, as well as your outfit! How come you’re so dressed up today?”

Me: “Thank you for your compliments ma’am. I’ve just had a change of heart - I felt that I should dress in more proper attire, at all times. I adore the preppy style, and I think it’ll spread throughout the school. Also I absolutely love your attire, ma’am.”

Ms. Wise: “Thank you Amelia! Also it’s a good thing that you had a change of heart, a young and pretty girl like you should dress properly as well. Now get seated, I’ll be starting class soon.”

Me: “Yes ma’am.”

I sat in my seat, sat up straight, folded my hands in front on me, and smiled, eagerly waiting for the lecture to begin. Mother was right, school is a lot more enjoyable when I just behave obediently and pay attention in class like I should. Math class passed by quickly and before I knew it, I had to get to my next class, Chemistry. On my way to Chemistry I walked in the hallways like Mother told me to - keeping my feet close to each other and taking small steps, as well as folding my hands behind my back. In the hallways I got more stares, probably because of my outfit, but I just ignored them, held my chin high, and kept walking. I arrived at my Chemistry class and greeted Mr. Bunson, who always wore a bowtie and a sweater vest:

Me: “Good morning sir, how are you today?”

Mr. Bunson: “Amelia! What a nice outfit, I know your mother must be proud.”

When Mr. Bunson said this, he showed me a remote - the same remote that Mother had to control me. She gave them to all of my teachers.

Me: “Thank you sir, and yes, my Mother is proud. My behavior will be immaculate from now on, sir.”

Mr. Bunson: “That’s good to hear, Miss. I have moved your seat to the front, as your Mother requested. Please grab your lab coat, we’ll be doing an experiment today.”

Me: “Yes sir, as you wish.”

I went to my seat and unbuttoned my cardigan and took it off, exposing my brown suspenders. My classmates around the room were looking at me, whispering. I ignored them and grab my lab coat from the closet, and buttoned it up. The coat always fit perfectly, it only went down to my waistline and wasn’t too big. Chemistry flew by fast as well, and the experiment went well. I took my lab coat back to the closet and put my sage green cardigan back on and buttoned it up. Now it was time for lunch. I was anxious to hear what my friends would have to say about my attire, but I reminded myself what Mother said. If they say anything negative, then I should take it as a form of jealousy. On my way to lunch, my best friend Jenny caught up to me in hallway. Jenny is in my math class, but she came into school late today, so she missed it. Jenny always dresses casually, like I used to, but that would soon change. We got to the cafeteria pretty early, as no one was there yet, and sat at our table. Jenny, bubbling with energy, starting talking:

Jenny: “Oh my god Amelia, your outfit is so cute! A few people texted me that you’re dressed like Blaire Waldorf from Gossip Girls, but I had to see it for myself! Is this your style now?? Are you done with tee shirts and jeans??”

Me: “Thank you Jenny! And yes, this is my new style now, and I love it! I feel so confident when I’m dressed up.”

Jenny: “Wait a minute, could I check something real quick? Even your attitude has changed.”

Me: “Sure thing! What are you looking for?”

Jenny said she wanted to check something on my neck. She told me to pull my head down so she can see. I had to undo my cross tie and unbutton my top button because the collar was so tight that Jenny couldn’t see anything. Once I did that, she saw it. The chip that was inside my neck. The chip that forced me to follow Mother’s commands that she made with the remote. Jenny said she’s done, so I buttoned my top button again and buttoned my cross tie and tightened it.

Jenny: “Amelia, I’ve seen the chip that you have, but I wasn’t expecting for your mom to put it in you! My mom was talking to me the other day, saying how she saw on Facebook that “Amelia’s mom posted a device that makes children follow your commands, be obedient, and become prim and proper.” Is that the same chip?”

Me: “Yes Jenny, it is. I honestly am not sure how I feel about it. One part of me that’s buried deep down now doesn’t like it at all, but the other part of me that has taken over my mind loves it, and loves dressing up and being obedient. I can say one thing for sure though, it’s made my life a lot simpler now. I just do what my Mother tells me to do, and that’s the only thing I have to worry about.”

Jenny: “Oh no, I’m getting anxious. I’m pretty sure my mom ordered it last night, so I think I should expect to have the chip put in me after school today. It doesnt sound fun.”

Me: “It’s definitely not enjoyable at the beginning, but you get used to it quickly You learn your place, that you must do as you’re told.”

I then noticed Jenny’s outfit - she was a little more dressed up today, but not by much. She was wearing a completely unbuttoned polo shirt, untucked, with jeans.

Me: “Could you stand up Jenny? If you’re going to get the chip put in you today, you might as well meet some of your mother’s expectations before you get home.”

Jenny: “Ugh, fine. Might as well start early.”

Jenny stood in front of me and wondered what I meant. I lightly grabbed her polo shirt and fastened all three buttons. I then loosened her belt, tucked her polo shirt into her jeans, and fastened her belt as tight as possible.

Jenny: “Jeez Amelia, is this how my moms going to make me dress?”

Me: “Most likely, but with more formal clothing like I’m wearing right now. She’ll also probably expect you to call her Mother or ma’am, and the same thing with Father or sir.”

Jenny: “Sir!? Ma’am!? Oh god, I’m not going to be able to do that.”

Me: “You’re going to have to, or they’ll make you do it with the help of the remote.”

Jenny: “Amelia I’m really nervous. I don’t want my life to be like this.”

Me: “It’s ok Jenny, it’s for the better. Also, I’m here for you. That’s what friends are for, right?”

Jenny, touching the buttons on her shirt and stroking her collar, said “You’re right. Thank you Amelia. We’ll get through this together.”

Due to our conversation, I didn’t notice that lunch was almost over. I got up with Jenny and we started heading to our next class together, History.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Tue Nov 09, 2021 10:24 am

I love the story pacing and also attention to detail with the outfits. Allowing for femininity and preppiness to show. As well as feeling how she becomes preppier each chapter


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Sun Nov 28, 2021 11:02 pm

Can’t wait for a new chapter


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Wed Dec 01, 2021 7:05 am

Jimlandover wrote:Can’t wait for a new chapter
Still working on Chapter 6! It's taking me a bit longer because I've been bombarded with college work, as well as the next chapter being longer than the recent previous ones.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Sun Dec 05, 2021 1:28 am

Hoping it is good. No need to rush. I love the focus and pace. And the preppiness with femininity as exposure to ties.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Mon Dec 13, 2021 2:18 pm

Chapter 6

Jenny and I finally arrive at History class when I turn back to her and say:

Me: “Just follow my lead and pay attention to what I say and do, alright?”

Jenny: “Understood.”

I walk into the class and at the front of the room is Mr. Luther, our History teacher. Mr. Luther always dressed elegantly and 3-piece suits were always common for him to wear.

Me: “Good morning Sir, I wanted to ask you if I would be able to sit at the front of the room, Sir.”

Mr. Luther: “Of course Amelia, I think that’s a great idea, and I think you’ll benefit from it greatly.”

Me: “Thank you, Sir.”

Jenny: “S-Sir, would I be able to sit at the front of the room as well? I promise I will behave, Sir.”

Mr. Luther: “Sure thing, Jenny. As long as both of you girls are paying attention and not disrupting the class, it’s fine by me. Understood?”

Jenny & I: “Yes Sir, thank you Sir!”

Coincidentally, in History class we started a new unit focusing on fashion throughout history, with the first chapter focusing on Victorian era style. Jenny seemed to be transitioning fairly easily - she was sitting the same way I was (with good posture), she participated throughout the entire class, and she also kept her attire proper. I had the feeling that Jenny was going to get used to our new lifestyle very quickly. History went by fairly quickly too, especially because the lesson was about fashion that correlated with my new fashion sense. After History class, Jenny and I walked to her mom’s car. Jenny’s mother always gave me a ride back home because they live across the street from us. Jenny’s mother was very similar to my mother - they both dressed nicely. Today, Jenny’s mother was wearing a light blue Oxford shirt fully buttoned, tucked into khakis with a tight belt, and pearls that laid around her collar. We arrived to the car and both got in the back seats. While driving, Jenny’s mother started a conversation with us.

Jenny’s Mother: “Oh my, you girls look wonderful today! Amelia, I can see that behavior chip is working very well *wink*, but since when does my little Jenny dress so preppy? All the buttons done up on your polo shirt, and tucked into your jeans tightly with a belt?”

Me: “It was actually my idea, ma’am. Jenny told me that you plan to give her the chip today, ma’am, so I figured it would be better if she started early.”

Jenny’s Mother: “Very good idea Amelia! I am very proud of you!”
Me: “Thank you ma’am”

Jenny’s Mother: “So darling, are you ready to get the chip put into you later today?”

Jenny: “Yes ma’am, I will be ready, Mother.”

Jenny’s Mother: “Wonderful, and wonderful manners too! I can see that Amelia has taught you a lot today. When we get home, we’ll put it in right away. Soon, you’ll be a proper young woman who understands that she needs to serve her parents and become submissive to all of her superiors. I cannot wait!”

Jenny: “Yes Mother, I cannot wait as well!”

We arrived at our street, and we all got out of the car. I said “Thank you ma’am” to Jenny’s mother for the car ride and walked across the street inside my house, where Mother was waiting for me. Mother was sitting in the living room, dressed in proper attire as usual, but a tad bit more casual today. Mother was wearing a red v-neck sweater over a crisp white shirt and red necktie paired with a black skirt and red high heels. As I was going to Mother's seat to say good morning, a button on the remote was pressed and I felt my knees collapse. I was now kneeling in front of Mother as she praised me for my outfit:

Mother: "Darling you look absolutely wonderful today! My little Amelia has all grown up and has learned her place - standing by my side and serving me. Isn't that right, dear?"

Me: "Yes Mother, of course. There's nothing else I would want to do in my life."

Mother: "Perfect, that's the response I like to hear. Please go upstairs and do your school work."

Me: "Yes ma'am, understood."

The remote allowed me to get back up. I grabbed my backpack and headed to my room, with one arm behind my back. I put down my bag near my desk and started to unbutton my sage green cardigan and place it on my chair. As I did this, I stared into my mirror and looked at my brown suspenders. I grabbed the front ones and stretched them out and let go, which made me moan a little when they slapped my breasts. I tightened my sage green cross bow and sat down in my chair, with my left leg crossed over my right and fixing my posture, and began to work. A few hours passed by until Mother called me:

Mother: "Amelia! Come downstairs, dinner is ready!"

Me: "Yes ma'am! I'm coming!"

I got up from my chair, left my cardigan on the chair, and headed downstairs. I entered the dining room and Mother was placing our plates of food on the table already. I noticed that Mother's tie became loose so I must tell her:

Me: "Mother, I do not mean to be disrespectful, but your tie has loosened."

Mother: "Oh! I did not notice that before. No need to apologized dear, you were being helpful. Thank you."

Me: "My pleasure, ma'am."

Mother quickly tightened her tie until she made a gagging noise.

Mother: "I just realized my mistake - I should have worn a collar pin."

Me: "What is a collar pin, Mother?"

Mother: "It's a small little accessory that raises your tie knot. Here, I'll show you."

Mother grabbed one out of a drawer in the kitchen and began to put it on. It pinched her collar and it did in fact raise the knot.

Me: "I very much like that look, Mother."

Mother: "That's great to hear. I would like you to wear a necktie to school tomorrow, that way you will be able to put on a collar pin as well."

Me: "Yes ma'am, I would love to."

We both sat down at the dining table with excellent posture. As we ate, most of our conversation was about my day at school and how I feel about the behavior chip in my neck. I gave Mother a truthful response and said that I loved it. I loved being told what to do and not worrying about so many things because I already know what to do - I just have to obey. After dinner, I helped Mother clean up in rhe kitchen, and headed upstairs to shower. After showering, I got changed into my sleeping uniform. Tonight I had 4 buttons on my collar. Eventually, Mother said that I will have 10 buttons on my collar every night. I went to sleep with excitement for the next day at school.


I woke up full of excitement. I get to wear a necktie today! I shot up and quickly made my bed. I hurried to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I came back into my room and began picking out my outfit for today. I felt girly today, so I decided to wear pink. I grabbed a cable knit pink sweater vest, a white shirt with 2 buttons at the collar, a matching pink tie, a white skirt, white socks, and pink Mary Janes. I took off my sleeping uniform and began to button my white shirt. I picked out this particular shirt because I noticed it had a tighter collar, which I like. I buttoned the shirt all the way to the top, of course, and put my pink sweater vest over it. I then tucked in both into my white skirt and secured everything with a matching pink belt which I put on tightly. I put on my white socks and pulled them up all the way, and then put on my pink Mary Janes. Then, I grabbed my tie. I flipped my collar up and put the tie around my collar. Mother taught me how to do a Windsor knot, so that's the one I did. I tightened it until I could hear myself gag and my throat squeezed. I flipped the collar down and then grabbed the pink collar pin that Mother prepared for me the night before. I stuck it into both sides of my collar and secured it. Mother was right, it did raise the tie knot, which forced me to keep my head higher. I then put on my pink headband to complete my truly preppy outfit.

Mother was not home this morning because she had to go to work, so I went downstairs and grabbed my lunch from the fridge and put it in my bag. Before I could walk out, someone was knocking on my door. I open the door and see that it's Jenny, dressed properly with her hands behind her back, feet together, and a wide smile. Jenny was wearing a white shirt buttoned all the way up, a navy blue skirt, a maroon cardigan, a maroon and navy blue striped necktie tied tight, a headband that matched her necktie, long white socks, and black Mary Janes.

Me: "Hi Jenny! I love your outfit! Can't believe we'll be the posh and preppy girls at school now."

Jenny: "Thank you Amelia, I love it my outfit too! My Mother and Father decided that this would be a good first outfit on my way towards being a proper young woman. Also, I go by Jennifer now - I realized that I need to act more maturely."

Me: "Oh, I apologize Jennifer, it won't happen again ma'am. Are you ready to go?"

Jennifer: "Yes ma'am, after you!"

We began to head to our bus stop. On our way there as well as on the bus ride, Jennifer and I talked about how the behavior chip has affected us in terms of speech, manners, posture, etc. However, we also agreed that we both enjoy acting properly and maturely. We got off the bus soon after and began heading to our first class that we had together, Math.

Sorry for the long wait, but hopefully it was worth it! I have already begun working on Chapter 7 and I have given myself a deadline to finish it before New Years.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by N00144119 Mon Dec 13, 2021 3:10 pm

I'm loving it so far, love the details and the characters. Great work.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Wed Dec 15, 2021 6:22 pm

Loving this. I love the outfits and the pacing. Maybe a salon makeover or a tea party chapter would be great. Maybe a Blair Waldorf type outfit too. Extra preppiness.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Mon Jan 17, 2022 8:31 pm

Can’t wait for more chapters.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Fri Feb 04, 2022 12:29 pm

Chapter 7
Italics will symbolize that Amelia is in a dream

Jennifer and I arrived at our mathematics class and sat down in our seats at the front of the room, sitting up straight as always, and waited for Ms. Wise to start the lecture. As I was waiting, I looked around the room and noticed something - Jennifer and I weren’t the only ones in preppy outfits. There was 2 or 3 other girls as well as 2 boys that were wearing preppy outfits - both of the boys wore oxford shirts with striped ties and sweater vests, and the girls wore combinations of polo shirts, button ups, and sweaters. All of them sat with good posture and had their hands folded, as well as big smiles on their faces and all of their shirts were buttoned up fully.

Me: “Jennifer, look! We’re not the only ones that know how to dress and behave properly.”

Jennifer: “Oh Amelia, that’s delightful! Looks like we can make some new friends!”

Jennifer and I were distracted, and we both didn’t notice that Ms. Wise had already started her lecture over 5 minutes ago. I was still speaking with Jennifer, and suddenly, my body froze. Forcefully, I stood up, put my feet together, held my hands behind my back, and formed a smile on my face. I managed to look to the side at Jennifer - she was in the same position. Ms. Wise appeared in front of us, dressed in a buttoned up pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt, tucked into red dress pants tightened with a pink belt and pink high heels. 

Ms. Wise: “I expected you young ladies to realize that you shouldn’t be talking, but my patience has run out. Please go visit the Headmistress’s office.”

Jennifer & I in unison: “Yes ma’am.”

We both walked out of the room and towards the principal’s office, both of us still not in control of our own bodies. We walked into the office, and Headmistress Johnson ordered us to follow her to a back room. Once we walked in, our bodies both bent forward, and the Headmistress pulled up our skirts and began to paddle us. During the entire time, Jennifer and I were yelping and sobbing, both of us still with forced smiles on our faces. 

After some time, our bodies went back up. Jennifer and I immediately fixed our outfits - we both tightened our ties and adjusted our headbands, as well as me retucking and aligning my pink sweater vest, with Jennifer doing the same with her maroon cardigan. The Headmistress handed both of us 2 hair bands each. We both began to put our hair into very tight pigtails, still with tears running down our faces but still with forced smiles. We were then both handed bright red lipsticks, and we applied it to our lips. The Headmistress required us to be her servants for the rest of the day - we stood by her desk in the same position we were put in back in Ms. Wise’s room, and we stood there until we were given a command. This went on for the next 5 hours, and at the end of the day, we were able to leave. We both thoroughly apologized to the Headmistress, as well as Ms. Wise. When Jennifer and I walked out of the school building, I saw my Mother’s car. Inside, my Mother was sitting with Jennifer’s mother, and they both did not look pleased. Jennifer sat behind her mother, and I sat behind mine. Immediately when we entered the car, both of our mothers yelled at us for our behavior in school, and said that we will be punished for this. 

We started driving into town when Mother handed both of us a pill, ordering us to take it. We both followed her command and took one pill each. Soon enough, we stopped at the local salon, and we all entered. Jennifer and I sat down next to each other in the salon chairs. A woman came over and took a cape and put it on very tightly, as well as it being right under my chin. As soon as she does this, I hear a faint “So, what haircut are we doing for this young lady today?”, and I fell asleep.

I appear in a room. A large bedroom. I see a mirror so I approach it, and I see myself, but much older. I look at my attire - a light blue button down shirt with a contrast white pin collar. I had on a light blue and gold striped tie as well as a dark blue skirt and gold high heels. As I was admiring myself, I saw a man, dressed elegantly in a 3 piece suit, come into the frame of the mirror. Still looking at the mirror, the man comes up to me, tightens my tie, and says to me “Come darling, you have lots of work to do today.” As I respond with “Yes, sir”, the dream slowly fades away.

I woke up back at the salon, still dressed in the same clothes I wore at school, and my eyes immediately focus on my hair - it’s now a bob cut. I try to shriek out of shock, but I can’t - I see now that there’s a red ball gag that has been put into my mouth. Mother walks over and pays the hairdresser, and we leave, along with Jennifer's mother and Jennifer, who has been given the same haircut as me. We drive back home in silence, and once Mother and I walk inside, I’m sent up to my room for bed. I’m told to keep my gag on for the night, and that Mother will remove it in the morning. I walk upstairs and change into my sleep uniform - tonight’s shirt has 5 buttons on the collar. I tuck the silk shirt into my matching silk skirt and get in bed.

Sorry for the long delay! In the middle of writing this chapter I wasn’t sure what to write about anymore, which is what I will now ask all of you - what should I write about in the next chapter? What outfit should Amelia wear to school tomorrow as a continuation of her punishment? I’m open to all ideas, so please write them in your replies!


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by N00144119 Fri Feb 04, 2022 1:53 pm

I like it, I would love to see some domination from the mother or teachers, humiliating her in public, tying her up, dragging her by her tie, making her clothing more uncomfortable and tight, forcing her to do different unpleasant taks. She could wear a 3 piece suit, a hard collar, braces etc


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Sat Feb 05, 2022 6:12 am

N00144119 wrote:I like it, I would love to see some domination from the mother or teachers, humiliating her in public, tying her up, dragging her by her tie, making her clothing more uncomfortable and tight, forcing her to do different unpleasant taks. She could wear a 3 piece suit, a hard collar, braces etc
what would you consider as an unpleasant task? just curious.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Sat Feb 05, 2022 3:55 pm

I love the story. Would love more preppiness and traditional femininity training. Maybe some brainwashing torture. Love to encourage high heels and skirts. Along with bow blouses and maybe some traditional IVy league preppiness.

Maybe a finishing school for young ladies chapter.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Manthis55 Sun Feb 06, 2022 1:18 pm

Great story. I suggest some strippe shirt. Some apron on it. And of course many shirt ! It’s a necktie forum après tout ! 😀


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Sun Mar 20, 2022 11:01 am

I still love this story. The preppiness is perfect. Would love more


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Sun Aug 14, 2022 8:34 pm

Chapter 8


A big change has been made in our town. Since the behavior chip has become widely popular among parents to use on their children. A law has been signed into place, making it mandatory for children under 18 to have a behavior chip in them. Some adults are also required to wear the behavior chip if they are deemed as "improper". This is determined by attire, manners, body language/posture, and habits. The law has also forced a town-wide dress code, allowing only proper attire, with polo shirts and khaki shorts being considered as the lowest forms of proper attire.

I wake up earlier than my alarm clock, open my eyes, and see Mother standing by my bed. She is dressed in a navy blue polo shirt, fully buttoned, with a khaki colored skirt, clinching her waist tightly.

Mother: “Good morning, darling.”

I try to respond, but then I realize that the red ball gag is still inside my mouth.

Mother: “Please get out of bed. We have to get you dressed before the school bus gets here.”

Mother is picking my outfit today? Uh oh, that can’t be good. I get out of bed, still dressed in my sleeping uniform, and see that Mother is already preparing my clothes for today. She takes out a 3 piece dark green skirt suit, a pale green shirt with a white 3 button collar and white 3 button cuffs, a dark green & pale green striped necktie, a dark green collar pin, dark green suspenders, a pale green belt, dark green high heels, pale green knee high socks, and a pale green head band. Mother hits her remote, leaving me frozen with my feet together, my hands by my side, and my chin up high. She takes off my sleeping uniform and puts on my pale green shirt. She buttons the cuffs first, which turn out to be very tight around my wrists. Then after buttoning the shirt, Mother begins to button all 3 buttons on the collar, struggling a few times due to how tight it is around my neck. Afterwards, Mother grabs the dark green skirt, puts it on me, pulls it up over my belly button, and zips it up. Immediately after, Mother grabs my pale green belt, puts it through all of the belt loops, and tightens it as much as possible, crushing my waist. Mother then clips on my dark green suspenders on the back and then at the front. Mother then pops my collar and rests my dark green & pale green striped tie on me. She then begins to tie it in a perfect Windsor knot. Mother then pulls on the short end and tightens the tie around my throat until I gag a little. Mother then folds my collar down and puts in my dark green collar pin. Next, my dark green waistcoat is put on, and buttoned fully. Mother then takes the back strap and tightens it as much as possible, causing my breasts to be more defined. Finally, the red ballgag is taken out of my mouth and my pale green headband is put on. I am then forcibly sat down by the remote. Mother pulls my pale green socks all the way to my knees, and then afterwards my dark green high heels are put on.

After being finally dressed, Mother hits a button on the remote, making me sit up straight with my hands folded on my bedside. As Mother goes to the bathroom to grab some things for finishing touches, I think to myself: Is this really my life now? Being a personal doll for my Mother or whomever else later in my life will be control of me? Will I forever be someone's servant? Mother came back with bright red lipstick and some light makeup, and applied it to my face. Afterwards, Mother gave me back control over my body, lightly lifted my chin and said:

Mother: "Now, what do we say?"

With a big smile, dressed immaculately in my uniform of the day, I say:

Me: "Thank you ma'am!"

And that answered my question. Yes. This is my life from now on. Prim, Proper, Submissive Amelia.

Mother: "Come on darling, the bus will be here soon."

We head downstairs, I put on my backpack, and we head out the front door. Mother has decided that she'll be walking with me today, so I take her hand and we start walking. At the bus stop, Jennifer is waiting with her mother. it looks as if Jennifer's mother and my Mother planned our outfits today, because Jennifer is wearing exactly what I am but in navy blue and light blue. Jennifer's mother is wearing a fully buttoned pink shirt with a white pencil skirt as well as a white bowtie. Both of our mothers greet each other, with my Mother admiring Jennifer's mother's white bowtie, holding it from both ends and tugging it lightly. Jennifer and I in the meantime talk about our new bob cuts and how we think they'll be the "new thing". As the bus comes by, we both hug our mothers, with both of them then tightening our ties.

As I get onto the bus, the new law has very clearly brought a lot of change. The bus driver is dressed in a light blue shirt with a navy blue bowtie, navy suspenders, and khakis. Every student on the bus is wearing either a necktie or bowtie, tied tightly around their throats. On top of their shirts and ties, the students are wearing either cardigans, vneck sweaters, sweater vests, or blazers on top. 3 boys and 2 girls are also dressed in 3 piece suits like Jennifer and I. As Jennifer and I sit down in our seat, I hear how everyone is talking about their tight ties, their proper outfits, and their new proper haircuts. Every student on the bus is also sitting in proper posture as well as big smiles on their faces. Jennifer and I chime in on the conversations around us, talking about how much we love our outfits and theirs. As we finally get to the school, every student says "Thank you sir" to the bus driver as they're getting off.

As we made our way into the school building, the Headmistress greeted Jennifer and I by grabbing both of us by our neckties, making them fully come out from under our waistcoats. The Headmistress walked down the hallways towards Ms. Wise's room, with one of our ties in each hand. All of the students stared at us and laughed, with some mocking us by pulling on each others ties. We finally reached Ms. Wise's room, where the Headmistress pushed us by our ties up against the lockers. While still holding our ties, she scolded us, saying that there will be major punishments if we misbehave once again. We both thoroughly apologized, and the Headmistress tightened our ties until our faces were red. After the Headmistress left, Jennifer and I helped each other out with fixing our ties again. We entered Ms. Wise's room and sat in our seats at the front, proper posture, and folded our hands. Today, Ms. Wise was dressed in a fully buttoned white shirt with a black grid pattern, and tucked into black dress pants and black high heels, as well as a tight ribbon tie around her collar.

Ms. Wise: "Good morning students! You all look so wonderfully dressed up today! And what's even more wonderful is that this will not only be today, but every day! I love the attention of detail all of you put into your outfits today to make yourselves look so proper!"

Every student then loudly and clearly responded with "Thank you ma'am!"

The rest of the lecture went on as usual, and afterwards Jennifer and I headed to History with Mr. Luther. Mr. Luther was dressed very formally in a 3 piece suit, like usual. The seating arrangement has been changed, so Jennifer and I don't sit near each other anymore. Instead, I now sit next to Oliver. He has a neat combover hairstyle and wears round eyeglasses. But I must say, Oliver dresses very nicely. Oliver was dressed in a white shirt with a red and navy striped necktie, tucked into khakis, with a plain navy sweater vest over it as well as a black blazer. He was my type for sure. Before Mr. Luther started his lecture, I leaned over and started talking to Oliver, saying that I find him cute. It turns out, Oliver has been eyeing me for the last week, and that my change in style caught his attention. He explained that he has the behavior chip in his neck as well, but is not fully controlled just like me, and unlike like most students. Quickly intrigued, I asked for his number, and asked if he would like to come over today. Oliver gladly accepted, and let me know that he would be there at 5:00. I quickly called Mother asking for permission, and she delightfully allowed it. Mr. Luther was starting his lecture, and Oliver and I quickly turned back to face forwards to pay attention, blushing with excitement about our evening later today.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Sun Sep 04, 2022 7:16 am

Chapter 9

As soon as I got home from school, Mother began to prepare me before Oliver would arrive. Mother insisted that I should change into a different outfit for the evening, and of course I complied. Mother prepared for me a light blue shirt with white cuffs and a white collar, a black pencil skirt, light blue high heels, and a red necktie. Mother removed my entire outfit, slipped on the new shirt, and began buttoning it from the bottom. The collar has 2 buttons on it, and the collar itself is stiff as a rock. After a few attempts, Mother fully buttoned my shirt, immediately tucking it into the black pencil skirt. The collar of my shirt was then popped and the red necktie was brought around my neck and tied in a Windsor knot. Mother then thoroughly made sure that my tie was as tight as possible. Mother then stuck in a red collar pin, pinching the entire collar of my shirt. After putting on my high heels, Mother then put my hair in a very tight bun, showing off my collar even more, which was good. I then looked at the clock- it was 4:30! I thanked Mother for her help and rushed downstairs and sat down in the living room elegantly, waiting for Oliver to arrive. At exactly 5:00, there was a knock on the door and I jumped out of the chair immediately. I opened the door and Oliver stood in front of me, dressed in a navy blue 3 piece suit, a light blue shirt, and a navy blue bowtie. I took a second to admire his outfit, tugged on the sides of his bowtie, and said:

Me: "Good evening, Sir."

Oliver: "Good evening, ma'am."

We both giggled slightly, and then Mother came to the front door to greet Oliver as well.

Mother: "Welcome to our home, young man. Would you like to eat dinner with us?"

Oliver: "Yes ma'am I would love to!"

We went into the dining room and sat at the table. Oliver and I sat across from each other, with my mom sitting in between us off to the side. Oliver took off his jacket, revealing his waistcoat that was cinching his hips. During dinner, Mother asked Oliver many questions, mainly about his life at home. It turns out that Oliver's family is very wealthy, and that he will be moving into his own house after we are done highschool this year. I immediately started thinking in my head - if this goes well, would I be able to live with him?

Eventually we finished eating, and Mother said she would be heading upstairs to give us some time alone. Oliver and I were on the sofa in the living room attempting to watch a film, and Mother was beginning to head upstairs, but suddenly stopped, turned around, and came back towards us.

Mother: "Oliver, I have a job for you to do"

Oliver: "Yes ma'am, what would you like me to do for you, ma'am?"

Mother handed Oliver a remote. The remote. The one that controls me.

Mother: "Amelia here needs some training, and I figured if you're to be a couple, you might as well start early on being dominant over your partner."

Me: "Mother, I do not mean to disrespect you, but this seems a little unnecessary."

Mother: "It is not unnecessary! That right there is the problem - if I am telling you to do something, the only words I should hear from your mouth are 'Yes ma'am' or 'Yes Mother'. Do I make myself clear!?"

Me: "Yes ma'am, I apologize for my behavior Mother."

Mother: "Oliver, everything you need to use is in this dresser here. Enjoy yourselves."

Oliver: "Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am."

As Mother was heading upstairs again, Oliver hit a button on the remote that made me stand still in the middle of the living room. My feet were together, my hands folded behind my back, standing up straight, and my chin slightly raised. Oliver then started to rummage around in the drawers of the dresser, looking for something but I wasn't sure what. He came back towards me with a big red ballgag, ordering me to open mouth. I did as I was told, and the gag was stuffed into my mouth and tightened in the back. I then fell to my knees immediately, and then on all fours. Oliver then grabbed my tie, holding it like a leash, and started walking me around the house. I didn't feel like an individual anymore, I felt like someone's toy, someone's property. But I knew this was simply necessary, because I truly loved Oliver, and at this point I realized that I would do anything for him. After 30 minutes of walking me around the house, Oliver bent down and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Through the ballgag, I blushed out of excitement, wanting to kiss him back. Oliver then made me kneel in front of him, with my hands folded behind my back once again. He took off my ballgag and moved me into the dining room. He moved some chairs out of the way and told me to bend over the table. I did as he asked, with a swift "Yes Sir" after every order. My legs were then tightly cuffed together, with two more cuffs that each locked onto a leg of the table. My hands were then pulled behind my back, also being cuffed together. With a hit of the remote, my head was forced to be held up, forcing me to slightly choke due to my necktie becoming tighter. Oliver then pulled down my skirt, as well as my panties. He took out a long and wide paddle that would make sure to hit my entire bottom every time. Oliver put the paddle up to my bottom, waiting for a few seconds that seemed like a lifetime, and struck me as hard as he could. The loud smack and the pain immediately afterwards made my entire body jump up, but very slightly due to me being immobilized. He then went in for another one. And another one. And another one. And so many other ones that they all added up to 40 spankings. Not a single tear dropped from my eyes, because there was no need. I knew I had to withstand the pain because it was my duty to please my superior.

I was then finally uncuffed, and I went up to the mirror. My bottom was the color of a plum at this point, and I wasn't able to sit! But Oliver was well aware that I wasn't able to sit. And I wasn't going to. Oliver sat in the arm chair, and made me kneel at his side. The remote was off and I had full control of myself, but I still kneeled by his side, because I knew that this was what I had to do. Oliver put on a movie, grabbed a hold of my necktie, and we stayed like that during the entire time of the movie. After the movie, it was clear that Oliver was spending the night here. I took him upstairs to my room, showed him the bathroom, etc. He had his bag that had his own sleeping uniform, as well as a change of clothes for tomorrow's school day. As he went to the bathroom to change into his sleeping uniform, I did the same. Tonight was the night I would wear my 10 button collar shirt, the shirt I would wear for the rest of my life when I go to sleep. I already had my skirt on and was working on my 2nd collar button when Oliver walked back into my room, dressed in his sleeping uniform which consisted of khaki shorts and a white shirt with 3 buttons on the collar. Oliver then helped me finish buttoning the rest of my collar, which was a big help. We then both got into my bed, kissed for some time, and went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up, ready to start the day. Our school started doing days of the week that had all the students wear something in common, and today was Argyle Sweater Vest Day. Oliver packed in his bag a pair of khakis, a white shirt, a navy blue sweater vest with a dark green and light brown argyle pattern, and a dark green necktie. Fortunately, I had the exact same sweater vest, so I took it out of my closet immediately. I also took out a white shirt, khaki colored skirt, and my own dark green necktie. Oliver quickly got dressed on his own, so he started helping me get dressed as well. He fully buttoned my shirt all the way to the top, tucked my shirt and my vest into my skirt and tightened the belt as much as possible, popped my collar and tied my tie, and then tightened my tie as much as possible. I also grabbed a dark green headband, and undid the bun in my hair, letting it go back to my bob cut, and then put on white knee high socks and put on my black loafers for shoes. We both headed downstairs, and Mother was very excited to see us in matching outfits. She gave both of us food for lunch, and then we headed out and started walking towards the bus stop. I held Oliver's hand, which made me feel more comfortable and secure. Jennifer was waiting at the bus stop, dressed in a black skirt, navy blue sweater vest with a red and blue argyle pattern, a white shirt, a red bowtie, and a red headband. This was the first time Jennifer saw me together with Oliver, so introduced them to each other. They immediately got along, which made me happy. The bus finally arrived, and all 3 of us hopped on. Every single student was dressed in an argyle sweater vest, which made me delightful! Once we arrived, every student got off, saying "Thank you Sir" to the bus driver. Oliver kept holding my hand, leading me to my first class with Ms. Wise, and Jennifer followed along. Once we reached the classroom, Oliver kissed me, saying he'll see me at lunch, and went to his classroom.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Mon Sep 05, 2022 8:21 am

I am loving the direction of this story. Hoping to see Amelia learn to be more feminine and preppy for Oliver. Maybe hyper feminine and prissy.


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by Jimlandover Wed Dec 07, 2022 7:50 pm

Any more plans to continue the story? No need to rush towards a conclusion. I like the pace. And I love to see more


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by gore459 Sat Jan 07, 2023 4:50 am

This is one of my favourite stories - the first outfit with the polo buttoned up, and then having the collar tightened, got me so good! Please if you can continue this one, with more girls being co-opted into the smart dressing (and less of the relationship stuff) that'd be so great!


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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

Post by stiffcollar03 Mon Aug 07, 2023 2:35 pm

Chapter 10


As I woke up in my bed, I reminisced about the events from the past year. Oliver and I graduated high school, and shortly after some convincing I was able to do with Mother, I was able to move into Oliver's new house that his wealthy parents bought for him. Mother realized that Oliver is a smart and elegant gentleman, and that he'll keep me submissive and obedient, as I should be.

With all of these thoughts in my head, I begin to get out of bed, only to be immediately stopped - I find myself elegantly dressed and bound. Under my bed sheets, I'm dressed in a black pencil skirt, a white collared shirt buttoned up all the way with an extremely tight collar, and a black necktie that is practically choking me. Across my entire legs i have rope that is binding them together, as well as more rope on my upper body that has tied my hands together and pulled my shoulders back. On top of all of this, two clamps are fastened firmly to my nipples, and my mouth is silenced with a giant black ball gag, keeping me quiet. As I lay patiently, Oliver comes to the bedside and takes my gag off.

Oliver: "Good morning darling, how did you sleep?"

Me: "Very well Sir, thank you Sir for always making sure I'm comfortable."

Oliver: "Of course dear, I'm just doing as your Mother told me to. Now, let's get us dressed for the day, shall we?"

Me: "Yes Sir, I'd love to."

Oliver took off all of the rope and clamps, letting me sit up on the bedside. He then got a tight grip of my tie, slightly lifting me and giving me a kiss. We then both went into our own walk-in closets, getting ready for the day. I admire my hair for a moment, a beautiful brunette color perfectly trimmed in a bob cut, resting right above my collar. I get undressed and pick out a light blue button down shirt with a contrast white pin collar. I button the shirt to the second highest button, and hesitate to fasten the top button. I grab both sides of the collar, bringing them together and fasten it, feeling the stiffness encircle my throat, forcing me to slightly lift my chin. I then grab a navy blue pencil skirt with belt loops and zip it up, hugging my hips. Then I grab a gold belt, put it through the loops, and tighten it as much as possible, cinching my waist. Then I pick out a light blue and gold striped tie, tie it in a Windsor knot, and tighten it as much as possible, making my face slightly redden. I then put on navy blue suspenders, gold heels, and a navy suit jacket. As I'm double checking my outfit, I see Oliver from the mirror come up behind me, grab my tie, and tighten it a little bit more.

Oliver: "Come darling, we have lots of work to do today."

Me: "Yes Sir."

Oliver and I head downstairs to get ready to go to work. Oliver inherited his father's company, and I was his personal secretary. We get into the car and Oliver takes a tight grip of my tie, something that he usually does on our commute to work. As we finally got to work, Oliver went to his office and I went to my desk, which was directly in front of his office doors. I mostly file paperwork for the company's employees, as well as doing small tasks for Oliver and some of the senior members. My day went by quickly and as my workload slowed down, Oliver called me into his office.

Me: "Do you need my assistance with something, Sir?"

Oliver: "Yes, would you be able to serve me?"

Me: "Yes Sir, I can."

When I "serve" Oliver at work, that means only one thing. When Oliver pressed a button on the remote that controlled me, I came closer to his desk, he rolled away his chair a little, and I crawled under his desk, getting into a kneeling position and facing him. Oliver quickly took out his cock, shoving it into my mouth and I gladly accepted. As I was pleasing him, Oliver held onto my tie, making my throat feel crushed constantly. After helping Oliver cum, we began to get ready to head out and go back home.

Once we got back home, I got undressed and put on my sleeping uniform - once again, a black pencil skirt, white shirt, and black necktie. The collar of my sleeping uniform almost completely covers my neck, with 8 buttons on the collar. I then laid in bed, patiently waiting as Oliver brought the rope and began to tie me up once again. After all of the rope was tightly put on, Oliver put on the clamps which made me wince, then he put on the ball gag which kept me quiet for good, and then put a blindfold over my eyes. As I laid there politely, Oliver then came up to my ear, whispering goodnight, and then tightened my tie as much as possible, causing me to make a muffled noise through the ball gag.


It's the middle of July, and Jennifer and her newly wedded husband invited Oliver and I to her house for a barbecue. As I'm thinking of an outfit to wear, I begin to put on my new self-tightening corset that Mother gave me for my birthday a week ago. I slip the loose corset over my torso and press a button on the side, which automatically tightens the laces as much as possible. As I feel my waist being cinched and crushed, I smile to the mirror, proud of how beautiful I am. Then I put on my bra, which like the corset, has a button that tightens it automatically. The bra securely holds my breasts, while the back tightens and doubles as a posture corrector. I look in the mirror once again, admiring how far my shoulders have been pushed back, presenting my breasts nicely. I then put on my ice white thigh high stockings, feeling aroused as the thin material rides up my legs. I then grab a white Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, letting my arms glide through the sleeves. I fasten the buttons on the cuffs, encircling my wrists, and begin to button my shirt. I start from the bottom and work my way up, requiring some light tugs by my breasts, and stop at the top button. I lift my chin, grabbing both sides of the collar, and fasten the top button, feeling it willingly trap my throat like a dog collar. I then grab a navy A-line skirt, shifting it up my legs and tucking in my shirt. I quickly grab a belt to tighten my waist, not letting any wrinkles or imperfections slip through. Afterwards I grab a beautiful navy necktie that features a pink anchor design. I pop my collar, tie the necktie in a Windsor knot, tighten it until I gag, and flip my collar back down as well as buttoning it. I then grab a Ralph Lauren pink cable knit sweater vest, adjusting it to neatly present my necktie, and then tucking it into my skirt. For the final touches, I put on my navy high heels and my pink headband, both of which feature white bows on them.

I head out of my closet and meet Oliver downstairs, who is dressed in dress shoes, khakis, a light blue Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, a striped necktie, with a red and blue Ralph Lauren rugby shirt layered over with one button fastened and the collar popped. We quickly kiss and get into the car to be on our way to Jennifer's. Once we get there, we meet Jennifer and her newly wed husband Brad in their backyard, where many other people have gathered. Jennifer, dressed in a simple fully buttoned shirt dress, gives me a hug, as well as telling me that Mother has also come to the barbecue. After a bit of small talk, I search around the gathering to find Mother, who is sitting on a chair over to the side, dressed in a dark green cable knit polo dress with all of the buttons fastened and her collar popped. As soon as she spots me, she gets up to give me a tight hug, and we sit down together at a small table.

Mother: "Darling, would you be able to come by my house later today? I need help with a few things - dusting, vacuuming, and rearranging a few pieces of furniture."

Me: "I would love to Mother, but unfortunately Oliver and I have plans later today and I don't think I'll be abl-"

Mother then pressed a button on her remote that controls me, putting me fully under her control once again.

Mother: "Sorry, what was that darling?"

Me: "Yes ma'am, I would love to be able to help you get chores done."

Mother then pulled out another remote that I had never seen before and pressed a button. Then, to my surprise, Oliver comes up to the table we've been sitting at, with his arms crossed behind his back and his chin slightly lifted.

Oliver: "Good afternoon ma'am, how may I serve my Mother-in-law?"

Mother: "Hello dear, you and Amelia will be helping me with chores later today, is that understood?"

Oliver: "Yes ma'am, I will gladly help!"

Mother then pressed a button on both remotes, and I begin to feel my mouth forcing a wide smile, and I look over to Oliver and see that the same has happened to him.

Mother: "Both of you will also be wearing my cleaning uniforms, and afterwards both of you will be kept in bondage as you stay for the night. Is that understood?"

Oliver and I (in unison: "Yes ma'am."



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The Remote Empty Re: The Remote

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