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An Encounter in a Bar

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An Encounter in a Bar Empty An Encounter in a Bar

Post by ajl378492 Fri Nov 26, 2021 10:43 pm

Seth walked into the new bar that in town that he had heard so much about. After a long boring at the office, he felt the need not only to relax and have a drink, but perhaps to meet the right girl, especially since his love life was going nowhere.  

After ordering a drink, he took notice of a woman sitting at a table in the corner.  She was wearing a pinstriped pantsuit, necktie, boots, and a fedora.  He stared at her intently, which got her attention.  She smiled at him, and he decided to go over and talk to her.  

"Well, hello there" she said to him with a smile.

"Hi, what is your name?" he asked.

"Veronica" she replied.  "And what's your name?"


"Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too.  I was wondering if I could join you, or at least buy you a drink".  

"Actually, Seth, why don't you come sit on my lap?"

Seth was hesitant to do so.

"Come on baby, come sit in momma's lap."

He did as she asked, with his back turned to her and her arms wrapped around her waist.

"Shouldn't we be facing each other?"  Seth asked Veronica.

"I don't want you getting hard, at least not yet" she replied.

They spent the next few minutes asking each other questions (where they were from, what they did for a living, etc.).  Then she began passionately kissing him.  

The next thing Seth knew, he was in his bed with Veronica, with her on top making love to him.  

When he woke up the next morning, he saw her getting dressed.  

"Hey baby" she said, "you were amazing last night."

"Actually you did most of the work" he replied.

"Being on top is more pleasurable for the woman when it comes to sex" she said with a smile as she put on her necktie.

"Will I see you again?" he asked.

"Perhaps you will" she said with a wink as she left.

To be continued

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An Encounter in a Bar Empty An Encounter in a Bar- Part II

Post by ajl378492 Sun Nov 28, 2021 3:38 pm

A week later, Seth returned to the same bar.  He looked around for Veronica, but she was nowhere to be found.  

Disappointed, he ordered a drink, and after finishing it went to the men's room.  When he returned to his table, he heard a familiar voice call out to him.

"Hey baby."

He turned around to see Veronica seated several tables away, dressed in white (pantsuit, necktie, fedora) and black oxfords.

"I'm glad to see you again Veronica" he said as he approached her table.

"Same here" she replied, "now come sit in momma's lap".

He did so, this time facing her, and they began to kiss each other passionately.

Soon they were at his place in bed making love, and this time he was on top, with her arms wrapped around him.   Upon finishing, he was asleep in her arms.  

The next morning, he awoke to see her dressing.  

"Hey baby" she said, "you were amazing last night".

"Thanks Veronica" he replied, "will I see you again?"

"Oh definitely" she said, nodding towards a scrap of paper on the nightstand.

Seth got up and read the note, and on it was her address.

"When would you like for me to come by" he asked her.

"Friday night at 6" she replied, blowing him a kiss as she left.

To be continued.


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An Encounter in a Bar Empty Encounter in a Bar

Post by ajl378492 Sat Dec 04, 2021 7:44 pm

It was 6 PM that Friday night, and Seth arrived at the door to Veronica's apartment.  After he pressed the buzzer, he was surprised to see another woman answer the door.  She was dressed in a black tuxedo pantsuit and boots.  

"Hi, I'm Seth" he told her.

"Oh yes, you're Veronica's boyfriend" she replied.  "Come on in."

Upon entering the apartment, Seth realized he was the only man there- amidst a group of women wearing tuxedos.  

"Hey baby, glad you made it" Veronica said as she emerged from the kitchen, dressed in a black tuxedo pantsuit with a pink bowtie & cummerbund, and shiny black oxfords.

"So you're having a party" he said.

"That's right" she replied.  

Seth then realized that the other women were lustfully gazing at him, and he began to wonder what type of party this was.

After enjoying the food and conservation, the woman who had answered the door came up to Seth and Veronica.

"Okay, Veronica, you know the rules- you have to share him with this."

Upon hearing this, Seth thought this party was a prelude to an orgy, especially after Veronica then asked him to sit in her lap facing everyone else.  After he did so, the woman who answered the door approached him with a smile on her face.

"It's not what you think" she said.

"Then what is it?" he asked.

"This" she said, laying a big kiss on him.

Seth was amazed at what just happened.

"Don't worry baby" Veronica said as she put her arms around his waist, "they just want a little taste."

One by one, all the other women came up to him and delivered a passionate kiss.

After they were done kissing him, the party continued, with the other women engaging in conservation with Seth and Veronica or amongst each other.

Seth felt he had died and went to heaven.  And after the guests departed he found himself in Veronica's bed as she made love to him.

Such was the beginning of a meaningful relationship.


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An Encounter in a Bar Empty Re: An Encounter in a Bar

Post by Jimlandover Sun Dec 05, 2021 1:27 am

I love this. Perhaps Seth will be forced or pushed into changing his style too. A makeover


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An Encounter in a Bar Empty An Encounter in a Bar: the Conclusion

Post by ajl378492 Fri Dec 10, 2021 10:15 pm

Seth and Veronica's relationship was not limited to the bedroom.  They would soon get to know more about each other, go out to dinner, engage in various activities, the usual things that a man and his girlfriend would do.  Two years later, they got married- Seth being impeccably dressed in a black tuxedo (as did the groomsmen), while Veronica wore an all-white tuxedo, including the bow tie, cummerbund, and boots.  The bridesmaids wore pink tuxedos and black boots.  

That concludes the story.  Needless to say, they lived happily ever after.

Now for a question, if such a story became a film, what actress could you see portraying Veronica?  Here are some suggestions:


Alicia Keys

Christina Aguilera

Floriana Lima

Jennifer Lopez

Janelle Monae

Rita Ora

Rosario Dawson

Tessa Thompson

Mya Harrison


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An Encounter in a Bar Empty Re: An Encounter in a Bar

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