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House Sitting

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House Sitting Empty House Sitting

Post by stiffcollar03 Wed Dec 27, 2023 4:33 pm

This story will be written in a first-person perspective from Olivia, a sophomore year college student that is off for summer break. While she’s back home with her twin sister, Anne, her parents are away on a cruise ship vacation.

Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Olivia, but I go by Liv. I just finished my first year at college which was a blast, but now I’m back home which is a bummer. Thank god my parents are away though, I couldn’t stand being around them for an entire 3 months again. Today I went out with my friends for breakfast, and almost immediately after I drove back home, my Aunt Grace sent me a text. She’s my mom’s sister and is a little weird, in the sense that she’s very… proper. She doesn’t have a husband or any kids, but she always holds herself to a ridiculously high standard, in my opinion. I opened my Messages app to see what she sent.

“Good morning my dear Olivia! I have a very big favor to ask of you - I’m going away for the weekend and I need someone to house sit for me! Of course I don’t expect you to do this without some reward however - if you can do this for me, after I get back I’ll take you shopping for any clothes or any other things you may need to buy for getting back to school. Please let me know soon, as my flight departs in a few hours!”

House sitting? That can’t be that hard, right? I thought about the offer for a minute, but then realized that it really isn’t a bad job at all, so I quickly responded back to my aunt, saying that I’ll do it for her.

“That’s great to hear! I have fresh food still at the house, so please make yourself anything you’d like! I’ll be out in the country for my vacation so I won’t have any service on my phone, but I’m sure that you’ll be able to handle it all yourself. There’s a few chores and upkeepings I’d like for you to keep track of, and I left it all written down on a paper that I set down in the kitchen. Thank you again Olivia!”

Not bad at all! I reacted to her message with a heart emoji, and went upstairs to tell my twin sister, Anne.

Olivia: “Hey Anne, I’m gonna be house sitting Aunt Grace’s place for the weekend, so I’m going to be there for most of the time but I’ll be back Monday morning.”

Anne: “Alright, sounds good.”

Even despite being twins, Anne and I are very similar and we get along well too. We’re both very casual with how we dress, as well as being casual with things overall, which is a bti different compared to our parents, and especially Aunt Grace. I took a nap in my room, and afterwards I woke up and went downstairs again to grab my car keys and headed out. After a fairly short drive, I got to Aunt Grace’s house. The key to the house was left under the doormat so I grabbed it and unlocked the door. Her house is pretty big, bigger than ours, and everything inside is very elegant. From the mudroom to the living room to the kitchen, everything was very neat and clean. 

I went into the kitchen and found the note, with a few things listed that were easy to take care of, like watering plants and cleaning certain parts of the house. After reading the note, I went into the living room to watch some TV. For some reason, I kept scrolling to find TV shows that I would like, but it seemed like it was locked on only a list of shows that I guess my Aunt Grace likes, which is kind of weird. After looking through and being uninterested, I gave up and went back into the kitchen to make myself some food. I decided to make spaghetti, as I saw that there was already some sauce left over and I just needed to make the pasta.

 As I made the pasta in one pot, I took out a saucer pan to reheat the sauce. As I was tilting the container that the sauce was in, it splattered all over my t-shirt! I thought to myself, great, what am I supposed to do now? I cleaned up the mess and put the container in the sink, but the stain wasn’t coming out and it was huge! I figured that my Aunt must have some clothes somewhere that I would wear instead of her weird formal stuff, so I went on a search. I went up into her room and looked through every closet and every dresser drawer and still found nothing. 

As I was about to give up, I stumbled upon some polo shirts, which were the least formal thing I could find. Oh hell, why not, better than a big spaghetti stain. I stood in front of the mirror, took of my t-shirt, and put on the bright pink polo shirt. I noticed how it hugged my hips and how it made my breasts stand out more. As I appreciated the features of my body, I slowly caressed the big green Ralph Lauren logo on the right side. Oh shoot, the food! I quickly ran downstairs, thankfully stopping the water from boiling too much, and I quickly poured in the pasta. As that was getting ready, I took a small spoon to see if the sauce was ready yet. I ate a spoonful, but the sauce was still too cold. 

But little did I know, that the food had an additive.

Once I put the spoon down, I went back to the oven, passing by the bigger mirror on the wall of the kitchen. I stopped in my tracks and admired myself again, taking note of how the polo shirt made my body look and how well it matched with my jeans, but I felt like something was missing. I knew it, a belt! I bolted upstairs to the bedroom and found a nice brown leather belt. I neatly tucked in my polo shirt into my jeans, ran the belt through the loops, and tightened it. I accidentally tightened it a little too much, but it felt pretty good! I decided to keep it that way, and went back downstairs.

I looked into the closet by the kitchen to find an apron to keep my clothes clean, and luckily I found one but the design wasn’t my favorite - it was pink with white frills, but it was the only one that my aunt had so I dealt with it. As I put it on over my head and tied the back, I noticed that my polo shirt became all jumbled underneath, so I decided to fully button it. As I slowly did the buttons, I felt the collar become much more snug around my throat. I wasn’t used to having a polo shirt buttoned up, further more any kind of shirt buttoned up, but it was much more comfortable after I did so I decided to keep it that way.

The pasta was finally done cooking and the sauce was warm, so I took out a bowl to start eating. I took off the apron, hung it back in the closet, and sat down by the dining table. I took a first bite and it was delicious, but then I noticed that I was slouching. I sat up straight, pulled my shoulders back, and kept eating while touching the top button of my polo shirt. After every bite, I kept feeling myself change, becoming more proper. Becoming more prim. Becoming more preppy.


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House Sitting Empty Re: House Sitting

Post by stiffcollar03 Wed Dec 27, 2023 4:33 pm

Chapter 2

After eating the pasta, I decided to take a nap on the couch. As I laid down, I felt my belt cinching my waist and my polo shirt snug around my breasts and my throat. 

My nap turned into a full night of sleep instead, and when I woke up at 8 am sharp I felt like a whole new person, more proper. I reminded myself that I still needed to clean my aunt's house, but I had this sudden urge to…become more preppy. Still dressed in my outfit from before, I ran upstairs and began searching for a new outfit. 

I first undressed myself down to my bra and panties, but quickly began to cover myself up again after I found a good fitting white button up shirt. I slipped my arms through the sleeves, buttoned the cuffs, and began buttoning from the bottom of the shirt. I kept going up on the shirt until I reached the top button, contemplating it for a second. I then thought about how it looked adorably preppy on the pink polo shirt, so I began fastening it. I raised my chin and fastened the top button, feeling the tightness around my throat.

I then pulled out a navy A-line skirt, began tucking my shirt into it and then zipping it up. Afterwards, I grabbed a lovely pink cable knit Ralph Lauren crewneck cardigan, put my arms through the sleeves and adjusted my white shirt cuffs. I then started to fully button the cardigan, as well as pulling out my shirt collar from under so it was visible. With both my shirt and cardigan on, I unzipped my skirt, retucked everything, and put my brown belt through the skirt’s belt loops, tightening my waist as much as possible. For finishing touches, I grabbed a pair of white knee high socks, a pair of brown oxfords, and a lovely white headband.

Going up to the mirror, I began to admire myself and how proper I looked - I looked so preppy! Getting ready to clean, I grabbed a pair of white gloves from my aunt's dresser as well as a feather duster and got to work! As I was cleaning, I stopped at a mirror to admire myself, watching my lovely brown hair being parted by my white headband, and how the cardigan made my breasts much more apparent. But what I noticed the most was the tight collar of my shirt, which was subconsciously making me hold my chin a bit higher up. Looking over my outfit, I thought to myself how proud my Aunt Grace would be right now, seeing her niece dolled up in a very prim and proper outfit! The thought of that made me very excited to see her the next day, but I also wondered what my sister Anne would think. She doesn't really dress preppy, but could I make her?

Realizing I had wasted 20 minutes in front of the mirror, I quickly scurried away with my duster to clean the rest of the house, with the hope of cleaning the house before dinner time.

After many hours of dusting and using some glass cleaner, I was finally done with cleaning the house and I sat down on the couch, sitting up straight with proper posture of course. After watching a little bit of TV, I got up to reheat some pasta from yesterday and sat at the dining table, shoulders back and chin up. As I ate the pasta, I could feel the collar button of my shirt slightly moving as I chewed and swallowed my food. Once again, not to my knowledge, the pasta had the additive that was slowly but surely changing my behavior, for the better.

Feeling sleepy again after the pasta, I decided to take a nap in the guest bedroom, only to fall asleep in my proper clothes once again. After a long night of sleep, I woke up on Sunday morning at around 8 am, with sun rays peeking through the blinds. 

A few quiet minutes passed by until I heard the front door opening downstairs, followed by a voice.

“Olivia, darling! Are you here?”

Suddenly panicked, I shot up from the bed, thinking about what Aunt Grace's reaction was going to be to me wearing her clothes - was she going to be upset? I hoped not…

I straightened out my hair in the mirror, as well as putting on my white headband again. I straightened out my outfit, making sure all the buttons were lined up, and I pulled up my white knee high socks once again. I gracefully took the steps downstairs, seeing my aunt at the front door. She was dressed in black ballet flats, white chino shorts, a brown belt, and a navy Ralph Lauren polo fully buttoned up and with the collar popped. As she turned to see me, I could see her eyes glow up and she came over to me in a hurry to give me a hug. 

Aunt Grace: “Oh darling, you look adorably preppy! I'm so glad you took the chance to go through my wardrobe, it really suits you!”

Me: “Thank you so much Aunt Grace! I'm really happy I tried it out, I like it a lot!”

Aunt Grace: “I really like this combination you came up with, oh and this collar!”

I thanked Aunt Grace again, and helped her bring her luggage upstairs. Once we set everything on the bed in the master bedroom, Aunt Grace brought up an idea to me, while holding the tips of my shirt collar, forcing me to look up at her, tightening my collar around my throat.

Aunt Grace: “Olivia dear, I have an idea that you may be open to, and I want you to give it some thought - how would you like to stay with me for the rest of the summer? Your parents are away for the whole season, and from what I see you want to begin exploring the preppy style. I could be your mentor in that, and I'm very confident that you would be rather satisfied. What do you say?”

Me: “I think I'd really enjoy that! I just have one question, what about my sister Anne?”

Aunt Grace: “If you'd like, we could see if she would like to stay with us too! But before we do that, I need mentor you, understood?”

Me: “Yes I do, and thank you again Aunt Grace I really appreciate this!”

Aunt Grace: “Of course dear. First lesson to becoming a proper and preppy young woman: you are to address me as Ma'am or Auntie at all times, understood?”

With a glistening smile and still being held by my collar, I replied with a “Yes Ma'am”.


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House Sitting Empty Re: House Sitting

Post by gore459 Thu Dec 28, 2023 8:53 am

Love it! Looking forward to more of this story Smile


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House Sitting Empty Re: House Sitting

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