The Bowtie Chronicles - Part 1

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The Bowtie Chronicles - Part 1 Empty The Bowtie Chronicles - Part 1

Post by bowtied_ladies on Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:46 pm

What are you wearing tonight?’ asked Kate whilst rifling through Emily’s wardrobe ‘It depends on what the other girls are wearing, but I’m definitely wearing the red and white shirt I bought last week probably with a red bowtie too’ answered Emily. ‘So we are all dressing up tonight then?’ Emily nodded excitedly ‘Well we will be as well as Leah and Jen but there‘s no way Sarah will even wear a shirt’ . Kate took a white tuxedo shirt from the wardrobe and asked Emily if she could borrow it for the night ‘Of course you can, but haven’t you got loads yourself’ replied Emily ‘Yeah but I’ve worn them all to death, I really like the wing-tip collar on this shirt too’ ‘You wearing it just buttoned up’ ‘No’ replied Kate ‘I’ve got my pinstripe waistcoat and purple bowtie in my bag, I’ll try the shirt on now to make sure the collar is tight enough’. Kate unbuttoned the top-button of the yellow shirt and removed it, she buttoned the tuxedo shirt to the top and put on her waistcoat with the top button showing. ’You need a hand tying the bow-tie’ asked Emily. ‘’I’m sure I’ll be ok, I do it every day afterall, anyway you’d better get changed, we’re meeting the girls soon’. As Kate tied her bowtie, Emily loosened the necktie she had been wearing that afternoon and buttoned up her new shirt. ‘I can’t find my red bowtie anywhere’ said Emily ‘check your draw again’ said Kate. Emily went to her draw which was full of over 100 bowties, neckties and cravats. ’It’s not here, never mind I’ll wear a black one with my black waistcoat too, I’ll take a few more in my bag if I fancy a change later’.

Meanwhile, in Leah’s house Jen was arriving back from work. Leah was already dressed in a white tuxedo shirt with marching green tartan waistcoat and bowtie with a short black skirt and heels. The doorbell rang and she went to greet Jen. Jen was wearing a blue and white striped shirt with the collar left open. The first thing that Leah said was ‘How many times do I have to tell you to keep the top collar buttoned?’ ‘I’m sorry’ said Jen ‘I’m new to this game remember plus my colleagues think I’m strange wearing a shirt fully-buttoned. What am I wearing tonight?’ ‘I’ve got you a tuxedo shirt like the one I’m wearing plus a pink bowtie and pink cummerbund’. ‘I’m not sure about that, I’ve never even worn a bow tie so I’m not sure whether I’ll be comfortable wearing one on a night out where I may bump into people I know’ said Jen ‘I’ll tell you what Jen, take a jumper with you and if you feel ok later you can take it off. Jen agreed and put on the white shirt buttoning it up just leaving the top button open and attached the cummerbund around her waist. ‘I’m going to need some help here’. Leah walked over to Jen, buttoned her collar then held back Jen’s long black hair and attached the clip on bowtie and straightened it. ‘You look fantastic’ said Leah ‘I’d still rather wear the jumper though’ replied Jen.

The girls heard Kate’s car beep outside and left the house Leah not wearing any type of jacket and Jen wearing a jumper over her outfit. ‘You look great girls’ said Emily as they got into the car, what’s the jumper for though Jen’ I’m not sure in ready for this yet, you guys have been doing this for years. At least I’m not like Sarah who I don’t think has ever worn a shirt’. Sarah who was sitting in the back seat of the car wearing a blue t-shirt with Jeans objected to this ‘Actually I used to love wearing my school uniform and wore a bowtie years ago but someone laughed at me so I’ve felt to embarrassed to dress up again’. ‘You’re with us now though, no-one’s going to make fun of you’ said Leah ‘I can go inside and get you a shirt if you’d like?’ ‘Ok then just this once’. Leah returned to the house where she picked a three-quarter length pink shirt for Sarah who put it on over her t-shirt leaving the top three buttons open. As the car pulled away Emily joked ‘I’m not sure they’ve ever seen four girls in bowties in the bar before, it’s going to be a great night’

To be continued…

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The Bowtie Chronicles - Part 1 Empty Re: The Bowtie Chronicles - Part 1

Post by SuaveDragon on Thu Jun 23, 2011 12:12 pm

Interesting story. Can I get a little detail on the "game" Jen mentioned they were playing?


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The Bowtie Chronicles - Part 1 Empty Re: The Bowtie Chronicles - Part 1

Post by razz on Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:31 pm

When will you release its second part, cause too long now,and my patience is all over, please release its second part fast


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The Bowtie Chronicles - Part 1 Empty Re: The Bowtie Chronicles - Part 1

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