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Post by 2ties Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:11 am

Mr. Hennessy?
Are you busy, Sir?
Mr Hennessy, I have to tell you what happened on our field trip today. You'll hear about it from someone else if I don't, and I'd rather you heard it from me first.
Um, well, at first everything went pretty much the way these things always go. I took the seven students I had been assigned and we went to that manufacturing plant. You know the one? Yes. Of course, before we left, I made certain that all the girls were in proper uniform. We have to put the right image up for the public, you know. They were all wearing the regulation spring uniform of pleated blue skirt, white blouse, and school four-in-hand tie. I like to wear this blue skirt suit when I take students out like that, because I feel the students appreciate my effort to match their uniform, without actually wearing the student garments. I know this cream blouse is really too diaphanous for school. Here, when I open the jacket you can see that without the jacket and tie, you can see the line of my bra quite clearly. Oh, my. I'm sorry. I shouldn't ...
Anyway, the tour of the manufacturing plant went much as these things always do. Dinah kept wandering off. Teresa made jokes behind my back. Pauline flirted with the men there when she thought I wasn't looking. Angelique was polite to everyone. And Karen was so shy. It was not strenuous at all. Hmm? Who else was there? Susan, who's always so curious about everything, and Irene, whom we hardly ever notice.
Oh, no; I'm just organizing my thoughts. Do you know that place in the plant where they lift pieces over the main floor? They make those sectional things on the upper level in the lower wing, and they're picked up by clamps from an overhead chain-like thing that carries them over the main plant floor to the new wing on the other side. Yes, that's right. Twenty eight seconds? Is it really? Well, our guide didn't say so, but that seems about right. Although ...
It was Susan, you see. You know Susan? She's so clever and so curious. But she hasn't a lick of good sense. She was curious about the clamping mechanism that they used to lift the sectional pieces over the floor. The woman who was guiding us warned us to stay away from the edge, since there is no guard railing and it's twenty five feet down. Pauline had walked over the edge, and I think she deliberately flounced her skirt in hopes that the men on the main floor could see under it. And that's when it happened.
One moment I'm telling Pauline to come away from the edge, the next moment Susan is calling out to me. She had bent over the clamping mechanism, and her school tie had caught in the clamp. For a moment she was gripping her tie as the chain system lifted the section up to the edge. Then it lifted her by her tie and carried her out over the main floor hanging by the neck.
Oh, my. No, no; I'm alright. It's just ... You know how they say that in a moment of crises, time seems to slow down? Well, I felt something like that. I think it's just that when the adrenaline hits, the mind becomes momentarily extremely alert, and processes information without the usual distractions that we encounter everyday. There was nothing I could do. I knew in an instant that I was too far away to get to her before the system carried her out of reach. I had no way to free her from the mechanism anyway. And, we couldn't stop the system or she'd be caught out over the floor. The knowledge that I was helpless kept me rooted to the spot. I know that a couple of the girls squealed. The woman who was guiding us shrieked and waved her hands up and down. But, I barely noticed any of that. My attention was focused on Susan.
The tie that was hanging her had pulled up under her jaw by her left ear. It held her mouth tightly closed. Her lips were stretched thin in a grimace, and her eyes were bugged out. She didn't look scared, though. At first she tightly held onto the tie over her head. But about half way across she let go, and her arms fell limply to her sides. Her body swayed gently back and forth in a pendulum motion caused by her swing from the edge. It made her pleated skirt sort of wave at the men on the main floor below.
Yes. You say it takes twenty eight seconds to go across the other side. I believe you, but just then it seemed much longer. I clearly remember her dangling there, slowly moving away and ...
Anyway, when she reached the other side the chain thing lowered the section thing down to about waist level and let go. Susan stumbled and fell back on her buttocks. I could see her sitting there with her legs splayed out. She raised her hands to her neck and pulled loose her tie. Even from across the plant, I could see her chest heave as she gasped for air. We all breathed a sigh of relief when she smiled and waved to us.
Then Teresa ... You know Teresa. Little hellion. If there's a way to get into trouble she'll find it. Well, just as the girls were turning to each other to comment, and the guide was turning to me, and I was collecting my scattered wits, Teresa said loudly: "Well, that looked like fun." She turned and walked deliberately over to the clamping mechanism. I think I guessed what she intended before she did it, but my mind rejected the idea. She clasped her hands behind her back and bent over the mechanism ...
Yes, sir. She deliberately hanged herself. She turned and gave me a grin as the clamping mechanism that held her tie rose from waist level to over head. She was still grinning when it swung her out over the main floor. She closed her eyes, and the grin disappeared when her tie took her weight. Her black hair is so short, I could clearly see that the tie had slipped completely free of her collar and was sunk deeply into the flesh of her neck. She kept her hands tightly clasped behind her back, as if they were bound. But, I could see her shoulders heaving as if she were fighting to control the impulse to reach up and grab the hanging tie. Her eyebrows were way up. Then, halfway across, her grin suddenly returned.
Yes, one of the girls muttered an expletive like that when she saw Teresa smile too. Everybody was so shocked to see her do that to herself on purpose, that it was deathly quiet. The voices were all stilled, and all you could hear were the rattling machines. Until she grinned.
When Teresa reached the other side, Susan helped her catch her balance when the clamping thing released her tie. Teresa loosened her tie. Then they threw their arms around each other and clung for a moment. I clearly heard Teresa laugh.
No, Mr. Hennessy that's not all. You know Angelique ... Yes, Angelique. She's well named; she's such a little angel. Friendly, natural leader; she'll probably captain the cheerleading squad next year. Yes, Angelique. She said: "Oh, what the hell." Then, she stepped over to the clamping mechanism. The guide tried to say something, but she really didn't have time. Angelique wrenched the knot of her school tie to the left and let the end slip into the clamping mechanism.
Me? Do something? I ... I don't know. I ...
Anyway, Angelique walked with the mechanism as normally as if she were walking away. Even when she walked off of the edge, it somehow looked normal. After a second, her hands shot up toward her neck, but she stopped before she actually touched the tie that was hanging her. She hesitated. She was turned at a slight angle, so I couldn't see her face. All I could see was the crown of golden hair spilling around her shoulders. She dropped her hands to her chest, and slowly drew her hands down over her breast, and her belly and her hips. As if she were caressing herself. For a moment I thought she might ... I mean ... Um, she raised and lowered her hands a couple of times, as if unsure what to do with them. I think she wanted to ...
Why? Well, when Susan was hanged accidently, we were all scared. When Teresa hanged herself on purpose we were all shocked. But now, when Angelique hanged herself, it was different. Like, here the "good" girl was following the example of the "bad" girl. For Teresa it is in character to do something outrageous. But for Angelique to do it, well, that was like saying it was okay. No, of course not. At least ... I'm just telling you what happened. Just then, emotions were running so high, I'm not sure any of us were thinking clearly anymore.
Anyway. It was Irene the quiet one ... Yes, Irene. She didn't say anything. No witty remark or anything. She just walked over and ... Yes, she did. She hesitated after the system clamped on her tie, so it kind of jerked her off of the floor. She's such a small girl anyway. It was like she gently bounced on the end of the tie a little bit as it carried her over the floor. She had the most amazed look on her face. I wonder, if she couldn't believe she'd done that to herself, or if she was amazed to find out what it felt like to hang by the neck. I couldn't ... I just watched her hang, dangling gently over the floor with her skirt fluttering.
Well, the guide was so upset at this point that she ran away screaming. I heard later that she ran all the way back to the administration building to get the Site Director. Of course by the time he could get there it was all over.
Pauline and Dinah and Karen were still there on my side. I think Dinah was scared of what was happening. And I think Pauline and Karen were trying to coax her to try it. You have heard the rumor that some of the girls are playing tie-me-up tie-you-up games? Well, I couldn't clearly hear what the girls were saying, but I got the impression that they were telling Dinah that it was just more of that kind of game. I heard Dinah whimper as she approached the clamping mechanism. You know she's a little on the pudgy side. Not fat exactly, but a bit more rounded, let's say, than most of the other girls. Well, even before she leaned over to let her tie get caught in the mechanism, I could see the quivering of her body through her clothes. Her boobs ... Er ... Her breast ... No, that's silly. They are boobs. Her boobs were quivering noticeably even through the fabric of her uniform even before the tie yanked her off of the floor. Once she was hanging by the neck out over the floor, her shaking made that fatty tissue bounce in a most ... Um ... most eye-catching way. I could clearly see her nipples ... I mean ... Just that they were jutting out ...
The girls on the other side were waving and laughing and hugging. And Pauline kind of skipped up to the mechanism, with her skirt flouncing. I told you I think she was trying to get the men on the floor to see up her skirt before. Well, when the tie pulled her up by the neck out over the floor, at first she grimaced horribly, and grabbed at her skirt with a death like grip. But then the grimace eased, and she started to lift her skirt a little and kick her legs. She was hanging by the neck, out over the floor, and she used it as an excuse to show off her legs and her panties. She usually wears those little thong ones. I heard at least one man on the floor laughing.

Karen has always been so shy and quiet. You would hardly believe she could have ... She walked confidently over to the mechanism and let her tie get caught. The thing swung her out over the floor. I heard a choking sound when her neck took her weight, but it was abruptly cut off. She too, grabbed her skirt. At first I think it was just something to do with her hands. But then, she clutched tightly in reaction to the pain and that pulled her skirt up around her waist. Her white panties had a flower embroidered on them. Her belly muscles were spasming. I could see that. It made her legs wave back and forth over the men below looking up her lean legs to her panties. The other girls actually applauded.
Watching each girl hang herself ... Twenty eight seconds? It seemed so much longer ... Dangling out over the floor ... Choking. With all those men looking up their skirts. Yet, they didn't seem to mind the pain. I ... I felt so strange watching them. Hanging.
It was odd. I stood alone on the floor, watching the girls on the other side. They were comparing the marks on their necks where their ties had choked them. Laughing. I felt strange and detached. Looking at the lifting mechanism, it seemed to be looming larger in front of me. Then I realized that I was actually approaching the clamp. That's why it seemed to be getting larger; it was getting closer. But it felt as if it wasn't me. As if I were watching another of the girls, as my tie moved into the path of the next component to be clamped. It grabbed my tie.
Oh God, Mr. Hennessy ...
I watched my tie lifted up from the level of my waist to above my head. I followed it as it moved toward the main plant floor. I felt my tie pull at my neck. Then there wasn't any more floor, and my feet were out over the open, and my tie grabbed me by the neck, and it slipped up against my jaw, and it held my jaw tightly shut, and my head tilted a little, and I felt it crushing my throat, and it pulled my tongue back tight in my mouth, and ...
I hanged myself Mr. Hennessy. I hanged by my own school tie. It was horrible. That crushing pressure on my neck ...
And yet ...
Well, the truth is ... Despite the terrible pain in my throat, the only thing in my mind was that all the men on the floor could see up my skirt. I mean, I was feeling this squeezing pressure on my neck and jaw, and my head was pounding, and I saw little spots in my eyes, and everything. But I could also feel the flutter of skirt against my flesh, and my legs waving, and I know that the men down there had no trouble seeing up my skirt to my panties.
See, I'm not wearing pantyhose Mr. Hennessy. I ... Here, look. When I lift my skirt you can see that I'm wearing these bright yellow silk panties, and a white garter belt holding up stockings. When I hanged out there, the men could easily see my panties and stockings. And ... And I found the idea very arousing.
Oh please, Mr. Hennessy, don't be upset. I've been trying to let you accidently see my panties for days. Haven't you noticed when I would bend over at the waist to pick up something from the floor? Or lean away when I was on a higher landing on the stairs? Or the way I sat with my legs well apart at the last staff meeting? That's why I felt aroused when I hanged. Because I knew all those men could see my panties. By the time I got to the other side, I am sure I was absolutely wet with arousal.
I'm getting wet now, too. When I touch myself, there, I can feel ... Mr Hennessy? Are you alright? You look flush. Here let me ... You are warm to the touch. Do you ... Ah ... Is that ... in your pants ... Let me ... Oh yes, Mr Hennessy you are aroused aren't you? Oh God, Mr Hennessy, I've been secretly wanting you for so long! Let me unzip ... Oh yes! Oh that's nice. It twitches when I touch it. No, you don't have to speak, just let me ... Here, help me get my panties off! Oh, your fingers on my flesh is ... Let me swing my leg over ... Just there ... Oh ... Oh, gently ... Oh yes! Oh it feels so good to have you inside me at last!
Oh Mr. Hennessy ... hanging was worth it ... since it brought us together. Did it excite you ... when I hanged? It excited me. Dangling out there ... that awful pressure on my throat ... those men looking up my skirt ... I held my legs apart ... Just like Pauline did ... Horrible pain but I ... those men looking up my skirt ... Do you want to see me hang? A rope around my neck ... swing me up so ... you can see up my skirt? Oh yes!
Oh, that feels good ...
Hang for you ... Let me hang for you ... By my school tie ...
Oh, that's good ...
Hang for you ...
Oh, Yes!


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Post by fotw2012 Thu May 14, 2020 3:53 pm

Great story! The hanging part is so attractive... I would also love a scene where the girls hang themselves with a separate backup tie while keeping their outfit tidy. Well, that would be totally another story.


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