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No more ties !

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No more ties ! Empty No more ties !

Post by Manthis55 Thu May 28, 2020 10:02 am

Today is the beginning of my new life. I'm quitting an odd job as a waitress and starting a new job in a big investment bank.
If this day excites me particularly, it is because I will no longer have to wear that unbearable uniform consisting of a straight skirt, a white shirt and a black necktie, tightly tied around my neck. That is the policy of the house. The tie is mandatory for all waitresses. And we look like very good little schoolgirls. Which is very humiliating. Especially when we have to serve people we know. One day my whole family came by surprise. I was so embarrassed. To look a little relax, I loosened my knot a little. My boss saw it, yelled at me and quickly tightened the tie in front of everyone. what a shame!
Anyway, today's it’s a new beginning 
I have to find a business look.  For a first day, don't overdo it. Not too overdress or too casual.  Shirt is still the best. 
I'm looking for a shirt in my dressing room without much success. I drop it and put on a short sleeved top. It will work. Especially since tonight I'm going straight for a kind of girls night out with some friends after work. I don't want to get too fancy.
Arriving at work a little bit early. But enough to see that I'm totally underdressed. Shirt, suit, skirt… Everybody is very corporate. For a first day, it's pretty embarrasing. What can I do? 
I remember there's a Zara shop close. I hope it's already open.
It is open ! Whew. However, after the big sale period, the rack looks really empty.
When I look around, I can only find one shirt in my size.  A blue and white stripped one. It's really not my cup of tea. I think it's a bit too much.   Stripes always look so strict. But today i've got no choice, I'll take it. 
It doesn't really match with the pants I'm wearing, though. The salesgirl can get me a navy blue skirt on sale. 
Between the shirt with thin blue and white stripes and the skirt, I completely switched to a strict look. It's the exact opposite of what I had planned. Serves me right. 
Especially since the collar is a little weird, it keeps coming up, I have trouble to keep it straight. The saleswoman gives me a tip: attach the last button. No way.  I leave it open. 
I arrive at the office. A good first day. My boss is really nice. She loves my outfit. I feel like she's really into the whole secretary look. It must reinforce her dominance over me. All day long I run around. Which is inconvenient with this tight outfit. And every time I pass someone or my reflection in the mirror, I feel weird. 
My boss is thrilled about this first day of work. "Together we'll do a great team." She absolutely wants to offer me something to encourage me . Looks like she's got an idea in her head. She's got something that "would go great with my outfit." With my outfit? The submissive secretary outfit? Shit, this doesn't smell good. 
She opens a drawer and pulls out a long box. It's a gift someone gave her, but she never opened it. It's not “her style", but she's sure I'll like it. I'm very embarrassed and I fear the worst.
I open the package and I can't believe my eyes !
In this package, there's a tie! It's not possible, she made a mistake. What does she want me to do with a tie?!
It's navy blue with little white lilys 
My boss, points out that the blue is the same as my eyes ...and the stripes on my shirt ...I'm starting to see it coming ... I stay polite and pretend to like it and thank her very much. I go to leave. When she say
You don’t want to try it on? 
I'm sorry? the tie ? Right now? Humm
I'm trying to escape…” I don't know how to tie a tie.” She doesn't give it up and asks a colleagues if she knows how to tie it.   
I’m praying inside... But it seem that Delphine knows perfectly how to tie them. She ties her husband's tie every morning. And I have the feeling  that it gives her great pleasure to humiliate me. 
Delphine starts her job. She starts by straightening my striped shirt. Tucking it into my skirt. She raises the collar on my neck. She passes the tie under my collar. And tie it in a big knot. She faila  little and repeats it several times. I feel at her mercy, under the amused gaze of my boss. She’s  so happy with the result that she calls the whole department to come and see how it suits me. My cheeks are totally red. and I really don’t want to see my reflection in a mirror. 

At the end of the day, I have only one desire : Go home, change my clothes, loosen this fucking tie. Take off that shirt and get rid of this strict look. There's no way my friends gonna see me like this.
Leaving the office, my boss asks me what I'm doing tonight. I tell her my plan and where I'm going for my drink. She offers me a lift. Oh Fuck. I won't be able to go home and change my clothes. She insists. I'm stuck. My friends won’t understand the look. They'll think I'm really weird. What if I run into my ex ? What can i do ? I put on my raincoat. And try to hide my look as best I can. Striped shirt, tie. With the collar up, I feel like a private detective.
I get to the bar, all my friends are already there. Inside.
There’s so much people. I pretend to be a little cold to keep my coat on and hide my secretary look.
Suddenly, a fucking waiter spills a drink on me. Wine on my beige raincoat. I’m cursed. He insists on cleaning it for me. I tell him it'll be all right. My friends insist. Everybody insists. I'm screwed.
Forced to take off my raincoat and reveal my strange look. My friends are stunned.
Striped shirt, tie tied to the ears. They can't believe their eyes. One of my friend, Alicia make fun of me for wearing a uniform. But i decided to assume and pretend that I love this new look. I feel really classy and i like it. I look like a real lady.
What about the tie? 
My new passion. It’s a new trend. 
 I even make fun of Alicia for wearing such boring clothes. She’s upset. 
I spend the evening dressed like this, loosing my tie for a while, because I'm hot, and roll up my striped blouse sleeves.
At a time a couple of boys come up to us and i can tell they're surprised by my executive woman look. Everybody's thirsty. Our glasses are empty. One of the guys offers to get us a drink. But a sneaky Alicia take her revenge. She looks at me head to toe and asks me to take care of it. I don't understand. Then she comes up to me, tightens my tie, puts my sleeves back on and slips a 20 euro bill in my shirt pocket.
‘Let’s our private waitress do the service”… Everybody laugh. 
I feel so humiliated.
But strangely, I feel obliged to obey her.
I walk to the bar. I grab a tray. I even put on an apron on me. It makes feel so obedient. 
Apron, striped shirt and tie. I'm going to serve these ladies all night. They'll even ask me to adress her as “ladies”


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No more ties ! Empty Re: No more ties !

Post by fotw2012 Thu May 28, 2020 5:41 pm

Great story! It's just amazing to imagine what she feels, awkward, reluctant, humiliated, and of course, enjoyable.


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No more ties ! Empty Re: No more ties !

Post by Xerxes Fri May 29, 2020 4:37 am

I love it!


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No more ties ! Empty Re: No more ties !

Post by poledan Thu Jun 04, 2020 3:05 pm

This story is great  Smile


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No more ties ! Empty Re: No more ties !

Post by razz Fri Jan 08, 2021 8:54 am

woahhh mind blowing...amazing set and choice of words


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No more ties ! Empty Re: No more ties !

Post by Manthis55 Fri Jan 29, 2021 10:02 am

What a strange evening... I wake up with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. Was it all real ? But looking at my phone, the pictures sent by my friends on what'sapp remind me of reality. Yes I did go to a bar yesterday in a skirt, shirt and necktie...It's hard to take. But I'll have to take it and not lose face. I pretend to laugh about it. 

Days pass at the office. I've learnt the lesson and now I wear at least one shirt every day to go there. The following weekend I bought several in different colours: white, blue, light blue, pink. Actually, the look doesn't bother me. You get used to it and then a shirt is really soft. And it's nice to look a little bit fancy every day. I feel that in the metro, people look at me better. I also wear it from time to time during weekends and in the evenings. I realise that there are lots of different ways to wear a beautiful shirt. 

Tonight there's a party at Alicia's house. You remember the girl who was a bit of a tease and who trapped me at the bar. We're not very friendly, but I was glad she invited me to her place. And then I am a little obliged to be courteous with her because she is my boss's niece. Actually, she was the one who helped me find this job. 
She's organising a dinner with one of her friends Sonia whom I don't know very well and some of her friends. I didn't have much to do, I love meeting new people. I said OK. 

During the day, Alicia asked me what I was going to wear? I thought it was weird to ask... but some girls don't like to be dressed the same as others when there are boys around. I asked her if there was a dress code or something. She hesitated and suggested I put on a nice white shirt... It seemed to make me look good. Why not...I don't really care if it makes her happy. 

Alicia asked me to arrive a little earlier. Probably to introduce me to her friend Sonia. Let's have a girl's aperitif before the boys arrive. 

When I arrived, Alicia greeted me a little coldly and told me I was late. I didn't know she was so punctual! If it's like that all evening... She takes my coat and tells me to follow her into the kitchen. I can feel her stress. 
She asks me to prepare the aperitif and to spread some hummus on the toast. 
 Ok fair enough. I can help out a little. That's normal. 
In the meantime, she is going to finish getting ready. Ok. She hands me a black apron so as not to spoil my outfit.  Uh... yes, good idea. I'll put the apron on. I have a bit of a hard time at first.  She comes to help me. She pushes my crisp white collar through the hole. It gets a bit stuck. Without asking me, she closes the two last buttons on my shirt.  I don't really know why. And ties a big knot behind my back. Quite tight, I must confess. And it's hard to reach. I think it would be very difficult for me to take it off by myself and I would have to ask her someone to help me. 

It's ringing at the door. Alicia asks me to open it. I go and meet her friend Sonia. She's much warmer than Alicia. Sonia compliments me on my outfit. You look perfect! It suits you very well. She goes around me, touches my shirt, readjusts my collar a little bit. It's funny, it's like she's inspecting me. I try to give her a kiss, but she has a little backward movement. Instead she gives me her coat. 
And goes into the kitchen.  "Ah, you're preparing the food, perfect! Is Alicia in her room? I'll get ready too"
And Sonia runs off to join Alicia. 
These two girls are a bit strange... But I tell myself that, i’havent’ done all the shopping, it's my way of participating in the party. 
I go on with my task, I cut tomatoes, avocados etc... Alicia sends me instructions by whats app... 

30 min later. I'm a little tired, but it's really nice. These ladies come into the kitchen and congratulate me. Bravo, it's very beautiful. You are a keeper !  Thank you girls...

Sonia's phone rings.  The boys are coming in 15 minutes. 
Oh, great, I need to get a new look too... Is there one of you two who can untie the apron? 
The two girls are a little uncomfortable. 
What do you mean? 
Well, I'm not going to have an evening like this... 
Sonia laughs out loud and turns to Alicia. Didn't you tell her? 
Well no, but I thought it was clear. 
I have a bad feeling about her. Their naughty look scares me. 

After a short silence, Alicia speaks. "Don't take this the wrong way, dear, but we didn't really invite you to have dinner with us..." 
What ?? 
"Did you bring me here just to come and help you prepare the diner ? In that case, why did you tell me to dress smart etc.? 
Re crazy laughing at Sonia.
Alicia resumes : "Ah no no, it is planned that you stay... I reassure you... But to do the service ! 
Stupor. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. "You're crazy, I'm not going to be your waitress all night. So what, you're gonna pay me too?"
"Oh no, that's not the plan at all... you're going to do it for free... You owe me... It's thanks to me that you got this job at my aunt's. If I managed to get you hired..., I can also get you fired... 

Bitch! She's trapped me another time.  I feel so stupid standing in front of her with my pencil skirt, my pumps and this beautiful white shirt stuck in the apron. 

I have tears in my eyes. 

Sonia is getting softer. Calm down. We still have a little present for you. 
She goes to get her bag and takes out a small pocket that she hands me. I don't feel good. I open it. This is a red necktie. 
Sonia : So I admit that I don't necessarily share your tastes, but if it pleases you... And for us tonight, it suits you. You understand, to do the service, the shirt collar open like that, frankly it's not very distinguished. Come closer, my beautiful. “

There you go, If I had known that lying and saying I loved this tie look would turn back on me... 
Sonia comes up to me and starts to make me a little bun... Alicia ties the last button on my shirt. She has a bit of trouble, my neck resists a bit... It's the last part of my body that resists. Then she goes up the collar, before passing me the tie. 
She stops for a moment... and turns towards Sonia. "what do you think about the buttoned collar with nothing on ?  Alicia takes a picture and shows it to her friend.  
 "I don't know… the tie makes the outfit a bit dressy "

I can't believe my eyes. These two bitch treat me as if I were their doll. I feel so humiliated. 
Sonia: "Maybe we could ask the boys what they think?" 
No no, please. I am silent, but I feel cold... Please have fun with both of you, but don't add another humiliation. 

Sonia concludes "Listen, let's start with a tie service. You told me she loves it, so she'll be more comfortable. Besides, nothing prevents us from taking it off in the middle of the evening. 
"You're right, by the way, I had also planned a pretty bow tie from my grandmother, in case you forgot the tie. We can change for dessert! 
What a great idea! It's going to be a long evening anyway... 

Don't tell me about it. 

Sonia comes forward and starts to pass me the tie. She applies it, undoes it, redoes it. Change the knot... half windsor, windsor ... You can tell she's having a lot of fun. 
Next to her, her girlfriend is shooting photos at me. I want to oppose it, but I can't find the strength anymore. I need this job. I can't take the risk of getting fired. 

The torture is coming to an end, Alicia tucks my shirt into my skirt, fits my shirt collar and bright red tie into the hollow of my apron. She looks at me madly happy for long seconds. 

One last thing... We are friends, but tonight it would be nice if you called us Ladies. 
Sonia asks innocently: And what do we call her? 

Alicia exclaims: Oh good idea… What would be nice would be to find her an another name for her. 
I don't know... a waitress's name... a little submissive... and strict at the same time... hummm Or something foreign... Bella? Maria? Anita? 
Suddenly Sonia has an illumination: I've found it! "Kravatta"! It sounds like "Cravate" which means necktie in French... So chic. 
It's ringing at the door. 

Come on, Dear Kravatta... why don’t you go and welcome our guests ?


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No more ties ! Empty Re: No more ties !

Post by Nioxtie Thu Feb 03, 2022 4:33 am

This is one of my favorite story... with not a lot of comments... Please continue !


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No more ties ! Empty Re: No more ties !

Post by Manthis55 Wed Nov 22, 2023 10:50 am

The doorbell rings, and with a heavy heart, I walk towards the entrance, the red tie snugly fastened around my neck. The weight of the apron feels like a burden, and the twisted sense of powerlessness engulfs me as I open the door.
In front of me stand the arriving guests, a group of strangers whose opinions on my predicament remain unknown. I force a smile, attempting to mask the internal turmoil I'm experiencing. Alicia and Sonia watch with amusement from the kitchen, reveling in the scenario they've orchestrated.
"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Alicia's dinner party," I announce with an artificial cheerfulness, struggling to maintain a sense of composure. The guests exchange glances, clearly puzzled by the unexpected presence of a waitress in the domestic setting.
As the night unfolds, I become a living paradox—dressed in a sophisticated shirt and tie, yet relegated to the role of a servile hostess. The red tie, initially a symbol of my submission, becomes a focal point for playful comments and jests among the guests.
Alicia and Sonia, hidden behind the scenes, occasionally send me messages instructing me to offer drinks or hors d'oeuvres. Each task is a reminder of my enforced servitude, and I navigate the gathering with a mix of forced politeness and inner humiliation.
The guests, unaware of the covert arrangement, play along, amused by the peculiar dynamic. The red tie, now a visible emblem of my role, draws attention and curious inquiries. I provide explanations with a forced smile, downplaying the absurdity of the situation.
As the night progresses, Sonia proposes the idea of a formal dinner service, complete with a menu and assigned roles. I find myself serving courses and refilling glasses, all while maintaining the facade of a willing participant in this charade. The red tie tightens with each interaction, a constant reminder of my compromised dignity.
Alicia, reveling in the success of her scheme, periodically emerges from the kitchen to observe the spectacle. She whispers instructions, guiding my every move with a subtle sense of control. The guests, initially bewildered, seem to adapt to the peculiar atmosphere, enjoying the unconventional entertainment.
In a moment of reprieve, Sonia approaches me with a mischievous grin. "Dear Kravatta, you've been a wonderful hostess tonight. How about a little break?" With a swift motion, she loosens the red tie, offering a brief respite from the symbolic constraints.
As I take a moment to catch my breath, thinking perhaps the night will take a turn for the better, Sonia exchanges a glance with Alicia. The two of them burst into laughter, their amusement echoing through the room. Confused, I look at them, still holding the loosened red tie in my hand.
"Oh, Kravatta, you thought we were going to let you off the hook that easily?" Alicia smirks, producing another item from behind her back. To my shock, it's a classic maid uniform – a short black dress with a white apron, and, to add to the humiliation, a neatly knotted black necktie.
My eyes widen in disbelief as they instruct me to change into this new attire. The dress is embarrassingly short, and the addition of the necktie intensifies the overall sense of degradation. I retreat to a secluded corner, feeling the weight of the maid uniform in my hands.
As I emerge, transformed into this unexpected and demeaning ensemble, the room falls silent. The guests, initially amused by the peculiar proceedings, now observe with a mixture of shock and amusement. The short black dress and white apron cling uncomfortably, and the black necktie draws attention to the forced role-playing.
Sonia, reveling in my discomfort, leans in and whispers, "Consider this a delightful twist, darling. Now you're not just our waitress; you're our charming maid, ready to attend to our every need."
I stand there, adorned with this unexpected and thoroughly humiliating uniform. The guests, now privy to this unexpected twist, react with a combination of laughter and astonishment. Alicia and Sonia, satisfied with the success of their impromptu wardrobe change, continue to revel in the power dynamics they've artfully crafted.
As the evening progresses, the maid uniform becomes a spectacle, and I find myself serving with an extra layer of embarrassment. Alicia and Sonia, delighted by the success of their elaborate game, continue to guide my every move, cementing the bizarre power dynamics in place. The black necktie, now emblematic of my submissive role, adds a surreal touch to the remainder of the night.
Later, as the girls decide to release me back into the night dressed in the maid uniform, I venture into the street, fully aware of the curious glances and stifled laughs that follow me. To add to the embarrassment, I encounter my neighbor, who eyes me with a mix of confusion and amusement. The black necktie, tightly knotted, serves as a stark reminder of the evening's orchestrated humiliation.


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No more ties ! Empty Re: No more ties !

Post by Manthis55 Sun Nov 26, 2023 10:09 am

As I fumble with the keys to my apartment door, I can't shake the feeling of dread. The maid uniform, particularly the black necktie, still clings to me, a symbol of the night's unexpected turn. As I step inside, my roommate, Alex, looks up from the couch, their eyes widening in surprise.
Alex: (raising an eyebrow) "Well, well, well. What do we have here?"
Me: (nervously) "It's a long story. You wouldn't believe what I went through tonight."
Alex: (smirking) "Clearly, spill the details. And why are you wearing that... ensemble?"
Me: (sighing) "Alicia and Sonia thought it would be hilarious to turn me into their personal maid during a dinner party. The black necktie was their 'crowning touch.'"
Alex: (chuckling) "You let them do that to you? Seriously?"
Me: (defensively) "It's not like I had much of a choice. It was either play along or risk my job. They have some kind of influence over my workplace."
Alex: (raising an eyebrow) "Influence? Sounds like there's more to this story. Spill it."
Me: (hesitating) "Okay, fine. Alicia helped me get the job, and now she's using it against me. If I don't comply with their little games, she hinted that I might lose it."
Alex: (serious) "That's messed up. You shouldn't let them walk all over you like that."
Me: (frustrated) "Easy for you to say. I need this job. But you don't understand the humiliation I went through tonight, especially with this ridiculous black necktie."
Alex: (thoughtful) "Look, I get it. But you can't keep letting them use you like this. We need to find a way to turn the tables."
Me: (curious) "Turn the tables? How?"
Alex: (smirking) "Well, if they're so keen on making you wear embarrassing outfits, maybe it's time we give them a taste of their own medicine. Let's come up with a plan, something that'll make them regret ever trying to humiliate you."
As Alex and I brainstorm revenge ideas, I can't help but feel a glimmer of hope. Perhaps it's time to turn the tables and show Alicia and Sonia that their games have consequences, even if it means adding a twist to their own sense of style and fashion. The black necktie, once a mark of submission, might just become a symbol of their own undoing.

The next day, Alex arrives with an accomplice, her mischievous friend Emma, who seems just as eager to partake in my humiliation. They present me with an ensemble – a blue and white pinstripe shirt, a neatly tied blue necktie, and a skirt that feels even more stifling than before.
Alex: (smirking) "Ready for another day of elegant servitude?"
Me: (resigned) "Let's get this over with."
As we head to Alex's office, Emma takes on the role of co-conspirator with fervor. The office becomes a stage for their antics, and my pinstriped uniform transforms into a symbol of their collective amusement.
Emma: (chuckling) "Look at you, all dressed up for a day at the office. Who knew a necktie could be so stylish?"
Alex: (sarcastically) "But let's not forget the importance of maintaining the perfect tie. Straighten it up, Kravatta."
Emma seizes the opportunity to straighten my necktie with exaggerated precision, her actions accompanied by mocking commentary.
Emma: "There, perfection. You're a vision of professionalism."
The day unfolds with a series of peculiar tasks – from arranging imaginary files to performing curtsies upon entering rooms. Each directive, no matter how absurd, is met with compliance, as resistance seems to amplify their delight.
Alex: (teasingly) "You're a natural at this, Kravatta. Who knew you had such hidden talents?"
Throughout the day, Emma and Alex revel in the ritual of straightening my tie, adjusting my imaginary collar, and playfully suggesting that my newfound elegance might be the key to success.
Emma: (laughing) "Maybe we've stumbled upon your true calling – the stylish office assistant with impeccable tie-straightening skills."
As the workday concludes, I'm left with a profound sense of vulnerability, caught in a bizarre dynamic orchestrated by Alex and her accomplice. The pinstriped shirt, the blue necktie, and the whimsical tasks assigned to me serve as both props and symbols of my submission, leaving me to ponder how far this peculiar alliance will push the boundaries of humiliation.
As if the day's humiliations weren't enough, Alex and Emma decide to extend their unconventional experiment into the evening. They propose a dinner outing in the heart of the city, with me still adorned in the pinstripe shirt, blue necktie, and skirt.
Me: (protesting) "Really? Can't we call it a day?"
Alex: (smirking) "Oh, no. Our stylish office assistant is the star of the show tonight."
Emma: (laughing) "Imagine the reactions at the restaurant. It'll be priceless."
Reluctantly, I follow them into the evening cityscape, acutely aware of the stares and curious glances directed my way. As we approach the restaurant, my heart races, envisioning the awkward encounters with acquaintances or friends.
Entering the establishment, the atmosphere changes. The ambiance is a stark contrast to my surreal attire, creating a scene both amusing and bewildering. Alex and Emma, reveling in the absurdity, take their seats with an air of superiority.
Alex: (confidently) "Our charming assistant is joining us for dinner. Quite the fashion statement, isn't it?"
Emma: (smirking) "Who knew office attire could be so avant-garde?"
The stares intensify as the evening progresses. Some patrons whisper and exchange glances, while others try to conceal their amusement. Conversations seem to halt momentarily as people take in the peculiar spectacle of a formal office ensemble in a casual dining setting.
As Alex and Emma indulge in their meals, my discomfort grows. I catch sight of familiar faces from across the room – friends, colleagues, and even a neighbor. Each interaction is laced with an undercurrent of embarrassment, my attempts to downplay the situation falling flat.
Friend: (raising an eyebrow) "New dress code at work, I presume?"
Me: (nervously) "Uh, just a little... experiment."
The friend exchanges a knowing look with their companion, leaving me to navigate a sea of raised eyebrows and stifled laughter. Alex and Emma, seemingly immune to the social implications, savor the reactions like a triumphant encore.
As the dinner draws to a close, I'm left grappling with the realization that this orchestrated charade has seeped into the public domain. The pinstriped shirt and blue necktie, once symbols of a workplace power play, now serve as an emblem of a bizarre social experiment that has infiltrated the realms of both professional and personal life. The night concludes, leaving me with a lingering unease about the potential long-term consequences of their peculiar brand of humiliation.

In the midst of the peculiar dinner spectacle, Alex and Emma decide to propose a peculiar deal.
Alex: (with a sly smile) "How about a little compromise? We'll allow you to untie the knot a bit, just a tad, in exchange for something."
Me: (skeptical) "What's the catch?"
Emma: (grinning) "Oh, it's nothing much. Just a little addition to your ensemble."
Curiosity mingled with caution, I cautiously agree to hear them out.
Alex: (laying out the terms) "You get to loosen the knot a bit, give yourself a breather, and in return, you'll be donning an apron over that lovely pinstripe shirt of yours."
Me: (raising an eyebrow) "An apron? Seriously?"
Emma: (nodding) "Absolutely. It'll add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Plus, it's a win-win. You get a bit of relief, and we get to enhance the overall look."
After a moment of contemplation, I decide that a slight reprieve from the constricting necktie might be worth the seemingly innocuous addition of an apron.
Me: (resigned) "Fine, but only a little slack on the tie."
As I fumble with the tie, trying to grant myself a bit of comfort, Alex produces a neat white apron adorned with a tasteful pattern.
Alex: (handing me the apron) "There you go, our dear office assistant. Now you're not just a fashion icon; you're a culinary one too."
Reluctantly, I secure the apron around my waist, the contrasting image of the formal office attire paired with a kitchen accessory heightening the absurdity of the situation. The compromise does little to alleviate the overall sense of humiliation, but it adds a layer of surreal charm to the already unconventional evening.
As the negotiation unfolds, Alex and Emma seem eager to maximize the potential humiliation in exchange for my temporary comfort. They exchange glances, silently plotting a course of action that will leave me even more exposed to the whims of the evening.
Alex: (feigning innocence) "Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. While you're working in that apron, how about adding a little extra flair?"
Me: (suspicious) "What kind of flair are we talking about here?"
Emma: (grinning mischievously) "Just a little detail to make the apron truly pop. How about we tie the apron strings into a bow? It's a delightful touch, very chic."
Me: (exasperated) "A bow? Are you serious?"
Alex: (nodding) "Absolutely. A bow adds that perfect touch of femininity. Think of it as a fashion statement. Your own little signature touch."
Despite my reservations, I find myself reluctantly agreeing to their terms. As I give a slight leeway to the necktie, Alex and Emma swoop in to add the final touch to my ensemble – a neat bow tied at the back of the apron.
Alex: (adjusting the bow) "There we go. Doesn't it look adorable?"
Emma: (capturing the moment) "Smile for the camera! We need to document this fabulous transformation."
Feeling a mix of embarrassment and resignation, I pose as they snap photos, immortalizing the peculiar fashion experiment. The guests, now privy to the added accessories, observe with amusement, their chuckles amplifying the already palpable sense of exposure.
As I continue my duties, the bow-adorned apron becomes a point of conversation among the guests. Whispers and giggles follow me, each step a reminder of my willingness to compromise for a bit of relief from the constricting necktie.
Later in the evening, as the last guest bids farewell, Alex and Emma approach me with triumphant smiles.
Alex: (patting my shoulder) "You were a star, darling. The bow really added that extra oomph."
Emma: (holding up a phone) "And the pictures are perfect. You might just start a new trend!"
Me: (grinning weakly) "Glad I could contribute to your fashion experiments."
With the guests gone, the surreal evening transitions into a moment of reflection. The loosened necktie, bow-adorned apron, and the captured moments serve as tangible evidence of an evening where my comfort was traded for a calculated blend of fashion and humiliation.
As I try to unwind after the eventful evening, Alex and Emma, seemingly unable to resist the urge to exert more control, approach me with a sly look in their eyes.
Alex: (smirking) "You know, we were thinking. The bow is cute and all, but it's just not enough. We need to maintain the theme, don't we?"
Emma: (nodding in agreement) "Absolutely. And what better way to tie it all together than with a matching necktie?"
Me: (protesting) "Wait, we had a deal! I loosened the knot for the apron, not for another tie!"
Alex: (playfully) "Oh, darling, we're just having a bit of fun. You'll look even more put together, trust us."
Before I can react, they produce a red necktie, seemingly appearing out of thin air. The bow-adorned apron, which was supposed to be my reprieve, now becomes a precursor to an even more elaborate outfit.
Emma: (holding up the red tie) "This will complement the apron beautifully. Red is such a bold and confident color, don't you think?"
Me: (resigned) "I can't believe you're doing this. Fine, let's get it over with."
With a sense of inevitability, I allow them to fasten the red necktie around my neck. The symbolism isn't lost on me – a vivid, bold hue, tightly knotted, reclaiming dominance in an unexpected turn of events.
Alex: (smirking) "There we go. Now you're truly our fashion icon. The bow and the red tie – it's a daring combination."
Emma: (teasingly) "Who would have thought our little soirée would turn you into a trendsetter?"
As they revel in their triumph, I find myself adorned in an ensemble that goes beyond the realms of conventional fashion. The bow-adorned apron now shares the stage with a striking red necktie, creating a juxtaposition that leaves me feeling exposed and, ironically, at the mercy of fashion whims.
The duo continues to capture photos, each snapshot a testament to their audacious experiment. I can't help but wonder if this is the extent of their creative endeavors or if there's another layer of humiliation yet to unfold.


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