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Dress Up Ideas

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Dress Up Ideas Empty Dress Up Ideas

Post by ajl378492 Tue May 15, 2018 2:11 pm

For any women who are members of these forum (or have visited this forum), as well as any guys out there whose wives or girlfriends are into wearing neckties or bow ties, here are some ideas:

Suit & necktie:  a gray or blueish-gray pantsuit with a necktie, black socks, and either black Oxfords or black Durango Western shoe boots (here is the link:  As for the pantsuit, check out the photos of Amy Schumer in this forum.

Tuxedo:  black tuxedo pantsuit, with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, suspenders, black socks, and black Oxfords. 

Feel free to add any dress up ideas.


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Dress Up Ideas Empty Re: Dress Up Ideas

Post by arokh Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:30 pm

crisp white shirt, fitted so as to emphasise the bust - bonus for satin. standard pointed collar, buttoned up and shirt tucked in. long sleeves rolled up, black satin gloves

black bow tie, ideally hand tied but the size and shape are most important - decent sized but not too big in the classic shape, over the top of the shirt collar but with the collar tips protruding below. a small brooch on top optional

high-waisted pencil skirt; either pinstripe or black satin, with suspenders

lace-top fishnet stockings with suspenders and a garter belt

3-5 inch black red-soled heels (i'd say louboutins but those are absurdly expensive)

optional over the top (any one of these):
a fitted women's suit jacket
a sweater (with collar and bowtie over the top of sweater at the neckline)
a black feather boa
a brown fur coat


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