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Frankie & Benny's uniform has hit a new low

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Frankie & Benny's uniform has hit a new low Empty Frankie & Benny's uniform has hit a new low

Post by High Collar Shirt Guy Sun Jun 17, 2018 2:42 am

It used to be that you would visit Frankie & Benny's restaurants and see all the staff wearing a white shirt and tie of their own choice. Now while it was as never as good as it sounds (about 90% of staff wore semi casual/badly fitting shirts with poor collars and loosely buttoned with loose ties) there was however the 10% of ladies working there who clearly enjoyed and took pride in wearing their shirt and tie and had a nice stiff looking buttoned up shirt with a nicely chosen well knotted tie.

But then a year or two ago they started supplying their staff with ghastly clip on ties.

Now they just wear a casual open neck denim shirt.

A right decline, and probably fitting in with modern culture. But the highlight of any visit to Frankie & Benny's would always be that one or occasionally two waitresses who would wear their shirt and tie very smartly. Seems to have really lost a bit of its class and attraction to visit it now.

There is very little restaurant choice in the UK to see and appreciate the wonderful thing that is a lady smartly wearing a proper collar shirt with a tie.

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