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my old story

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Post by razz Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:08 am

Mrs smith (age 42) lives with her daughter jessica (age 26) .They live in los santos.
jessica works in a bank with her mother.
Mrs smith is the head of the bank and jessica is junior to her. Both of them goes to the office at the same time in their car.
one day mrs smith and jessica decided to get a new house in posh area of the city.
So within months they got a new house.

when they shifted in their new house, they meet with their neighbours (just casually meeting to have mutual understanding with peoples they live around ).

Mrs. mathew is their neighbour , she also lives along with her daughter Rebecca (aged 22), her husband lives in Florida for work and occasionally comes to meet her wife , since he is a very busy business man.

mrs smith and her daughter being worked in a bank are very punctual and disciplined, which can be seen by their professional attire.

Mrs smith wears 3 piece suits and her daughter wears formal shirts with shirts along with necktie and no suits (Mrs smith being head of the bank needs to look superior than other employees of the bank
therefore jessica donot wear suit).

Being working in a bank mrs smith and her daughter are  very much used to wear formal clothes. They are so much used to that, even in weekend and other holidays they remain in their formal attire.

one day mrs mathew goes to mrs smith to know about certain banking policies that may help business peoples (since her husband was a business man).When she reached their home jessica opened the door and she was wearing formal white shirt with blue lining skirt with matching suut and a red necktie which seems to be perfectly and tightely tied around her neck.When mrs matgew saw her she was surprised by looking her since she never saw any young girl in such a smart and formal wear, and she hoped that one day her daughter will learn and enjoy wearing such formal old story Captur12
(jessica in her formal attire as described above, when she met mrs mathew)
It's the first time when both saw each other, but mrs matthew have earlier met with mrs smith and therefore mrs matthew knows about jessica.

Mrs mathew asked for mrs smith, but she was not at home.So jessica asked is there any way that she can help her (cause she also worked in the same bank where her mother works).so, mrs mathew gets invited by jessica and she told jessica about everything that she wants to know about jesicca in a very professional manner told her about everything which was asked. after formal talk, mrs mathew started casual talk with jessica, and asked her that why she was in such a formal attire , because it was sunday. jessica replied that she always like to be in such formal clothes and her mom will also never allow her to be in casual clothes like other girls.

mrs mathew - ohh, your mom seems to be very strict

jessica-no, she is very friendly. but when it comes to clothes she becomes very strict, and this thing about my mom makes her very special to me.

mrs mathew- by the way, you are looking very smart in these clothes.

jessica-I also find myself very much bold and confident in my suit and tie.

mrs mathew - yes, putting shirt and tie requires a lot of confidence for a women, and this reflects how much professional and serious they are in their work.

jessica-You are a true lady who understands the importance shirt,ties and suits in today's modern world and I hope to see you in your formal clothes ,the next time when we will met.

mrs mathew - Sure, i would also like to be in  such formal attire for my entire life as you. Ok then, from now on i will also look like you do.

jessica-I feel very glad to know that.

After this conversation mrs Matthew goes back to her home.On reaching home, she tells her daughter rebecca about their neighbours, that how well dressed , smart and disciplined people they are.By listening about their dressing seene rebecca gets a mixed feeling of fear and nervousness and she was confused on how to react.But mrs. matthew was really very much excited for her new attire and she also wanted rebecca to also become a formal lover. So mrs matthew took all of her’s and rebecca’s junk clothes (t shirts, one piece dresses etc) into her car and asked rebecca to come along her to donate these clothes to poor people. But rebecca was completely against this but somewhere in her heart she also wanted to look like a smart lady like their neighbours.

Mrs Matthew- let's first purchase our new outfits before donating them.

Rebecca- Mom,i am fine with my t-shirts and other dresses, please don't donate them. it's not my age to wear such formal dresses all the time. my other friends ek laugh at me. please try to understand mom.

mrs Matthew - I know you are not used to wear nice, fit and formal dresses,but i believe that once you wear proper shirt and tie all the time you will get used to it and feel more confident about yourself.

Rebecca-ok mom, i will do as you said.

Mrs Matthew and rebecca goes to shop to purchase their new formal clothes.The owner of that shop was a lady and her name is jessica and she was 38. jessica was wearing a light blue shirt with a blue and navy striped tie along with blue suit and skirt

my old story Captur13
jessica at center along with her co-workers
jessica greeted mrs Matthew and rebecca and asked, how can she help her.
Mrs Mathew asked for a plain white formal shirt and a red tie along with black skirt and asked the same along with black skinny tie for rebecca.Jessica asked which type of fitting do they like,regular,slim,or super slim.
mrs Matthew asked for  super slim fitting of shirt and skirts. Jessica and their co-workers measure their body frame and pick up a shirt and a tie of very slim fit for them.Jessica asked that if this is their first time they are trying these type of formal fit dresses.
mrs Matthew-Yes,but why.
jessica-If that's the case, then we recommend you that please allow us to dress you appropriately.
mrs Matthew-that sounds great.

Jessica asked mrs Mathew and rebecca to come to their trial room, where she can dress them. In the trial room jessica asked mrs Mathew to take out her clothes and asked her to put that plain white shirt. Being its first time for mrs Mathew its was har for her to put the buttons of her shirt, so jessica buttoned up her shirt buttons, before buttoning up the top button she asked mrs Mathew to lift her neck up and being the shirt very new jessica struggled a little to fasten the top button of her shirt.Jessica then gave the skirt to mrs Mathew to wear and then asked mrs Mathew to please wait and let her ready rebecca in shirt and skirt.
In a similar fashion rebecca is also ready in her crisp white shirt and skirt .
Jessica then asked them to please come out of the trial room and asked them to wait so that she can find appropriate tie for them.
In the shop both mother and daughter are in similar white shirt and skirt but mrs Matthew seems to be very happy despite being a little choked at her neck . But rebecca was very much afraid to face anyone and was getting swety.Soon after, jessica came and brought a red tie for mrs Mathew and she lifted her collar up and put the tie under the collar and made a half windsor knot and put it very tight and firm at the center and flipped the collar down and asked wheather she wants her tie to be loosed.But mrs Mathew on seeing herself infront of mirror gets very much satisfied with her tight collar and tie and further tightened her tie and asked for something which can prevent her tie knot to remain tightened and fixed at the center of her collar all the time.So, Jessica fixed a tie pin at her collar and also attached a tie clip between the two buttons of her shirt.

my old story Captur11

mrs Mathew’s new look

Jessica then brings black skinny tie for rebecca and asked her to lift her collar up, the flipping sound of collar mesmerized rebecca and she get an excited feeling ,as if she is really enjoying the tight collar of her shirt. Jessica then asked rebecca to learn to make a 4 in hand , half windsor and windsor knot . Knowing that there is no other option left for her than wearing a shirt and tie from today, so she decided to learn tying her own tie.Jessica then brought a black regular tie for rebecca to first practice in that and later she may tie her own skinney tie.
So,jessica untied her own tie to teach rebecca how to tie a tie . Rebecca saw that jessica’s shirt collar was also very crisp and tight at her neck and she asked 'Dont you feel a little uncomfortable in these tight collar shirts’
jessica-At first when i was new to these clothes i also feel the same way as you do. But now i am in love with these tight collar shirts and tight necktie knot and i can't even live with these feelings.
rebecca- I also wanted to dress like smart ladies but lack of my confidence and a little discomfort of tight collars made me afraid to be adopt these clothes.

jessica-No worry,just try to be always in such clothes to eliminate your lack of confidence and believe me the tightened shirt collar are not as bad as you think.


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Post by khzanzhun Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:55 am

Ok, when I read your story generally I can see your enthusiasm and passion for shirt and tie look but the story didn't really get me into it. I think it should have been more close to be realistic. Because as everybody knows it is almost impossible to see a woman in this attire arround us who dressed just because they like to be in it, especially on sundays Smile But in your story everybody is wearing shirt and tie which I wish it could be like that in real life. So hopefully my comment will help you..


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