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Elizabeth's School Life

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Elizabeth's School Life Empty Elizabeth's School Life

Post by MatthewJames7 Wed Jun 10, 2020 5:52 am

Elizabeth was sitting down at a table in the school canteen, watching as everyone passed by, stuck in their own conversations. Her friends Megan and Serena sat down next to her and Serena exclaimed, "Lizzie, I've some great news to tell you about the school ball." Elizabeth looked at her with a face of mock enjoyment, she didn't really care for formal events like that. Elizabeth, in her free time, liked playing the guitar and she often did local gigs for different occasions such as weddings and even just playing in the local pub on Saturday nights, and most of the people in her town knew her as a result. Serena adjusted herself in the chair and excitedly exclaimed, "I've asked James if he'd go to the ball with you" and Elizabeth looked furious. "Serena, how many times do I have to say it, I don't like going to a ball, it's just not my scene. I prefer playing gigs." Megan glanced at Serena with a look that seemed to say, "Serena, you are an idiot. Elizabeth has said a million times that she doesn't like going to a ball, and now she's just told you a million and one times." 

Serena nodded to signify she understood Elizabeth's response. Elizabeth straightened her tie, and at that moment several girls in a group stopped at their table and the leader of the group exclaimed, "well, if it isn't Elizabeth and her little bunch of losers." The other girls sniggered and Elizabeth replied, "what do you want Caroline?".

Caroline looked to her friends and they were in sarcastic horror. Caroline smiled proudly, fixed her tie and exclaimed, "I'm being named as the queen of the school ball, Elizabeth, and I just came by to let you so you won't be dismayed when you go and don't get picked." Elizabeth smiled with a sarcastic look on her face and replied, "I'll do you one better Caroline, I'm not going anyways so I don't care one bit, of course then again I'm not the least bit surprised that a spoilt brat like you is being named queen of the ball. So while you and your bunch of spoilt brats are going to the ball, I'm playing a local gig, and this is how much I care." She cupped her hands into the shape of a zero, and Caroline was scarlet red with anger, the look of fury on her face was there for everyone to see, not that anyone took a blind bit of notice as they were all stuck in their own conversations.

Caroline looked to her friends and exclaimed, "come on girls, let's ditch these losers and go somewhere else to discuss the ball." They nodded in agreement and turned on their heels. Elizabeth sighed with frustration and rubbed her left eye. She turned back to Megan and Serena and exclaimed, "I'm sick and tired of Caroline always bragging about herself. The only thing she cares about is how much better she is than anyone else, and that little posse of hers. Would you two mind if I just left, I need a bit of alone time for a few minutes." They nodded and Elizabeth walked out of the canteen. She was walking through the corridor when she noticed that people were looking at her and sniggering.


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