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The longest month

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The longest month Empty The longest month

Post by Suitgirl Sun Jan 30, 2022 6:53 pm

Hi this is my first story I hope you like it. I plan on more parts!

“There is no way I’m putting that on!” I told Jasmine as she handed a tuxedo my way. It was a tailcoat tuxedo complete with white gloves, Jasmine had randomly asked to measure my body a few months back and now I know why. “ Oh come on Beth I really want to see you wear this and besides, you lost the bet to be my personal butler for a month and I get to decide your uniform.” She said this in a very excited voice which almost seemed too excited. “Now change into it right here I’ll help you if you need.” She demanded. “Fine, I will.” I said in a mumble. 

 I started with the shirt slowly buttoning up all the buttons only leaving the top button undone. The shirt hugged my body and felt almost like a second skin. “Okay.” I said, “ On to the pants.” The pants were black and pleated with a satin line down both sides of the pants, as I pulled them up Jasmine took control and pulled them up past my belly button and tucked my shirt in. “How’s that feel?” She asked. “It's very snug on my waist, it’s like a hug.” She smiled when I said that and ushered me to put on my socks and shoes. After I finished up those parts she walked over to me with the bowtie in hand.”No way Jasmine, I’m not wearing that” I said to Jasmine in a serious tone. “Yes you are Beth, whether you like it or not.” She said this as she buttoned the top collar of the shirt which instantly began to give me a choking sensation and began to tighten the bowtie on me. At this point I was stuck and a little embarrassed to be wearing this. Jasmine then came in front of me to adjust the bow and make a few comments. “This looks great on you! How's the bowtie feel?” “snug and weird. Is all of this really necessary?”I said. “Absolutely, you are going to wear this everyday you are my butler, I will allow nothing less.” She said this as she put the vest on and the gloves on my hands. She then asked me to sit down and then pulled my hair back into a tight bun. I’d always wear my hair down so this was new. Finally she put the jacket on me with the biggest smile on her face. 

“Wow you look amazing. That tuxedo really looks good on you!” She said with pure satisfaction on her face. I saw myself in the mirror and embarrassment filled me. “I can't be seen in this Jasmine, especially in public!” Jasmine smirked, “Well you will and it's Ma’am now Beth that's how you will address me from now on.” She smiled and pulled out her phone “Smile Beth, this is going on my Instagram!” I forced a smile and wondered what was to come of the next month…


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The longest month Empty Re: The longest month

Post by bsoldier5 Wed Feb 02, 2022 7:53 pm

Loving this so far.


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The longest month Empty Re: The longest month

Post by gc Thu Feb 17, 2022 2:58 pm

would love to see more


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The longest month Empty Re: The longest month

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