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What is your order of preference?

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What is your order of preference? Empty What is your order of preference?

Post by SnTMG Fri May 06, 2022 8:53 pm

So at a base level we're all here for a pretty simple reason. We all like women dressed a certain way. Within that though there are many variables of the basic concept.

Over the years I've probably seen several thousand images and only a select handful have ever perfectly encapsulated my ideal outfit. That's not to say I don't enjoy the ones that don't, it's just there is always something I could nitpick about them. It seems that I have developed a checklist I like to run through in order to quantize the image.

1. The tie - This is the first step for me. It can be broken down into 2 subcategories.
   A. Necktie - No loose ties at all, preferably a full Windsor but as long as it's not a novelty knot it's fine. Absolutely must be tight enough so the top button is not showing.
   B. Bowtie - Self-tie is obviously preferred, especially when it's not 100% perfect and it's noticable. Pre-tied is sometimes acceptable but there are other criteria that it has to fill out.

2. The shirt - A crisp white long sleeve dress shirt is the top choice here but other colors are fine. The collar must but snug and fully buttoned. The collar spread can't be an extreme cut. Tuxedo shirts are also much appreciated. Wing tip or fold down are fine with me. French cuffs are preferred but barrel cuffs are just fine.

3. The skirt - 99/100 times I will always prefer a skirt. The length can be anywhere from above the knee to floor length, but around the knee is preferred. Type isn't really important, pencil, a line, pleated, tuxedo it's all good for me but what is important is the next factor...

4. Hosiery - Black stockings absolutely take the crown here. Fully fashioned seamed are the top choice but any kind of stocking that requires garter tab to hold will work. Pantyhose are just fine for the purpose of the illusion, it makes you wonder if she is wearing stockings or not. Plain legs ALMOST ruin the outfit, if everything else is in line then I can overlook it.

5. Shoes - Lower heels, flats and oxfords in black. Super high heels are ok, but shoes in my eyes are more appealing when they're practical.

6. Vest/Sweater - A black server/tuxedo vest is an instant favorite. Cardigans are also appreciated, especially when they're worn open.

7. Jacket/Blazer - While not a requirement, they are appreciated when worn as a whole suit ensemble. Tuxedos are the exception, a full white tie outfit with a correct bow tie is absolutely irresistible, same with a black tie outfit.

8. Accessories - Suspenders, tie bars, tie chains, collar bars, pocket squares. All these are nice additions but not requirements.

I've put way too much thought into all of this but I suppose we all have around here. I'm curious what everyone else has for their order of preference, as I bet they're all different. What we can all agree on though is how great it is to have a space to share these ideas with other like-minded individuals.


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What is your order of preference? Empty Re: What is your order of preference?

Post by fotw2012 Sun May 08, 2022 12:50 pm

I have a preference pretty similar to yours. In fact I would take 123 at the same importance. I would also have some tiny adjustments for the rest:

4: Collar pins stand out from all other accessories for me.
5: Jacket/blazer.
6: Vest/cardigan. The order of 5 and 6 is just in terms of single items. 5+6 (i.e. any types of 3-piece) is one of my top preference.
7. Hosiery. I'm a big fan of black stockings too, but I generally won't overlook an outfit simply because they're not there.
8. Shoes. I put them here as some school uniforms don't come with dress leather shoes, and I'm actually fine with that.
9. Accessories. In fact, it's hard for me to say about this. Stuffs like detachable stiff collars and white gloves sometimes could stand out like collar pins too.

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What is your order of preference? Empty Re: What is your order of preference?

Post by auroki Sun May 08, 2022 7:01 pm

Order of preference

1 Necktie is best neckwear. I don't mind ribbon ties or cravats as replacements. Not too big on bowties actually

2. Everything buttoned up and done snuggly when it comes to the neckwear and shirts.

3. Vests or corsets will always look fantastic on a smartly dressed woman. Jackets are optional but not always needed.

4. hosiery is always welcome. Either full leg tights or the absolute territory of showing some minor skin between hose and skirt.

5. Accessories do add a good bit of flair. My partner personally likes to add things like cufflinks, or small jewelry like necklaces in her collar or a tie pin in just under her knots when she dresses up.

As a side note a pinafore sheath style dress in place of a skirt work fantastic as well if one wants a new but classy look


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What is your order of preference? Empty Re: What is your order of preference?

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