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Blind Date

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Blind Date Empty Blind Date

Post by ajl378492 Wed Jan 25, 2023 12:53 pm

Billy entered the bar looking for his blind date, Amy.   After several moments of searching, he began to wonder if she was late or unable to make it.  Or perhaps she had stood him up.

"Hey Billy" came a woman's voice.

Billy looked towards the corner of the room, and there was Amy sitting at a table.  She was beautiful, with an average figure, little brown hair, and green eyes.  But he also couldn't ignore her outfit- a brown leather jacket, white button-down blouse, a multi-colored necktie, blue jeans, and black boots.  

"Hi Amy" he said smiling as he walked to her table and sat down.

"Nice tie"  he told her.

"I'm a bit of a tomboy" she replied.

After a couple of drinks and conversation, Amy wanted to dance.  So they got up and began slow dancing.  As they did so, Billy felt something poking his crotch.  Was Amy a man, or perhaps a hermaphrodite?

"Do you have a penis?"  he asked.

"It's actually a feeldoe" she replied.  "I have penis envy, and I'm also wearing men's briefs."

She then went back their table, and beckoned him to sit next to her.  He did so, wondering what was going to happen next.

Amy smiled as she unzipped her jeans, and whipped out her feeldoe.  It was small-sized and cream colored, thus looking like an actual penis.

"I wear small-sized so I don't attract any attention"  she said.  "I wish they could make a feeldoe that I could also use to pee with."

Billy was impressed, but also at a loss of words.  He wasn't sure if they were going to have sex that night, until Amy told him she didn't believe in sex on a first date as she tucked her feeldoe back in and zipped up.

"I had a nice time" she told him.  "Come by my place on Friday night at 6".

"Sure thing"  he replied.

They both got up, and Amy gave him a passionate kiss.  "See you then" she said as she left.


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