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Jane's story

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Jane's story  Empty Jane's story

Post by bunf8 Fri Jul 22, 2022 10:20 pm

Jane is a teenager living in a tropical country. The weather there is warm throughout the year, you can imagine that it is summer all the time. 

Jane is a final year student from a regular public highschool near her house. Schools in her county have a basic uniform dress code that a student must fulfill. The uniform is a white button up shirt and black color slacks for boys and white button up shirts and black skirts for girls, and buttoned until the second button. Only prefects are required to wear a necktie, but they are allowed to unbutton their top button and loosen the necktie if they feel the weather is hot. However, each school can add on accessories such as a necktie on top of the basic uniform and write it into the school rules as a mandatory for the students to wear them.

Students wear their uniform shirts until it is too small to fit them because it is somewhat expensive to get a new set of uniforms. Usually a set of uniforms will last them two to three years, same thing is applying to Jane. In her three years of studies in the school, Jane never wore a necktie before, since her school only implement the basic uniform dress code all along. 

Until one day...

At the annual class photography session of her school, the teacher was distributing neckties to every student in the class. Jane and her classmates were shocked because they've never required to wear a necktie before. Her class teacher later told them that they need to be used to it from now on, because the school administration is going to implement a new school rule that makes wearing the school necktie in a strict and smart manner mandatory for all students. 

Later on, Jane and her classmates tie their necktie with the four in hand knot but leave the top button undone. Her teacher then ordered everyone to wear their neckties with the top button done up so that they appear smart and strict as instructed by the school admins. There's no choice, Jane reluctantly buttoned up her top button, but soon she found out that it was very hard to pull off due to the collar being tighter than her neck slightly and the button had never been used before. She then seeks help from her friend Cindy, "do it, I'm ready" Jane signed reluctantly. Cindy started to button up Jane's top button, it was quite difficult at first, since the holes for the button had never been used before. Jane's top button was successfully done up after several attempts, a choking sensation kicked in immediately, the stiff collar was very tight around Jane's neck there's no space for a finger to fit between the collar and the neck, when she moved her neck a slight suffocating feeling appeared. After the button is done, she adjusted the necktie to tighten it up neatly to her neck and covering the top button, this second layer of restrictions further enhanced the sensation. Jane felt uncomfortable at first but slowly got used to it. 

After Jane had done her necktie, she began to help Cindy to smarten up. Cindy also felt uncomfortable with the collar but they've successfully buttoned up and tightened the necktie anyway. Jane and Cindy then look around and realize that all boys already smarten up with no problems and they are the first two girls that successfully smarten up, the class teacher complimented them for it. Jane started to help other girls to button up, she slowly buttoned up and tightened their neckties, their collars were very tight as well, and eventually everyone was ready for the class photography.


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