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Tying Up Loose Ends Part 2

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Tying Up Loose Ends Part 2 Empty Tying Up Loose Ends Part 2

Post by MatthewJames7 Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:18 am

Waking up the next morning, I went into the bathroom, my head was absolutely pounding from the booze and looked in the mirror, I looked like crap and then Jenna walked into the bedroom all sobered up. She was wearing a suit and tie and then looked at me and said, “ Suzanne? You all right?” and then I walked out and said, “ Yeah, I’m totally fine” when at that moment I accidentally puked on the floor and Jenna angrily replied, “ You are not fine” and then looked down at her shoes and said, “ It’s on my shoes, these cost me $500 when I was in Florida, you got vomit on my shoes” and I watched as she leaned down to wipe the vomit off her shoes and she walked downstairs. I eventually sobered up after getting some coffee into my system and I said, “ Jenna, I am sorry for puking on your expensive shoes, by the way, that is a very nice suit you are wearing, is that a Windsor knot in your tie? If it is, it’s extremely sexy!!” She smiled at me and went to adjust the knot of her tie when I took the tie in my hands and proceeded to adjust the knot for her and I kissed her gently on the lips and said, “ Go in there and knock them out of the water.” She smiled and said, “ Thanks Suzanne, that means a lot to me, oh, by the way, I made dinner reservations for us tonight at Spice and it’s a nice restaurant so put on a suit and tie and make an effort to dress up” and I replied, “ Spice is the nicest and most expensive restaurant in town, where did you get reservations?” and she replied, “ I know people my friend, I will come home from work and then we can go after that.”

 Jenna went to work that morning when she was met in her office by her boss Angela also wearing a suit and tie who said, “ Jenna, I would like to let you know that we actually have a company tie and you never got one, I’m sorry about that, between us, the quality of some of the others doesn’t match your level, you are going to be the face of this company, I want you to be my second in command, I see big things from you Jenna, you are young and beautiful, you wear a very nice suit.” She then handed Jenna a pale blue necktie and Jenna placed it around her neck and proceeded to tie the knot in a Four-in-hand Knot. Later that evening Jenna arrived home from work and I walked over to her, loosened her tie and kissed her gently on the lips and said, “ hey babe, how was work?” and she replied, “ It was great, Angela, my boss said that I was going to be the face of the company and she wants me to be her second in command” and then I said, “ OK.” She looked puzzled and said, “ You don’t seem very happy for me” and she said, “ No, Jenna, I am not happy because it means that you are putting your trust in your job, not our relationship, and it means that you will be home later from work, Jenna, if we are going to have a serious relationship between us, we need to have an equilibrium between work and us and not to just put work as our top priority” and Jenna angrily replied, “ Excuse me that my boss sees that I am beautiful and talented” and I looked at her with disgust and then she said, “ I’m sorry, I just wanted to get back at Helena, the new boss in my old company” and I walked over to her and said, “ I’m sorry too, you should follow your heart and I will not come between you and your destiny” and then she placed a tie around my neck and proceeded to tie the knot in a Windsor knot and then to tighten the knot of her own tie and said, “ you ready?” She looked at me and I nodded and smiled at her and we walked out of the house. We arrived at the restaurant and ordered our food when a black haired woman wearing a black dress, high heels and a pearl necklace walked over to our table and said, “ Well if it isn’t Jenna” and Jenna replied, “ what do you want Veronica?” Veronica said, “ I just wanted to say hello to your lovely friend here” and stretched out a hand and said, “ Veronica Miles, nice to meet you” and I replied, “ Suzanne Collins, you too” and she replied, “ What do you do Suzanne?” and I replied, “ I work in Real Estate” and She replied, “ Really? I just moved here from Cincinnati and I am looking to buy a house” and then she put her hands on my tie and said, “ Love the suit and tie!!” and then walked off. Jenna looked at me while adjusting the knot of her tie and said to me, “ Suzanne, you be careful of that woman, she is a master manipulator and she always gets her own way, she was the best student in my school and she went on to become rich.” 

The next day I was at work when Veronica, wearing a suit and tie, walked into my office and said, “ I want to talk to you about a house, I am not looking for anything gigantic but I want a bit of space all the same” and I replied, “ here are some pictures of the houses for sale at have the most space” and then she stood up and said, “ Thanks, also what is going on between you and Jenna? I think you should leave her and I can treat you like a queen, I can make your life so much better” and I replied, “ I will sleep on it and get back to you, here’s my card, my phone number is on it, call me” and she walked off. I immediately called Jenna and said, “ Jenna, you were right about Veronica, she asked me to leave you and go out with her” and Jenna angrily replied, “ That bitch!! Wait until I get my hands on her, no-one messes with my girlfriend and gets away with it, she will be lucky I don’t kick her teeth down her expensive throat.” I loosened the knot of my tie and pondered about Jenna's words.


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